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  1. i wasnt talking about being offended, which i plainly stated. I dont want to define what others say, i want to hold them accountable for it. Yes, someone can be offended by something outside their home. Swastikas on synagogues, burning crosses, and other like things are not in my home but i would find those things to be offensive if i saw them in my town. Justifying jerkery is exactly what you're doing even if you sugarcoat it. Games have report systems and standards of conduct that we agree to adhere to when we agree to the terms of service. You should worry less about what offended people are going to do and concentrate on what the angry people are going to do. Offended people show up with emotional support animals. Angry people tend to bring much more harmful objects. Hiding behind a monitor is not a valid reason to act like your diet consists of vinegar and water packaged in a Massengill box. If you're going to say it, no matter what the forum, you better well own it.
  2. subs, CVs, and this are just a few..... add in that it took a YEAR for them to figure out that going behind an island actually breaks line of sight and you have a pretty good idea that a lot of the devs take the little red bus to work every day.
  3. given the amount of foot dragging on this, a reasonable person could also develop a hypothesis that it will take another 3 years for them to actually be added
  4. Ariokk

    Game is starting to become uncarryable

    yes i understand this
  5. Ariokk

    Game is starting to become uncarryable

    there is a caveat in there, my friend. Any player who stays longer who has an interest in playing well and not just showing up and phoning it in will out pace the skill expectation of the average player. You can see from the responses here, though, that not everyone is playing their games with the intention of actually winning the game they are in. For some, it really doesnt matter to them if they win or lose.
  6. Ariokk

    Game is starting to become uncarryable

    i dont have numbers for you, but given that i've played this game for over six years, I can tell you that the majority of the faces that i used to see in this game are pretty much gone unless there are CBs, a tournament, or they are playing one or two games. There's been a changing of the guard in this game and not for the better. Server numbers have stayed constant which tells me that those who are leaving are not being replaced by the same quality of player.
  7. i just sent you a screen capture of the two messages he sent me, looking at the dates, it was longer than three weeks between messages, but either way, i never replied to him.
  8. I did...... at which point he took it to private messages on the forums
  9. i had a similar thing happen to me awhile back. I get a diatribe in port filled with profanity and racist comments...... I screen shot it.... report to WG and his clan leader clan leader says he doesnt believe it and wants the screen shots before i can even do that, this guy starts messaging me on the forums with more of this garbage so i send his clan leader that too...... clan leader says "he's claiming his account must have been hacked" my reply "what incentive would someone have to not only hack this guys acct in game and harass me, but to hack the guys forum acct so he could harass me there as well?" his response "well I run multiple clans so i have to rely on my officers to handle things" then he invited me to join his clan........ I turned him down flat letting him know that if those are the kinds of people he recruits, I'll be sure to discourage anyone else from joining his clan as well" Then i blacklisted him. three weeks later i get another message from that clan member...... same kind of message i went to one of the forum mods and while i am not sure what happened, given his silence, i can pretty much guess. He's still in that clan, of course so now we know how much his clan leader cares about the conduct of his members........ so be it
  10. Ariokk

    Game is starting to become uncarryable

    sure.... that is true, but when you have players leaving because the overall experience of the game itself is lacking, then you stand to lose more than half of your customers.
  11. Ariokk

    Game is starting to become uncarryable

    i agree with you but missions, or at least some of them, used to have winning as part of the criteria. Not sure why they changed it. I am not saying that all missions need to have winning as part of them, but it wouldnt hurt if there were some that actually made players earn some aspect with something other than the time put in. maybe x amount of torpedo hits and x wins..... something like that might do both..... I'm just spitballing here but on spur of the moment it was what i could come up with
  12. Ariokk

    Game is starting to become uncarryable

    you make a good point, however it's tough to enjoy a game when you watch teammates start kiting even before an enemy ship is spotted. That's not a semi informed player as much as it is a player who wants their team to do the work for them. For those of us who don't do CBs and KOTS, this is the only aspect of the game where we can play against other players and hope for a decently played game by both sides. So yes, some of us take seriously the part of the game that you do not. So while we're trying to do well, improve stats etc, you're not exactly helping us to do so. In some ways, it's a slap in the face for those of us who have to deal with being stat shamed by those who actively seek to help ensure that our stats dont improve. Sure, we could sit back and farm damage and not care if our team wins... but at that point we're part of the problem and not part of the solution.
  13. Ariokk

    Game is starting to become uncarryable

    maybe half the players wouldnt have fun in every match, but one could hope that would provide the incentive to get better and some fundamental things in the game...... like reading a minimap.... or realizing that you can't competently play any ship if you hide behind an island without any shooting angles.
  14. Ariokk

    Game is starting to become uncarryable

    most of the skilled players hardly play much unless they are streamers. They come back for clan battle and tournaments but that's seriously about it.
  15. Ariokk

    Game is starting to become uncarryable

    You're not getting old, but there is a certain frustration that comes with hoping your teammates would like to win the game but being repeatedly let down. There isnt anything wrong with having a competitive spirit. Sure... playing well is fun.... but winning makes it moreso. When you have to consistently watch players pay no attention to what it takes to even do something that counts in a game, or even worse, literally do things that are counterproductive to being successful and do them deliberately, you get salty because sure... they might be having fun, but the overall experience for those who actually care about the outcome of the game is diminished. Why play a game that has a winner and a loser if you dont want to try to win? If all you want to do is play and not have to pay attention to any aspect of the game, that is what co op is for. Randoms, sadly have become the repository for people with no competitive edge or desire to improve their own gameplay. WG doesnt help by putting missions in the game that dont encourage winning so they have some of the blame for this as well. I'd love to see better gameplay or at least effort, but this is a free to play game and that tends to attract the lowest common denominator when it comes to all negative aspects of gaming.