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  1. Multiple times for me as well. Loss of many camos, flags, and Naval Battle chances for my Clan. Not sure if the Draw is being held against me for my permanent stats though.
  2. I have not received my missions for the KOTS North Carolina Camouflage Yes, I have already completed my KOTS collection . (got the Nueve De Julio) I got the mission on Twitch today. I even did the mission (550 ribbons tier 8+) But no mission for the North Carolina permanent Camo popped up. What more did I need to do? Here is a cut and paste of what it says in the News: -------------- King of the Sea permanent camouflage for North Carolina If you’ve already previously completed the King of the Sea collection, or if you manage to complete it before the end of the KotS XIII, all you have to do is receive at least one King of the Sea Twitch Drop during one of the tournament streams, and you will unlock an exclusive mission to earn a brand-new pirate-themed permanent camouflage for VIII North Carolina.
  3. kostya3

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Oh, OK.... "The Saga of Chobittsu the Chaotic Neutral Soup Goblin" Say, I have someone knocking on my door. Says he wants to talk to you about something.
  4. kostya3

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    "The Saga of Chobittsu the Evil" ??
  5. I have the same problem. So the only solution is to send in a ticket, eh?
  6. Yep, running into this problem. Although I can easily get into my NA account, when I tried my RU account (I have my name and password stored) I ran into a YOU ARE USING AN OLDER VERSION problem and wouldn't let me in. Now that I was told to erase my RU client....um, how do I get into the RU server now? (I did try to reinstall RU server, hoping it just needed a little tidbit on the Game Client, but nope, it tried to download the entire 35+ gigs of it. So what this boils down to: What is the _exact_ procedure for using an RU (or EU or ASIA when they flip) servers if all that you have left now is PT and NA client? ===================== UPDATE I have been informed by friends, that unlike all previous (at least for the last 18 months) updates, the RU will update almost 2 days LATER than us. And won't be ready until around Oct. 2nd. In the past RU was first, then NA, then EU. I have no idea about Asia because my Ping was too high to play there when I tried =====================
  7. kostya3

    Casual co-op and Puerto Rico

    Just in case....I mean, you probably both already know this but just in case: Remember to pound that Goriza for 500 hits (in any mode it seems), and that starts up the chains for the TechTree ships (when after 500 hits, you can use any tier5+ ship), but also a lot of Shipbuilding crates. (see Combat Missions for more in game) Just mentioning for I've already found some who didn't realize that, being that after the PR/Unique upgrade fiascos they kinda stopped wanting to look.
  8. kostya3

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all....and to all a Blasted Apart Bot
  9. kostya3

    Premium time discount this year?

    Same. Was all ready to stock up for another year. But.......
  10. kostya3

    [PVP] for the Filth /s

    Nicely set up, facilegoose.
  11. Like the title says. Scenarios do count for some of the missions in Directive weeks 2, 3 and 4. Yet not for week 1. Anyone find any Official explanation for this? (I never got a response when I asked in the direct Feedback Forum) Thx. ((PS. This isn't about how Saving Transylvania is only tier 3. Sunray into Darkness is tier 8, and works just fine for getting Daily Missions done, and apparently also works for any PvE player that ground their way into week 2 directives already. So Sunray now counts for 3 of the missions in Directives starting at week 2. Yet counted for nothing for week 1. Just, why?))
  12. Actually, Sunray into Darkness, having ships being above tier 5, _does_ count for Daily Missions. I did it that way myself. Saving Transylvania, having tier 3 ships, does not. What both do not do, is count for Week 1 Directive Missions. If you look at week 2, 3 and 4, some missions now allow Scenarios. Just not for week 1. Of course, again, being that Saving Transylvania has only tier 3 ships, it probably will not count here. But Sunray into Darkness should. Last year, this was a problem. There were specific directive missions that required only Scenarios to fulfill them. It was slotted at tier 5 and above, and they went back and changed this to be tier 3 and above, to allow Saving Transylvania missions to count. This was an oversight which they fixed a few days later. But, again, those were missions that ONLY had Scenarios counting for them. This year, Scenarios are with Random, Co Op, and Twilight (a mode not even available yet), and thus lowering that to tier 3 is probably not going to happen. But why in Heaven's name are Scenarios _NOT_ counting for Week 1 of Directives? Um....what? I was hoping, like last year, this was an oversight, and would be fixed by now. They list Twilight Battles as possible, but that won't be available for another 10+ days. -------- Also to answering about the announcement: No. They didn't specify about anything, as far as I know. Only general statements that Scenarios will count for some missions. Just again, nothing specific.
  13. kostya3

    This Is Newport (Song)

    Now made even worse as the two Healing ships no longer snug up against the island correctly, leaving them completely vulnerable. Ah, I guess Wargaming wanted us PvE players to take a week off from playing their game. But you can be sure, that when someone starts playing the Halloween song, these are the lyrics that will be going through my head.
  14. I can understand. Odd thing is, I actually did get some of them. Not sure if all was there (I should have written down more numbers) but I was told to keep waiting.
  15. Yeah, there has to be some trigger. I was wondering about points myself. But like you said, can't find any hard information in what Wargaming has posted. Unless its fine print somewhere.