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  1. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Brawls are great for learning a new ship

    It's also a good way to get reacquainted with a ship (/unfamiliar mechanic) you haven't used in awhile... I never run torpedo reload booster on ships that have to give up smoke to do it because despite all the games I have in I've rarely practiced with it...but have been having fun running the Yugumo despite also failing miserably with it most times & starting to get the hang of the positioning required to get a good run in with it... & it's also good teammates don't need to suffer on account of it. I think it should be added as a permanent mode but with less rewards for the win (IOW...strictly as a training mode..so as not to pull a major portion of the population out of the other modes)... It would beat co-op for training as it gives practice against other humans that are also trying out new things against you...maybe have it in 3 options at once...1 vs 1/3 vs 3/& 5 vs 5 for different training options with the decreased XP rewards... That way they can continue to have it as is with all the rewards occasionally...but have an alternate training option w/out having to set up a training room & find somebody to waste their time training with you...others also trying to test something out can be your opponent.
  2. IfYouSeeKhaos

    dd fearless brawler AA shell explosion question

    To directly answer your question (sorry to be the bearer of bad news)... No...flak only happens when you have long enough range AA...the skill does not increase your AA range to include the flak explosion.
  3. 1- Well...missed that part by not reading...but as it's applied now & will be then it's a cancelled out moot factor...& I'll need to see just how it's applied on the PTS...but I did edit in a disclaimer in the OP. 2- Comparable only if you have a stockpile of 3rd tier bonuses...& only if you don't apply any camo at all. It's still short of what you get now even w/out a camo...but it is "comparable"...but not the "better" as advertised. 3- This is inherently false. F2P players will have almost zero access to 4th tier bonuses (premium ship items more than likely) & probably very little access to 3rd tier bonuses (based on the standard bonuses we get in crates & missions)... I have yet to see single rewards in containers (& rarely in missions) amounting to a whole set of standard & regular signal bonuses combined into 1 drop (the set of 3 each draconics for 60 dailies is the 1 rare example) & do NOT see 3rd tier bonuses being a common thing... So let's try to be real here...there will be THOUSANDS of tier 1 & 2 bonuses handed out like candy...but the 3rd & most especially the 4th will be very few & far between...so please stop using them as the "standard" for examples...as they're just not going to be that "standard" for the F2P players.
  4. Per the OP (that's me BTW)...there is no doomsaying...just mathematical facts... So what's going to happen now that the math proves WG to be lying (or at least wrong as you surely will wanna give them the shadow of the doubt...see post above for that math)... Are you still going to defend them like always? & as per your comment in post #32...can you "define your terms & defend your hypothesis"? Or is this just another, "I have no idea about anything...but WG must be right" post. Well.in essence they are right...because it is their game & they can do whatever they want... & I do find all the comments about, "nobody asked for this" to be hilarious...as if they need anybody's permission... But do they need to continually throw in misleading/false info all the time when just saying..."it's our game...& this is what we're gonna do" will do just fine?
  5. I think it will be safe to say that they will be valuable ($$$)...in fact there's no doubt about that in anybody's mind. In fact I bet you can even bank on it...as I'm also sure WG will. Shame they couldn't combine all of the camo bonuses we have presently to give everybody a stockpile of any of those valuable bonuses to compensate the years of playing many have spent accumulating the thousands of camo bonuses we already have stockpiled...instead of breaking those bonuses down into a bunch of smaller bonuses...especially as we can't stack them in the future & unless a perma camo is applied we can't even add a camo bonus in the future...despite the thousands of camos bonuses we now have to choose from.
  6. I enjoy playing.  I enjoy the platform.

    1. IfYouSeeKhaos


      1st time anybody has "posted on my platform"... didn't even know it was a thing.

      TY for sharing...was this in reply to a comment I made to you somewhere?

