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  1. Deoel

    PTS 12.1 pt 2

    I found chat disabled. Noticed the lack of customization with maps, controls, inventory, armory, and the lack of my fleet being displayed. Most of my Prem ship did not show up. My eyesight is a little weak these days and the increasing contrast between the island and the water needs to be more significant. For all the money I have spent on the published version, I think some time would be spent on improving the user interface and inventory. WOWS spends too much time making ships and no time on the interface.
  2. Please expand the BRAWL mission into the normal routine that has a brawl on a one-to-one level for all the tiers. This would serve as a training leveling experience. You could have a one-vs-one brawl, brawl duo-vs-duo, trio-vs-trio brawl, and quartet-vs-quartet brawls. This mission is too good just to make it a temporary thing. It would bring many players back into the game as well as bring in new players. There could also create a competitive game mode to start duelist battles channel on youtube.
  3. Deoel

    PTS 0.11.3

    The most important mechanic of the game is the gameplay. NO CHANGE THERE! The game is not a team game at present and seems there will be no change to this. Goofy ship gimmicks are the name of the game now, and ships like California are trash that makes me curse the day I brought them. I even stopped playing for a while and you are lucky I am trying the game again and it's still the same trash.
  4. Deoel

    Public Test 0.9.9

    For all the work you did, it appears the most important wasn't even addressed. You don't address the balance of the game, the port interface is really slow, you need to add all these 3rd party mods to make up for the shortcomings you never address; not to mention the game markers, ship trees that don't show the Prem boats we waste so much money on. You would think with so much money you have gotten from the player base you would have made a small effort to address any of these needs. I tried to introduce this game to others but they see the shortcomings of this game as say "NO THANKS"
  5. Deoel

    Public Test 0.9.8

    Really think Asymmetric Battles are a great idea but I would like to have daily set team games as part of the game while clans continue. This will get folks to play the lower-level games which are enjoyable. Tried of horrible random unbalanced games with unknown members who betray one.
  6. Emblem Collector Gold does not function. Not too impressed by the changes. Still too unbalanced in so many ways.
  7. Just tried to use the "Dynamo" game. NO GO: Cruiser are not allow to used. Funny! It requires tier 4 French and British ships but these two nations only have cruisers with the only British Battleship being a tier 6. So how can you play this???????