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  1. Now recruiting for our sub-clan [KSC-2] as well.
  2. Still have open spots looking for good players. Pm any of us for discord access if interested.
  3. This was just now. Still a very good boat guns are a little more derpy but not a problem. Got the Kraken and the win.
  4. Still looking for more good players.
  5. Now in Typhoon 2. Looking to get into Hurricane before the end of the season. Still looking for more people.
  6. Still looking for more people.
  7. Still have 10 spots open.
  8. I voted CV as I don't play cv. I already have the other three. Used the Khaba for less than 10 of those games for the dd one. BB was easiest load Conq and watch the world burn but was very boring.
  9. KSC is now Recruiting! [KSC] Clan Recruitment Guidelines: [KSC] was founded on March 27th 2018 by Clan Battles veterans, the core group having worked together to reach Typhoon 1 in Season 1, and Hurricane in Season 2. The founding members of [KSC] had 23+ Stalingrad flags previously earned. While we believe WTR/PR is a good indicator of overall skill, a player’s willingness to actively communicate and strive to improve their gameplay is more important to us than stat padding. We want to win, but we have fun doing it. We understand that real life comes first, and accommodate people should situations arise. We encourage regular play, but have no minimum play time requirements. If you only happen to show up to Clan Battles once we reach Typhoon, please understand if other players who have supported the push up the ranks get priority when it comes to play time. We do work to rotate new and less regular members into the teams, but when fighting Progression Battles and/or Stalingrad Wins we do prioritize those players who show up most often and perform the best. Clan Focus: Clan Wars Division Play with clan mates Occasional Operations and Scrimmages How recruitment for us works: Join our Discord server (message someone in game, or a private message through the forums for an invite). Play some games with our members so we can get a feel for your communication skills/play style and you can learn more about us. If you are interested in joining [KSC] after playing with us, send a message to one of our officers and we will discuss it. Minimum Requirements (Recent Stats prioritized) WTR of at least 1200 Winrate >55% At least two tier 10 ships you are comfortable in that are fully upgraded (Hindenburg, Des Moines, Moskva, Yueyang, Z52, Montana etc.) Regular use of our Discord channel Update 7/10/18 KSC is now recruiting for our sub-clan [KSC-2] as well. Exact requirements for [KSC-2] are still a work in progress. If you are interested feel free to contact any of us in this thread.
  10. Stalingrad

    Outside of a couple days that I had off from work for Vacation no. I only play on weekends for clan wars. Was part of the ANKER clan but the 20 or so of us that played clan wars split off to form our own clan this weekend after issues with the clan leader.
  11. Stalingrad

    I can't play during the week also because of work. Yet I have both of the first two Stalingrad flags. Not a impossible task.
  12. We are now in Hurricane and still have 10 spots open. Still looking for good players and we have an active Discord server. If you're interested in checking us out pm any of us for a Discord invite.