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  1. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    T10.....why grind lines to T10?

    I play 10's in random only when a campaign calls for it, Other than that Co-Op only. I have so much Credits I don't care if I go into the red for playing them.
  2. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    Zero Karma, no problem

  3. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    How does someone with 35% WR end up in rank 7?

    I read the word competitive in the same sentence as Ranked and chuckle. That mode is not competitive. The mode relies on RNG { Random Number Generator} All the "Skill" You seem to rely on is also at the mercy of RNG {Random Number Generator} Some players have found a way to exploit the word game into saying it is all skill. Repetition and bullheadedness gets you to the same point as this so called "Skill". Until WG removes the RNG {Random Number Generator} There is no such thing as "SKILL"
  4. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    Why is console getting a summer sale and PC isnt?

    Console must be falling off the market. Weak sales stimulates sales events.
  5. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    Captains speaking Japanese

    Have you tried the settings Voices setting them to your native language? I think the captains you have are for japanese ships from Azur lane. so maybe you can't set them to english.
  6. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    WG, please buff the Lazy Susan!

    I need a toggle to show only my 19 point captains and what ship they on.
  7. Newly built ships leaving the shipyard from anywhere in the world have RUST. Part of life near the sea.
  8. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    reduce experience for non-combatants and bots

    Although reporting this activity does NOTHING other than making YOU FEEL GOOD.
  9. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    *Require Objective Titles and Text*

    Every teacher in every school all around the world would love those who could put together a paragraph properly. Each paragraph with one thought start to finish. Teachers have not failed the students, the students failed to follow the structures laid before them. Students have not failed the teachers, the teachers failed to show in a precise manner the structures of proper paragraphs. It is a never ending pointing of fingers of blame worldwide.
  10. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    How can communication be improved?

    Voip is a great thing with friends. A team of strangers is asking for Toxic things. Only way for that to work with a group of strangers is a Moderator for every channel every game. With over 10000 games played on a slow night that would mean a team of thousands moderators. Then because of bad calls a team of arbitrators would be needed. Then WG would have to "Fix" any wrong calls with compensation to the damaged party. When has WG "Fixed"anything.
  11. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    Discouraging one-shot vultures

    I have taken the Top slot on the winning team with ZERO Kills. Kills need to happen to reduce the number of ships engaged in any battle. How is not important,therefore if i am shooting at a BB or cruiser and dealing great numbers of destruction and my teammate shoots one turret and secures the kill. I am happy the ship is gone and move to my next target.
  12. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    team damage penalty needs rework

    Although Hitting a Friendly is 99% accidental, It is, still a fact you fired them and they belong to you with all the damage done. I have turned Pink more times than I would like to admit, I always send a sorry to the friendly and accept the penalty if imposed.
  13. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    Cultivating an attitude of gratitude

    I realize you think you have played a few games with me , however unless you know my main account or you played with me 3 years ago as Nik you are just stuffing the turkey.
  14. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    Remove epicenter or make it optional

    Ever play King of the Hill? Same game.