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  1. rutilius83

    Scuttlebutt #47 (featuring Alexander Nevsky)

    nice 1st look sir.
  2. rutilius83

    Russian Bias out biasing itself

    cool WG is going to release a good ship. it has been a few years since they have. i am tired of the meh boat crap. before you call this OP remember who is driving this ship. he makes all ships perform OP like. not many players like that. us 48% scrubs will not do that well in it.
  3. rutilius83

    PLACE YOUR BETS 9.3 Ship cost

    well i can see at those prices i don't need to pick up any of those ships. i'm getting real sick of the artificial inflation WG is doing. it isn't adding to the game and the reaction of people is that they can pass on the ships so no one is spending real $ to get them. a more reasonable amount and more people will spend a bit to get enough to pick them up.
  4. as other have said it was one of the kami clones. WG pulled because they were called OP. not so any more. with the spotting of IJN torpedos and the BB players learning how to turn now and again they are just really good at spotting. div up with a good pair of cruisers and you can have some fun. to be fair i don't think any of the ships have ever been over powered. WG made some good ships that stand out in the trash that is most ships and then made it a challange to get them so the better players picked them up. those players woudl be OP in any ship. i feel they should bring back all the removed ships so us scrubs can get them and watch the numbers fall we we find out there is no magic win ship.
  5. i don't play mine anymore except in co-op. i end up in T10 matches and the AA fire wrecks my planes so fast i never get much damage. i know i stink at CVs but this is worse than my normal stinks. lol. tell you what sea raptor show us how you manage a T10 match in this CV.
  6. rutilius83

    WG: just for your information

    it is short sighted as it only looks at short term items and not long term ones. many CEO get paid in stock options so only make $ if the stock goes up. they plan to be gone before the things they put into place come home to roost and harm the company. this has happened with many industries, the housing apartment is one i lived through. knowing the people you are selling to and what they want lets you build a long term growth plan that will still be doing well decades in the future.
  7. rutilius83

    WG: just for your information

    i am with you sir and have said so to WG. i think some MBA has been making plans and like most they only seem to be concerned with the next qtr earnings. i have seen this with other game companies and just companies. home depot is a fine example of it.
  8. Ok I see you are not defending it so much as saying we are talking about the wrong thing. I love the song bits , thanks for that. So what should we be talking about then? The current save a star and how XP is figured isn't a good thing. It forces the play to save a star and not win that is the problem most post about. I don't go to my boss with problems if I don't have ideas on how to. Fix them so let's look at some that don't break your rules. Here are some of mine - the avg WR seems to be 46-48% not 50%. Ranked isn't about skill it is about how much you grind and can put up with ranked play. To show skill you would have to 1v1 beat players in the same ship as yourself, then do it in all classes. All my ideas take this into account 1. Every star is saved. More will rank out. I don't see that is a bad thing. More people will be getting steel ships and again I don't see a problem with that. It will still be a long grind for 46% players many will give up before ranking out. 2 all ranks are kept. You can only lose a star in the rank you are in. There is no save a star. You must win to advance. Much like above but you can get stuck longer. 3 change the way XP is counted because the way it is weighted certain ship classes are easier to save a star in. Some ships are better this way as well. Ok have fun all.
  9. rutilius83


    agree that save a star is not a great game mech with the way XP is counted. i would love to see " save a star" go away. once i see the teams go to save a star and not trying to win i stop playing ranked. it normally takes about 3 days to a week. this time it seems they started on day 1.
  10. rutilius83

    Server overloaded when trying to enter a battle at 4:30 AM?

    same for me i tried all game modes with the same notice being posted. looks like i'm not getting any British missions done this morning. do we get this day back? we are losing tomorrow as well for the server being down. they only have 1? lol
  11. ok so how about this because i have been known to drive my Kami from time to time. ( note my WR in it stinks, it is so not OP in my hands lol ) div up with some players and learn. you are in a clan so that is a ready made group. if not them hit me up in game and i will drive ships with you. the water washing over the decks does put out the fires. lol i'm on from 5:30 AM to 6 AM and 8ish PM to 9:30 PM eastern most days. ask questions from clan and div mates. " why did you do that?" " how did you know to do that?" fun thing is they may not know so they will have to think about it. when i was teaching martial arts having to think and fix someone else made me tons better. you will be helping them as well as yourself. take care mike
  12. rutilius83

    Ranked DD back to the bottom...

    i get it sir. XP should be weighted for the ship class. DD should get more XP for doing DD things just as a BB should get more XP for doing BB things. this would be both the job of the ship in life and the job in game. they are not the same thing mores the pitty.
  13. rutilius83

    Russian Bias and USN Bias: How do you feel about it?

    ok i will play as intended. and if we are having fun talking about this in a calm and reasoned manner any who don't want to don't have to read this. it is not only that many of the ships were never built. that brings up that in operational use problems were found that were fixed in the next set of ships. because all ships are a trade off of speed, weight, and what do we have the ability to build or buy. for those who don't know already a great ship history channel (an example) another part of the dislike for me is a lot of the high tier Russian ships are cold war era. if we are going that way can i have an Aegis radar on my Des moins or alaska? let me spot planes and ships on the entire map. lol i will admit to the guns and armor not working as naval rifles and armor really do. ( i.e. angling the armor doesn't make any useful difference to the shell hitting you. ) but not for the reasons most think. i come from a miniature gaming back ground and have helped several companies get games made. if the hulls and armor and shells worked as in real life ( even adjusting for model scale, vs ship scale, vs gun scale, yes those can all be different in a miniature game ) it would give WG more points for balancing ships that what we have now. that would make a better game for the players and make things easier for WG as the make more ships . i will stop here and see where this goes. have fun all.
  14. to answer some, yes we have had T9 ships for 1 mil free xp 111,112 per tier and we had a T7 ( nelson ) for much less. 375K 53,572 per tier so no doubling the price for a 1 tier bump is way too much. they are over pricing items for the in game $ and keeping the earning of it low while making it buy less. about what i would expect from a planned economy place that has had problems with resource management and distribution. there is nothing magic about T10 nor should we except the constant price gouging WG sets up with these things. yes it is "free" till you figure out how much of your life is needed to earn 2 mill free XP. the only way it is better than the PR grind missions is the time element isn't there. real cost should be set around 1.25 - 1.5 mil. to stay in line with past. it will be fun to see what they do and how everyone will react.
  15. rutilius83

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    they have been pushing patches and everything else way too fast. it has lead to sloppy code and more mistakes. a ship line or 2 a year with events to do with them durning that year would go a lot to help the code be better. if a new line came out with a new campain so you could play your new ships and use that line to grind up the line with the campain they would see people paying for more stuff. we don't need " new" every 4-8 weeks. we want wothwhile. i think WG forgets they are making a game some times. they have made a very nice looking game that people want to play. if they fixed the few mech problems they would find people who are more than willing to pay for fun.