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  1. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Did somebody ask for this QOL addition?

    I do that with all other containers, but I like to see what coal I get in each (just so I can continue laughing at how downright impossible it is to get 3 coals in a container more than once a month nowadays)... & what about when you get more than 1 type of container after finishing a couple different missions...you choose the "open (however many) containers" you have of the 1st type...& have to wait for this nonsense to open any of the others. Even though I instantly hit the button again (as I'm only interested in the briefest glance of each 1 just to see how much coal each one has...can care less about anything else in them) doesn't mean that the animation normally goes away that fast... Even before this annoyance was added (in the patch before last)...if you just hit the button once & wait...each container stays up for a very very very long time (seems like at least a minute before it goes away...but it's been over a year since I waited so my memory may be off...but it is certainly long enough to not require this billboard banner to display what just looking at the contents of the container right there on the platform is already showing you). Thanx Thanx & Thanx...but... Not wanting to have to right click/have to hover mouse all the way down to the bell icon... For as long as coal containers have been a thing (many many years now) I have waited until the end of the night to collect my 3 coal containers & have always hovered my mouse over the "open container" button & opened my 3 containers with no other delay than the graphics of each container being brought to the platform...the moment 1 hits the platform it pops open & then you could ALWAYS immediately hit the same button (without ever having to move your mouse anywhere else or click anything***) & wah-lah...the next container would start the crane doing its thing. ***or (w/out having to)... change my resolution... ***or... (& especially not having to) Install a mod??? HELL NO This billboard container content notifications (along with): (Hopefully you got the message it's just a click of the bell...that sounds painfully annoying) ^^^That (billboard battle notifications...where it covers the commanders' stats so you can't get into them either...even if just for the time it takes to click whatever it takes to click to make them go away) should not be a thing. It just adds unnecessary delays (hasn't been needed for all these years now) for absolutely no benefit (not even any benefit if it showed you all 3 of the items in the chest instead of just 2) ...because...THE ITEMS ARE RIGHT THERE ON THE PLATFORM!!! Not looking for how to justify this just because the solution is just a click away here/there/or wherever... This really doesn't need to be a thing!!! Help me make them see it's just an annoyance so they can remove the time-wasting disturbances.
  2. Loaded into brawl...got about to cap & game locked up & crashed. Tried to get back in... circle just went into perpetual spin mode. Closed window & tried again & was told "game is running...if you can't see game go to player support". Went to task manager & ended task on game...tried to start it again...& was again told, "game is running..." Is this just a me thing or is the game going haywire. Have never had the game tell me it was still running after ending task on it in task manager...so just checking. Edit: Game is still telling me it's running...nothing is running in task manager??? Going for the reboot...see what happens. 2nd Edit: Well...that got me back into the game...post battle of course shows 0 creds & 0 XP (as expected) but no pink. Not sure if whole game crashed or just me but seeing as there's no other posts here in forums about it guessing it was just me...although there was an Andrea Doria that was afk (never left spawn...at least not up to the time I crashed out) in the battle...also on my team... Guessing if the game did play out our team wasn't happy about having to go 2 vs 4.
  3. Can this stop being a thing all of a sudden. Just wanted to open my 3 containers for the night...but after opening the 1st 1 this banner shows up over the buttons to open the next 1... & just stays there... For an inordinately long extended period of time... As in a very very very very very loooooong time. All I wanted to do was open my 3 containers & then get on with my life...but no... WG has decided that I apparently really really really really needed to know exactly what was in that 1st container... Well...at least the 1st 2 items in that 1st container...because... Despite all that damn screen taken up...it doesn't even show the complete contents of even 1 container...just the 1st 2 items. Sure...it just takes moving your mouse off of the banner & clicking to make it go away...but... After YEARS of just hovering my mouse over the "open container" button & just needing to wait for the graphics of the 1st container opening to be able to just hit the "open container" button again to open the next 1...having this unnecessarily large graphic that I can't even click through just be plastered right on top of the button...well... It kinda just equates to unnecessarily trolling. Please make it go away.
  4. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Ranked Griefer but I Get Banned?

