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  1. rutilius83

    Hypocrisy of the elite teams

    ok i get that i have odd ideas. how about for a really competive game mode WG gives us all the same ships. so it is all player skill not ship meta that some may not have. much like they have done with some of the events where we had to play the ships they provided. we will still have some of the unicum clans playing the scrubs because MM hates us scrubs. ( lol ) but it might be the best we can get to level the playing field.
  2. it is because WG didn't model naval rifles and armor. they had a tank game and just made adjustments and ported it over. the physics for naval rifles are very different from tank guns. and so is the armor. for starters the thin armor would remove the AP cap on the shells and they would break up on the belt for little damage. the U.S. south dokoda's armor with it's SSt steel hull and inner inclined armor would do this. this is why when the So Dak was being hit at close range by the IJN BB the shells didn't pen it. there are photos of one of the 14" shells bent like a bannana. here is a link to a place to start if you want to look into this more. ( yes i am that guy) . there are things they did to make the game work better but other things that don't work as well. if they had modeled the naval rifles and armor like they were in real life WG would have more points to ballance that wouldn't be so heavy handed. like adjusting the hull platting for improved or reduced decapping of AP shells and adjust the damage done because of that would let players pew pew and get hits ( dopamein hits for this ) but some guns would do better than others. http://www.combinedfleet.com/gunarmor.htm
  3. rutilius83

    The Devil's Advocate: Shall we do a test?

    how about they are ballanced for 1 or 2 a side and not for more?
  4. and i don't. i havent opened my wallet since the PR nightmare., i have said over and over that making lower priced bundles to help grinding for $20 usd would make them more over time than the big ticket items and be more stable as well. they keep ignoring it because spreadsheet? i don't know or care any more.
  5. my plan is to play my 4 games a day and if i finish a task great. if not well i'm not moved by the rewards anyway so i see no need to push or grind.
  6. rutilius83

    Premium Ship Review: California

    thank you for another great review. enjoy your time off. and another hard pass for me with WG putting out another crappy ship they think i will buy. i have been tighter with my $ since the PR crap and this isn't going to make me open my wallet to them. WG quite looking at spread sheets and look at game play. toss out the MBAs and focus on what you are making and your customer base. if the customer doesn't want or like your product you will not make the sales you should.
  7. rutilius83

    New Youtuber Doing a T9 Giveaway!

    very nice game sir.
  8. rutilius83

    New Youtuber Doing a T9 Giveaway!

    ok so what is the you tube channel name. i don't think you get views from the video you post here and i want to help. i may also just not know how to use the link right, because i'm old and such. lol
  9. rutilius83

    Epicenter opinion poll

    i would rather every epicenter match be replaced with the ocean map. i love ocean. that is real naval combat.
  10. rutilius83

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    Mouse Zara channel I chase. Sea raptor.
  11. an image from a photoshoot i did a few years ago. Janet does crazy eyes really well.
  12. rutilius83

    Need to vent.

    this is even more fun in ranked and or clan battles. sigh
  13. rutilius83

    Do you stay and watch the after battle?

    i did for a long while as it helped me learn what people did to stay alive longer. i also would go look at the islands to see if there were any hidden things on them that the map maker added. now it depends, i still look over the map as they are very well done and try to help out , but with so many grinding missions and having a short time to play i have to bail and start a new game hoping my team can win despite me being a part of the team. lol
  14. rutilius83

    If our commanders could talk...

    over heard in a portside bar " we must be in hell. that is the only thing that makes any sence. we go out and fight and we get burned to death, riddled with shellfire, and or torpedoed and blow up. atleast the water flowing over the decks puts out the fires. then we are sent back out again. how can we keep going when we lose more than 1/2 our battles?. " old man at the end of the bar with an eyepatch " let's see , you go out and fight all day and then at the end you are back here drinking and wenching only to go out again tomorrow?" " you sir are not in hell but Vahalla! well done. "
  15. thank you for the cliff notes sir