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  1. MegaZao

    Narai, Boise and Transports with a mind of their own

    We had one where the lead transport ship turned around and went back to spawn.
  2. MegaZao

    Anyone reach 350 or more ships yet?

    Update: These are the ships I'm missing. Assuming that I didn't miss anything. Ohio Flint Neustrashimy Iwaki Alpha Arkansas Beta Eastern Dragon Southern Dragon AL Yukikaze AL Montpelier Kamikaze R Indomitable
  3. MegaZao

    Anyone reach 350 or more ships yet?

    I'm at 343 in Port. I have every tech tree ship only missing a few premiums. Although I have the resources for Flint, Neustrashimy, and Ohio but don't want them right now.
  4. We played the same handful of teams all night. It was doing match making based on number of wins. The group I was in pretty much only played two clans all night that both had a similar win count.
  5. MegaZao

    Unobtainable Armory Camos?

    You get 1 clan token for completing the 3rd stage Typhoon league mission. You need 30 wins total in Typhoon. And yes you have to rank out three times to receive three rank tokens. Same for clan tokens. You need 30 Typhoon wins in 3 different seasons for 3 tokens. This is the only way you can get these resources.
  6. Clan wars update after 6 sessions. KSC has both Alpha and Bravo teams in Typhoon. KSD is in Storm 1 pushing for Typhoon. KSE is in Gale 1 pushing for Storm. Great work so far by all three clans making excellent progress for how early it is in the season.
  7. This It's early in the season. It "should" get better when more teams move up. We are only 5 sessions in so far. We have guys that also only play the game for clan battles.
  8. MegaZao

    Event Marauders Suiciding

    No all of us played like that not once did I yolo at the start. I tried to make myself as hard a target as possible. Playing just like I do on my main account and ended up with a 65% win rate over 48 games. Even had 3 Krakens this weekend (the tier 5 RU bb is very op). Overall I had fun and would love to do it again. For reference I was #225.
  9. I'd like to be considered for this 2nd chance. Would love to participate.
  10. MegaZao

    New Mode Dominated by Clans

    This is true. The few times we lost was when the other 3 teams ganged up on us. One can only dodge so many torps.
  11. MegaZao

    New Mode Dominated by Clans

    We've had the most success playing gunboat divs. One of these images is mine and the other is one of my clan mates that I was in a division with. Get the Seascythe as it's very strong.
  12. Free bump HON is good people. Highly recommended.
  13. MegaZao

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Never played cv's before 0.8.0 but I'm starting to get them figured out.