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  1. Ghost_Raven75

    Where are The Nelsons Torpedo Tubes?

    The low tier German DDs in the game don't have fixed torpedoes. You can still angle them. SO yes the statement still stands true
  2. Ghost_Raven75

    Where are The Nelsons Torpedo Tubes?

    Depending on where the torpedo launchers were historically they may not appear in the game. For instance, if they were forward firing only tubes you won't see them in game. Just because historically they had torps, if they weren't a practical use you won't see them in game.
  3. Ghost_Raven75


    Go to Norfolk, you can get a tour of the Wisconsin down there at the Naval Museum. Great Iowa Class BB
  4. Ghost_Raven75


    The PEF is a challenge, I bought it because I like its history and I like a challenge but it does have a huge learning curve for me thats for sure. But I've had some decent games in it for me anyway. I think I've averaged about 90k in it at times but it is definitely a ship you have to play differently than any other BB
  5. Ghost_Raven75


    Same here, but there are those who buy them for the 'advantage' they think they would get for them.
  6. Ghost_Raven75


    It is a very tough grind but doable. As for him saying he got it free, I wasn't necessarily speaking of him. There have been lots of posts about people upset that they bought the ship and complained because they either didn't read the reviews or haven't learned how to play it. Its just like other Premiums that actually perform well when you learn them but people complain about them because they're not all powerful.
  7. Ghost_Raven75


    To me posts like this show that a lot of people have become the infamous 'wallet warriors'. They buy a ship thinking it will give them an advantage over other players when in reality the Premium ships are not as OP as some people would like to think they are. They are premiums because they hold some uniqueness or historical significance. This is why we see so many High tier premiums being played horribly by inexperienced players.
  8. Ghost_Raven75

    WOWS should be sued for POS Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    LOL, first off no one forced you to buy it, second off there were plenty of reviews of the ship so you would have known what you were buying before hand so yeah, good luck on suing anyone lol. There is nothing wrong with the ship, yes it's gun aren't the best but once you learn how to play the ship it does quite well. There are several people who have been very successful in it. So instead of throwing a temper tantrum why not look up some videos or practice with it in Co-Op. Going off in the forums and making such unsubstantiated comments are a waste of time.
  9. Its really not that hard. Heck I just had a match in T6 that earned me 387k credits and I am a very average player. People need to stop blowing things out of proportion and just try. I think that's the biggest issue is people are either afraid to try or just out right refuse to try and want things handed to them.
  10. I am far from a Unicom and don't have issues playing T8 in a T( or 10 match. Its all on how you play it really.
  11. And again it is a choice YOU made. You still don't own the rights to said ship. It is still the intellectual property of WG and they can chose to do with it as they please. You're not entitled to anything and unfortunately until people realize this FACT you will still have a lot of salty tears and feelings of self entitlement.
  12. However, you never once needed to pay real money for the ships, but because you wanted to fast track through the grind you CHOSE to. And once again the funny thing about it is all the money you have spend doesn't amount o anything REAL. You don't own anything in the game. If they shut the game down tomorrow you will have nothing and if you read the user agreement you'd know this. Its hilarious actually how many people think they own something that is nothing more than pixels on a screen.
  13. Once again that real money was not spent on the ship itself but the means to obtain said ship. The only thing you should get out of it is credits in game or resources in game if you sell that ship, just like a tech tree ship.
  14. No real money is not involved. The ships were never sold in the store and you DID NOT have to spend real money for it. That was a choice made to avoid having to grind for it. This whole concept that real money was lost is ridiculous. What are you people going to do if the game just shuts down? You think you'll get your money back for all the premium time or ships you paid for? Nope. You're arguing about money spent on intangible items. In a sense, you're paying money for the right to use a product, you don't own anything.
  15. My degrees and occupation are not imaginary. Your instant approach to insulting someone just shows your immaturity and proof that what you say can't be taken seriously at all. You posted the definition of Bait and Switch which has no bearing on the topic at hand. Its a matter of your opinion and nothing more.