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  1. Ghost_Raven75

    I'll be honest: I hate your events.

  2. Ghost_Raven75

    Weekend Game Play

    You must be new here. Posts like this come around every freaken weekend. Seems people always want to put the blame on other people instead of taking responsibility for their own wins or loss.
  3. Ghost_Raven75

    Server Issues?

    Is there anyone else having random disconnects from the server? For the last hour on the NA Server, I have been disconnected 3 times, once in battle and twice in port. No issues with my ISP as its been checked and verified. This just started, almost like when they do maintenance on the servers. Two other players in my Discord are having the same issue.
  4. Ghost_Raven75

    AA of american cruisers got serious nerf

    I don't recall it saying anything about nerfing specifics, though I could have missed that.
  5. Ghost_Raven75

    AA of american cruisers got serious nerf

    Wow thats funny, I don't recall reading anything in the patch notes about an AA nerf. Never fails, there's always someone who's going to whine and say something got nerfed with every patch. It seems like the forums is just a salty cry fest anymore.
  6. Ghost_Raven75

    Almost Done.

    Its basically the way society has become sadly. If someone disagrees with you, then you get berated with insults. Sad that no one can have an opinion that differs from someone else's anymore.
  7. Ghost_Raven75

    There willl be no subs in random or competitive

    Anyone looking for historical accuracy in an arcade style warship game is delusional anyway.
  8. Ghost_Raven75

    WWhat is this object?

    Those are mine sweeping devices. ALmost all ships from 1930's through the 1970's had those.
  9. Ghost_Raven75

    This Should Be Easy.....

    Reading is OP
  10. Ghost_Raven75

    What is this NONSENSE that WG Insists on Doing?

    Ahh so you admit to having multiple accounts then. Well in that case you should be well accustomed to the MM and should be able to perform better.
  11. Ghost_Raven75

    Clean Up Your Act

    Some of the problem is just inherent to Internet gaming. You're going to get those kids who just want to cause problems. Even if WG banned them they would just make a new account and start all over with even more zeal. You see that here on the forums all the time. I've just gotten to the point where I use Asland's to disable the chat all together. Yes it puts me at a handicap when it comes to communication but it also keeps my own temper in check at times.
  12. Wow, you guys never learn or research stuff do you
  13. Ghost_Raven75

    Let's rework CV...

  14. Ghost_Raven75

    Too many gimmicks & fake ships

    LOL, look its one of these posts again.
  15. Well like Lert said he or she may have been a CC but there's no way for you to know I guess. You did the right thing by sending in a ticket, and from experience they will be dealt with I'm sure. It can be frustrating testing new ships because some people are just toxic against ST and dog them in chat, or you get focus fired on by every ship on the other team. I've learned through experience to just disable chat when I'm testing, yeah it irritates some people I'm sure when they are asking questions and I don't answer, but I'd rather play it safe instead of letting my temper get the best of me.