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  1. I completely understand...that was the T9 I was running & although it occasionally got a few good games in it was a lot of back to port really quick battles that even w/all the flags only got 4-6k XP...but with the 5 or 6 battles w/from 15-20k it eventually got finished. I personally don't free XP any ships or even modules...& when there aren't discount events on I don't even use any economic signals on them...my free XP is for Free XP ships...I do believe the Alaska is on the horizon as the next one so will probably have the 750k right before or right as it comes out.
  2. I went from 415k to 695k free XP since getting the signals from the Bday...but I was using all 7 of the ship XP boosting flags on 3 T8s & a T9 to finish grinding them all out before the discounts ended & they all had modules to grind through when I 1st got the flags so I definitely got some battles in for that free XP to build up that much. But I wasn't even using either of the Free XP specific flags...just all the ship XP ones & the new freedom camos.
  3. New T10 French BB WIP

    I wouldn't regret buying the Salem...it's the new Missouri for credit printing w/the 50% off before you take another 50% off w/the camo...45k instead of 180k repair costs will make anybody able to afford to run it even if they suck with it & as it's a resource that everybody can get on a daily basis they will be swarming the T10 meta very quickly by people that have barely gotten through their 1st T7s probably. That definitely looked like a good run in that French BB & the reload booster just looked sick OP for sure but it only took a few months to get Salem so I'm sure it will only take a few more months to get that 1...although if you still have 70k coal left it probably won't take you that long...I just bout some signals so I'm back at chicken scratch of 5 or 6k coal to start the grind. I did notice that a lot of his targets weren't really angling much (like that Yammy especially) so maybe with a different lineup there may not be so many easy cit hits...but on the flip side you don't expect a BB to be reloading in 10 seconds so maybe he thought he had more time to react. Definitely showed it's over pen ability on that Mino though...but then again anything can over pen the Brits. Wanna see how well it pens the Moskvas & Hindis before I get as excited about it as he did in the video...but again that reload booster was just sick.
  4. Thanks for picking me MM

    Unless you are T10 there's no way of knowing if they are the same tier...even if you are in a T9 & get pulled into a T10 CV match the other 3BB, 2CA & 3 DDs could have all been T7 & not eligible for the T10 match.
  5. Average BB Damage by Tier

    My highest damage & potential damage records were held by Izumo (after beating out the Amagi) for a long time...before I got HSF camo so I could afford to start running the Yammy...& the Musashi which presently holds both of those records.
  6. Average BB Damage by Tier

    Is it just a coincidence that the 2 ships you used as examples are the only BBs from T5-T10 that score less damage than the US (Iowa) in the same tier (only exception being the Gneis at T7 against the Colorado...Colorado beat it out by 7 points 39856(G)-39863(C).
  7. Average BB Damage by Tier

    It's partly the effect of always being top tier but also the effect of either being full power from the start or only having 1 very short mod to grind to reach full power. Some just Free XP through mods but others either can't afford to or just don't. Every other tier has it's weak period while grinding out mods except T10s. Not sure if it's odd that the T4s that never see T6s to farm the extra HP off of have a higher average than the T5s as they also live longer due to not having to face the T6s...longer life=more time to farm damage.
  8. ALL of this goes away soon: Bonuses: Exchange rate for converting doubloons into credits is 1,500 2,000 credits for 1 doubloon You can convert XP into Free XP at the cost of 1 doubloon for every 25 35 XP exchanged +200% to XP earned in a battle for the first victory of the day Discounts: –60% to the cost of Port slots in doubloons –50% to the cost of researchable Tier II–V ships in credits –50% to the cost of available Premium Tier II–V ships in doubloons –30% to the cost of researchable Tier VI–VII ships in credits –30% to the cost of available Premium Tier VI–VII ships in doubloons –15% to the cost of researchable Tier VIII–X ships in credits –15% to the cost of available Premium Tier VIII–X ships in doubloons –60% to the cost of Premium consumables in credits and doubloons –60% to the cost of "Type 1", "Type 2", "Type 5", "Type 6", and "Type 59" camouflages in credits and doubloons ***************************************************************************************************************** (Originally posted at 1:05 AM PST): It's about 15 minutes more than 3 hours but better to be early than to miss out so gave a little wiggle room...but don't wiggle too much cause there's a lot to get here if you haven't yet...especially any ship discounts as they have been few & far between since the last "every ship on sale" event. Bye 200% discount on 1st battles...I will miss you...you allowed me to finish 4 ships off (3 T8s & a T9 that were all barely started a week ago) w/all the signals...& that allowed me to get 8 new ships altogether (yes...I had 4 more ships already finished waiting for discounts). Now I have to decide which ones to run 1st. Edited at 1:10 AM PST: BTW...those 200% bonuses will reset in about an hour & 50 minutes & be doable again for the last hour & 20 minutes before they go away.
  9. Did someone call the Doctor ??

