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  1. Crate change is 2:00 here so tried to do a quick Atlanta coop to finish off the last 5 XP for the 3rd container but it took 11 1/2 minutes instead of 10 so no gravy (had to hunt down the red CV as there was a green bot CV that of course won't even send a plane to spot it...but please let's not turn this into a thread about that...I don't really care about that...it was just bad luck when I needed a quick victory). Really wish we could use Free XP to finish off the last container (especially when it's that close & time is short) but just the last 1. I can see them not wanting people to get the 1st 400 to possibly 1200 coal for only 2k Free XP or 800 to possibly 2400 (yeah...like your gonna get 2 containers of 3 coal twice in 1 day...but had to throw it out there) for only 12,500 Free XP but the 24,500 XP it takes for the 3rd container is worth not worrying about people farming coal for Free XP w/only 400-1200 max farmable & it is supposed to be spendable on anything XP can buy so let us use it to finish off the last container if we run a little short (or even if somebody wants to drop the whole 24,500Free XP for it...think of the money you could make off of people converting for that WG). Maybe even at a 5:1 exchange rate (although 1:1 would be preferable) but please nowhere near the 25:1 exchange rate of converting XP to Free XP (even 10:1 would be excessive I think...unless you let people farm all of the containers making it cost 20k Free XP just for the 1st one. Not sure what the actual value of Free XP to coal is (I'm sure they have an algorithm for it even if it is not directly exchangeable in the game) but maybe balance the exchange ratio to that algorithm. So close...so close...sigh.
  2. IfYouSeeKhaos

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    I had the same misunderstanding as you did but Tentakkel cleared it up w/this reply (&byes you did understand my post & I did have the wrong idea...thanx for clearing it up...+1): The only problem I can see would be where there weren't enough purple stat players to balance out the teams...they are a small percentage of players & if they are divved together the queue times for them (trying to find 2-or even 3-purple stat players for the other team to balance it out) could get astronomical. It may not be an issue all the time but it could be quite often. The other problem would be the stat padders that have high win rates but their wins are all in T4 matches getting matched against the real unicums when they adventure into the higher tiers to farm some XP or creds for some mission. Not that I'm sympathetic to the stat padders in that scenario but to the team they get dropped into.
  3. IfYouSeeKhaos

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    If MM balanced the teams per skill level all the unicums would be playing by themselves up until an average player (who up until that time has only been playing against average players) wins enough matches against enough average players for MM to consider them to now qualify (based on win rate) for unicum status...& now that average player is stuck in nothing but unicum games until his stats (quite quickly I'm sure as he won't be used to playing against unicum players) drop back down to average player status & the cycle just keeps repeating itself over & over again. I only used unicum & average assuming a poor category at the bottom but there could be many other levels divvyed up theoretically but what where would the dividing lines between "levels" be drawn & would players be aware of what "level" they were in (I would hope not as it would be way too easy to play the system if you knew exactly where you stood...at least for some). & would there be XP variances between the levels or would the average & poorer player keep on making the same XP that the unicums are making despite being assured easier game play for the same rewards? That is the basic problem w/a "balanced" MM in my opinion. Come up w/a solution for that & I'm sure they might consider it. Something I was considering that would possibly help do that (& I was wondering what your opinion on it might be due to your vast experience of just about every mechanic of the game due to the vast amount of testing you do) is to make Adrenalin Rush a core mechanic of the game thus giving everybody an advantage when caught off guard to help them fight their way to safety or at least put a dent in the enemy on their way out. It might seem as though it wouldn't be an advantage as the other team would have it too but as the steamrollers are usually not taking a lot of damage during the steamrolls it ends up being an advantage to those that are quickly drained of a lot of life to be able to put up a fight. I think this is 1 of the most highly misunderstood commander skills that is a major advantage to those that equip & "properly" utilize it...but unfortunately I'm afraid some don't properly utilize it as they tend to get used to the regular "rhythm" of a ships ROF & in the heat of battle don't actually utilize it (due to not being able to observe the reload indicators while trying to figure a way out of the situation they may be in) even though they have it equipped...but having the skill on all ships from the beginning w/the basic idea explained to all from the start will allow people to get a chance to see how it works at lower tiers (& even when they are just going against bots at the start) w/out the "desperation" of being ambushed distracting them from observing how quickly their guns/torps are reloading. Of course if the mechanic was implemented it would also mean all bots would receive it also so everybody would not only have a chance to get used to taking advantage of it from the start while gameplay is easier but also learning how to defend against it at the same time. Thoughts?
  4. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Any chance of another Unique IJN Commander?

    Before I read the rest of this I just want to clarify that nobody told me that...personally comparing the numbers is how I discovered this & it is a fact. Any torpedo mod upgrade that gives you faster speed torpedoes increases the torpedo detection (the stats for this are under the torpedo tab in your statistics...compare them yourself) & the equipping of TA commander skill in some instances also increases torpedo detection. Not sure about DWTs but standard torpedoes this does apply to. Making dinner so will have to wait to read & comment on the rest.
  5. IfYouSeeKhaos

    The Best Advice I Can Give

    Or at least always be contesting a cap...which doesn't necessarily mean always be in the cap as w/the radar heavy meta sometimes that is more detrimental than strategic...but always be focusing the nearest red ships to/heading to caps that you can see...as even if there's a DD undetected in the cap...when his smoke wears off it's best if his support is running away instead of right there to help him escape.
  6. IfYouSeeKhaos

