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  1. Ariokk

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    so you are saying that just by looking at the numbers you can predict the winner of a battle 100% of the time? You're either blindly arrogant or incredibly ignorant. Which one is it? It really doesn't matter. I'd rather go into a battle with one less ship than have you on my team. While your win rate says you might be a decent player, your attitude says you're more of a primadonna who would refuse to help a teammate because you felt he was unworthy of helping. That is the worst kind of teammate. I hope to god you don't serve in any military organization in any capacity because judging from your words here they would have no reason to trust you with their lives.
  2. Ariokk

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    I don't think he's a win at any cost type of player. I think he's a look for any excuse as to why the team lost as long as he isn't part of it. he's the kind of guy who, if wounded in combat and unable to fight, would deny his buddy the use of his ammunition because his buddy wasn't as good a shot as he is.
  3. Ariokk

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    Because it gives people like you an excuse to be a d-bag toward people who you feel aren't as good as you. It makes you the kind of person that makes his teammates want to TK him just so they don't have to deal with him. Stats are not the be all and end all when it comes to how good or not so good someone is at the game. My philosophy has always been this: If my team beats your team, at that moment we are better than your team. If I go up against you 1 v 1 and win, then for that battle, regardless of stats, I was better than you. Strange things happen in battles. Sometimes knowing the odds are stacked against you makes you try that much harder to get the win, because the taste of victory for the underdog is so much sweeter. If you have to run a program in order to predict how your team is going to do in a particular game maybe you should take a look at why you're playing the game in the first place. All that mod does is give you a thumbnail sketch to interpret.... but in all honestly all it does is give you an excuse to be a d-bag toward other players. Hope, truly hope to see you out there.
  4. I have the Krasny.. had it at the beginning of the Christmas season. I've bought a few bundles here and there but have had multiple boxes open with the same ship inside and while I get the credits for the ship, i'm wondering why it's always the same ship. There are no supercontainers dropping instead. In fact I bought a bundle of 20 3$ containers this morning and it dropped 2 Krasnys. Granted I got the doubloons, but why would it not at least try to opt for a different selection at that point unless it's coded to stop at the lowest tier doubloon value?
  5. ships we get from santa boxes. Is there some reason that every time I get a box that would originally have given me a duplicate of a premium ship I already have it decides to give me a Krasny Krym? I'm not trying to appear ungrateful here, but how are we supposed to believe that the results are random when we get the same replacement ship 5 times in the same bundle of boxes. You should be telling us that we will receive the doubloon value of the Krasny Krym for every duplicate ship we receive. Asking us to believe that those results are randomly generated is like us going to a carnival and putting our money down on the same number 20 times and expecting it to land at least 5 times (in my case more) on the same number. Unless your code is programmed by gypsies, you might want to look into these results before people start tossing around words like "fraud' and "con-job". If it was just me that this has happened to, I might think it was just my own random luck. This is not the case and I know personally of two other people this has happened to. It's one thing to spend money on a game of chance.... but saying that if the wheel stops on a certain number you will have x amount of options that can show up and the same option appears multiple times for multiple people, then it's no longer an honest game of chance but one that is rigged to give the lowest possible payout each time. Every year your practices get shadier and the player base gets angrier. I hope you find a better solution to this issue than "no we never advertised open world stealth fire as a selling point for premium ships" or "yes, Graf Zeppelin is completely ready to go live" to resolve your issues. We already know that "Get ready for the totally awesome carrier re-work" is like saying "Watch our awesome military machine take over Finland." Ummm, yeah, sure Josef, sure. We spend a lot of money keeping your lights on. How about showing us you give a flying *&%^ that we do.
  6. Just wait until you shoot at something and are focused down by 4 other ships who get 20 seconds worth of shots at you. DD's are not overpowered, just some players are underpowered. it's either that or they think the lines on the mini map are a trail for them to follow. Give it some time before you start thinking something is overpowered. You've played all of 419 games and not gotten above t8. Take some time and actually play your ships and learn their strengths and weaknesses before making a blanket statement like ___ is overpowered. You're currently playing dd's at a tier where you are able to outrun the turrets of other ships and most players are just learning the game. Trust me.... very soon your illusions will be shattered.
  7. yes they did. They were outrunning their supply lines and had to stop. Then there was the German counterattack in the Ardennes where Patton, with a brilliant pivot managed to move his 3rd army up to support the 101st at Bastogne. Without them, the Germans might have gotten to Antwerp. You cant consistently attack nor can you consistently defend. It's knowing when your enemy is vulnerable and when he isn't that determines the course of the battle. You can play a cap without taking the cap. Just make it an undesirable destination for the enemy by killing everything that tries to enter it. Then when they are looking for another objective, you can take it.
  8. Ariokk

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    What part of you not reading readily available information do you own? Are you really going to put the entire weight of that on WG?
  9. Ariokk

    Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    I guess it depends on how many people are dumb enough to use your tactics. Tell you what, you lose your radar, hydro and ability to shoot people over islands and then you can talk about what is and isn't fair.
  10. Ariokk

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    dude, enough with this. You've beaten your dead horse into the ground. If you hate the game or WG so much, find another game to play where the situation is more to your liking. Plenty of people knew when the event was going to end and that they were going to involuntarily exchange boxes for credits if you didn't redeem them. I get that they pulled the boxes early and IMO that wasn't a good move, but every bit of information was readily available had you bothered to look. They don't owe you anything to compensate you for your lack of initiative or willingness to access information that the entire community has access to. If you don't bother to read the forums, website, etc, you are basically implying that whatever is up and coming isn't important enough to garner your attention. If it's not worth your time to read it in the multiple locations both in game and out of game, then why is it their responsibility to recompensate you or institute a policy that a very small part of the community really needs. They have enough to do without worrying about whether ten people didn't get information that the rest of the community bothered to take the time to read. Take some ownership of your situation and adjust your own routine so that the next time there is an event you don't get caught with your pants down. Nikopower is not going to come to your door and punch you in the face to get you to read the website, reddit, wiki, forums or anything else. You have to actually take it upon yourself to do that. Wargaming didn't fail you, you failed yourself. Learn to adult... keep yourself informed.... own your mistakes. I promise you'll be much happier in the long run.
  11. So is Hood on sale for two days or did someone fall asleep at the boat shop?
  12. Ariokk

    Podcast Listener QnA

    With the abundance of radar and hydro at t8-t10 is there any chance of a reduction of gun bloom duration for dd's? if not, what, if anything, is being done to increase the survivability of dd's in these tiers?
  13. Ariokk

    Server Issues

    same happened to me