    Just out of curiosity...was his 1st words in chat (while running for the border) "enjoy your win" in open chat to the red team? You don't need to answer that...we ALL know exactly who you're talking about.
  5. Exceptionally well done... I've got 3 & to this day I still don't consider myself to have "earned" 1...though (in the Shininome) I did need to kill 2 of the last 4 ships in the 3rd 1 to bump the score up enough to win...so it was partially earned. The 1st 1 (also in the Shininome but just a base cap) I was in a 3 man div with a roommate (us 2 were literally in the same room) & 1 of his friends...& even though about 45 second before I won it...when he died & said, "damn...they got it" (as he was the last survivor on our team resetting our cap)...I told him, "No...I think I got it" [referring to the game]...but)...I still didn't realize I got it (the solo warrior) until the game was over & the score showed up. I thought we had other ships & they were just too far away to reset them... & the 3nd (in the Z46) was against 6...but again...it was also just a base cap... & after our last ship died resetting our cap I had about 45 seconds to go when 1 of their team typed, "good game...we lose" in chat. It's funny though because the last 1 was years ago...& I still remember the details of each 1...& neither of them was nearly as rememberable as yours... Grats.
  6. IfYouSeeKhaos

    PTS 12.5 pt 1

    Exactly why I was coming here...I hope this is just a PTS thing due to lack of players... Not only the CV on 1 side only but teams not being symmetrical at all in ranked...nothing about that in the dev blog or the test server notes.
  7. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Servers down?

    damn...3500 XP needed for my 3rd container...well...still 2.5 hours left...hopefully test server is working to give me something to do & hopefully they get it up in time to farm the last crate...hate being that close & missing out with plenty of time to finish it... & the coal from the crate is worth more that the warships container with a day of premium (usual compensation when this happens) to me at this point.
  8. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Game Server crash???

    49 minutes later it's down to 1,560...& you can literally watch it slowly tick down...was above 1,700 10 minutes ago...as everybody logs off due to the "server overload" messages.
  9. You only looked at the 1st of the 5 steps...in order the requirements are: 1- 1k BXP 2- 2kBXP 3- 2k BXP 4- 2.5k BXP...&... 5-- 2.5k BXP... For a total of 15k BXP...&... they are repeatable each day for 3 days in a row...Sunday thru Tuesday. So, Wednesday through Saturday are the best nights to farm as much of the community tokes in the other ship types if you don't wanna be plagued by the broken ship types. Yes...9 ship queue dumps...you see them more late at night on regular nights...but as only 1 or 2 CVs are going (aka can only) to be in each battle & the queues will probably be jammed with tons of CV players doing the missions there will probably be a huge imbalance of groups of 10 other available ships for each CV queue & 9 ship queue dumps will probably be quite rampant on the CV mission nights.
  10. = but occasionally even you aren't perfect Where in my post did I say that I don't do that...but of course...that is obviously with the already clarified addendum of:\ This thread is in reference to those occasional times that I (& I'm sure the majority of the rest of the player base...& obviously also including yourself ["almost always'...your words...not mine]) forget...& still... The actual issue (that you so obviously chose to ignore in lieu of pointing the finger (yet again) away from WG & at anybody (in this case...me) besides WG who can obviously do no wrong in your opinion (yeah...go figure...we GOT that already) remains... That every time it happens you end up getting the worthless camo containers... That... Even YOU obviously (as I didn't see anything in even your reply to suggest there was anything good about them...despite you standing up to fly the "WG can do no wrong banner"...yet again in regard to any other criticism directed at WG)... are completely worthless & the overwhelming majority (beyond 50% easily...out of 5 different options to supposedly "randomly" choose from) of what you get every time it has happened since the worthless containers were introduced into the game. SO please...if you need to respond to EVERY criticism of WG...at least try to directly address the actual issue being presented as opposed to derailing the subject with "but it's all your fault as WG can do no wrong" responses...every time.
  11. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Developer Bulletin for Update 12.5

