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  1. rutilius83

    Serious question.. ( Actually )

    i have been doing that for a long time. i try to give most of my comps to the OPFOR every day. we can make the game better. and yes i will report my team more than the OPFOR as i know they are against me. i will then say something like " manners comps sent. "
  2. I will admit to running plane steel in game. I haven't sold off my cammos yet because I am expecting WG to bring back the bonuses after everyone got rid of them and I am not short of cash.
  3. rutilius83

    IX Admiral Schroder's "Accurate" Secondaries

    to quote the fat electrician from you tube " we have a bullet with your name on it, we just have to find it " i do not understand why WG is so in love with guns that can't hit. it isn't like they scaled the guns to the map scale ( common in table top minis games) . if anything they made the guns hit worse than map scale would imply. looks like i might not have to do this years dockyard event.
  4. rutilius83

    Miss the early days

    To be more accurate the armor and gun fire are tanks onthe water. Some times I think they lifted the code from the tank game to ease production and save time. Tactically the game plays like an infantry game as you move from cover , build a base of fire, flank the lot of. If it was going to be a full on navel game the only map would be ocean or a few with a fringe of beach at the edge.
  5. I have already accepted that I will get less of everything as the game goes on. It seems to be in the plan and the spread sheet. I can play 3 to 4 games in the morning ( 5:20 am to 6:00 am ) in co op and 3 to 4 random or clan stuff of an evening. . So I bet I will be losing out onthe some stuff. I also don't expect WG or anyone else to care, . WG will push this trend till I get fed up and play something else that will never be a WG product again. The problem is I don't think they ( WG) understand that if we are driven away from a game we tend to also not want anything to do with the company any more. So no matter how cool the next WG game is after they drive me away I will never play one of those games again. This is from the perspective of someone who started with D& D when it was 3 Brown books and the rules for chainmale. I have playtested many games at conventions as well as at the mensa game con in PA. A mix of table top, role playing and others. The games that last and make bank work with the players to make the game better. For computer games borderlands series comes to mind. Full thrust for miniature space ship is another. I can say I'm running that at any convention and fill up as much time as I want to play. The war at sea miniatures game is the same. I hope WG looks to them as this could be a great game and a money maker if the do it right. Note right isn't necessarily my ideal but the players. Because I with no players there is no game.
  6. rutilius83

    Forum Contest - Warships Rewind

    adding subs. don't hate , i have visited the USS cod and am looing forward to subs in the game. i would love to see a commander Flucky as he sunk a train.
  7. rutilius83

    Never type "gg" until is REALLY done.

    huh, all this over being a good sport? i wish the OPFOR GG if they are winning my side is winning and say a nice shot when someone does a nice shot. comps for manners go out to any who respond with GG of other positive things in chat. we all need to be nice to each other and cut down the salt. if people stop playing then you might as well be in co-op as the team will be lots of bots.
  8. rutilius83

    Who remembers.....

    i remember hunting in my kami. good times. lol
  9. and this is why i play co-op most times. but to address your issues, the problem is and has always been there are no rewards fot team play. just the win XP bump. because of that it will always be every man for himself in randoms. good luck
  10. rutilius83


    as many have said co-op is set up to give lower rewards. as a counter point i do not understand why one has to go negitive on a match ever. have it a bottom of 1 CR on a free co-op loss. it gives WG the same chance to get peoples wallets open but doesn't tick off the players as much. and i play mainly co-op as well. at 5:30 am eastern time USA the wait time for a random match is silly. co-op has me playing more games even if they only have 3 humans ( or just me some mornings ) in them.
  11. there is no reason to have 1-4 premium ships as all missions are now 5+ t get credit. i feel that level is silly but thats WG for you. as for how many flechers we can have in the game? lots and lots.
  12. rutilius83

    Some good news about Arms Race

    and here i am the desenting voice. i disliked epicenter as it was a silly thing to force people to fight close. then WG does everything they can to make the meta so you don't close in. i like arms race as they are not trying to ballance the game or ships so might as well get stuck in deep. it is also fun to grab a few buffs and go wild like it was april fools or halloween.
  13. ok you asked. though i won't be a salty as some. also for any problem i will offer a fix. 1 save a star is stupid. others have pointed out why and they are right. people play to save a star and not to win. the fix- ever rank / star is saved or the levels are done by XP like the missions . yes someone could lose to the top but that is a LOT of Matches while good players ( i'm not one and i can't play much anymore so i will never rank out again. ) will rank out fast. 2 the rewards are too small for the time put in. WG has a econ problem and it isn't what they think, I.E. too much of a resource in the game. it is that they are too stingy with the resources. the fact that you can lose $ in a random T10 game is silly. even in CO-OP you should stop with 1CR earned. the fix is easy for this one. 3 it isn't competive at all. if you want it to be more than a test of how much crap players will put up with it needs a change. fix- everyone gets the same ship. you must win say 3 times 1V1 to move to the next ship and tier. so 3 wins in a DD, CA, and BB at T 5. repete at tier 6, and 7 ect. you are always paired against the same ship as you are driving.