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  1. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    WG MM patent - Why are we not allowed to discuss it?

    Does this mean the thread will be closed?
  2. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_


    RU servers are what your looking for
  3. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    Who have you seen in game

    You don't see me I have a Hack, LOL
  4. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    WG, really...what is the point of assassinating operations

    I enjoy Playing Ops and Co-Op. I have tried to go back to randoms, But in randoms everyone runs away or hides. ( very non combatant) If WG makes me play Randoms I will make a lot of enemies with my FU team I will go in and Die on my own terms. F teamwork, screw the win, I am init to have fun. ( Very selfish Player ) So if you see me in a Random game don't expect me to try to win.(I don't care about you and your Stats) I will be the object of the Stat Mongers Hate Gladly.( Yes my Stats are hidden just to Pizz you off)
  5. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    Visby torpedoes are damage monsters

    Just got it this morning it is going to a be port queen until the release to tech tree then it will be SOLD.
  6. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    USS NC Anchors Away Cancelled

    Maybe someone sent a case of Corona to the galley.
  7. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    The new port is GORGEOUS

    The Graphics Dept is the Only reason I continue to come to this game anymore. Beautiful work from better than great designers.
  8. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    Clans timing drops in Ranked

    If you can't Beat em Join em Get in a clan and sync drop all day.
  9. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    Your favorite midtier ship?

    Dallas, Helena, Yorck, Scharnhorst, Fiji All have 19 pt capts and are deadly.
  10. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    My Forums page is messed up

    Is the forums the problem or my end?
  11. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    RN heavy cruisers least popular line?

    Not in my Port I am having fun with them.
  12. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    List of achievements unlocked by my teammates

    Comedian award: Given to the player who has time to watch all this happen.
  13. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    NP with the italian line here must be the player.
  14. If this is really what you want then you better be prepared to get seal clubbers letting their stats drop so they can still club.
  15. Nikolay_Kuznetsov_

    ship collision

    Me during the collision