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  1. So I used my damage control immediately after being set on fire & then the enemy air force arrived...needless to say the hammer strike (although it didn't take me out initially) in combo w/the bomb drops resulted in massive fire & flooding damage that annihilated me rather quickly. I managed to shoot down 4 planes & loosen 15 rounds but due to smoke my targets were fading in & out & no shells landed (I on the other hand remained perfectly spotted throughout even before the planes arrived as my DDs smoke only covered himself in the cap (not his fault...I was a bit too far forward & away from support for my Musashi's AA abilities to be effective). But I did manage to get over a million potential damage racked up in my very short (3 1/4minutes of) game time in just under 10km of movement but I got a zero XP from the battle. I know I wasn't very useful in the battle but I wasn't afk & a million potential damage is a million potential damage that wasn't being aimed at my teammates. So just wondering how much more I needed to accomplish (not that I accomplished much of anything admittedly) to get credited w/a participation award.
  2. Is that base stats or is the 20% rudder shift taken into account...I run it on all my BBs/CAs/CLs & assume quite a few others do also. But as you said (& I agree with) in 11+km there's no reason any ship shouldn't be able to avoid torps...especially a German BB as they have the best maneuverability of all the BBs (at least it would seem so from the insane torpedo beats they've managed that other BBs just don't seem to be able to pull off).
  3. Selecting Ship Names in Class

    I wouldn't care one way or the other as long as it was able to be turned off if someone so chose (or more appropriately if you had to turn it on & default was normal). No one slammed you for this... They slammed you for this... 1st...The historical accuracy in this game flew the coop w/the addition of paper ships even before the anime aspect was ever introduced. 2nd...Who is this "we" you speak of? WG is trying to make $ off of a video game...not lose over 90% of it's player base that are just interested in blowing ships up & have zero interest in a mandatory "need to learn about every ship in history" aspect just to know what ship they are fighting against in every single battle...especially as sister ships already exist in game (due to premiums) w/different specs to choose from...how are you to determine which sister ship the one you are facing is based off of? 3rd (& lastly)...About the premium aspect...any of those names may end up being a premium in the future (or another clone from a new nation as in the Pan Asian line)...an option that is lost once all the alternate names are already being used in game.
  4. Personally it's been so long I can't even remember the last time I got turned pink...if there was somewhere that told how long it's been since you ran each ship I could tell you exactly as I know it resulted in Black Swan Co-Op battles (that's where I do my volunteer work for breast cancer awareness). It's the least likely place to run into this scenario... Thoughts on a couple German BB related comments... As soon as you said friendly Gnies I knew where this was going (coulda been any BB w/torps)...I caused a couple pink statuses in the Gnies/Derp...betting he shot 1 set of torps & was spinning around to set the other rack up. Something to look out for in future when you have a BB w/torps in a close on knife fight w/(any ship but especially) another BB. [edited]..German BBs have been known to dodge a full torp spreads from point blank range (provided they have the 20% rudder shift)...no excuse from that range even w/out rudder sift upgrade.
  5. Goodbye PVE

    DAMN PUPPIES...WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE SO...PUPPYISH!!! Edit: But to get back on thread...they should have to stay in PvE until they become more Dogish!
  6. Bye-Bye WOWS

    He had me at the title "bye-bye WOWs"...figured he wasn't responding to any replies after that if what he was staying was true...& besides...TL/DR
  7. Not sure if your "knowingly" refers to before or after the fact...but even after the fact it is possible in German BBs to have such wonky dispersion (even from the close ranges indicated in the OP) that while in binocular mode it may seem that all the rounds were into the enemy but 1 could hit a friendly & you not realize it during the battle...but the post battle stats will definitely clear it up which is why I asked for a screen shot in the 3rd response to this thread but the OP has still not responded. so what's the deal OP...can we get a screen shot (they are listed chronologically & show the ship so you can look it up by the time of your posting (about 10 hours ago).
  8. Actually it's not a thing...2ndaries have not caused any damage to friendlies for a very long time (MANY updates ago). Not sure what happened in your Perth battle situation (you said it was recently...you may wanna go back & recheck the replay)...it was most likely from a way earlier HE round that took so long to burn him down it just seemed like it had to be 2ndaries.
  9. Actually they are the most intelligent bots in any game ever when you take into account that they are programmed to turn into your torps/bombs/shells/you or teammates at every opportunity...it's a balancing factor to how easy the red bots are to kill.
  10. I was under the assumption that they removed friendly 2ndary fire many updates ago...can you supply a screenshot of post battle showing a 2ndary kill on the friendly.
  11. He had fun and was engaged...

    Bismarck & Prince Eugene weren't available so he went for Prince Eugene's sister.
  12. Flag lottery

    Gotta say I'm not a big fan of "chosen at random" aspect=Run 8 flags on every ship every day from now until deadline & potentially get 0 rewards for it while somebody that used the least amount of flags 1 time can get a prize. Make rewards a set amount for a set of conditions...not meet a set of conditions & potentially receive nothing for it but a big decrease in your resources. Why don't you just say we are gonna randomly pick names out of a hat...at least everybody isn't wasting a bunch of signals for (more than likely) nothing.
  13. MM balance issues

    As there's more XP to be gained from damaging higher tiered ships the T4 restriction kinda helps in keeping new players in T4 longer so they can get more practice before getting to higher tiers.
  14. Opponent tier

    Meant to say any type of ship 2 tiers higher...not necessarily all of them but there will be certain BBs/DDs/CAs/CLs/& CVs that can be annihilated in a couple volleys.
  15. Opponent tier

    When you compare the XP benefits it is always very enjoyable.