    The Best Advice I Can Give

    Somebody was just pointing out in another thread that a lot of people are having a hard time w/the PEF missions because they "specialize" certain nations ships & don't have the required amount of T5 ships to do the missions & I responded w/a similar comment along the lines of, "This event is probably good for them as it gives them a chance to learn other nations "perks" so they are not continually asking themselves, 'how did that ship just do that?'"
  7. IfYouSeeKhaos

    First game in Fiji

    About that...enjoy the fun while it lasts because there isn't a more steep "wth...I just went up a tier...shouldn't this higher tier ship be better?" moment in this game than when you go from Fiji to Edinburg (ugh). Fiji OP...Edinburg OH NO!!! Ed eventually gets 5k more HP but the rudder shift is atrocious comparatively/the guns are exactly the same/& the extra 2km eventual torp range doesn't make up for the uptiering it faces. What Fiji laughs at while easily maneuvering away from the Ed eats every time...& generally from higher tier turrets (let's just say that the extra 5k HP doesn't last long in the Ed). BTW...if you like Ops Fiji is the bots in the present Op's (Narai) worst nightmare...can single handedly head north & eliminate the King & escorts & enter their base & singlehandedly eliminate the other CV while creating utter bot panic along the way & in the base after CV is gone. Expect 25-30 cit hits/run. Only time you will need to smoke is while you are sitting broadside to the Mo stripping off massive HP on your way north to the King...the rest of the time the maneuverability allows you to easily dodge most incoming rounds (the ones that hit will just charge your Adrenalin Rush & let the real fun begin) & plane attacks that will be focusing on you & ignoring the rest of the convoy after the smoke wear off from harassing the Mo. You've taken the 1st step on a new adventure...enjoy.
  8. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Are players scared to play Cruisers and Destroyers?

    That's true...that 6 nation requirement screwed a lot of the "specialized" players. Probably for the better though as now they'll have the experience in other nations (at least to T5) to get a better idea how to counter them in battle…or at least to not be wondering "how did that ships do that" now that they understand some of the other nations "perks" better...although most of the perks don't kick in until T6.
  9. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Are players scared to play Cruisers and Destroyers?

    Most people will probably be using higher tiers for the money missions as T5 doesn't have the credit earnings of higher tier ships so wouldn't expect a lot of people to be grinding out all those 4M cred missions in T5s. Although I would agree that those that don't have higher than T5 ships will most likely be using BBs...although I consider Emerald (when run properly) to be the most OP "DD"/tier...when not run properly they are a T5 BBs quickest credit printers.
  10. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Are players scared to play Cruisers and Destroyers?

    PEF is a T6 not a T5 & you won't see them in que at T4...the OP specifically states T4.
  11. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Are players scared to play Cruisers and Destroyers?

    Actually T4 is protected from seeing T6 so PEF would have no effect on this. ^^^This...haven't played it since T4 & T5 CVs lost manual drop/strafing ability...which just happened to coincide w/T4 being a protected tier & missions all being restricted to T5 & above & it still holds the 3rd position of most games played after over 13k random battles. Only Gearing & Atlanta have more games but I've trained many a 19point commander in them...stopped running Kuma either before or about the same time 19 point commanders came out & it still has the 3rd spot. Very few ships match up to the OPness of the Kuma/tier...despite the major power creep since then. Edit...just checked & I'm actually less than 50 games from 14k random battles
  12. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Any chance of another Unique IJN Commander?

    Only 1 of each of the others are available unless you have doubloons/cash to buy doubloons to get them in the arsenal. Ovechkin will probably come around again or be added to the Arsenal eventually...the missions for him just ended recently so they're giving those that took the opportunity to obtain him when the offer was around a grace period to have him exclusively before they make him generally available to all (just like any other special offers).
  13. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Any chance of another Unique IJN Commander?

    I did remember your comment & wanted to quote you as I was typing it but my computer is kinda wonky & if I try to go back to the 1st page (or any page other than the 1 I am presently quoting on) to add a quote from that page I seem to lose all progress & have to start over again.
  14. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Any chance of another Unique IJN Commander?

    The TEA I can agree with as the IJN torps do take forever to reload but as for the TA...not only does the Shima's "Wall of Skill" not need to be coming in any faster (despite the fact they will be easier to detect as speed does affect their detection) but the Asashio's (especially as DWTs get no penalty to detection due to being faster like regular torps & would stay at .8km detection) torps coming in faster is a definite NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-PLEASE NO. I think this is a moot point though as seeing as Halsey has the same perks as the Doe DOH brothers then any IJN commanders would probably share the same skill perks as Yamamoto.
  15. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Any chance of another Unique IJN Commander?

    When the Yamamoto campaign came out the general view in the forums (& in WGs opinion) was still that co-op was a "training mode" only & not a mode that players were supposed to play on a regular basis. By the time the Halsey campaign came around WG realized (probably due to Kiz's PVE clan & all the "Lone" Wolf & other similar clans being formed) that there were not only a lot of PVE only players but also (& in WG view the most important aspect) a lot of potential income from PVE only players. Looking at the co-opable tasks in the Halsey campaign only the final tasks & 1st 2 tasks (the ones that are strictly economic based-XP/commander XP/ & credits) & 1 aerial torpedo hit task for CVs only in the 5th stage only are the only tasks doable in co-op. Compared to the Yamamoto campaign the final tasks & the last 2 of each stage are also only economically based & could easily have a co-op only option included. Not sure why this hasn't been done already...or more specifically why it wasn't implemented at the same time the Halsey campaign came out.