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  1. For some reason the red smoke from the smoke stack isnt visible on my screen. Other players can see it, but for some reason it's not showing up for me. Any ideas?
  2. Ariokk

    Thoughts on CV Changes 9.9

    Not sure how thrilled i am at looking up at my planes after a Bombing run. That camera angle really needs to shift back behind the squadrons
  3. This is going to severely punish those of us who collect ships. The time needed to knock flakes off over 200 ships is already insane and now they want us to do it in randoms which means it will take even longer. WG, you really need to re-think this.
  4. Ariokk

    Miss Mouse for Captain!

    because she's put forth more effort into helping the general player base on a consistent basis. She has done this for years, giving accurate detailed information on premium ships while injecting her own irreverent humor into the reviews as well. This makes them not only informative, but a lot of fun to read as well. it's time she got some long overdue permanent recognition for her contribution to the game.
  5. Ariokk

    Miss Mouse for Captain!

    I think if LWM should be introduced into the game as a captain, it should be as the captain of her beloved Warspite.
  6. Ariokk

    Credit/Commander xp farming advice?

    Normally what i do is put a 19 pt commander in premium ships for the first win of the day and make sure the ship is loaded with the econ flags and a decent camo. On days where the first win is 100% or better, I load up with econ flags, really good camo and the special flags for the first win of the day only. This way you maximize your payoff for using the special flags that are much harder to get. If you can get on a clan battle team that wins consistently and use all flags and camo you can net upwards of 60k capt xp per game. So other than that,,, i just use econ flags when needed but always a 19 pt capt regardless. That way all your capt xp that gets earned goes into the pot
  7. everybody pisses on Battleships, that's why they installed heads.
  8. Actually..... the other BB lines should because all they do is "duck..... and cover"
  9. all in all i'm just happy to get extra stuff just for playing.
  10. Guthrie - If you can spell the song title correctly, at least respect the man who wrote it enough to spell his name right
  11. GZ doesnt have them anymore either
  12. Ariokk

    CV sounds

    i dont hear the engines unless i hit the boost key and German dive bombers on the GZ and the new CV dont seem to have the siren anymore. Unless there is a sound setting that i dont know of to make it louder, the sounds are gone.
  13. Ariokk

    Wg server or ISP?

    This is my comment to Comcast's customer service: you actually need to hire people who understand the product you are selling. This weekend you had a huge internet outage along your internet backbone. I called to let technical support know this and nobody knew what i was talking about. I spent over two hours on hold only to be connected with someone who wanted to restart my modem. This is not even customer service at the mediocre level. I am paying for your Gigabit service and when your company can't deliver on it's product, I expect at the very least to get someone on the help line who can actually help me. This is NOT the case here. Your rep comes back on the line and still thinks that the problem is with MY internet..... why? Because she does not understand how the internet works. She has no knowledge of this whatsoever and after two hours is still thinking that this is an issue with my connectivity when the issue is that you have THREE nodes down. This is the third call i have placed over a three day period. At this point you should just hire me because at least then someone on your support team would have a clue as to how the internet works and how to find a problem in your network. I have been a loyal customer of Comcast for over a decade and have watched my rates go up while the quality of customer service has plummeted. You should be ashamed to get a letter like this, but you most likely will send me a canned response and nothing will change. I spend almost 300 dollars a month on your services because they are the only internet services available in my area. I can assure you, however, that if and when another company comes into the area and offers similar services, I will be sure to cancel my service with you. No customer should be treated like this. If you don't have the personnel with the knowledge to help your customers beyond the level of the most basic of functions, then your training department is sorely lacking. If you take any pride in the product that you provide the public, then you must realize that your customer service is part of that product. While I have been typing this, your customer service experts have reset my modem three times even though i told them that this is not the problem. They are part of your problem and a stain on your company's reputation. an addendum to this lovely experience. I was waiting for their rep to come back on the phone and of course, they dropped my call....... sure it was an accident... sure it was. The letter above went to the head of comcast's customer service. They are supposed to be responding within 24 hours.... i am sure that they wont
  14. Ariokk

    Server issue Ping

    i'm not sure what to believe. While it is only this game that is affected, it's three of the links in the chain that seem to be borked. Those are outside of WG's influence from what i can gather.
  15. Ariokk

    Server issue Ping

    i'm in indiana as well and experiencing the same thing. Apparently there are three links in the chain that are down or not working terribly well