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  1. MegaZao

    KOTS Day 3 is on!

    Seeding already has nothing to do with clans or clan battles. Seeds are voted on by the top 16 teams from the previous KOTS. All 8 seeds in the current KOTS tournament are from different communities.
  2. MegaZao

    Server instability issue

    Was QQ7 I was mercing for them.
  3. MegaZao

    Server instability issue

    We were in queue for clan battles. All got kicked out but it still put us in vs a SEA team and cost us -29points even though none of us were ever in the game.
  4. @Hapa_Fodder Clarification on vampire II release date?
  5. Unless they changed it the patch notes said the 23rd.
  6. Clan tag color is from the clan you are in. It can't be earned by mercing. It's possible the clan you were mercing for was playing on a 2nd raiting. If this rating isn't in typhoon you won't get credit for typhoon wins. Even if the main rating is in Typhoon.
  7. Yes, tier 8 & 9 ships got 75 steel per snow flake. I made ~10k steel just from snowflakes.
  8. MegaZao

    Forum Issue/Lost Player Info/Stats

    Yeah having the same problem. Can I have my stats back please?
  9. Works with existing customers as well.
  10. If you read the article they list the staggered release schedule. Not everyone will get it today. I have a regular Verizon account and it worked for me today.
  11. MegaZao

    No update announcement today?

    Patch notes normally come out on Tuesday.
  12. MegaZao

    World of Warships Anniversary!

    This isn't the patch notes. Only the anniversary event details. Patch notes normally come out on Tuesday.