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  1. LOL Bloody Welsh
  2. LOL, well I'm from Hastings in Sussex so I would say I am. Its where Britain of today all started.
  3. As a Brit I couldn't agree more :)
  4. When will the ignorance stop? Its not an advantage to know what your teammates are doing. It does not show what the enemy is using, only shows when they are on fire which you can tell even if you don't have the mod jsut by seeing the flames. These people need to stop whining and start reading more forum threads.
  5. Now thats just not funny.........ok maybe it is a little bit.
  6. The real question is who likes or dislikes anime and who's ridiculously obsessed with it.
  7. What I find funny is the fact that it is just that.....a game. Not everyone has to play the way YOU want them to play. I play it for the enjoyment out of it. I'm very average at best and I try to do what I can in the game, but then people who want to insult other players and be all high and mighty like this game is their livelihood come around and it reminds me how ignorant a lot of people online are these days. Should people strive to be better? Of course they should as we all should. However, does that mean being insulted and bullied if they're not up to your standards? Heck no. The true fact of the matter is that there are many people who play this with many age groups and backgrounds. You may have people still in middle or elementary school on your team or you may even have a retired naval officer on your team. Play the game and do your best. Stop complaining all the time about those who lack the skill level YOU feel they should have....or better yet, reach out to them and try to help them.
  8. You obviously don't know a thing about me or what I do. Have a wonderful day in your own little world, and the beautiful thing is I can add you and your ignorance to the ignore list.
  9. I'm trying to figure out what these UK BB missions are he speaks of.
  10. LOL, so now you're going to stalk me around the forums just to start arguments? You're a real gem.
  11. Just because you don't like the fact that it is Anime doesn't mean you have to be rude or obscene to other forum members. Just shows your ignorance and lack of any true intelligence.
  12. And the whining begins
  13. Yep, reading comprehension is a little rusty for you friend. It is going to be just like the Graf Spee missions. Once they are open they stay open. They just don't want people steamrolling through it thereby having a lot of Unicums with Yamamoto Captains running around while us average players are being destroyed by them.
  14. Reading the tips is very helpful as I'm about halfway to the Minotaur. I love the Neptune so I'm sure I'll love the Minotaur.
  15. I agree that if they are going to have some Commonwealth ships in the game that their captains should be interchangeable with the British ships as they are a Commonwealth of Britain. But hey what do I know lol