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  1. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Replay requests

    The solution to all your issues is to post a replay of everybody that ever asked you for a replay so that we can get a better idea of just why the requests actually occured & what you could have done to prevent the requests for a replay in the 1st place. 07
  2. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Signal flags

    Campaign tasks help too...make sure to have them set (or to set them as soon as you're high enough player level).
  3. IfYouSeeKhaos

    BF :)

    Did you have an alternate BF before the 1st date?
  4. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Maxing out Jerzy Swirski

    Oops...my bad. Don't spec for AA usually so get them confused sometimes. Did it used to give extra flak when rework originally dropped (for some reason I remember it doing that..but again...never "used" it other than for guns & whatever it did to AA was just added bonus) or has it always just been extra damage? Either way it still applies to the "potato peeler" analogy.
  5. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Toxic player that give info to enemy team

    As nobody has tagged you yet... it's against forum rules to name & shame a player or a clan. So how many different forums did you spam w/this? You already did the only logical thing possible (or so you claim) reported him to CS...so why the thread? Especially why the thread on a different server? Nobody here will ever run into this player on that account. Worst off why name & shame his clan when their leader already did the respectable thing & booted him from the clan? That is as wrong as what he did.
  6. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Does anyone think CVs are perfectly balanced?

    General term...can you be more specific? For example: As part of a "balanced" breakfast...rust would say yes.
  7. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Maxing out Jerzy Swirski

    Against those that know how to dodge flak...but it does create extra flak which makes it an improved potatoe peeler.
  8. IfYouSeeKhaos

    (Clan) Naval Battle (XP Bar) Change?

    I had a 1,407 BXP Co-op in my Atlanta...way back (years...when teams were still only 8/team). Don't remember details but can only imagine it must have been 7 T9 DDs & an Atlanta to score that high. My highest kill count in co-op is 7 so guessing I missed 1 of them & still managed to get that high...but it was definitely a fluke & in no way is my average...just a 1 off really bad day for the bots. Assuming (or at least hoping) there was no humans on my team...or they probably didn't have much fun that battle either as I apparently didn't leave them much. I haven't been able to play in about 6 months & the 2nd level of BXP when I was playing was standardly 900 (the very 1st few weeks way back in the day were for sure)...but occasionally it varied to 1k & I think 700 once so it's not "set in stone" standard 900 but most of the time was...but the logic or reasoning behind who/what/where/when/& (most importantly) why it changes is perplexing to say the least.
  9. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Going to commit heresy here

    Don't need torps w/longer range than the radar...radar has a cool down period after use (specifically if you can bait them to waste it) in which you can slither right up to just outside your detection range & torp them down while spotting them. If you survive the radar (even if just barely...in fact that charges your torp reload faster w/AR) then you become the hunter...unless there is multiple on your side of the map...which does occasionally happen but fairly rare unless a new line of radar cruisers just happened to have dropped recently... Oops...all ye who invade these waters give up hope...all is lost :-0
  10. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Secondary Alsace Builds?

    I've always considered MFCSA to be a waste on any ship because just locking on a target increases the accuracy...not as much but the 2ndaries on the other side of the ship keep firing also. French 2ndafies are brutal enough to take out stuff already & FP at the higher tiers will allow all (instead of just 1/2) of those 2ndaries to keep firing for a longer time...especially w/all of the HE spammers trying to burn you to the ground. French reload booster works for changing ammo types quicker (w/out needing to take the commander skill) also so shooting down DDs w/main battery (& speed boost to chase them down while doing it) makes 2ndaries not as needed against them. If you have top notch situational awareness & are insanely diligent about locking the 2ndaries on/changing targets when a better option comes along/& changing targets as soon as the last target you had them locked on dies (not just when you kill them...you also need to be aware when they die when somebody else kills them) then manual 2nds are fine I guess...but if you don't do all of those things all of the time then you're wasting 4 points to stop your 2ndaries from working at all most of the time. Don't CV but I hear GZ is the exception on the manual 2ndaries.
  11. Beware the :COLIN: Clan...sync dropping masters...never seen them in a battle where they didn't manage to have a full team of members on the red team...& they don't even div. I can't even calculate the odds of 9 members all dropping on the same team every single battle...not to mention when they all invade your team too like in that battle. Wish I could say they played fair & didn't throw though when they are on the green team because they are the most TKing attempting clan (at least on the NA server) ever. Don't even worry about the red torps...the torps you are being warned about are coming from behind... Everytime.
  12. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Friends can't find Azur Lane port

    Port filters...little gear icon on the right above the ship carousel in port. &/Or :
  13. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Gearing the utility player for the win video

    Thanx...never really ran her myself (I only earn T10s...I don't run them unless free perma camos were evented out for them (Worc/Yammy). But I remember being trolled by them back in the day (or watching my teammates troll in them after sunk) & would like to see if somebody can make it shine again...at least in the CV vs DD aspect of it... can't extend the torps obviously (boo..that should be an option). Beware of that "unique" armor scheme though against BB AP...she still takes full pens w/it from them. Sure you know that but seeing as you haven't run her in awhile don't want you to get caught up in a, "oops..forgot about that" scenario :-)
  14. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Wargaming Please Fix!

    But it doesn't say 100% Survivability... OP...you should look at that again also: It says +100% survivability Damn...just ninja'd by @Vader_Sama
  15. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Wargaming Please Fix!

    They worded it correctly...surely you understand when you look at the "survivability" stat on your ship it refers to the HP of your ship. Same definition used there...just the AA & 2ndary HP pools are hidden stats...but the mod still does what it says...increases their HP (aka survivability) by 100%. Probably still not enough to stop a Yammy shell from taking 1 out in 1 hit but the lower caliber stuff should take more hits to destroy them (& it does stop thay Yammy shell from citting you). Nope...just doubles their HP.