    In Dasha's update video there is a more zoomed in shot of the one you snapped at :42 seconds & it is actually a police box phone as opposed to a regular red & white public phone box. I've spotted at least 4 of the red & white ones in the port. On the port side of the channel of whatever ship is in port) there are 2 of them...(with Bayern in port for reference) 1 at the end of the barrels of the front most turret & 1 in line with the smaller mast that the German flag is on. On the starboard side of whatever ship is in port the police box is at a corner of a walkway...on the same starboard side of the ship on the other side of the little channel that the police box is on the corner of there seems to be a red & white 1 right about the same place as the police box on that other corner of the little channel (I hope that wasn't as confusing as it seems to have been...I tried to specifically clarify everything but may have gone overboard & been more confusing than clarifying). Farther along on the same side as of that channel where the red & white one is there seems to be another red & white one under the billboard (same building in the promo) on the side of the building (right directly under the left edge of the billboard). Hopefully you were able to follow all of that...if not sorry for the rambling.
  10. Funny whenever trolls throws out the "I don't care about your comments" line it is when they are directly avoiding the fact that somebody pointed out a blatant lie in their last comment & they totally ignored quoting the part about the blatant lie. You seem to have failed to quote (& more importantly respond to) the fact you've only had the account 2 years & 1 week yet claim you acquired all those ships in the last 5 years of playing. It's not like you are old & have been working the same job for years where everyday blends into the next...you're only in college yet 5 years would definitely have put you in high school still (or even right before) when you started playing. Do you really have memories of playing all through high school when in actuality you were probably no farther along than senior year or later when you started playing? BTW...all of my comments have been trying to clarify &/or point out discrepancies/lies in your comments...funny you think I actually have any emotions (aka salt) towards what you say...I'm actually amused by troll posts not at all aggravated by them...& the joke is you. You're not even good at being a troll...too easy to pick you apart. & please...when you follow this up w/"I'm blocking you & reporting you cause you're so mean" or whatever "hurt feeling" troll reply you throw up next...try a stab at explaining the 5 year lie 1st if you would...that aught to be cause for highly entertaining (aka ROFLMAO) reading.
  11. Did someone call the Doctor ??

    He definitely makes a good intro...even if his one liners are a little bit after their time :-)
  12. Did someone call the Doctor ??

    For some reason my attention was drawn to the streetlamp & it took me awhile to focus in on the Tardis. There's another 1 I saw in 1 of the promo pictures (w/the plane w/wheels...as opposed to the plane w/floats...flying above it that was at the corner of what looked to be an apartment building...I'll try & find it & add the screenshot (hopefully 2 doctors in 1 city at the same time won't cause a divide by zero incident). Edit: I seen where yours was but have no idea how you got such a zoomed in shot of it. The 1 in the promo was from an overhead view as the plane was passing by so not able to find it from my limited viewable access...although there are a few red things here & there that may be Tardises but can't ell w/out being anble to zoom in & not sure why they would be bright red (as the Tardis) 7 the 1 you zoomed in on is grey.
  13. Did someone call the Doctor ??

    I always thought Tom Baker (my favorite of the ones I've seen...haven't watched in 25 years though) was the 3rd doctor. As for the Kennedy reference...he was shot on the 22nd Nov '63 & Doc Who premiered on the 23rd but it was almost cancelled to continue covering the assassination news but at the 11th hour they decided to go ahead with the airing as they had already been covering it non stop for over 24 hours.
  14. Can't afford to buy any crates unfortunately...couldn't for the French containers either & only got the Bretagne in the event containers...not that that was a bad thing but needing the higher tier ships to finish the campaign w/honors & not being able to access them made me a bit salty due to it being only the 2nd temporary campaign ever I wasn't able to finish w/honors & the 1st (New Years/DOY campaign) only being because my bro & sis I hadn't seen in 22 years were in town & visiting w/them took precedent to campaign honors (I know...priorities...game is all...bad sentimental family stuff...I know better for next time though...sorry gaming gods...I won't let you down again). Fortunately the Brit missions aren't in campaign style & there's no achievement to lose out on if you don't get a Brit DD to finish the missions quicker with & you only need any 1 instead of just the higher tier 1 to be able to do the extra missions for quicker completion. Would like to get them all or even just 1 to give me 2 (or more) ships on the line to run at once instead of having to grind from the ground up to get to the higher tiered ones...but seeing as I go back & elite all ships in all lines anyway it doesn't really matter as I'll be going through them all anyway.
  15. DD builds for Dynamo

    I've been grinding ships for discounts so haven't had a chance to do the op yet (thanx for reminder before it is too late btw OP). On the PT I just used the Mahan & speced for nothing but gun advantages for hitting the boats & other than BFT/AFT (more for the guns than the AA)/& AA flag did nothing to buff the AA. I just went forward as soon as I was full of passengers & met the planes before they got close enough to the convoy to be an issue (plus team was smoking up convoy so that helped) & after each wave of planes & boats I boosted a line of smoke back to the convoy from up front then turned back to the front to charge the incoming planes & boats again...rinse & repeat through whole op. 5 starred it 1st time on both PTs & expect to 5 star it 1st time on regular also w/same procedure. 1st time on PT the team was so good together smoking up convoy (w/out anybody even saying anything in regards to it in chat...just naturally did what needed to be done) we didn't lose any other boats in the whole convoy or on the team other than Parks...poor Parks. 2nd time lost 1 team member & a couple convoy ships but still easily 5 starred it. Edit: Just checked & we have 2 weeks...cool...plenty of time...although I just finished all of the ships I needed to for discounts last night so might jump into it tonight after getting the 200% bonuses on all the new ships I have to start grinding done (7 new ships but 1 of them is T10 so only need to get 1st wins on the 6...a lot of ships I've been waiting on discounts for a long time finally moving again). Guess I'll have to wait & see if I can get the 6 ships 1st wins in 6 games or if it's gonna take 20 & I'm too burnt out by then LOL.