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  1. I only have long weeks every other time they change the clock...the short ones are the ones that annoy me though...hate losing that extra hour...I coulda gotten so much extra done that week...I'm sure I was less than an hour away from that 6 double strike game that week...then time just ran out.
  2. He actually sent his to reserve & then couldn't get it back...should be fine if you just keep transferring from ship to ship as you progress...just don't ever send him to the reserve...apparently Pan Asian Commanders don't like to be benched.
  3. (Sorry...the 1st paragraph is a cognition I had after the rest was typed out & fit context better added in at top so as not to break the flow of original thoughts...unfortunately it kinda contradicts the rest of text somewhat so sorry for inconsistency)*** Where this will be an issue is when Clan (or Ranked in the beginning) Battles are active because then the unicums will not be doing Random Battles & MM will be picking "the most unicumish" players from what is available...@ that point these players that aren't so good (but the best MM has to choose from) will know that they are up against a bunch of lower skilled players. ***(original text starts now) I do believe that "most" all the real unicum players already know each other through playing together for years & I believe this is a good thing to have them balanced in a match & the purple text to let the newer players know who the unicums are(for purposes of either learning from their suggestions(if you have the ability to do so)or knowing at least not to try to take these people on by yourself if you know you aren't that good)...I kinda agree w/it in that sort of context...details will of course need to be hashed out. I also do not believe that just win rate should determine how MM chooses but an average of win rate/damage & XP or some such(maybe even average in # of honorable achievements). But as for mandatory acknowledging them...playing is about all some have the ability to do...some can't even follow chat let alone typing while playing(some can't even type...& some are too fat fingered to even be able to do more than just WASD...hell with consumable use...they don't have the finger dexterity for it). The main idea behind any game is for people to be able to have fun & WG doesn't mind if these people play because they are paying customers & have the right to play Randoms all they want w/out any concern of what anybody else is doing. Restricting paying customers from random play for any reason(but especially because they didn't acknowledge another player)will pretty much tank not only the player base but the game overall. Sorry but potatoes have the right to be potatoes in a game where you can outright buy a T8 BB & start running it instantly (I don't remember exactly but there may be a restriction of player level but it really doesn't take that long to get to the level 15 player level let alone any of the others). & demeritting them & taking away XP from those that are already struggling to "git gud" is just wrong. And it shouldn't be mandatory for a player that has high stats to "lead" the team either...as there is no guarantee that a unicum player is going to be playing at any given time MM will be choosing the "most skilled" @ that time player & they may not be good enough to play while typing at the same time let alone have the situational awareness to be able to lead a team. Not to mention the fear they will have that the enemy team is gonna be focused on them because MM has declared them to be the best...@ the moment.
  4. That word should go in the dictionaries right away & should replace "Birthday" as the appropriate term. BTW...before the 1600s you were considered 1(or more appropriately "in your 1st year")at birth but the # 0 hadn't been "put into play" yet(as opposed to it actually being invented sometime ago in the BC years)so after it was included in the counting system you were only days/weeks/months old(which is more accurate)& you didn't turn 1 until you had actually achieved existence for a year. Now...to contradict my parenthesis above "(which is more accurate)"...to be truly accurate you have to account for 9 months in the womb(time that contrary to "medical/legal" jargon is time that you are actually alive...thus adding(usually 9 months...but your results may vary)to your "actual" age.
  5. Just to clarify...which idea do you think is stupid...CVs being able to control their attacks or the automatic attacks...not a CV player myself(Co-Op only for CV only missions...although I did do the few T5 missions for the 1st campaign)...just trying to clarify for others that may have a valid(based on experience)opinion...which I don't 1 way or the other.
  6. USN Secondaries are Bad They Say...

    Detonated a full life Benson w/a single 2ndary once...was taking on 3 other BBs at once at the time so didn't even notice until much later...he was like, "well...that's my game"...for reference as to how distracted I was at the time...ended up surviving battle w/3.5M potential damage. Through him a, "sorry...sux when that happens" but believe he was long gone by the time as he didn't reply back.
  7. The Shipsmas Song

    From another future unicum...couldn't agree more...well done.
  8. This is why CV's make this game suck

    Actually it's more strafing that puts above average CV players in an advantageous position as most above average CV players don't go for sinking the enemy's CV until the end but they do eliminate the average players planes almost immediately...leaving the other CV worthless in the battle.

    This is not a nerf...just an example of assigning a commander skill...& IFHEs have been an option since new commander skills were introduced so this is not a "new w/this update" thing...the skill has been around longer than the ship...please get a dictionary & make sure you DON'T have any misunderstood words before posting.

    The highlighted area is an example of the buff Nelson gets from IFHEs...not a nerf...the 1st group of ships are the ships Nelson can citadel w/HE shells w/out IFHEs & the 2nd group are all the extra ships Nelson can citadel w/IFHEs...please shut this thread down before it ends up being a bunch of comments about how WG nerfs premiums when the example you supplied is exactly the opposite. The last thread of yours I read was a complaint about nerfs to 2 premiums & while 1 of the was legit the other was also a buff not a nerf...all the item you circled says is the difference between using IFHEs & not using IFHEs on the Nelson...not even a hint or a suggestion of a nerf. If you're gonna come on the English server complaining about nerfs please have an English speaking person proofread 1st.
  11. Is this intended?

    IJN most definitely...Fusos especially. I seen (when Graf Z 1st came out) a training room of a bunch of different BBs sitting still & 2 groups of bombers in each drop...when it wasn't an outright deletion Fuso only had that "unseen line" of life left...nothing was nearly as bad as the Fuso...the difference between Fuso & all others made it seem as if AP bombers were designed especially to delete Fusos.
  12. May not come out to exactly the same depending on weather the module upgrade prices are the same or not...so if your mods are all bought & paid for & the Buffalo's mods are more(or less)expensive you'll get the mods upgraded but may have less(or more...respectively...I don't know 1 way or the other)leftover extra XP towards the T10.
  13. I think you got the right common denominators but rather than (X+Y) I think it's (X times Y)/or just (XY) if you will.
  14. detection mechanic

    This game started out in alpha (so I have heard from someone lucky enough to have been there)w/everybody detected at the beginning & all the way through the match...actually wish I would have been around for that...it was just a DD (only 3 ships to choose from & pay to play only)w/no torps brawl.
  15. Ah well...La Vie... Ce What? Better luck to ya...have a + for the irony.