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  1. MegaZao

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Never played cv's before 0.8.0 but I'm starting to get them figured out.
  2. MegaZao

    PSA: Bourgogne part 2

    I have both as well and I 100% agree with this post.
  3. Bump for KSC making it into Typhoon.
  4. Weekend bump Still looking for more players.
  5. Friday evening bump. KSC & KSD are looking at competing in KOTS for the first time.
  6. Bump for renaming of KSC-2. KSC-2 has been renamed to KSD Kill Steal Denied. This was done in order to emphasize that KSC and KSD are equals and not a sub clan.
  7. Bump, updated 1st post with new requirements for [KSC-2].
  8. Got the replay recorded and uploaded to YouTube.
  9. Yeah, I play it like a light cruiser. It's so big and you won't out spot other dds anyway. This way you get the best of both range and reload.
  10. The full set of screen shots is in the replay link.