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  1. I can understand. Odd thing is, I actually did get some of them. Not sure if all was there (I should have written down more numbers) but I was told to keep waiting.
  2. Yeah, there has to be some trigger. I was wondering about points myself. But like you said, can't find any hard information in what Wargaming has posted. Unless its fine print somewhere.
  3. Thank you for responding, but I already understand that But what _triggers_ them making the invite in the first place?
  4. Just curious if anyone knows what triggers the event of asking you to switch teams in the Go Navy event. That +2 loyalty, per day, seems to be very important in order to advance. So what triggers it?
  5. After completing all missions in the latest 7.7 PTS, I collected my earnings today. And although things like my premium time, camo, and normal signal flags came in at the right amounts, I found that I am missing 2 full sets (10 flags total) of the valuable draconic signal flags. I earned 12 sets. 3 from completing Raptor Rescue 3 star twice (6 sets total, 30 flags total) and yeah, even Narai twice with 3 stars (another 6 sets, 30 flags total). Yet although I received 3 full sets of 3 each, one of the sets came in at only 1 flag each, not 3. (Thus instead of getting 60 draconic signal flags totay, I only got 50) I have screenshots of when they came in like that, but obviously there was no mission that you were only rewarded 1 of reach draconic flag. It was supposed to be 3. Did this happen to anyone else?? I have sent in a ticket, so awaiting a response. But figured to post it also here in case its a wider problem. I think most of us suffered greatly trying to accomplish Narai.
  6. kostya3

    Achievments for Co-op

    I concur. Just stumbled over this thread, love the ideas. And although nothing to this level has occurred, I believe PvE players have gotten more love in the past 6 weeks. Not as good as 18 months ago (ARP and Graf Spee missions), but definitely back in the right direction
  7. kostya3

    An Apology To My Team From A Few Minutes Ago

    WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!!!!!! Honestly, I was not in that game, nor is the above line serious. On the more serious side, I have been where you are, and the frustration of not being able to tell your team what happened as you spend 10-20 minutes trying to get back in. And when you do, you are also now a nice shade of pink. And feeling like a heel.
  8. kostya3

    Coal Missions for the month.

    Sooner. Not sure if this was originally mentioned, but yes, there is a _minimum_ of 450 coal you can earn each day. But wait! ....there's more. The reward for each of the six stages can be up to 9 times the daily reward. So whatever 'x' is, you win 9x of them if you complete all 3 stages, right? Well guess what happens when that daily reward is 150 coal? 150 coal for signing in. 450 coal for completing the first three steps. (3x of the daily reward) 900 coal for completing the second three steps. (6x of the daily reward) 450 coal for completing the first and second sequences. On that day, you can earn 1950 coal. And that happens 6 times in July: July 4th, July 9th, July 14th, July 19th, July 24th, July 29th, So on those 6 days alone, you can earn 11,700 coal, if you beat all 6 steps on those days. (And you also earn 12 completions towards the major monthly goal itself (out of 20 needed)) Just a note for those of you who might not have a lot of time, and wanted to focus on coal this month.