  7. Yawn 🥱 It's called a comparison from what 1 is getting from the time spent playing the game now compared to what 1 will be getting from the time spent playing the game in the future. Bigger gains make the time spent more fun/enjoyable...smaller gains make the time spent turn into more of a grind...which is less fun/enjoyable. It's sad that needs to be explained to you.
  8. Haven't done the math on any other tiers but did a thread weeks ago (sorry...forget the title) showing all the math for T10 requirements for breaking even in comparison of the 50% post battle cost of the camo to the new credit earnings that is replacing it & it requires you to EARN*** 200,000 credits in a tech tree ship or 100,000 credits in a Special ship to break even...any more is a gain & any less is a loss... But that is just for tech tree ships that you have a Prema camo for that have the standard 50% post battle cost reduction. ***By Earned credits I'm not referring to the credits shown in the summary page as soon as you exit a battle...those have all of the boosts added in... I'm referring to the number at the very top of the XP & credits screen titled "Earned". If you have a the post battle service cost clan bonus maxed out that will reduce the number of required credits to break even...& further use of the recently removed IBT signals would reduce it further but those will be losing their bonuses also (not that there ever was much of a bonus to begin with...18k credits...10% of 180k service cost...was the most value those ever had...& that was on a T10 tech tree ship only...their value was considerably less on anything else...despite the 48k credits a piece coal conversion price they were charging in the Armory for them).
  9. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Yet another unfairly compensated CHANGE

    Only T10 ships are Special & get the baked in 50% post battle reduction (that is independent of how you do in battle...you get that reduction no matter what..& nowhere has it been stated that this is changing)...T9 (& all others) are premium ships & have an increase in earnings based on how you do in battle (it's a percentage of earned credits...which also hasn't been stated it will go away either). The camos provide an extra bonus on top of those baked in bonuses. I haven't done any calculations for premiums but I compared T10 earnings for comparison of the difference between the post battle service costs from camos (-50% post battle costs) to the new system & it requires you to EARN 200,000 credits to break even in a tech tree ship & 100,000 credits in a Special ship. Don't recall the name of the thread I started about this weeks ago (where I showed all of the math) but a quick summary is in post #77 above.
  10. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    But it has 2 types of torps as weapons...& the dumb fired ones are much smarter (now isn't that ironic...or is dumb fired just an oxymoron?) to use against surface ships in the 1st place so I would consider the icon showing red if torps are inbound as a stupid tax for using the wrong torps in the 1st place.
  11. IfYouSeeKhaos

    The Brawl Combat Missions...Excessive?

    Hadn't looked yet...jumped from 41-61 huh? Think it was only 41 as there were 11 stages but the 1st only required 1 win & the rest 4 each. I like the 1 vs 1 for the change of pace...only ever had a 1 vs 1 once on the main server (Isokaze vs Isokazi....way back in the day when 1st grinding the line)...but had a few on the PTSes. As an afterthought I should have talked the other guy into an 18 minute capping fest for the best XP total possible in tier...but didn't think about it until afterwards. Lost that 1... don't recall ever losing any on the PTS though.
  12. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    Oh yeah...I was gonna include the Bismarck had fire control radar but the comment was obviously referring to just ship detecting radar so was just keeping it simple & on subject.
  13. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    Maybe just make homing torps only work against other subs...like how deep water torps are limited to just certain ship types. My 2¢ Oh..wait a second...I just found 2 more ¢s (which is odd...because I have no sense at all)...if they keep it how it is...make the icon red if torps are on the way to your ship...so the target will know they need to maneuver soon. That way the sub can ping a target before sending torps & the icon stays as is so the target knows it's at least got a little time to dodge those incoming salvos before maneuvering but if they're on the way they know it's not just a troll ping to harass or prompt a Damage Control.
  14. Clan Battles with the set 2,500 BXP would be the only way to reliably compare them. (All these examples with full standard & draconics signals of course...) A battle with no camo bonuses (type 1/2/or 5)...a battle with each of the Asian camos (Mosaic/Asian Lantern/Spring Sky) & a battle with just a +100% XP camo should give a good example for comparison later... But any other camo bonus examples would be good also...specifically if there is a particular camo somebody uses on a regular basis they want to compare with. The set 2,500 BXP (or even losses with the set 250 BXP can just be multiplied by 10) would give a standard base for example purposes. Are there CB seasons each update...or will there be an update delay in being able to compare that way
  15. Even if you burn a lot of high FXP bonuses...as those high FXP bonuses used to be multiplied by the amount of total ship XP...now it seems as though the high FXP multipliers will only be multiplied by the amount of BXP doubled (based off the 10% instead of 5%)...without any extra ship XP multipliers added in 1st...even if you use the highest ship XP multipliers with them...they won't be calculated off that high ship XP total anymore.