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  1. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Undo the rocket nerf WG

    CVs to detonate due to all the rockets/bombs/torpedoes/not to mention all the aviation fuel they have on board... & DDs weren't rowboats... they're the size of football fields (including the end zones)... Do you really think a machine gun is gonna punch through their hulls? That's hilarious 😆😂
  2. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Bourgogne HE spam?

    If the HE spam gets too much just go broadside to them...that should stop that HE spam right away.
  3. IfYouSeeKhaos

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    Except the T6 Ise can't even div fail into a T10 battle w/Harkuryu.
  4. IfYouSeeKhaos

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    Dutch CAs have no flight decks...their Airstrikes are literally described as "(paraphrased) called in land based aircraft attacks".
  5. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Scenario achievement. What is it?

    Lol... I'm afraid I've gotta make you feel even older as the OP stated he didn't receive the achievement himself (if he had the requirements description would have been given when he hovered over it in his initial post battle results screen)... Somebody else received it in the battle he was in...which when you have over that (other players achievements) on the team screen it just gives the name & not the requirements description.
  6. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Submarine Public Test

    Edit: Oops..nevermind a that below...just realized this was a sub test PT thread not the regular PTs...Doh!!! It's odd that the PT just ended & that the update is dropping tomorrow... Usually the 4 weeks of an update cycle is: 1st week no PT while you check out all the new shinies... 2nd week PT part 1.. 3rd week PT part 2... & 4th week no PT so they can check out the data they got from the PTs (& you can finish up all the grinds of the present update you've been putting off to participate in the PTs) before the next update drops. Any idea what the anomaly was this update...or have things changed & I just missed the memo?
  7. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Scenario achievement. What is it?

    C'mon... you've been around the forums long enough to know the answer to that 1 (& even though he isn't the only 1 & may not be involved with that particular aspect...he can probably help you find out)... @iDuckman... I'd ask you to help us out on this 1 but I don't think it's necessary as I do believe... Knows what he's talking about & that is the answer... That the OP was looking for. But I do believe you can just go to your profile page under achievements & they're all listed there (with the description of the requirements if you hover over them individually)...even the ones you don't have... they're just greyed out if you haven't gotten them yet.
  8. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Team damage removal side effect

    There will be a few weeks of "letting people know" (not to mention them checking out people shooting each other & seeing no damage being taken)...but as they're removing the torp warnings I'm guessing they'll be removing the chat messages about friendly fire unless somebody actually goes over the 40/50 hits limit so most won't even be aware it's occuring unless it's ships right in front of them (as they might hear the gun fire behind or to the sides of them but won't actually realize it's hitting another ship because they won't bother to even look most of the time because of how many people shoot at light houses & villages at the start of matches). As for it being obvious in the 1st few battles... I've gone many hundreds of battles in a row w/out hitting a friendly ship...many many times. Don't think it's gonna be that widespread of a thing as everybody else seems to think it will be...but (in a few hours)...we will see. &... I'm sure if it does become a big deal...WG will just alter the numbers to a middle ground between the 15 they originally started with & the 40 they changed it to until the ones doing it intentionally get knocked down to co-op & then they can change it back to more adult levels again... I do think it's gonna stay at the 40 level for at least 2 updates until the early access Dutch ships are officially released into the game...too much money at stake from sales of the early access crates to take the risk of all the people trying out the new Airstrikes. The flakes will be flakes anyway...after the Dutch early access I'm sure they'll drop the numbers down to handle the flakes. As for the Airstrikes...from all I've heard they are not aimed at ships...I don't think (but obviously ain't a tester so don't know for sure) that a ship even needs to be spotted... Pretty sure they said you just click on a point on the map (not just a square...but an actual point w/the mouse pointer) & they drop there...no leads on ships like torps have so...if a ship is spotted & moving...you have to be able to predict where they will be in 13 seconds. Mainly intended to flush out camping ships behind islands...at least that's been the gist of everything I've read about them. Can't see all those bombs not being able to hit friendlies if they pass in the path...& I haven't heard of anybody that's been in battles with them stating that any warnings about where they will drop have been given to friendlies.
  9. IfYouSeeKhaos

    too close for gun lock?

    Scroll the mouse wheel back & it makes locking on closer targets easier...it gives better groupings & more cit hits that way too... Took me about 20k games before I heard about that concept on the forums... Hope that helps.
  10. It's a game...designed in Russia...were you expecting them to only have T8 Russian ships because that's mainly all that existed...or only have ships types from what existed & never give the citizens of their own country any ships to use from their nation unless they were actually made... Again... it's just a game... It's not a sim & it's not a history lesson... Who cares? Shall we dig up JRR Tolkien & decimate his remains because Elves Dwarves Orcs & Balrogs don't really exist (or do they)? From what I've read...other than the Tiny Tim bombers...the others can launch from outside AA range... don't need to worry about plane losses when you never get into AA range other than attacking bubbles.
  11. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Team damage removal side effect

