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  1. MalgusKerensky

    Update 0.8.6: French Destroyers

    Ranked 13 - as I said in that thread, just not that interested. Issues include the preserve a star mechanics, reward degrades from previous season, and just added to the feel of grind that game has. New Directive Event - This event structure has been recycled / repackaged a bit too much this year and adding grind to each revision does not help matters at all. Loot Boxes - Zero interest in anything that involves massive RNG, I'd rather provide RL $ for things I know I can get, not a chance at. In the end, I am less excited for the new updates as WarGaming continue to take World of Warships to a bad place.
  2. MalgusKerensky

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    Really not interested WarGaming! You are still missing a couple of points regarding the frustration of Ranked: preserving a star mechanics and the huge unprotected gap from 11 to 2. Also seems you continue to diminish rewards by removing the flag the reduced repair cost for a worthless 500k *shrug*
  3. MalgusKerensky

    Top two issues

    I appreciate the response Reymu. Torps in SB, people in my clan have the same issue, people in the matches are reporting the same thing - this is an event issue, sorry. I am aware how torp launchers work and most of the time are in the middle of my firing arc but just refuse to fire when I smash the fire button. Also I average 35ms ping so at least in my case it probably isn't a net delay. As for shell rng - they have dispersion to balance out things out, which works at short and long range. RNG is NOT balance, it is random and has been the ruin of many games and WG is using too much of it recently. Also seeing as I am older than 35 and am happy to compete, I fail to see your reflex argument. People that would bot on Twitch are probably not playing Wargaming ...games. It isn't like they can sell the boxes to others or gain any form of profit. Seeing as it does not cost WG anything besides a few extra computational cycles, I fail to see why the boxes now have to be RNG based.
  4. MalgusKerensky

    Top two issues

    Savage battles - why are we still having issues with torps not firing when players try to launch them, why hasn't this been hotfixed yet? A match rarely goes by where it isn't discussed in all chat that players try to launch torps, 1/8 of the time the torps just don't fire. It is a special event that depends on the weapon system, but that system is faulty - why? Long term, Wargaming we need to discuss how much RNG you are putting into the game. My main issue here is randomness of the shells fire from naval rifles and how you caould have 5 out 6 shells miss a target at 5km or even 8 out of 9 shells miss a broadside target under 9km. Half of said shells fall into the water before the target and the rest sail over. This has been happening more frequently the last two game updates and really needs to be curbed at this point. I get dispersion and that we can't have 100% accurate pin point damage...but that is not what is discussed here. An example of what I am referring to: Driving a Kremlin and a Jean Bart is broadside at 7km from me, I fire the front two turrets just above the waterline of the JB - only one shell hits the enemy ship and the rest fall short or sail over the ship. This type of scenario has happened fairly often in the past two months and I am seeing CCs having similar issues, so I am fairly sure it isn't just me in this case. Invalid my title but lets also discuss Twitch Boxes - either there is a problem with the system or Wargaming has added an RNG factor to if you get a box for supporting a streamer playing WoWS. I watch between three and five WoWS streamers on Twitch but lucky if I see a box two times a week. Channels are not muted, I will sit in chat for hours usually. This Twitch event is different that the previous version and I am confused why Wargaming has made this more random, it really doesn't cost them anything at all (a few free digital items like flags etc) for nothing but good will and increased viewership. Why Wargaming?
  5. MalgusKerensky

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    Glad that you (WarGaming) have listened to your CCs and community. I am still concerned but will wait to see the details on the revised system. However I feel that you are missing part of the feedback: If part of the NTC was based on the Snow Flake event and the lack of play of lower tier ships - then address that issue directly. Adding more events for 4-7 tiers, add more campaign missions for that tier range (all the current ones at tiers 9-10 as I recall), more operations, and probably time to focus on lower tier premium ships to help change the focus from t9/t10. Give the community a reason to (re)play lower tier ships.
  6. Tin hat moment, but I am amused that people seem to think WG would not remove the Free Exp mechanism prior to the Naval Training Center goes live. They have already switched over to coal or steel for in-game ship purchases...
  7. I am fine with the consumable and match maker changes, they are way overdue frankly. The Naval Training - NO, just NO. If you are basing this off the Snowflake event, you took the wrong lesson from that. Here is what you should of taken WarGaming: People want to have a reason to play their lower tier ships, that should of meant it was time to work on low tier events with better rewards...not a complete (multiple) re-grind of an entire ship line. Wargaming you have not proven that you can finalize CVs re-work, Legendary Modules, or even Ranked game play... and you want to add stacking tier upgrade system????
  8. MalgusKerensky

    So how has the Georgia been in actual gameplay?

