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  1. Music: I have followed the instructions in game including putting my music in the "res/userMusic" folder per instructions. 1) On the NA version I can not find the "res" folder anywhere, I see the "res_packages" folder, are they the same thing? Note I see the "res" folder in my Public Test and EU set ups but not the NA version. I went as far as uninstalling my NA version and downloading it to install a new instance and still no "res" folder. 2) Should the music files be of the "mp3" format? Replays: 1) I have saved game files going as far back as March 2018 - Can I only watch the replays I have of the current version, i.e. or is any version replayable? At times I have been able to watch older games and then not ...... 2) My team sends me replay files of their better performances to turn into videos for our YouTube channel. Are there any instructions on how to do save the file then watch the replay? Again I have been able to do this off and on, is there a reliable way to view old replays (mine or my friends)? 3) Are there new commands to get the "free cam" during replays? CTrl + Shift + Backspace does not for me, and subsequently I do not know if the other commands I have are valid. Any help, thoughts or even these features are no longer available would be welcome. Thanks, GG
  2. Golden_Gopher

    October call to action, a question to you.

    Aside from caring for my two cats, I love to find great local restaurants. Restaurant searching is on hold for the time being. I have taken up coloring with pencils and trying to learn to cook. PS There are some exceptionally talented / creative individuals on this list
  3. Happa, Suggestion for minor tweak down the road. A number of us own special Camo's designated for a particular ship, e.g. The Gothic Camo upcoming for the Bismarck or other permanent camo's like the AKA "Halloween" for the Fujin. Is it possible to set camo's so that if the player does not select a camo that the system then automatically chooses the permanent camo for that ship provided there is one available?
  4. Golden_Gopher

    Update 0.9.7 - Bug Reports

    Ran into this last evening, I did not take a screen shot. I played three games, beginning slightly before midnight Sunday and finishing 1AM Monday morning. Keep in mind I never left the game, after my battle was completed instead of the game summary I got the message that "Games played in a previous session can not be reviewed"
  5. Golden_Gopher

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    No kidding, I also have 385 and just over 7000 battles.
  6. Golden_Gopher

    Recruit Your Friends Day - Win USS Missouri

    I am having trouble using the "Copy Link" on the recruiting page. When I click the icon I get notification in the lower right corner "Link Copied". However when I attempt to paste the link into a Discord message or e-mail nothing happens. I am logged in to my Wargaming account when I attempt this procedure. Help?
  7. Could we get sort function for the port that organizes the ships by Captain skill points?
  8. Golden_Gopher

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    Has anyone who has the Camo sent Wargaming a question noting your concern? If so what was their response.
  9. Golden_Gopher

    Help winning with Stalingrad

    I also own both and prior to the appearance of Stalingrad of the other Tier X Cruisers with Moskva my ship of choice. Moskva can apply two methods of play depending upon your skills and ship settings, Moskva with her Legendary Module. Moskva has a slight advantage in Rudder Shift & Turning Radius. Stalingrad a slight speed boost and her shells carry a far harder hit, almost 2 to 1 in the armour piercing category. However Moskva carries a 10.3 sec reload and significantly smaller dispersion at 146m versus 18.5 sec reload - 219m dispersion for the Stalingrad. Moskva plays very close to her fellow Tier X Cruisers in reloads and dispersion allowing her to play a close in game. Those numbers create vastly different play styles, look to plthe Stalingrad as close support to other Tier X Cruisers or an exceptionally fast to reposition, long range heavy hitter. Of note Moskva with the previously mentioned Legendary Mod can fill a similar role, albeit weaker but more accurate (Moskva with the reload speed advantage carries only a slightly lower DPM). I did not review your stats, just how my play of both ships has evolved. I am not a good close combat player and tend to play them both further out to sea.
  10. Golden_Gopher

    Just lost my steel rat

    Review this post, you may see an occasional Steel Rat for a few more days. And it sounds like they may be taking back those excessive awards. That will certainly light up the Forum pages
  11. I admire your spirit and principles!