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  1. Support ticket finally went through; good sign I hope?
  2. nope, diff browser does nothing. is there a support number i can call?
  3. That's why I think it's my account. I've tried using my bank card, gift cards, paypal, and amazon pay as of now. None of which have worked. The only method of obtaining any sort of currency that has worked was the gift card conversion, but I really don't want to go drop money on a star bucks card if the conversion rate is so bad.
  4. Unfortunately not... Is there anyway I can maybe talk with a WG employee who may be able to run the transaction for me? And what about the name change thing? You think that might be the reason why?
  5. The issue seems to be with my account. I have overseas purchases enabled on my card. Doesn't explain why it doesn't work with any other cards though. Never had this issue before though; thats why I'm wondering if its my account from changing my name. Here's the error I get. Tried from multiple devices as well as at a friends house but didn't work.
  6. Hey all. Last night, I tried to purchase Massachusetts, however, I kept getting "Payment Failed" every time I entered in my credentials. I had tried several methods of payment, including my debit card, Visa gift cards, and Amazon Pay, all to no avail. This had happened a while back when I was attempting to purchasing doubloons when Scharnhorst and Alabama were on sale. I then tried to submit several support tickets to see if WG could help me resolve my problem, but I kept getting errors whenever I hit submit. I am wondering if it may be my account, as I never had this issue prior to changing my name a few months back. Thanks in advance, -Erik