    I may of misunderstood, I thought it would be an US BB brawler. However the armor and more so the turrets just don't hold up to that type of play style. Then I hear a CC say they don't believe it should have a secondary build and I am really confused by this. The guns seem to have a serious drop off at range, which to me seems to reinforce the idea it is meant for closer ranges. Maybe someone could clarify the role of the ship, it would help. I see LWM has a review, I need to go read it..
  9. MalgusKerensky

    Armada: Georgia

    The ship needs some serious work on those gun turrets. The shape exposes a lot of the side and top of these turrets, which has between 240mm and 305mm, with only 184mm on top. There is very little of the 500+mm armor protecting the limited number of guns this ship has. If this ship was meant to brawl like the higher tier Soviet ship, then it needs similar levels of armor on these turrets. Only three matches in and I have had the turrets knocked out 8 times.
  10. MalgusKerensky

    Split evenly the rentals for ranked

    A lot of people are focusing on Rentals and a few good suggestions have been submitted to address it (including requiring x number of Random battles or including 10+ captains as well as the ships). But the frustration of this season goes beyond Rentals...the teams just aren't stacking well. There is a lot of very one sided matches and the rather large gap of ranks without a safe point (e.g. rank 12 to rank 1, no safe point and you can fall a long way with a bad run). Add to that that many don't like the t10 season currently... the whole Rank Season needs a serious review at this point to avoid the large frustration felt this season. :)
  11. MalgusKerensky

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    I am sure I missed many things, but one thing I am concerned with is no warship would ever go into a combat environment with any weapon system not loaded. The idea that AA guns would only load ammo when a plane is in it's range is complete garbage. Same for secondaries or even the main armaments.
  12. MalgusKerensky

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    Not sure why Wargaming wants discussion on the forums concerning Ranked Season 12 - they did not listen to ST/CCs about the issues nor the players about not wanting another tier 10 season. WG does seem to want to take feedback or understand where the frustration is coming from. But here we go again, breaking down why this 12th season will probably be one of the worse in terms of enjoyment or sanity. T10 Ship rentals Many of the people using this feature have no real idea of the high tier game play or even what to do on some of the higher tier maps. Basically WG has given toddlers a driver's license and set them loose on a freeway. Often these players will sail right at a cap or as seen often right at the other team and be destroyed within minutes of the start of the map, only to leave their team short handed and often losing. - Why not make people using the rental ships play in random for at least 10 matches first and frankly give them at least a ten point commander to use on these ships? This may help teach folks how to be in the higher tiers and spare many ranked players frustration. Tier 10 Many people seem not to want a tier ten Ranked Season, just look at the comments in Twitch / YouTube communities or here on the WoWS forums. Really there is little reason why this can't just be tier eight or hell tier six; the Sprint Ranked tests should of proven this. Listen to your community about what is and is not enjoyable in this /game/. The Grind Between rank 12 and rank 1 there is waaaaaaaaaay too much room for backward sliding due to rentals, CV exploits, and just bad teams. This huge gap of safe ranks will generate so much frustration, salt, and hatred among the player base and for what? Really there is no good reason for this and no way for WG to justify it to the community. Rewards More of a side note honestly, why change the amount of steel in this season? Lower ranks (5-1) receive slightly more steel at the expense of higher ranks (12-8?). This really doesn't make sense to me and really seems petty. Saving a Star This mechanism for the "top scorer" saving their star needs to be re-worked. Generally this causes many to play for their own score instead of working as a team or playing objectives. Either change this to the top three people are able to preserve their star or remove it altogether. There really is no middle ground that does not lead to some on the team trying preserve their star instead of focusing on the team effort/win. Elephant in the room Aircraft Carriers. Wargaming you were told by testers, by content creators, and your player base in general; CVs were not ready for ranked season. After five months the balancing it is still not right, good vs bad CV players still determine the fate of a match, way too often. Add in your released changes to the CV play style in 0.8.4 and then released Ranked Season less than a day after those changes were implemented; Ranked Season should be at least a week after a patch is released. Now Wargaming you are in a real pickle because not only have you forced the frustration of the points above upon your community, there is a CV exploit (re) introduced into CVs that is directly affecting Ranked Season 12. So now that this season is corrupted..what do you do? Pull CVs? Reset the season?
  13. MalgusKerensky

    Ranked Season 12R (please)

    As others have stated, there IS currently an issue where planes can wrap around the map, there are even videos of this happening on YouTube. I have been seeing this happen since 0.8.4 and happening in Ranked battles before the 'how to' video was released yesterday. There is also decent size Twitch streams that can easily show this exploit etc.
  14. MalgusKerensky

    The iChase Case (con't)

    WG fixed the previous version, but released another exploit this patch. The problem this time is that it is affecting Ranked Season, as this has already been happening and yes before this video was posted. Many CCs and STs told WarGaming there were problems and WG ignored them; about the CVs and Ranked season. Time for WG to own up to their mistakes and pull Ranked Season or CVs from it asap.
  15. MalgusKerensky

    Ranked Season 12R (please)

    This ranked season has failed and Wargaming needs to finally admit it. Rental ships: watching people who never played t10 are sailing into the middle of no where and destroyed within minutes of the start of the match. Why are there rental ships and if it must be a thing, why are players not forced to win 10 co-op OR Random battles to learn? Most people I have watched or chatted with really don't want Tier 10, they want different tiers for ENJOYMENT purposes. Remember Wargaming...World of Warships is suppose to be a game and fun... But biggest issue with this failed Ranked season is the CV. There is ANOTHER exploit for CVs to use and this is happening in Ranked battles. - WG needs to remove CV OR stop the current Ranked Season asap. Also frankly they own anyone that played Ranked matches this season an apology and hell steel for doing such a poor job handing this season.