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  1. Greetings Captains!

    Welcome to the NA (in the virtual sense anyway)…& thanx for your assistance.
  2. confusion

    Every cell phone company has a 1st time buyer discount...& if you stop using them for 6 months you lose your phone #...but guess what... That makes you eligible for the 1st time buyer discount again...where the [edited] do you think WG got the idea from.
  3. confusion

    Texas is a premium...you can't get it w/XP only doubs or $ (or in my case a santa crate). Not to mention 10 of each draconic signal flag for every 1000 games played....that was nice. Hope that all repeats this year (especially as I now have 11 T10s instead of the 5 I had last year.
  4. (I'll leave this up in case it happens to others so they'll know a reboot will handle it) Not sure if a game glitch or if I changed a setting by hitting the wrong button/s but all my text used to (like as In just a minute before I took this screen shot) look like the "Create Division" text...any clues as to whether I did something stupid or if this is a game glitch... guess i'll try a reboot & see if it changes it back.
  5. See it?

    It's never happened to me but I've seen a couple tied Random scores posted where 2 teammates tied & the people posting were the 2nd of the 2 & were upset that they still lost a star...wonder what factors they use to determine that when the kills are the same (or even if the most kills guarantees you the star).
  6. Just had the oddest thing happen on the PT. Was in a battle in the Conqueror & about a minute after I died I got a spotting ribbon. It just popped up & added to my ribbons (went from 2-3). Didn't know I could spot while dead. There was a Shima just north of me & the only spotted ships around me were all north of the Shima so even he had them spotted before me if I had been alive. Sorry...I don't know what a python file is or where to find it & the WGCheck tool report says I do not have the game client downloaded when I tried to run it. I just recently reacquired my laptop back after repairs (& a clean wipe) so not sure if that altered something but the game client is up enough for me to play (both main account & PT) so not sure exactly what it is looking for or where to find it myself (a buddy takes care of all the techie stuff for me...I'm a bit of a computer illiterate other than playing games-& I'm not even very good at that) but I can follow directions if somebody could talk me through it. Edit: Unfortunately I don't have replays enabled (I used to on the main account but even that has been disabled after the wipe...& somebody had to talk me through that when I did it).
  7. They are set to my Gmail under the promotions tab if that helps. You won't get the rewards for the 0.7.6 PTs until after he update of 0.7.6 but if you played in the 0.7.5 PTs the rewards should be there for that. Updates usually drop on a Wednesday & the rewards are usually available 2 days later on the Friday after the update but they say to give them 5 days just to be sure.
  8. Justin the 1 itchy finger...which so happens to be the 1 I type with.
  9. New personal best: Most damage in a CV

    Understandable..I'm sure if you ever run into him again you'll hit him up (& hopefully he's not on the red team or you'll be the CV he hunts down...lol).
  10. How the US Shrunk a Battleship

    Didn't have to...I was being trolly…yours was fine considering the timing of the related article being the same day & most knew what you were talking about & it was good click bait for those that hadn't.
  11. How the US Shrunk a Battleship

    Well...they didn't actually shrink one of the existing NCs...just designed a new line of BBs that were shorter.
  12. Assuming the potatoness of the enemy team doesn't help anyone either. Good players can also take advantage of a good team...so evaluating a team as potatoes just because the OPs team got the better positions & were able to capitalize on it is just assuming w/no possible actual data w/which to make that assumption on as in order to have any actual data you would have needed to actually be in that match...& you obviously were not. I was on a team that steamrolled one of the best CV mains (W/2 clan mates in a div) & I was the biggest potato on either team...but my team still won. Would hardly classify them as potatoes just because of the outcome of that 1 battle.
  13. Well, I tried to like this game but ...

    I was kinda surprised you even replied in here. Ditto But I'm glad you did because I wasn't aware of this (I had an idea of the DD caliber guns not being able to detonate a BB but had no idea a Yammy/Conq caliber HE shell couldn't). Thanx for clarifying that. But I also noticed nobody has actually "tagged" the OP w/other than "bye bye" comments. He very well may be a troll...but... xalmgrey brings up a good point here. OP...if you're truly gone than so be it...but the scenario you described is impossible per the game mechanics. Odds are another round from some other ship (or an unseen torpedo) got you but the DD rounds definitely did not. Odds are you do not have replays enabled but if you do 1 would really help to clarify. If not...odds are you just misinterpreted all the options that might have actually caused the detonation. "Fun & Engaging" is the inside joke in relationship to the detonation mechanic as it pisses off all until you get used to it...but the game is quite fun beside that particular mechanic & it's frequency is pretty rare (it took you 136 battles to discover it right?) so here's hoping you give it another try.
  14. Strange website issue...

    Unfortunately haven't figured out a "fix" for it...just gave up. I just switched back to my laptop & thought it was some kinda issue of me being logged off of it for the past month & needing to turn on some kind of setting or something (not really computer savvy...my buddy set this all up for me)...but I was unable to comment in the website articles either. Good to know it's not an issue w/my laptop...if it isn't just something happening to the 2 of us only that is...lol.
  15. Comments like that just invalidate the good play (as in suggesting "lucky for you the other team was all potatoes"). Can't anybody compliment somebody on a job well done w/out dubbing all the other team members as potatoes? Well done OP.