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  1. IfYouSeeKhaos

    A Typical Game as a CV Player

    (Sorry...got a bit ramblish) Co-op is not just a training platform anymore...it's even evolved to scenarios... Actually a lot less people (than assumed) actually quit over CV rework but instead just gave up on random & switched to Scenarios to avoid human run CVs. Most of them have resigned to the fact that the rework is gonna remain the rework so rather than wasting time "vocalizing" it they just stick to thrashing bots because despite not being able to play "non rework CV random games (w/out the chance of it occuring)" they at least still get to shoot ships...& bot CVs are still bots so a lot easier to counter so it's not so bad. So why wouldn't they be here? It's their forum too. Note: Despite the PVE clan I'm actually a PVP main & don't mind the rework (as much as I did when 8.0 dropped & 4 of my last 6 grinds were DDs...including both RU DDs w/their atrocious rudder shifts...uugh!!!). But I learned to avoid much of the CV hassle in DDs amongst other ships but it is a completely different game now...& even though I have "adapted" somewhat to the new I didn't want to have to adapt to it as I still preferred the old CVs to the new in every ship type I run...I was used to them & I liked the overall challenge better of playing against the RTS. I was just maxing out the rest of my other lines to T10 before I was gonna "dedicate" to the RTS CVs but they went away too fast (I did play them for co-opable missions/challenges & maxed out the easy campaign w/them before they did though). Anyway...forums are not just for those that have "adapted" despite the "adapted" ones chasing off most all those that haven't adapted w/"learn to adapt or quit" berations...but just because many have decided to stop beating dead horses doesn't mean that they are as big of a minority as you may think them to be...they just decided to ignore (by not wasting time anymore asking WG to reverse the rework) all the "adapt or quit" types because they have just as much say in changing back the rework as they do.
  2. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Captain Skill: Direction Center for Fighters

    Has it always been like that (delay for consumable fighters)? I only played the new CVs on the PT before the rework dropped & remember them deploying as soon as you hit the T key (not saying I remember correctly...which is why I'm clarifying...but it surely didn't seem long enough for the CV to have sent them).
  3. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Captain Skill: Direction Center for Fighters

    NP...give em hell commander :-)
  4. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Captain Skill: Direction Center for Fighters

    It's only a 1 point skill...recruit a 1 point commander (only cost 10k credits I think) for your CV & do a co-op battle & find out for yourself...dismiss him after you have the data to clear up the commander slot if you need to. Simplest way to find out.
  5. IfYouSeeKhaos

    PSA — Shell Tracers Display

    Sorry...haven't been able to play but a few times in last 4 months (just troll forums on phone) so been out of the loop...but as this: was only posted 4 days ago...well done team...pretty quick work.
  6. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Captain Skill: Direction Center for Fighters

    You didn't quote the whole thing in your OP...the full line there above answers your question as the planes launched directly from the CV are technically also catapult fighters the "carrier launched fighters" are the fighters launched from carrier launched planes. The problem is that the patrol fighters technically don't "launch" from the carrier...they launch from the bag of holding (also referred to as "extremely large hanger bays") found in the extremely large bomb bays...at least I'm assuming they are extremely large to store all of those fighters in them...of all forms of attack aircraft).
  7. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Fair play....

    Wish that were true...read the whole thread...but I don't even have to go back to the 1st page to see it still being continued on the 2nd page (comment 28): Their = a couple/few players in a couple/few games & you'll probably never see them in any of the random games you play so what's the point. As I said before...if you wanna play random just do it...it's silly to do it just to get back at bad PvP in PvE players. I do believe he was just joking about the GZ at 1st & intentionally clarified it the next time to let everybody know he was joking/(-: trolling :-)...premium T8 CV for your 1st PvP (whether actually 1st or not I don't actually care to check stats for) is a good joke/(-: troll :-) post though you gotta admit...surprised the thread didn't get a few extra pages of rants just about that.
  8. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Fair play....

    "PvE players" & "PvP players" are not a "thing"...no game mode is all inclusive/exclusive to any players. If you want to play random for the extra XP go for it...but if you're just playing random to "show those PvP mains" what you think about a couple/few players that just happened to drop torps too close to you...sorry to tell you that the specific "PvP mains" are not only never gonna know about it but if they somehow found out about it they would just laugh at the absurdity of this whole thread. BTW...the TL/DR summary of your statement above = "I used to have respect for all but because of (not all) I'm gonna disrespect all...just wanted to let you all know...that is all".
  9. IfYouSeeKhaos

    No Duplicates ... Yet ...

    Don't remember exact numbers (it's been a long time) but definitely broke 150 on each the Yamamato, Halsey & Azur collections...always farm the credits...although by Azur it was purely force of habit as I was deep enough in creds by then.
  10. IfYouSeeKhaos

    PSA — Shell Tracers Display

    So that explains why it's always pretty easy to cit RN CLs in smoke but sometimes it's hard to cit other cruisers...aiming a bit too high on the others when they're HE spamming due to that. So in summary you're saying that even though the limitations on fixing this issue don't exist anymore that it's possibly going to be addressed eventually (balance allowing) but in the meantime it's on the back burner as the range issue is being prioritized right now & this is just a PSA to inform us of the issue (well...at least those of us that haven't heard about it already in relation to the Smolensk)...that sound about right?
  11. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Improving ships?

    Every update there's a list of older ships getting some kinds of changes...some buffs others nerfs. Your 2nd statement seems kinda ambiguous & really distracts from the 1st though...especially as there's no specific reason given just a random statement w/the only emphasis on the time frames.
  12. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Captain Skill: Direction Center for Fighters

    Not sure as I haven't run the new CVs since the update...but Are you sure about that? The skill was originally for ships that just have catapult fighters & it definitely applies to those & the automatic CV fighters that just launch from the ship are basically the equivalent of catapult fighters. The way it is worded sounds like it definitely can go either way depending on the skills definition of "squadron"...whether it is just the "fighter" squadron or "any" squadron is unclear. Again...I don't know for sure & if you do know for sure MUDD sorry for doubting you but I can definitely understand the OP's confusion based on the wording.
  13. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Using consumables

    I also was referring to CAs (I wasn't considering BBs as so few have hydro/radar) when I said, "pushing up to a cap w/their DD"...a couple of minutes gives you plenty of time to find a safe place (on most maps anyway) close to a cap to support your DDs w/radar or hydro in most cruisers...of course it's not only map but also situation (is there a CV/red radar & hydro/what red ships have been spotted already & where/etc.) dependent. Of course that doesn't account for the ones that pop it while hanging back in the boonies (which I'm sure are the ones you were referring to)...which is definitely a head scratcher.
  14. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Using consumables

    Premature esmokulation...hate when that happens (& if you think saying, "it happens to a lot of guys" is supposed to make us feel better...you're wrong). As for using consumables in a couple of minutes...that's plenty of time to get far enough forward that the use of those consumables is potentially viable...may not be anything in detection range but by a couple of minutes...especially if they are pushing to a cap w/their DD...there's a good chance that there might be something to spot...unless you meant a couple of moments instead of minutes.
  15. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Double strike not giving flags?

    Was your last DS after container change last night?