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  1. Ariokk

    Random Toxicity: How do YOU do it?

    Just remember that none of them paid for your ships or premium time therefore you are under no obligation to play the way they want you to play. Play the way you want to play, but at the very least contribute to the overall effort of the team.
  2. Done. If you don't get it, send me a message and I will re-send
  3. Ariokk

    would you play WoWS 2?

    Don't forget that the CIA hauled in Tom Clancy after he published Hunt for Red October because the systems that he envisioned were too close to the real thing.
  4. This one is worth watching, my friend. :-) Enjoy!!! 20200220_080243_PGSB108-Bismarck_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  5. That is NOT the state of high tier play, it's the entire continent.
  6. not a useless stat, per se, but why one needs it on their screen for constant updating is an entirely different matter. I like numbers but not everyone wants to see them all game.
  7. Ariokk

    High Tier Full Broadsidepalooza!

    You can tell the difference. Look for the ships at t3 that are driven by people who know what they are doing. At t10, look for the DD that rushes at mach 3 into a cap and is lit up like a Christmas tree. Then look for the DD driver who takes his/her time and tries to take a cap by entering from a flank. Easy to tell the difference there too. Your better players in upper tiers know the importance of dealing damage without taking it. Your potatoes hug islands with their guns facing the island they cant shoot over
  8. If only it always worked that way. It doesn't and it won't as long as people bring snarky responses to legitimate statements. I'd love to say that the internet provides us with an opportunity to see the similarities we share regardless of nationality, race, religion, etc. but as long as there is no accountability for the words typed out on a screen, there will always be keyboard warriors who are d**ks just because they can and want to be.
  9. It becomes a player base problem when the people who don't display a form of behavior are suddenly in the minority compared with those who do.
  10. she didn't stop.. she just logged out for awhile. don't read too much into it.
  11. I prefer the word provocative. It has a much more neutral connotation.
  12. Ariokk

    What's your most dis-liked feature

    20 second gun bloom penalty begs to differ
  13. Ariokk

    What's your most dis-liked feature

    the nose of Cyrano de Bergerac
  14. true, but in this instance it's not the case. Plus, the overall number of potatoes and people who just dont know basic game mechanics who are playing the upper tiers are much higher in numbers than ever.