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  1. I've noticed this too as I'm grinding away at the Monarch. Makes the grind that much more difficult. But I'm sure things will settle down after that.....I hope
  2. You need to be part of a clan for this function to work. Looking at your profile I don't see you as a member of any clan. Either create a clan or join a clan for this to work. Hope that helps.
  3. I know right? I just can't understand the amount of posts on this. It's like people just don't want to put in the effort to look at the forums before posting anymore.
  4. Do people not read the forums before posting anymore?
  5. This would have raised an eyebrow for me as well but I wouldn't think I was hacked. Especially considering this has been a subject on the forums all day long. I would have caught on to that before I posted.
  6. Her amount of battles shouldn't have anything to do with her opinion. As I stated above, this is what I'm talking about. It's not necessary and actually quite childish. Neither one of you are in the right at this point and you just validated her point.
  7. British Beauty makes a very valid point actually. I've seen you do nothing but attack those who pose an opinion that is against yours. I value your opinion highly and see your point, but I also see hers and many others. On an economic standpoint WG is doing exactly as they should because the ships are still usable. I use mine and haven't seen much of a change since the new update, I just learn to adapt. However, if I was unhappy with my Belfast and my Kut then yeah I would want my money back, but I'm not so spoiled as to throw a fit that I'm getting dabloons instead of cash. There are plenty of things I could use those dabloons on which I would happily do. The problem I see here is statements like yours are selfish in nature and really don't contribute to anything. I'm not going to say that her remark about stop whining was appropriate, it actually wasn't. But two wrongs don't make a right.
  8. Its not tunnel vision sadly, it's bad players most of the time. They may not be entirely bad but just not fully engaged as to how the game works or what their roll in the mission is. A lot of it is selfishness as well. The biggest problem is only about 15% of the players in the game actually read and participate in the forums until they get mad and come to the forums to rage or come up with some conspiracy that the game is rigged or some player is cheating. I had the same thing you experienced last night do you are not alone in this. I just try to do the best I can, communicate with the team and hope for the best.
  9. Sadly this is the most accurate statement that explains all the game play now days. A lot of the people you run into that seem to be doing dumb stuff don't care about the forums, don't care about teamwork, don't really care about the game. They saw an add for it on Facebook and installed it. Now they're just killing time with it.
  10. Well for your information you can't blame the STs for that. We give our input and whether WG follows said input is on them. SO take your attitude elsewhere until you can back it with facts that prove the ST community was at fault. You see our communications with WG is not for public discrimination. And if you want to know what I was laughing at, you might want to brush up on your reading comprehension. The laughter was aimed at the insults and false accusations made by the person to which I quoted in the message. Go back to class.
  11. This is becoming a common theme around here. Its always me me me me me. WG could give away every premium in the shop to some of these people for free and they would still find something to complain about like the game is suposed to be specifically designed and cater to them. Pathetic really.
  12. But yet you're on this forum therefore you must play the game.......holy crap you're a gamer, you must me just as worthless as the rest of us.
  13. I don't really see an issue with this. I have both ships mentioned and well I paid for those ships as they are therefore why should I have them changed? Its no different then the Nikolai, it's OP as hell and yet it wasn't nerfed but just not sold anymore. You don't come across them very often and most of the people who do have it got in in a crate. That's how it should be a lucky win on all ends. It would be like when I bought my BMW M3 a few years back, I wouldn't want BMW to come out and say hay its too powerful we are going to take your V8 and turn it into a V6. I paid for that V8 and have the right to use what I paid for regardless of whether you chose to sell it any more. Most of these complaints are because now you don't have the opportunity to own it unless you get it in a crate and you may end up coming up against one. You just have to make do and fight the best you can.
  14. You will still have to deal with those who have them me ;). They won't be removed from the game, just no longer available for purchase.