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  1. rutilius83

    My thoughts on Italian Cruisers

    i have the T5 monty and just picked up the mission for the T6 bote. the monty is junk. ROF, traverse and smoke are too long and short. it could survive any 2 and people would be happy. at this point i will try the T6 and see if it plays better. it has been said that the ROF should be better so that would fix 1 problem and might make it worth playing. it just seems strange to set these up like this when the style of the game has been going to higher rate of fire for a lot of ships coming into the game. if not i will stick to my old premiums as the duca s are fun .
  2. and it looks like i will not be able to finish the collection till they come out for coal. i can only get a daily mission #1 done normally and i have a week long training out of town so i will not be playing as much the last week. not buying a loot box for a collection. so meh. thanks for the info sir.
  3. OP , you are spot on with this. i know the odds when i go to Vagas, craps, black jackand slots, ect. i'm ok with the odds if i know them. these boxes has me not spending $ on them because i don't know my odds. if i don't get a ship i'm fine with that. at chrismas i buy a few boxes as gifts to some of my clan members. some of them do the same and i have picked up some nice ships from them. the biggest problem WG has with the boxes is what is in them . yes it is " worth " more than what you pay for it according to WG. i would say it isn't worth it to the players and that is why they complain about them so much. if the non ship loot was better it wouldn't be such a let down. i might even get a few now and again. if the loot is the same that drops from daily crates then no i will not buy them.
  4. rutilius83

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    i feel your pain sir. i have been doing more co-op and opperations than random the past few months. it isn't fun to be on either side of a curb stomp.
  5. rutilius83

    In Rememberance of the Great War

    and anoth poem from that war by an America in the french foreign leigon https://www.wearethemighty.com/history/alan-seeger-french-foreign-legion?rebelltitem=4#rebelltitem4
  6. rutilius83

    1v1 Challenge!!

    ok this is fun to read but isn't going to prove any point. really nothing will like so much in the world how 1 feels about something trumps any evidence one is told. no worries. how about a king of the sea like comp with match ups? each player has to play a DD and a cruiser. the ship is random but not the class. you have to play each person in each class to "win". ties are done with a DD vs DD sudden death. stat at T5 and no premium ships. work your way up to T10. you have to win to get out of a Tier. anyone want to try this post the resualts. get some data to go with our opinons? take care all.
  7. rutilius83

    Clan Battle Participation

    OP, i feel your pain and my clan does too. i like the 8V8 teams. i feel having too many things going on at 1 time is cutting down on finding players in any mode. there are times when i que up and see 9 players in my range. no match is going to happen if there are no players. i hope WG will space things out a bit so we don't have 4 things going on at once. ( clan, halloween, RM cruisers, twlight ( halloween 2 but different prizes so different ). try 2 maybe, release a line and run 1 other so the players base isn't split up too much. maybe there is some spread sheet reason to drive players away by burning them out.
  8. rutilius83

    Full Pumpkin Event Statistics

    1st a shout out to Fem who put this together. i know others helped but i don't know who so sorry about that. some day i may remember my own name. it was a blast and when i checked in my clan mates were having fun shooting up pumpkins. i would be happy to be a duck in a shooting gallery again any time. my game count was low because i got called into work sat and sunday. the boilers were cranky on more than just my ships. lastly, from the posts it looks like everyone had a bunch of fun and that is the point of a gaame right? take care all.
  9. i hate the lose credits thing. for co-op or randoms. there isn't a reason for it. just set the limit so you only make 1CR and you still will have randoms be the Cr machine at high tiers. losing CR because my team stank and we all died pushes me to mid tiers and i have no desire to play the high tiers except for clan battles and ranked. so what is the goal? get people to play mid only? because that is how it is set up.
  10. rutilius83

    A message from the Pumpkins

    pumpkin 273 here, i have had a blast every time i have been able to do one of these events. i'm just sorry i was called into work on sat and sun so i couldn't be sunk by more people. up side none of my boilers exploded in real life just on the boats i was driving. thankd Fem for setting this up.
  11. Thanks for the post sir. This has been a fun and interesting read. I feel WG is doing the cruiser and super cruiser thing to try to get more cruisers in the game. Before they came out CA was very rarely played.
  12. rutilius83

    Rescinding Nerfs?

    I could get behind all of these. To be honest I would like to see all the IJN torps have the detection dropped. The nerf bat hit them too hard. Having the nation why had the best lowest section torps have the worst in the game is flat out silly. You need to balance ( like WG can do that lol) adjust damage a bit.
  13. rutilius83

    ping WG Montecuccoli first impressions not good

    as i have posted before here and on your tube, from the games i played in that ship i will not be playing the line when it comes out. it is the 1st line that i am glad i haven't picked up more of the early releases. i will stick to my 4 premiums when i want some pasta flavor with my ship games.
  14. yes the RM cruisers do need a look. im sure they did well in testing but that is mostly with players who have been playing a long tiime and will work out how to make it win. when released to the 45% - 48% WR player base ( AVG ) they just stink. the reload is too slow so DDs can out DPM you before you get a 3rd salvo off.
  15. after playing the T5 tech tree ship a few time and being killed by DDs who out DPM me i don't think i will be playing them at all. to say they stink is to be kind.