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  1. IfYouSeeKhaos

    torpedoes from a dead ship?

    Another possibility (if they got the kill shot...credit in post battle...on you this is all moot)... Priority target works the same for bots...no indicator when torps are locked on. An undetected DD might have fired the torps & stayed out of your detection range while doing so. Check the replay & see if there was a ship in the area spotted earlier or if another torp ship (might even have been a cruiser out of detection behind an island...they can stealth torp & pull amazing combos of rudder shift/break to stay behind the island when humans never would have been able to pull it off) hadn't been spotted up to that point. Possibly...I have scratched my head at bots OPness before but never before watched replays to figure out if there was any "ifs" I might have missed so just attribute most bot wth moments to I missed something...next battle.
  2. IfYouSeeKhaos

    torpedoes from a dead ship?

    This is also true...& if your accuracy is perfect frim then on they will ignore you indefinitely. I've had bots charge my adrenalin rush for me many times & then let me burn 4 of them to the ground in my Atlanta while they just sail on as if I am not even there...but as soon as you fire a volley w/zero hits...immunity period is over...somewhat...if you get your accuracy back in the next volley w/many hits they may fire off target but after a volley of complete misses if you miss all/or most shots they become insta-assassins...usually w/detention graphics shortly to follow. Maneuvering in an angled way to make teammates more desirable target is useful in those situations...but even w/ultimate angling if your accuracy is off the easy kill shot is almost guaranteed.
  3. IfYouSeeKhaos

    When You're the Last One To Go...

    Nice death shot @Lord_ZathI just recently heard appreciates shots like those.
  4. IfYouSeeKhaos

    torpedoes from a dead ship?

    Load up a torpedo ship & when you select 3 you will notice a greyed out area between your ship & the green arc...that is the loading area & torps do not materialize (you can see their wake in the water for friendly...or at least your own...torps but the green/red icon doesn't appear) until they pass through that area. Torps also have a detection range (that varies by type) & even if they are already armed you can't see red torps until they are close enough to be detected by you. Hope that helps. PS: Always assume toros are on the way & be prepared to dodge just in caes.
  5. IfYouSeeKhaos

    My coal! My credits! All are gone!

    Are they pulling Georgia from the armory soon? I know Smolensk is being pulled & Georgia has been around longer but I heard Smolensk was being pulled so I got Smolensk w/coupon & have just enough (like literally 387 coal extra) to get Georgia but wanna wait in case 1 of the others I don't have yet (Yoshino & Thunderer) gets pulled 1st. Of the 3 Georgia is the 1 I am most interested in but haven't had as much chance to play recently as I used to so trying to balance coal to what is going away 1st as opposed to buying what I want 1st & missing 1 of the others. My phone gets laggish when trying to watch vids on the website & when on computer I try to get in as much play time as possible when I get the chance so have been out of the loop for latest news updates except occasional forum trolling.
  6. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Getting credit for credits earned

    If you look at the 247,740 in the "Personal Score" screen it is properly labeled, "Received"...the 122,106 is your "Earned" credits before modifiers...despite the fact that it is also labeled "Received" (improperly) in the "Credits & XP" tab above the "Earned" tab...it is improper there as that is just the base credits "Earned" & doesn't include the modofiers that you also "Received" (unfortunately WG does confusing stuff like that at times). If you look at the "Modifiers" tab it has 152,634 (the "Modifiers" tab does not include expenses...it is just the total of any percentage bonuses added to earned income such as signals/camo/missions/etc)...that (156,634) added to your "Earned" (122,106) gives you the actual total "Received" of 247,740. The "Spent" tab is your expenses...it includes ship repair (which btw is a set price based on ship tier...& costs the same every battle in the same ship no matter if you lose zero HP or get sunk...just letting you know that so you don't hold back in battle for fear of losing credits due to getting hit a bunch...that is not a thing) + ammo fired (shells/torps/CV planes). The "Total" tab is how many credits that were actually added to your credit total in your port screen...it is the total received (earned + modifiers) minus the total spent. Sorry if you already duplicated that before but other comments suggested expenses (spent-83,380) were relevant in your specific question between the 2 numbers inquired about (274,740 & 122,106) & expenses were separate & I just wanted to clarify that...plus inform about the set repair costs in case you weren't aware of that also. Hope that was more helpful than confusing :-)
  7. IfYouSeeKhaos

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    "we'll no longer support the Launcher due to technical reasons" What technical reasons are those? I've seen (on a friends computer) & heard (from many) reports of technical problems w/the WGC but none on account of the Launcher that has worked perfectly fine for as long as Ive been playing (4 years in 2 days).
  8. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Just delete all operations if the nerf is going ahead.

    Thanx...I needed that... Was stuck in a serious thread...that was a good note to end the night on :-)
  9. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Scoring in Ranked Battles

