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  1. Ognevoi is a Tier 8 Russian destroyer, Gnevny is tier 6
  2. Ariokk

    Question of the Week Submissions

    Here are a few suggestions on how to get players to play mid tier ships more often. 1. Actually have events that require tier 5-7 ships to be used. 2. Stop offering ways to not have to play those tiers every time a new ship line comes out. 3. re-work matchmaker so that it groups players in the following tier groups: 3-4, 5-7, 8-9, 10. The reasoning behind this is that t10 ships being the top level ships should be fighting each other. This keeps the playing field level as far as the power of each ship. Each bracket also has the added benefit of having the same number of upgrade slots. This ensures that T8 ships which have access to upgrades that t7 ships do not are not able to prey upon those without access to it. This is similar to how t8 ships will not be less useful in t10 games. T5-7 bracket will have the largest power disparity but not overwhelmingly so as all ships have access to the same upgrades (with few exceptions). This might be a way to make the matches more even in terms of players feeling that no matter what ship they play, they will be able to contribute in a role that doesn't make them cannon fodder. 4. Stop charging for port slots. I think if people were able to keep their ships in port without having to sell them off in order to make port space, they would be more likely to play what they have already researched and kept in port rather than having to sell off ships in order to make space for new ships. Variety being the spice of life, this offers more options for each player to play the game at multiple tiers and doesn't force them to have to pick and choose what to keep and what to discard. 5. Instead of having to sell off a line of ships in order to get whatever perks are available from the NTC. Why not have an option to deactivate a ship line and then have to re-grind it that way if they so choose? it accomplishes the same thing without, again, forcing a player to have to regrind AND repurchase the ships. The current idea behind the NTC illustrates that the developers have a limited relationship with the game at the player level. If they did, they might think twice about wanting to re-grind ship lines over and over again on the same maps until they have done each line three times. 6. Recalculate the formula by which free xp is calculated. If it is easy to get enough free xp to get past an entire level either by converting for doubloons or just by using tons of flags and camos, then maybe that aspect of the game isn't challenging enough. What do you think guys? I listen to your podcast religiously every weekend while I am at work. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
  3. True the skill gap is what is unhealthy in this game. This gap exists in all multiplayer games. There is, however, a huge difference between people who actually want to improve their skill at this game and those who just come in and do whatever they want to do as long as their left mouse buttons are functioning. You can give them a minimap but you cant make them look at it and not abandon a flank. You can give them crappy dispersion and they will still sit in the back. You can give armor and heals and instead of engaging they will hide and create a loss through lack of participation and understanding rather than making a valiant attempt to win. It's the curse that comes when a game company lessens winning as a priority over doing damage or starting fires. It isn't people who "try hard" who create this situation.....it's those who "try not". If you marry that with the team member who decides for himself three minutes into a game that it's a loss and instead of trying to help turn it around, drives to the border so he can not fire a shot but berate his team, you have a prefect recipe for a player base that flashes momentary brilliance amid a fog bank of idiocy.
  4. Ariokk

    Subs you'd like to see in the game?

    the turtle or the hunley
  5. Ariokk


    I think it was IChase.
  6. Ariokk

    The iChase Case

    I wasn't going to weigh in on this topic but there are so many issues with most of the claims that people are making that I figured "what the heck?". Firstly, we really need to compare pre rework and post rework CV play and its impact on the game. Pre-rework, CVs could spot and keep spotted multiple areas of the map. They could have aircraft patrol certain zones and use other squadrons to attack multiple targets almost simultaneously or cross drop torps on a single target with devastating effects. Even if just spotting, a capable CV player could keep the entire enemy fleet spotted indefinitely rendering each ship spotted vulnerable to being focused and sunk. Post rework, CVs have control of one squadron that attacks multiple times. Think about the flight time to the targer as shell flight time and the time between reorienting and dropping again as the reload and shell flight time again. In most cases it's a trade off conceptually. Multiple areas of the map are no longer restricted zones because CVs can no longer keep all those areas under observation. Gone are the days of the torpedo cross drop and the alpha damage of torps and the nerf of flooding damage means that taking a hit from torps is not the instant fatality that it used to be. Sorry DDs, you eat a torp from a shima you're just as dead as if you ate one from a CV so your argument about torp attacks doesn't hold water. HE bomb = HE shell.... it's supposed to damage you worse than AP bomb. Secondly, let's look at target selection. I don't know any player unicum or otherwise that doesn't pick on an easier target. Whatever makes that ship vulnerable, we wait for it and then pounce on it. We use our ship's strengths to exploit the weaknesses in the other ships. CVs are no different. Only the method of delivery differs from that of its gun toting counterparts. DDs don't have the range to take out BBs that sit in the back and snipe. Even Shima with 20k torps can't reliably rely on them to hit with any significant regularity. Cruisers have to use mobility and concealment in order to stay alive, both CL and BB have armor and heals to repair damage done. DDs have smoke which conceals them from planes as long as they don't fire their main battery guns, but AA doesn't reveal their location if fired within smoke clouds. CVs while out of reach at times during the battle, cannot expect universal invulnerability. Once spotted ships can find and sink them. Given the passive nature of the NA player base and the unwillingness to learn basic skills like map reading, scooting around behind the lemming train of the unwashed masses yields access to the less covered rear portion of the map. Once the flight path of planes is tracked to its origin, a ship with some initiative can exploit the ignorance of the other team and take out the carrier. One ship sinking another is never a guarantee, but carriers can be made vulnerable to attack just as any other ship, You just have to put in the work to do it. Thirdly, with overlapping fields of AA fire coming from groups of ships, enemy fleets are no longer fields of endless opportunity to farm their opponents. Many times they are relegated to doing small bits of damage here and there to ships that are already being damaged. This is done all while taking constant AA damage which is whittling down the effectiveness of that squadron to do damage on the subsequent attacks. This lessening of efficiency happens more often than other ships having main battery turrets permanently knocked out during a battle and there is no captains skill that stops this from happening every time planes attack. Change is hard and change is scary for some, but the same crew that complained about DDs torps needing to be nerfed is the same crew complaining here. This rework has taken everyone out of their comfort zones and forced wholesale tactical change upon us. We are all being forced to re-evaluate the way we play and learn new ways to become successful. This isn't like the radar issue, where 20+ ships t8 and above all have radar, hydro or both. Maybe it's time that people stop looking at the lines on the map as pathways and start learning how to avoid incoming fire, torps, rockets, etc. in sports if you cant protect yourself, they don't let you on the field. That's nice of them because in this game, if you cant figure out how to keep yourself alive you get fed to the sharks. We have the ability to adapt to these changes and still have fun playing the game. This game is more complex than others in a lot of ways. It's more like chess than checkers and requires more thought than a game like Diablo ever will. Just because some don't want to adapt and get their butts kicked for it, doesn't mean the game is broken or CVs are broken, only those who refuse to, or cannot make adjustments because they think that the game has to fit them are the ones who will find themselves on the outside looking in.
  7. Ariokk