    With the ordinances we've been used to most definitely...but those airstrikes are a whole other kettle of fish...13 second delay on them arriving gives plenty of time for friendlies to charge into those ships camping behind islands...chase them out & be sitting dead center of all of those bombs...for a DD or some CLs it would be an insta delete & any other ships are gonna get trashed pretty good... Not a good sales pitch...check out this new Dutch cruiser...enjoy it in co-op because every other random.battle is just gonna end you up in co-op anyway... I don't really think players are gonna be trying to waste their shots trying to get hits through friendlies & things will basically raon.thebdamevasthey are...but in a pinch it will be good to know that you can assist a losing teammate in a brawl & not have to worry about being a detriment to your team if the worst happens. Not to mention if Kitakami makes it back in (wonder if those that had it before will get it back...asking for a friend...was before my time but he told me some stories about how many pink ones were in queues...lol). Kuma is 1 of my favorite ships (I'd probably be at over 5k battles easily if they would have kept T4 mission doable)...was salivating at the idea of Kitakami when I 1st heard about it. Did it still have the 7 130s or did some of those get reduced to make way for all those racks of torps?
  12. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Team damage removal side effect

    I'm pretty sure it's main reason for it's removal was due to all the TKs. Sure... it's got insane amounts of torps...but it's a T4 Kuma hull in a T10 meta... it's gonna get wiped more often than dominate unless a skilled players is running it... Although the Kuma is lightning quick in it's rudder...so it can dodge a lot of incoming...but the chips it takes at T10 will be felt a lot more than the chips it takes at T4. Only after 40 hits...in the same battle. Slate gets wiped clean in the next battle. I'm not part of the testing so only have the vids to go by... It seems like there's 40 bombs dropping when all 3 of those are used at once (although I guess the dev blog said it's getting reduced to only 2 on the T10 now but increased to 3 on the premium...but again...I have no idea how many bombs per plane that is...but the dispersion seems big enough that it will be hard to get 40 hits at once even against a big BB...unless RNG is really gunning for you. It's just a nuisance factor...accidently unloading a full volley of any kind is not being punished anymore...it will take a converted intentional effort to be a nuisance now to turn pink...which is a good idea if the damage is being removed anyway. 2 thing here...it sounds like your upset that somebody is going to get hit while trying to kill a red... There is no kill stealing...if you need to shoot through me to finish off a low HP red & take it's guns off the board...unload everything...all at once...I don't care how many shots/torps I take (espwcially if my HP is reduced by a max of ZERO)...kill that F***er. & as for the nuisance factor...Ops have had a zero damage system for years now...you might occasionally see divmates shooting at each other a few times in spawn...but I have yet to see or hear about anybody spending even 1 shot after 1st engagement to harass somebody in Ops... don't see it happening in random or any other mode either. Especially as most players don't even go to the website let alone read the forums so over 90% of them aren't even gonna know this is happening & are gonna keep trying to not hit teammates on GPs.
  13. Ok...ala WG... I get where you're coming from now.
  14. IfYouSeeKhaos

    New soviet cvs good addition for game

    You left out the ones that once "had it Great" & didn't break any rules...& the only reason they "lost it all" is because what once was "Great" was changed to something completely different. They don't wanna see it burn...they just want the great game that WOWS once was (& still is occasionally...if only rarely) back again...& because that obviously isn't going to happen they're upset...not just at the loss of what was once great... but because there isn't an alternate option to switch to so all they can do is watch this option dwindle ever further & further away from what once was great & keep playing in hopes of those ever so often rare matches where it's just a group of older ships on each side w/out any of the power creep gimmicks... Had 1 just last night...T9 (I was in T8 Schors) w/no CVs & no radar or any broken premiums or OP tree ships. Actually had DDs going into the caps w/knife fights in 2 different caps at the start w/only standard cruisers backing them up & no Asashios or long range torp slammers to keep the BBs back at the 1/10 lines... I take credit for setting the tone by just a simple little message in all chat just after the timer counted down... "Huh...no CV or radar"...it was like everybody on both teams took a collective sigh & just went out to enjoy the rarity of the good old days... There wasn't any response to my chat other than a few "affirmatives" & just how everybody played. There was even a good old fashioned Gneis/Sharn brawl towards the end that determined the outcome...their Gnies took the victory by switching the score over in their favor in a tightly contested match all the way through... Best match I've been in in months (although there was a few others that have had the potential...but I just derped out early in most of them (or did an awesome job at the start & died early on) so didn't get to experience all the potential fun in them. & that was my last battle in the Schors as I unlocked the Tallin in that battle in a pretty decent 1,900+ BXP 2nd place finish....on the losing team. No salt & a lot of "nice shot"/"good play"/"that was a fun dual" comments between the teams. I was actually the biggest troll in the game using my spotter a lot (after backing the DD on my flank close up at the 1st cap) instead of taking my glass cannon into the brawls.
  15. IfYouSeeKhaos

    New soviet cvs good addition for game

    Not just others...obviously he's complaining about himself too...I think this is a cry for help thread.