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  1. Basfshmn

    Why did port slow down after last patch?

    I have also notice the same things you wrote.
  2. Basfshmn

    unable to change clans

    ^^^ I invited a guy in our clan that was already in another clan, it took him 3 days and 6 hours
  3. Basfshmn

    Unable to buy doubloons anymore

    Didn't do me any good to submit a ticket, They told me the problem wasn't on there end to contact paypal. (good luck with that). What I ended up doing is using gift card from the dollar store. The best thing is my wife goes there all the time so I tell her to put some money on it. Then I ran into another problem, if I got into the premium shop using Microsoft edge or through the game the gift card option didn't show. I have to use google chrome, then it shows up. weird huh. hope this helps you
  4. Basfshmn

    50k Base XP for 2 Free BF Crates

    Captain just div up with 3 more clan mates and pick Dynamo, you don't have to wait for it to come around. we do it with 4 ppl all the time.
  5. Basfshmn

    Offiicial WOWs mods gone?

    I must be doing something wrong, I see only 3 download links and all 3 do the same thing. I put in www.aslain.com, pick wows modpack, and only 3 links show for me.
  6. Basfshmn

    Offiicial WOWs mods gone?

    This is what I get when trying to download Aslain, I know its a good site.
  7. Basfshmn

    500 Secondary Hits

    Do it in the Alsace, got 515 in one game.