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  1. Wow, you guys never learn or research stuff do you
  2. Ghost_Raven75

    Let's rework CV...

  3. Ghost_Raven75

    Too many gimmicks & fake ships

    LOL, look its one of these posts again.
  4. Well like Lert said he or she may have been a CC but there's no way for you to know I guess. You did the right thing by sending in a ticket, and from experience they will be dealt with I'm sure. It can be frustrating testing new ships because some people are just toxic against ST and dog them in chat, or you get focus fired on by every ship on the other team. I've learned through experience to just disable chat when I'm testing, yeah it irritates some people I'm sure when they are asking questions and I don't answer, but I'd rather play it safe instead of letting my temper get the best of me.
  5. Ghost_Raven75


    And before you jump the gun and start complaining about something no one knows much about yet, just think that it could be a Free XP ship or a ship you can get through Steel by earning it. Everyone always wants to be so negative around here lately. Have patience my friend, you may find you have no issues against it and may even have the opportunity to get one yourself.
  6. Ghost_Raven75

    This is the entire CV rework right here..

    He was stating his opinion and you got butt hurt in his delivery. Sounds a bit like a sensitivity issue. I thought his post was funny and full of sarcasm. I'm sorry if it hurt your feelings, you might want to grow some thicker skin to be honest especially on these forums. He has absolutely right, the maturity level and 'oh poor me' attitude lately is getting ridiculous. So are you going to attack everyone else who said the same thing about the OPs post as he did? I haven't seen that. It gives the impression that there's something personal which is a really dangerous game on these forums.
  7. Ghost_Raven75

    This is the entire CV rework right here..

    You know you just reiterated what Jags has been saying. He's not being disrespectful just because he has a differing opinion from the OP an yours. He's making a point that it seems all anyone does on these forums now days are make personal attacks and cry about CVs and then when someone comes along with a different opinion than theirs they start making it personal like you guys have done.
  8. Yes I will ignore your statement because you've lost all credibility in my opinion when you want to start insulting people or groups of people based on your opinion.
  9. And it's still a matter of opinion. I've seen just as many opinions that there is nothing wrong. Have many people I know who don't even look at the forums say the same things on both sides of the opinion. SO it's really not relevant.
  10. Hmm, the same can be said to you, why don't you show the masses that WoWs is failing so miserably and has a net loss. I don't know crap about economics, barely passed that in college but I do know the game is still quite enjoyable for me even with the frustrating matches I get every now and then. I see a lot of people in here that take this crap way to serious like they have stocks invested in this. Yeah I've spent a ton of money on this game but in the end, when the doors close on this game where has that money gone? IN a company's pockets and I will have nothing to show for it like everyone else. I'm mature enough to know that when I paid money into this game. I know I'm paying money for the ability to play it and own nothing of it. The joys of internet games huh. lol. And as for your smash and grab monetization theory, you tell me one internet based gaming company that doesn't do that? I mean seriously. You people bash a company for making money...who cares. If they didn't make money you wouldn't have a game to play. Anyway, enjoy your theories and your infinite knowledge of all things regarding international businesses, I stay out of it...too much mathing for me and a waste of time in reality. lol
  11. He doesn't need to say anything to anyone actually. I've been playing my DDs at high tier and my BBs and haven't had any problems. Yes I've had the game or two where I got overwhelmed but that's the excitement of it. Just like all the hundreds of posts before you, it does nothing but blow hot air and appear as whining. I could care less either way. I'm like that guy who just sits back and enjoys the drama you guys create and the bashing of a company that you apparently support by constantly posting about it in the forums. The same goes on in Redit. I've seen new players come onboard just because of the attention all the negativity has brought them. Good on their part actually. And regardless on opinions I'd haven't really seen how WoWS has really been affected in a way that's going to hurt any company in money making. There are thousands who don't even access the forums that are putting money into the game regardless of the people crying fowl.
  12. Ghost_Raven75

    New Ripple Fire, I hate it

    Poor thing. I haven't had any problems playing DD at any Tier. Its called manning up and adjusting for change. But I know in the instant satisfaction society that has taken over today it's very difficult to learn to adjust to your surroundings easily. Its ok, I'm sure you and many others will be just fine eventually.
  13. Ghost_Raven75

    Team Work Why Don't More Players Use It?

    Exactly, and I bet you find these same players obsessed with Call of Duty too.
  14. Ghost_Raven75

    Balanced? Even?

    At that teir absolutely. And besides, it doesn't happen very often due to the fact that the Mikasa is the only T2 BB in the game right now. Its working as it should.
  15. Ghost_Raven75

    Balanced? Even?

    Well first off it is Tier 2 and they are all the same tier so that's balanced. Second off not many people play at that tier so it's hard for MM to generate enough players to make a full match. Its very common at such a low tier when the population is minimal.