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  1. i so get this ! just this morning i was shooting a CA at 6K with the MO and all 9 shells missed. i fired and the shells went to the far edges of the dispersion ellipse. he turns broad sides to me and i'm like " oh goody this will be fun " guns reload and shots out! only to get 1 overpen and a bunch of dead fish. a bunch of torps laters and it is all hands man the life boats. I'm still trying to figure out if the fire control director is not sited in or if the lens cap was left on. look me up some time and we can work on it together. my best guess is the RNG had a conflict with the code in a patch that is doing it. I seem to be hitting better after a restart of my computer than I do if I have it running for 4 days. same thing with frame rate, it drops the more games i play then after the restart it goes back up to 45-60fps. if i see a fps of less than 25 i know my shots will be all over.
  2. Update 0.7.6 - General Performance

    still going on. at this point go ahead and make me pink for bailing on a game. i keep losing the server and have to restart only ti find i'm dead. so playing a game, screen freezes, screen goes black, screen come up with the log in screen. repet . since other windows are still running and i haven't lost connection, so it is on your end. thank you mike
  3. Update 0.7.6 - General Performance

    ok since the last update i have ended up dropped for the server seval times ( 4 in 1 game) or it won't let me log back in at all. this was at 6:15 AM eastern time on the NA server. i tried to restart and reloaded with no luck.
  4. i drive the ships they way they were designed to be driven not the way the game wants them driven.
  5. speaking voice, some of the CCs don't have good speaking voices. to do well you have to be slower than you think. James Earl Jones, Christopher Lee, and Peter O'Toole all had good voices but MR Jones has a stuttering problem. how he overcame it gave him the speech pattern he has now. so slow, calm, try deeper or higher than normal. note it will never sound good to you. it is ok with us. just don't sound like fingernails on a chalkboard. lol overall the video was a very good 1st attempt. i would get the mic and make longer clips to explain things better. here is a linkl to a video channel that one of the guys in my clan does. ask him for ideas if you want.
  6. About Zoup's USS Johnston video

    well you could make it a mission thing where you earn the skin. like the high school fleet graf. the bonauses from the high school fleet camo would even work .
  7. About Zoup's USS Johnston video

    ok if we just go with a new paint job it is no harder to make than any other new camo. but since you want real money for it I do want a perk. it would be great if the perk was about what it did in the real world. for the Johnson, I would have her skin/ camo give 1 or 2 % more dispersion from LG caliber guns. but it isn't needed to make me want to buy it. price point now, $5-$10 USD ( 2000 doubloons ) is about as much as I would be willing to go. if keeping that price point means it is only the normal concealment and dispersion numbers I would still buy it.
  8. you two might be responsible for it just saying. lol but really i could see a few normal i have a day job people doing it. splitting up the replays among them. it could be fun.
  9. even with the range compression, we have in the game the hit rate for some is way off. from playing miniature wargames a lot of years, ground scale isn't model scale isn't gun scale. the real world hit rate was nothing like what we have in game, but hits were much harder. missing isn't a fun game so damage has to be adjusted but they went too far with some of the hit rates till they are not fun. killing fish is not why i play the game. lol
  10. you sir, have nailed it. this would be a fun line to play. and we could have a target for warspite to shoot at range ! maybe even do some refighting of battles in the med. they knew that the guns had some problems but they did have a fix for it. WG chose not to model it on Roma. here is hoping WG can make it happen. i could do with fewer paper ships and more real ones in my game life.
  11. and yet looking at your stats, some of us have dreams of being as good as you are. if you are a potato seal i am afraid of what someone with my crappy stats is called. lol i looked at the requirements and saw that unless RNG blessed me at the right times there was no way i would finish the indy missions. i can squeeze in 4 games a day most days and some of these will take more games than i can do in that time for someone who plays as badly as i do. maybe i should start a you tube channel about a sucky players attempt to play the game. a counterpoint to the unicums telling us how easy it is to do these things. keep up the good work sir i enjoy your posts.
  12. World of Warships retro version

    those were the days! oh wait i still throw dice at minis every month. warhammer 40K, full thrust dirtside2 and stargrunt from ground zero games, war at sea the miniture game, battletech, ogre, and the list goes on. and yes it is nice to play with my friends that have moved out of state with wold of warship, sometimes we even talk about how our lives are going. lol thanks for the post sir.
  13. i have been finding the same thing with my games. you are not alone.
  14. This is Why Cleveland Needs IFHE

    Estimated_Prophet, great name, a dead fan by any chance?
  15. This is Why Cleveland Needs IFHE

    and this is why i will do a run of 10 games in it both in co-op and random and see it it needs sold. from the few games i have done already it is heading to the scrap yard. the number of shattered shells hits i get on cruisers is more than i get with my atlanta. the cleveland can't take a hit and can't deal damage unless she is top tier. so either MM needs fixed or the ship does. to be honest all T8 ships have the same problem, that is being dropped into T10 games and the armour and such makes them immune to your shells because how steep the the tiers are.