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  1. Actually Andre the Giant had been wrestling in the US (as 1 of the "good guys" for many years before switching to the "bag guys" side) for at least a decade or more before "The Princess Bride" & did a few interviews during that time...although more so during the later years right before PB came out...ones before that were more "short answer" type interviews (probably staged as such due to his lack of English) & quite a few of them he definitely didn't talk at all but had a manager speaking for him (which probably accounted for his "switch" to the "bad guys" side so he would have a manager to speak for him until he could learn English better).
  2. Dasha did pretty good on the tongue twister back in the day (think it was the "Seashell" one but don't remember exactly right now) in the outtakes of 1 of the updates. Don't think she would have a hard time picking up English (considering she had an interest in it).
  3. IfYouSeeKhaos

    July Combat Missions: Ride the Rogue Wave!

    No...they are above & beyond the 850...but here is the kicker...even though the date is not on the mission (actually it's listed as a challenge) the challenge will end early in the morning on the 15th as soon as the 4th set of directives begins...in other words they are just for people that purchase the Hill beforehand (& only until the 15th) & won't be available to those that get the Hill by finishing the directives (at least that's what they did last time they had a similar challenge like that just a couple months ago...forget the ships involved but believe it was during the RN event...but at least that time they had the end date listed for the challenge as the same date that the last set of directives began...this time they didn't even put a date on it to let you know. Also...there won't be 4 hall of fames but only 1 hall of fame for a premium container available that will start on the 15th & will run for the whole week until early in the morning on the 22nd. I had to go out of town for Friday & Saturday for work & also missed 2 days. I have no $ to spend on the game but there's the ability to buy containers for doubloons that I could take advantage of as I have a few saved up from many years of getting adds & end free ones here & there (very rarely of course). But here's the kicker on that: If you missed just 2 days (as we did) out of the 850 available tokens the 100 lost leaves you at 750 tokens. There's an option to get 60 tokens for 4500 doubloons that would put you 10 over...but in order to miss 2 days you don't just miss out on the 100...but also the single ones you get from the daily missions...& 2 days worth of daily mission tokens lost comes to 12...thus leaving you 2 short even if you spend the 4500 doubloons. The only solution to that (if you can't afford the Hill to get the 3/day from the challenge) is to get into the top 5% for the 15 extra from that. I'll be able to do that due to having plenty of time to play personally but it's gonna be a borderline grind & no more losses are gonna be allowed from me. Usually I wouldn't even consider dropping those hard earned doubs on a premium but a T9 w/double racks of torps on each side is pretty OP if you think about it (not to mention US smoke & AA for a DD). I already started a thread earlier hoping that there is some kind of update delay & a hopeful extension to the 25 days for 48/50 dailies required...but i'm not holding my breath...lol. I'm guessing the T1...if they put them on the specific DDs it would give those that haven't obtained them enough XP to not have to grind out the modules on the ones that require it when they get them & I'm guessing that's not gonna happen...& to be fair it shouldn't as everybody that has already ground out those mods would be kinda upset that others were able to avoid those grinds.
  4. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Naval Legends: U.S.S. Cod – Part 2

    Seems strange they switched CVs to branch off the DD line (because CVs run more like DDs than BBs now) because when the subs finally do make it into the game (& we all know by now that they are coming...eventually=ie: once CVs are balanced) where are the subs gonna branch off of?
  5. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.6

    Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding we have a winner!!!! LOL. DOY is pretty lackluster as is compared to most other premiums so it's not many people's go-to ship for much of anything while the GC is a lot of people's go-to ship because it's at least a bit OP (just going by forum chat on that...ran it once each during the maskerados/turkey/pirate events & it was OK but don't own it personally & didn't get enough practice in it to be able to rank it as OP personally). Also I don't think they were proposing enough buffs to GC...or at least not enough buffs to account for the higher tiered meta they were proposing to switch it to.
  6. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.6

    It does seem as though they are giving it quite a bit of buffs to the healing to compensate for it though...& unlike the RN tree ships DOY even gets an extra heal. They are knocking 10 seconds off the Yueyang's torp reload so any nerf to the Chung Mu will make it look a lot better so here's also hoping they somehow buff it so it doesn't get outbalanced against the Yueyang's new buff. I'm just worried that all my comments about how the Emerald is the best T5 DD in the game may have doomed it to the nerf bat.
  7. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Sync drops

    07 to you & your clan...it's a shame dipshits like this: exist in gaming. (They're also probably the ones that stat shame others w/no consideration to the fact that if they needed to cheat to get the stats they have they're not really accurate stats that reflect any real skill base but just the ability to "game" the system w/their friends). Guess I'm glad I don't have: My stats suck...but at least they were earned legitimately. Also dipshit...did you happen to notice which clan I'm in? Talk about clueless to make a statement like: to somebody that is in a clan that is specifically dedicated to not giving a crap about all the crap you're rambling on about as being so necessary in order to have:
  8. IfYouSeeKhaos

