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  1. Raven_of_Norway

    Why is the WoWs community getting more toxic?

    Please do go to another game. The constant whining is ridiculous.
  2. Raven_of_Norway

    Invisible Ships

    Look it's another 'I'm not giving any more money' thread. WHO CARES. You really think thats going to make a change, especially to something that isn't broken? Posts like this crack me up. Trust me, there are plenty of players around the world to make up for the loss of what little money compared to the overall profit of the company they would lose from you.
  3. Raven_of_Norway

    Z52 is still the Worse teir 10 dd in Game .

    And you think calling things a POS and using non constructive criticism towards a game or its components is going to fix anything? I don't think so, just makes you look like you're whining, not to mention downvoting someone for giving you constructive criticism, sounds like you feel entitled.
  4. Raven_of_Norway

    Z52 is still the Worse teir 10 dd in Game .

    Then play a different game. I mean is it really that big a deal? There's some ships I don't particularly like or do bad in so I play a different ship. Or I will tell you the same thing I tell everyone who complains about ships either nerfed or worthless. Apply to be a supertester and help make the game better based on your suggestions.
  5. Royal Norwegian Navy, 1994 to Present, Rank; Kommandørkaptein (Commander/ O5 for you American folk). Just finished a tour as Commanding Officer, HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen a Frigate out of Bergen, Norway. Now serving shore duty with NATO doing a tour with the US Navy in America.
  6. Raven_of_Norway

    CV imbalance

    There is no way for the MM to know who is competent and who isn't. No one can know that.
  7. Raven_of_Norway

    an open letter to war gaming

    You obviously don't know a thing about the ST Program. We don't approve anything. We give input, the publisher approves them regardless.
  8. Raven_of_Norway

    an open letter to war gaming

    Its easy, you word your post as CONSTRUCTIVE critisim and not a whine where you say 'I'm not playing anymore.' Thats how. But no, you decided to leave nonconstructive comments and whined about the game saying you were going to hang up your hat. Call me all the names you want, just shows your immaturity and the fact that you are crying.
  9. Raven_of_Norway

    Tier X CV vs DD ridiculousness

    Welcome to the forums. Just a bit of advise, when you format your message in all caps and use expletives that get automatically edited no one will take you serious. The more intelligent thing would have been to go on the forums and ask if anyone has any advice as to counter the issues you're having. Trust me, there are a lot of players out there that could help you. I know a Midway never has any problems deleting me when I'm in a DD, no matter which Tier X DD I use.
  10. Raven_of_Norway

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    You might want to look back through the years with all the people complaining about DDs being overpowered, so therefor WG listened and nurfed a lot of them. Not one thing that they did to DDs wasn't asked for at one time. I've been on these forums for over 4 years and I've seen the tears. So yes, SOME of the customers are to blame. WG didn't do anything that someone at one point didn't ask for.
  11. Raven_of_Norway

    an open letter to war gaming

    No one really cares that you're hanging up your hat. Looking for a hug or attention?
  12. Raven_of_Norway

    Two Weeks

    So you took an amount of time that would amount to nothing off, and then came to the forums to cry? You might need to find a better hobby.
  13. Raven_of_Norway

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    No, WG did not ruin the game, players have ruined it with constant crying and complaining. Like so many have said, if you make suggestions and complain enough you get heard, so therefor WG has done what many people have cried about. The problem is that not everyone who plays the game has the same wishes or opinions. They can't please everyone. Those who always want to blame WG for ruining the game need to look in the mirror. Its just like the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.
  14. Raven_of_Norway

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    Because everyone is privy to them. Do a little research on your own before asking dumb questions. Corporation's tax returns no matter the size if sold within the US is public record and accessible through the Federal Trade Commission.
  15. Raven_of_Norway

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    LOL, i love how everyone complains and yells cash grab. Who the heck cares, people are playing the game and spending money. Why would WG change when they are making money. Instead of complaining all the time people should just either play the game or leave. Bunch of children these days.