    Actually, they already exist to an extent...but the way they exist now they do affect the end results. Presently if the last red ship sinks you at the end there is a bit of time (specifically...equivalent to a fire or flood tick) where your ordinance does take effect & is counted towards the outcome (ie: in that scenario even if you were your teams last ship if you had the lead & that incoming ordinance killed them your team would win despite them killing you 1st because that extra time still counts towards results. That isn't changing (at least it doesn't sound like that is changing...sounds like that will remain the same...but...) What is being proposed is a solution to that annoying scenario when your full AP volley is microseconds away from deleting that perfectly beached broadside Mino & FREEZE...GAME OVER!!! Now you can still get that kill shot (or at least the potential massive damage &/or ship kill added to your total for XP purposes...even if that potential massive damage ends up only being all over pens & ricochets for 1,280 damage (#$#*^@&+!!!)... It won't affect the outcome of the battle...even if they were in the lead when the clock time ran out & it was the last red ship & you had ships left (they would still win)...in fact...it won't even count against the Minos kill/death ratio as he did survive until the end of the actual battle. Sounds like it's just WG passing out extra XP to players after the battle has ended... With no strings attached... (-; Warning!!! Be afraid...be VERY afraid...there has to be a hidden trap door somewhere in these proceedings...enter with caution ;-)
  12. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Ship REuse in Clan Battles, Can we?

    you didn't acknowledge whether you seen this or not despite making further comments after it so gonna point you back up to comment #4 as Phoenix didn't quote you in: He quoted the patch notes above in comment #4.
  13. IfYouSeeKhaos

    Yeah ok , I've seen enough to know.

    Sounds good in therapy (Ooops...I meant theory...my bad...but)...even though it occasionally (aka: rarely) works out for you...90% of the time you can sail right up to guaranteed torp hitting range (which as any co-op main can tell you is LESS than 1 km away when dealing with bots)... & the bots will still shoot at your teammate all the way across the map... (But you will probably get some 2ndary potential damage out of it). No you won't...that's not a thing (but for the record...the rest of what you said in that comment was sound advice...but that 1 point was incorrect). No reports from other players will land you in co-op. All pink(&/or orange) status scenarios are automated & have zero effect from any human input... Human reports may get you chat banned (misbehavior in chat) or game banned (if AFK turns out to be botting) ...but any other human reports only effect karma. Intentionally throwing (which actually requires an announcement/confession in chat to prove) also can get you banned from the game for a period of time...but no human reports will ever amount to a co-op only ban. Yoloing is not against the rules btw...it is much preferable to those that run to the border & refuse to play or are just AFK...if nothing else it (more often than not) requires the reds to expose their position to kill the yoloer & the yoloer is firing their ordinance while doing it & not just throwing away their ship for no return... But yeah...you can get a whole lot more potential damage in a match from staying around for more than just a 1st engagement & then right back to port.
  14. With a $30,000 ($40,000 if we finish missions for them) cash prize pool... So actually...randoms is the training scenario... It's where they test out all the broken mechanics so that they can decide which ones are & which ones are not allowed in the cash prize mode... The mode that is still like randoms used to be...back before it got broken. But occasionally there's a few random battles a night where none of the plague ships get in... those are what we keep putting up with the plague ships for...those actual fun battles w/out the broken mechanics.
  15. Please remove these pathetic worthless containers from the game...NOBODY picks them & they've just become a penalty for those that forget to choose before the reset. My choice is defaulted (highlighted even) to coal because it's the only ones I intentionally choose...but for some reason EVERY friggin time I forget to choose I get at least 2 & more often than not (like tonight...yet again) all 3 of them Camo containers. Is this intentionally set that way so you can pretend like people are actually choosing them just because the records show that they were "received"? The highest selling ones don't even sell for as much as the credit drops in the credit containers...therefore for the VAST majority of the player base making them as worthless as worthless can be... PLEASE STOP!!!