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  1. Golden_Gopher

    WINNERS - Battle of Cape Esperance

    We always appreciate the chance to win Premium ships for just playing the game. I know some players would like to know in advance that there will be an event like this on a weekend. Perhaps on Monday announce there will be a "Participation Event" this weekend, look for details on participation and howto win on Thursday - I say this because some players may adjust their weekend plans to play extra battles knowing there will be an event. And then having the information (who, what where & when) the day before the event begins will encourage additional participants. Perhaps there is a reason events like these are announced in the current manner that increases participation that I do not see. No matter the case we still love the chance to win goodies - thanks
  2. Golden_Gopher

    Update Sound fixes.

    Deleted posting
  3. Golden_Gopher

    Help winning with Stalingrad

    I also own both and prior to the appearance of Stalingrad of the other Tier X Cruisers with Moskva my ship of choice. Moskva can apply two methods of play depending upon your skills and ship settings, Moskva with her Legendary Module. Moskva has a slight advantage in Rudder Shift & Turning Radius. Stalingrad a slight speed boost and her shells carry a far harder hit, almost 2 to 1 in the armour piercing category. However Moskva carries a 10.3 sec reload and significantly smaller dispersion at 146m versus 18.5 sec reload - 219m dispersion for the Stalingrad. Moskva plays very close to her fellow Tier X Cruisers in reloads and dispersion allowing her to play a close in game. Those numbers create vastly different play styles, look to plthe Stalingrad as close support to other Tier X Cruisers or an exceptionally fast to reposition, long range heavy hitter. Of note Moskva with the previously mentioned Legendary Mod can fill a similar role, albeit weaker but more accurate (Moskva with the reload speed advantage carries only a slightly lower DPM). I did not review your stats, just how my play of both ships has evolved. I am not a good close combat player and tend to play them both further out to sea.
  4. Golden_Gopher

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    My teammate asked me this question today, will a submarine get damaged if a "sinking" ship hits them on the way down? And I thought, no we do not take damage when we contact a sinking surface ship. But then I asked myself why is it that if we ram an opponent we incur damage or brush a teammate we receive a minor amount of damage, why is there no damage if we hit a sinking ship? And to further expand what about damage for running aground? While hitting a sinking ship is oft accidental we all have seen players run into a hulk or island to avoid great peril. It would seem some amount of damage would be reasonable. A damage penalty for running aground could very well help Captains become more aware of their surroundings thus becoming better Captains (I include myself in this group). Perhaps there is a reason why these actions do not incur damage.
  5. Golden_Gopher

    Public Test - 0.8.5 - Feedback

    In the new battle format I encountered this situation, it was down to one versus one. The players were very cagey and for several minutes we could watch them move back and forth making sure to keep a buidling inbetween their respective ships. Is there some time limit on these matches or any option to force action? Perhaps the area shrinks every minute until there are no buildings to hide from in the "Safe" water, you could awlays go outside but the penalties would be harsher as time goes. Or you insert the points win ....
  6. Golden_Gopher

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    @Pigeon_of_War Started playing late on Thursday night into the wee morning hours of Friday. It was at that time I was informed by a friend that I had used 6 of my 10 attempts in NAVAL BATTLES. What bugged me was that I had not enables them, it appears they automatically turn on when Friday begins. This needs correction. The default should be "Disabled"
  7. Golden_Gopher

    BB22 USS Minnesota Recruiting

    BB22 is looking to add to our roster! We have slots open for Captains who desire to be in Clan Battles, enjoying playing in a Division and making new friends. We are a relaxed but energetic group. Must use Discord for communication during battles, friendly, respectful, positive personalities will make you a good fit with our membership. We have a well established base with most bonuses at maximum or within one or two steps - if you need more information please reach out to me or any of my Deputy Commanders
  8. Golden_Gopher

    Seeking a Clan

    Sent you a message in game
  9. Golden_Gopher

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    In the next CAMO contest consider having the entries in page groupings where you can view more than a single column at a time. It helps to view several at once to effectively compare (rate) which is best.
  10. Golden_Gopher

    Just lost my steel rat

    Review this post, you may see an occasional Steel Rat for a few more days. And it sounds like they may be taking back those excessive awards. That will certainly light up the Forum pages
  11. I am confused, is there somewhere to register to participate or is it open to anyone? I love the concept and a number of my clan have often wondered if there might be day games at one point.
  12. Golden_Gopher

    BB22 New Clan Recruiting

    Update 0.7.9 has made belonging to a Clan and in turn team play a must have. Being in a Clan gives you bonus regular XP, Free XP, Commander XP, discounts on ship building and post battle repairs - we have all of those. Bonus Coal? Yes! We are looking for quality people, quality Captains to join our group. The best part is developing new in game friends to share your gaming time. If that sounds like you then BB22 is for you. Apply now we have vacancies as we decided to add 10 new Captains growing from 40 to 50 strong. Look me or any of my Deputy Commanders up online if you have questions.
  13. Golden_Gopher

    BB22 New Clan Recruiting

    BB22 Has open spots! We have the max benefits available in the shipyard, research, dock and the XP Bonuses. Captains should be 18+ , at least one ship Tier 8 or higher, wanting to play at least one Clan Battle per week, like to play in "Divisions" outside Clan Battles, have voice communication (we use in game and have a TeamSpeak3 account), participate in the team website and be in game active once per month. BB22 - We are mostly 51 - 52% win players. The best Clan benefit. is a better win rate guaranteed. The more you play with the same group the more you learn from each other and it is reflected in your games without a clan mate. Friendships - I am proud to say we have some wonderful people in the team and I have made many new friends. When not in Clan Battles we often sail with each other to help our teammate complete missions. We encourage everyone to play on the Test Server when it is available, earning the bonuses for your main account and testing that ship line you want in the main game. Most of our team is USA based from coast to coast, we have Canadians, a Beta tester, a Vulcan and a resident rodent Commanding the fleet! Check us out, we would love to hear from you!
  14. I admire your spirit and principles!