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  1. Apologies, Mr. Khaos, I do mathematical analysis of data. (making sure data that is collected is correct and valid to make decisions from). We have contract from US company now doing radiation contamination data collection. From locations Russia, Japan, and USA. Right now I am with Russian division. Only private contractor to write in Russian. with the company, I am employed to. No, I do not enjoy travel but have to make money somehow. Pays well by Japanese standards for person with no real exceptionalness. I grew up in America call mental institution I was there from 10 til 20 years.  Received what American call Masters in Mathematics from Kyoto at age 21 yr old. They placed me on strong anti-depressants so I could function in society. I do better sometimes than others. Am terrified of crowds and people for most part. Just a little history  I was incarcerated in institution for suicide attempts. Jumped from fourth floor did not know person could survive that but was only eight then will not make such mistake next time. Twice with blades. I am not good person. Challenges all days. I cry a lot my boss. Very nice to me luckily. stays away from me and lets me work alone.