    CV Balance- Next Steps

    lol then don't expect anyone to give a crap about what your talking about....... You didn't even understand what you were reading in the first place if you think it needed editing. Wait sorry just looked at your stats and I see why you have no clue now...... no wonder your stats look like they do.......... sorry I replied to you in the first place...... thx for playing though. "no wonder your stats look like they do"...if there's no stats for CVs what stats exactly are you referring to that aren't the "win rate" you so pathetically are trying to claim you are not referring to. Face it: That's 100% spot on as while you were somehow only "referring to my CV stats" you still failed to actually address the points I made w/anything other than: Which btw doesn't actually say anything specific about what I obviously failed to "understand" but is just a general comment w/no actual data about anything. A person stated an actual fact about cruisers & DDs being easily cripple throughout the whole match from just 1 mistake & you basically said they were totally wrong & CVs somehow have it worse when it takes 3 mistakes by the CV player to be so deplaned that they are having to wait 14 minutes for all their planes to respawn (that's right...even w/only a little less than 100 battles in the new CVs yourself you have to be aware that CVs have not just 1 but 3 different types of planes w/full squadrons at the start...don't you?). Not to mention the fact that it only takes 1 plane in a squadron to be able to spot so CVs don't have to sit around waiting all that time to contribute...they just have to wait around for all the planes they stupidly squandered by not waiting until there were some ships w/AA stripped before immediately attacking at the start...something just about every CV player (except the unicums that never seem to be on the forums whining about anything CV related) in every match does on a consistent basis & I'm quite sure you are no exception based on your adamant whining about how bad it all is for them. BTW...you don't have to have played CVs on the regular server to know how they operate...I played CVs extensively on all the PTs & do know how they operate quite well...just waiting to grind out the RU BB line to get all the T10s in all the other lines (which will hopefully be enough time for them to finally get them actually balanced) before I start running them on the regular server. Some people (unicums) can pick anything new up in a video game & just run w/it...for the rest of us there's supposed to be a learning curve to master any ship type & CVs shouldn't be an exception to that rule...rather than trying to stat shame when you are barely above 50% yourself w/less than 4k battles git good (& here's the kicker...take away your CV stats & you're an under 50% stat player too...good thing for you CVs were so OP until they recently nerfed them huh? ROFLMMFAO!!!).
  9. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    "Easy...ya just don't lead 'em so much". Love that movie...07 Gunny...RIP.
  10. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Sync drops

    It was already pointed out & I already acknowledged that I was wrong but thanx for reading all the posts in the thread before commenting...or thanx for maybe doing that next time as you missed the boat this time. But have a nice day.
  11. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    I kinda touched on it w/this comment: But you're right...that is a valid point I wasn't taking into consideration & the aforementioned Atlanta (& quite a few of the tree CLs like my personal favorite the Fiji for example) for high ROF cruisers :-)
  12. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Sync drops

    Yes I do...& I have for about a week after I 1st started playing. You don't have to be on discord to sync drop...sync dropping is just sync dropping & being on discord isn't part of the description...but I surely wasn't aware that discord worked that way...which is odd because I was a helper in the Masquerado (sp?) event...but I don't even use a mike when I play so I just had the discord up while playing so I could here the notification beeps when somebody asked a question so I would know to look at the comments in case somebody had questions. I did have headphones on & I didn't hear any comms from anybody while in battle though...I guess you need to have certain setting on for that which is why I didn't realize it. Discord is only "basics" to those that use them...I don't so it's not in the "basics" category & the number of games I've played is pretty irrelevant to that...but I gotta say this comment of yours is disturbing: Surely could use some examples of where you believe cheating is acceptable under the "deserves it" category (although I can definitely see the allure when somebody is F-key spamming but as long as they aren't TKing & are shooting at the reds even then I can't see it as being a legitimate excuse).
  13. IfYouSeeKhaos

    CV Balance- Next Steps

    LOL...which is the whole point most CV rant threads are all about...the CV doesn't need to run & hide because it's on the other side of the map when it makes it's mistakes w/it's planes & it's ship is in zero danger.
  14. IfYouSeeKhaos

    CV Balance- Next Steps

    I'll edit whatever I feel like...especially when the edited data was not included & took the original comment out of context which is exactly what you did. Hypocrite much? And for he record...I didn't take anything out of context. I just filled in the in context data that you left out.
  15. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Am I missing something?

    Just your teammates...reds don't get a smoke firing penalty from your smoke...at least not from you in your smoke unless they fire through your smoke (actually greens don't get detected through the smoke if they don't fire through it either). In Fem's example the BB didn't fire through the smoke so it went undetected as soon as it killed the other DD that was outside the smoke spotting. The theory is the muzzle velocity disperses the smoke...if you don't fire through the smoke it doesn't disperse it.