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  1. You could also contact the US Naval Museum in Washington DC. Send them the pictures and they could probably give you a whole lot of information regarding it.
  2. New NDA GIF idea

    Thats funny
  3. Regardless of whether you were mild in WoT forums or not doesn't justify people being jerks on this forum, or any forum for that matter. All people see now is a lot of chest pumping and stat shaming. How do we know if this person is using an alt account? They could be a new player who spent money to free xp their way up. Regardless, it just seems like when ever someone wants to make a complaint about the game, regardless of the subject matter there are a large number of forumites who just go about picking on the person, and then want to call people trolls. Seems like it's the other way around, the forumites who always want to make alt account accusations are in fact trolling the OP.
  4. So thereby through your post also proving my point
  5. And this is exactly why a lot of great people have left this community. Always kids (or grown adults with the maturity of a child) who want to do nothing but flame other people on the forums, or in game at that matter. Its ridiculous. All these supposed experts and not one bit of constructive criticism to help make the game better. Probably a bunch of Anime kiddies sitting around in their skinny jeans at Starbucks thinking of how they can bully others online because they got bullied in school.
  6. Talking the talk vs walking the walk

    Those are the matches that make it all the worth while.
  7. Ranked Battles Questions

    With that many battles this has to be a troll post
  8. Brit DDs haven't even been tested so to answer your question I would say no
  9. Pan Asian Ensigns

    I couldn't agree more. This crap has gotten out of hand with the constant fears of offending someone. People don't get offended, they just want attention and if that's the way things are going to be in this community I may with many others be done with it. To deny historical fact is just no better than walking around ignorant and blind.
  10. If your gonna do it, let us do it too.

    Obviously someone doesn't know how this works
  11. MM broken?

    That sounds about right, well said.
  12. Here have some ugly

    I've actually seen that in game once. It wasn't with the Ocean Soul Camo but it was still funny as hell.
  13. Why tier 8 has become unplayable

    I've noticed this too as I'm grinding away at the Monarch. Makes the grind that much more difficult. But I'm sure things will settle down after that.....I hope