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  1. rutilius83

    PC Gamer vs Board Gamer poll

    so like the post above i'm old and played board games as well as role playing games when they were getting started. ( D&D was 3 brown books and the chain mail rule set ) i have done playtesting for many games for companies, non of them computer games. when we were testing Europa with the china expansion or narvik we were given a copy of the game and we wrote reports about how the game nights went so they could adjust the rules. same with other games. it was fun and you got to see your name in print as a tester. the point is there was always a balance of reality and playability. war at sea ( mini game ) did a great job of hitting that. WOWS not so much. they don't have a good balance of carrot (rewards )to stick ( grinding lines or the stupid mission requirements. ) if the game is fun people will play it . if they are having fun they will spend money on it. you don't need to loot box and all that to get people to play.
  2. rutilius83

    I got negative 2 Karma for this?

    after so much salt and such in this game i try to give out comps only and most to the OPFOR. mostly for being good sports as so many are not. so a GG or GLHF gets a comp to the red who sent it. jokes and cutting up get more. does it mean anything? just to me. it shows i can find good people and that they are out ther playing. with all that has been going on that is a win.
  3. rutilius83

    Missouri Credit Earning Fixed?

    not really "fixed. " just increased. LWM pointed out that the MO was not earning like it did. i have heard that the earnings stacked with any flags and signals you had on the ship. that was how people were getting those crazy numbers. i find that i make as much with Musashi set teh same way as i did with MO. mainly because i win more in MU than i do in the MO. but we all know i stink at this game. lol
  4. rutilius83

    T6 CBs is a joke. Change my mind.

    a joke sir i don't think so. or it is like jerry seinfield's stand up, not funny.
  5. rutilius83

    16 losses in a row

    those are mad skills sir! i get fed up and play borderlands after 5 in a row.
  6. rutilius83

    Loot boxes are like the crystal skull…

    wow! 1 when you said resist the crystal skull i keps thinking of the movie "house 2 the 2nd story" 2 UHF is always a win thank you for that sir.
  7. OP let me help out a bit. 1 jingles did a great video on torp beats in BBs it is a bit old but look it up. short answer drive like you are drunk. 2 DDs are not over powered class but they are very importiant to winning. the side that keeps a DD alive later in the game wins more often. 3 i play early 5:30 am to 6 AM weekdays and 8PM to 9:30PM weekdays eastern std time USA. look me up and we can DIV up and shoot ships a bit. message me here and i will try to set up a time if those don't work for you. we can test some of those ideas and see what ones are true.
  8. OP if they would do this i could respect them. even if the CC's didn't come back i would even open my wallet again ( closed since PR and the crack about just getting it" with my company card "some fool in upper managent said at the time. still hoping he is sent to gulag. ) come on WG lets make a fun game and people will pay for it. look at games ( that have had problems ) like borderlands. we re bought the old 1st game when the 3rd one came out so we could play them all together on newer systems. history ships is a small market but we are a dedicated group that would love to play ships from history and do historical modes to see if we can do better.
  9. if WG has ever shown that they could balance a ship for the game then i would be for it. the problem is they have shown for years that they can't or don't want to balance ships they way the player base thinks balance should be. so what are they balancing the ships to? they won't tell us or show us why or where they got the info. they have said that they can only get info from the Russian server. ( calling [edited] on that or they need to hire people who can code) guess what, i have played on all the servers and none of them play the same. balance is not the same for any of the servers.
  10. rutilius83

    LWM Needs Help Crowd-Sourcing Missouri Data #2

    ok some after matches
  11. stopped at 28 min. i get that you are still a shill for WG. you have missed the point in all of this and i will try to say it is because you are new and haven't see the actions of WG over time like the rest of us have. as i said in the you tube video of this. no sub for you and no $ for WG . i'm looking forward to someone making a ship game that is fun because i would pay for that. i am done with Russian companies because of how they operate.
  12. rutilius83

    Mouse abuse, why is WOWS so bad at PR

    ok i will keep posting MO data for you LWM good luck in the future. i have always loved your reviews.
  13. rutilius83

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    ok here are a few. wow i stink in this boat. lol
  14. rutilius83

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    thank you for the hard work LWM and Chobi. after reading this and hearing more from others i can say as your cousin from the south i will pass on Yukon and maybe use that $ to visit the Yukon instead.