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  1. so it looks like the birthday stuff goes away on the 18th of sept then. make sure you spend your tokens before then.
  2. Who have you seen in game

    last night i was in a game with icase. today i am in the video. lol
  3. CV Rework Feedback

    i like the game play so far. i would ask that since we are redoing the CVs from the ground up we move them to classes of ship at each tier , like Essex class Cv, and that would let you sell named ships as premium. example the enterprise had a reputation of being repaired and getting back in the fight so a RN style heal. stick to fleet CVs and dump the escort CV like the bogue. the US, IJN, and RN had enough CV classes to fill out a tech tree. this would let you ballance the premium ships vs the tech tree ones easier. just a though.
  4. clan battle stats are out

    no i don't think every one should get a trophy. but the bell curve is is way off. i'm fine with 5% in the top, i'm concerned with 53% that are in the basement. i would like to see it spread more even, not all at one end.
  5. clan battle stats are out

    so i was looking at the clan battle stats and was wondering what it says when 53.1% of the clans can't get out of the squall league. i keep seeing people post about how WR tells how good you are and you need above 50% to even be considered good. then we see that 53% of the clans can't get a positive WR. i'm sure there are lots of reasons why this is. i'm sure people will post about why this is and call me a fool for not knowing and noting how bad my stats are. ( and yes i stink at this game, i know it. on the other hand no boiler i work with has exploded and i have been married for 26 years so i an doing well on the important things. lol ) the top where you could earn the stalingrad only had 5% of the clans in it. i feel this will drive new / average players from the game and it will die. if the top 5% get the best ships to beat on everyone else it will drive people away. so it is broken, what ideas can we come up with to fix it? let's try to solve this for everyone. thank you
  6. I hope it will get the T10 ships out of the MM queue so T 8 doesn't get hammered as much. I can also see this as an attempt to retain players who have reached T10 and have nowhere to go. it gives them a new challenge to strive for.
  7. Refunding premiums

    i do not know if there is a time limit but you can return an unused ship. i have done so last month. i was trying to show a friend how to gift a ship and bought it. oops. lol it takes about 3 weeks for the credit to happen.
  8. you asked for my, well everyone's, thoughts, here are mine. if there was to be a real competitive play then everyone would play the same ship. so the best 3 out of 5 1V1 in Iowa for BBs. then the same for cruisers and DDs and CVs. everyone has a 19pt captain to use. for team-based, you are issued ships like above with a number of classes that fill slots. so 1 CV, 2 BB, 4CA, 2-4 DDs ( depending on game size). but it is all the same ship for each class. the point isn't you won because you had the better ship with the most cpt points but you ran your ship better than the other guy in the same ship. not just once but several times. there you go.
  9. i'm fine with that. someone else was talking about her having a fighter. though her scouts were float fighters, not unarmed planes. so to keep her historical a plane group of 3 that did both? defend the ship and extend the spotting range. since they were scouts have the 2 groups orbit out a bit farther.
  10. and have the fighter be a group of 3 not a single so they can really defend here. maybe bake in the capt. skill where she launches 2 instead of 1. they will still be swatted from the sky by AA on US ships and high tier CVs so not as broken as hydro and radar that can see through rocks.
  11. i would wager that WG had a plan to add lines over a time frame with some fix updates in between. any major rework would have to be fed into that plan. this will not be fast or easy for them to fix as others have stated. that they are doing it at all shows they do pay attention to us and want us to have fun. after all the more we like the game the more money we spend on it.
  12. Day six as a new player

    welcome sir! look me up in game and I will show you all the things not to do. lol I have found that just as you figure out a ship you get the xp to unlock a new one. wait a bit and enjoy that you have that ship down and work it a bit. i wish i would have done that. now i go back and play ships i thought stunk only to find they are fun to play. take care mike
  13. I enjoyed being a corgi. I hope I can be a pirate. for all of those who are not pirates, if i am you are in luck because i stink. lol have fun all.
  14. Pigeon's Weekly Thought July 26, 2018

    it is much like the fire and water event. i'm on the losing side. after i get my eagle loyalty points maxed out i will swap and so will everyone else and i will be on the losing side again. oh well. thanks for doing things that keep mixing it up.
  15. i enjoy the books, i haven't caught up yet. note on the search post, it doesn't work very well. one could search and not find it. depending on the day i can't find LWM reviews to check before i buy a ship. i could see the captains being added. a cpt Reddy with a texas accent would be nice.