    I didn't say shoot the same guy all match...I said keep concentrating the same guy until he is dead (which shouldn't take all match unless he...or him & his teammates focusing...kills you 1st) instead of letting him sail off & heal up while you shoot another guy who will heal up as you shoot another guy...etc. Killing ships wins matches...farming many ships in a meta where everybody has a constant heal buff running just saves a star...unless (as in the OPs case) somebody else farms more of them for the same loss but the saved star instead. Granted...BBs do have the ability to cause more damage faster than torp DDs but they surely need to tank a lot more damage in the process than the DD that stays undetected throughout most of the match...& unless the DMs both yoloed forward to radar the reds at the beginning a Shima should have had more than just 3 spotting ribbons in a match long enough to get 10 torp hits & kill 2 hydro equipped Kurfursts (assuming the BB got the Henri...could be wrong but guessing I'm probably not). <---- Upon 2nd thought I probably am wrong about that...2 dev strikes on 2 Kurfs would require more than 5 torps each...probably...& OP only got 10 torp hits so he probably got the Henri & 1 Kurf... probably...anyway... Those achievements don't get you any extra XP & getting kill shots does yield bonus XP so spreading the damage around (even though it might get you a shiny medal if you do it enough) doesn't guarantee more XP than focusing on less ships for the same damage & getting the kills shots on some of them (which is more likely if you do focus each ship until it's dead). High Caliber is a sign of a good damage game (30% of all the enemy teams HP...before healings are calculated anyway) but a Confederate only requires doing 60% of a single ships worth of HP spread out between 6 ships (10% of 6 ships only equals 60% of 1 ship) & in & of itself if the lowest possible threshold for it is all that you do isn't all that big of a deal...unless the shiny thing is your only goal. Odd that the Kremy didn't get High Caliber if OP got 145k damage w/only 7 ships. Maybe he capped the center right before the remaining reds circled him & killed him.
  10. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Just delete all operations if the nerf is going ahead.

    Some of us live in the desert... don't even throw out the bath water...you can water plants or something w/it :-)
  11. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Spotting video shows how bad this game is...

    Your math is close...but you are off by a split second...in that scenario the cruiser would never be spotted directly by the target...not even for a split second if it's range finder is steadily behind the island while it's front turrets are all that is sticking out (btw...you can use the C key to toggle between the view from the individual turrets & see around the island while only showing the front turrets giving you a perfect line of sight to the target while staying undetected behind the island...I just now figured out why that ability is there & up until this time was just annoyed when I accidently hit the C key while trying to WASD...thanx for wording your example in such a way as to make me think about that in that way & figure out how that is actually an ability instead of just an annoyance...+1 (although after 20k+ games you would think that I would have figured that out before now...although I'm not the camping type... I tend to spec for rudder shift & keep moving as close to full speed as possible). In that video they also explained the concept of assured acquisition...the basis of which is that any ships w/in 2km of each other can spot each other no matter what obstacles lie between them (until recently it could be increased to 3km w/the upgrade but that has been removed so that the 2km assured acquisition is standard for all ships all the time). If you read the description of both the hydro acoustic search & the radar consumables you will discover that they are both extensions of assured acquisition...thus their ability to detect through islands & a very core game mechanic that they will not be changing (not just any time soon...but... I do believe) ever. Also...to implement your idea (which in theory is very good in concept...& might have been practicle if implemented from the beginning) they would need to change the basic 1 detection point on each ship to 3 detection points on each ship all at 1 time in 1 update requiring the redesigning of every single ship in the game all at once...not quite as easy as it seems in concept...especially if the need to be able to determine when just 2 of the locations are detected at the same time is also implemented all at the same time for every ship in the game all at once in a single update. They may be able to do it (I'm not counting out the possibility as I'm not a programmer & am not sure how much programming it would require to implement) but it's definitely not going to happen anytime soon even if they drop everything & start on it right away I'm guessing...but the idea is a good 1 in theory. Actually...now that I've re-read your post...the theory is good for detection after firing from behind an island (if 15% of the ship is exposed it gets detected instead of the range finder needing to be exposed) but as for the radar & hydro example it is just a wash as for 2 detection points to be visible at once it would need to be either A: the front & the middle or B: the back & the middle...& if the middle needs to be exposed in either case the 2 end points are not needed...unless it's a very thin island & the back & front are both sticking out 15% (in relation to the ship w/radar) while the center rangefinder is covered by the island...but I don't think there are any islands that thin & that tall in the game.
  12. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Scoring in Ranked Battles

    It shouldn't be relevant to HP...the Krem (or any BB or even cruiser) is much more visible & has to tank damage all game while you're scooting around w/only being detected long enough to need to fire guns for 5 hits. He needed to work a lot harder than you for his damage totals...torps are hard to hit with but they do massive damage/torp as opposed to as many shells as he needed to fire to farm his damage. Not having a replay we can't even tell if he got any of the buffs as they give XP also...along w/defended ribbons if he was resetting the cap if the reds had control over it w/out any of you inside it or if he was in the cap defending it while you were stealth torping from outside it. Not enough data to know for sure but in a battle w/heal buffs him getting massive damage w/out getting kills is quite believable as they can heal a bunch back up just while he is reloading...especially if he has to change targets often while maneuvering to dodge their Shima's walls of skill. BTW...achievements don't give any extra XP...the only reward for them are the signals once/day...except for dev strikes that don't even give you signals. Unfortunately the most telling aspect of that screenshot is the only 3 spotted ribbons in a Shima...seems like you were off to 1 side torp spamming Kurfursts instead of spotting for your team...something that would have been much more viable w/a Khaba as the only other DD on your team. There's no higher tier ships in ranked. Kill shots give you 15% of the target ships XP (even if it is the last 1 point...not to mention taking a ship off the board) so focusing on a ship is better than spreading out damage amongst many ideally...especially in a battle w/heal buffs to all ships as spread out damage is much easier to heal up than focussed damage.
  13. IfYouSeeKhaos

    This might not be a popular idea, but let's see....

    I'm all for it...1 vs 1 ranked sprint was way too much fun.
  14. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Anyone else think the Smaland guns are not great?

    It's for balance...if the tech tree version has equivalent guns & torps why would anybody want the nerfed premium?