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  1. DrinkMoreBleach

    Will WG nerf OP premium ships ?

    Honestly...... I'm not even sure where to begin. These kind of matches aren't exactly common place, it takes a certain level of incompetence on both sides. the enemy team has to be brainless enough to let you kill them and your team has to be dumb enough to not capitalize on it. Mass has been out for a long time and I wouldn't consider it OP at all. It's guns can be angled against and you can avoid being chewed up by it's secondaries by not getting within range of them. Not every premium is OP and most of those that are, aren't being sold all that often if at all. Even then WG isn't in the business of nerfing premiums. The only time you could argue they did nerf premiums is when they did broad changes like stealth firing and smoke firing penalty.
  2. Sat in the center cap mostly, I believe it was the Akatsuki, let me sneak up behind it and delete it, one of their Helena's sat behind an island for the entire duration of the match before I eventually forced it out into the open.
  3. DrinkMoreBleach

    why DD is so op in wows making Battleship useless

    I know this might be a little hard to comprehend, but this is an arcade game, not real life, not a simulator. As for DD's being overpowered, you're wrong, you're being outplayed as all, predict where the DD is and where their torps might be coming from and avoid sailing in straight lines, actively change course.
  4. DrinkMoreBleach

    Taking one on the chin

    The Texas player in question is myself, honestly I applaud the level of sportsmanship that was displayed by @Capt_Ahab1776, regarding him potentially "feeding" me, it was really quite the opposite, my team was pretty much dead, as was his at this point, what remained of my team was a Minekaze and a Kharl, the Minekaze was with me and the Kharl was somewhere else, to make up for us being down on ships I needed to push through, that's when @Capt_Ahab1776 and the Hosho knew they needed to sink me, it was a good effort on their part, in the end it was me trading my 8k health Texas for their nearly full health Orion.
  5. DrinkMoreBleach

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    Unfortunately amazon pay was saying it was unavailable for me too when I tried to buy the Jean Bart using the 30% off coupon before it expired, I'm actually pretty disappointed because it expired the day before I got my new debit card arrived in the mail