    How do I prevent burnout?

    Asbestos underwear.
  8. My recommendation is to go back to T5 and play 50 games minimum in each ship from there to tier 8. You don't understand what you're doing wrong because you haven't bothered to learn to play the class. Zero sum theory doesn't have anything to do with anything in any video game. Those theories are made to help you set a bar to determine by your own standard if you are doing enough to help your team win. This isn't a game where you just pick up a weapon or hop into a vehicle and start excelling. The learning curve is a bit steeper than that and the game mechanics are daunting to learn at times. Stay at lower tiers for awhile. learn to play the ship types. This isn't WOW. There is no endgame here. T10 can be just as much fun as T5. Be honest with yourself. Why would you want to play at a tier where you cant even look after yourself competently? In addition, why would such a thing make you an asset to anyone but the opposing team. Help your T8 team out.... Play t5 for awhile.
  9. Then why are you here? You have DDs all the way up to Fletcher and yet you don't have 50 games in any DD other than the Blys. Owning a ship and playing 4 games in it doesn't mean you know how to play it. You know just enough to be a liability to your team. Everyone on this thread is telling you the same thing and you're offering reasons (flimsy ones) why you can't do it. Play 50 games in Benson, 50 in your Fletcher and leave the Kidd alone until you do. After that your perspective might be different. You have a ton of experienced DD drivers in here pointing out to you what you are doing wrong and how to alter your tactics. If that many people are telling you this, then it stands to reason that your errors are glaring. You play mostly BBs. Just because you can see what DDs do does not mean that you know how they do it. FWIW any ship with a propeller can cap and spot. Playing a DD well at higher tiers takes patience and practice. You are more of a benefit to your team if you are alive at the end of the game than at the beginning of it. Your guns work outside the cap, so when you spot the enemy in the cap and you are still outside it, you can shoot them and spot them. You cant control your team, but you can make yourself a force to be reckoned with if you take the time to learn and listen rather than just ask for help and when it's given look for ways to refute it. Maybe DDs just aren't your bag and never will be. That's ok, but don't come here and make a thread that reads like you want help when all you really want to do is tell people who know what they're doing that they don't when all they tried to do is help you.
  10. Ariokk

    Everyone's talking about T10 CV cap....

    They ruined the game for you but you still play. Can you imagine the Admirals at the battle of Midway saying "Carriers are just making this battle no fun at all, I'm taking my ships and going back to port."? CV's have plenty of counters, it just takes some work to make them effective.... or an AA specced captain, ship or both. That is the laziest excuse in the world, but it's the truth. I hate when people bring BBs into games. All they do is hide behind islands. That's why I don't bring one. Why would I do that to my teammates? I'm not a jerk who puts my fun above everyone elses. I hate when people bring cruisers into games. All they do is spam HE and light ships on fire faster than the DCP can put them out. I hate when people bring DDs into battles. All they do is sit in smoke and torpedo things that hit my ship because I want to sail in straight lines all the time. Play the ships you like. Don't play the ships you don't. Remember that there might come a day when that squadron of TBs heading for you is shot down by fighters that your team's CV dropped overhead. If not for the CV your ship would be sunk, your team would be playing together and you'd be playing with yourself.
  11. I just got the Azuma. There's nothing wrong with it. I think we have a playerbase that tends to have unrealistic expectation of what premium ships are supposed to do. They believe that a premium should be overpowered in some way, while WG has said all along that premiums offer a different playstyle from their counterparts. Trust me, it's a decent ship if you play it to its strengths, and for god's sake don't believe anything you read on the forums regarding ships unless the player does tons of testing to get their results.... i.e. Littlewhitemouse.


    1. Sweetsie


      I agree, some newer players seem to hear stories about certain older premium ships and how strong they were and are hoping that their new toy will be like that. BTW I'm posting some stats on her now in that thread.

  12. Ariokk

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    my first game was 91k damage with 10 fires set. I'm an average player at best so use that as a guide.
  13. Ariokk

    Aslains addiction, it’s hard to be without

    I'd kill to have a voiceover mod that uses Monty Python quotes. I think that could make even the crappiest of games easier to endure
  14. I did something along those lines to an Iowa. It happens but very rarely. That driver handles it just about as well as yours did. No point in getting tilted about it.... LOL