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  1. JoeSlackman

    Total Crap!

    Thanks for all the comments. I do feel better now. lol
  2. JoeSlackman

    Total Crap!

    I don't think enemy BB Captain skill had anything to do with it. I think the ship needs to be fixed so one salvo with 3 hits does not result in total loss of HP. I the match works out that this is possible than that suggests a possible fix.
  3. JoeSlackman

    Total Crap!

    Fellow Captains, I have to say I am more angry this morning than I have been in a long time about this damn game. I was playing in a match today with my Abruzzi when "poof" I exploded. I was hit with 3 shells and lost my entire HP amount. Three damn hits and boom. Not a detonation. Just boom. I had only bumped into a teammate earlier in the match so I had 99.9% of my HP left. This is total and utter crap. In real life, 3 god damn shells from a single BB would not obliterate a cruiser. I had my detonation signal on so this is total crap. Why the hell am I wasting my time outfitting detonation signals. They need to fix the freakin armor on Italian Cruisers. BB are not shooting nuclear tipped missles. Okay rant over. Peace Out, Joe
  4. JoeSlackman

    Still No Relief from AA Hell

    Fellow Captains, I was hoping that the latest update would make CV play fun again. I was hoping that all my planes would not burst into flame upon contact with enemy cruisers or making a single run on a battleship. Why is WoW killing CVs off? Best Regards, Joe
  5. JoeSlackman

    One Way to Describe Carrier Play Now - Awful

    Can you send a link? I have not watched the videos.
  6. The fact that I can only fly one squadron at a time sucks.. The fact that AA is so powerful for level 8-10 vessels sucks. The last match I played I literally lost my whole squadron every time I tried to make a run between AA and the new "drop fighters where ever you want" feature. I have to say that carriers are just not any fun. It is awful to play. I can't make a difference for my team because all my planes are flying balls of flames. I don't know why WoW went to the one squadron at a time controls. I have to say that it is awful. I used to be able to swarm and catch ships without any support or air cover. Those days are gone forever I guess. Now, I have to do one squadron at a time. Is that supposed to be fun? I liked Carriers the way they were when I first started playing years ago. Why all the damn changes?? Joe
  7. JoeSlackman

    Things that make me want to quit this game

    Thanks for all the responses. Just venting.
  8. I bought some signals. Was tired of burning.
  9. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Well another demoralizing adventure today in WoW. First, I get detonated. What a fun feature of this game. I am so glad I was detonated. I was so much fun. In my next match, I received over 47K in damage from a single run of Graf Zepplin dive bombers. Really? 47K... Did they drop a tactical nuke on me? It might as well have been a detonation. I actually survived the nuke hit from the dive bombers to get shot to death by a lowly Benson who happened to witness this ridiculous dive bomber run. First, people complained about Graf Zepplins as being worthless. Now, it seems WoW has once again over corrected. I am very close to giving up on this game. It just is not fun. Why does a level 8 BB take 47K damage from a single dive bomber run? How is that ever going to make this game fun to play? Your Truly, Joe
  10. Well it happened again. I am finally ready to play WoW again and I load up a match. Within the first 2 minutes of this match, I am detonated. Man!!! That is sooooo much fun. I am sooooo glad detonations are a part of the game. I was thinking after being eliminated in the first 2 minute of this match, let me sit here and watch for another 18 minutes while others get to play because that is sooooooo much fun. Hey WoW! You guys need to get rid of detonations cause they really make me want to quit the game. I have invested in this game so I am a paying customer. You should care what I think. Another suggestion...offer matches without detonations. If you guys can't live without this ridiculously, soul stealing, demoralizing and unfun feature of this game, the least you can do is offer matches without this awful feature. Rant over. Peace out. Joe