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  1. Shiva_EU

    Today, It’s All About the Cats

    <3 to you all cat rescuers and co :)
  2. Thank you for that article :) Would have been nice if it and the missions, would have been on other servers too. Oh, the mission is on EU too. Quite hidden tho. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-0103-weekly-1/ Sadly the article itself is in a condensed format.
  3. Shiva_EU

    Update will not complete download

    The method used for WoT, works for WoWs too. https://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/17387-a-neat-trick-to-download-the-wot-patch-files/ I was stuck on the 360-390MB download. Altho, that was for the EU server. For the NA server I did other stuff and didn't check if it went fast or not.
  4. HMS Sverige, not quite sure how to classify or tier that one. Weight is as Tier V cruiser Königsberg, while length is just a few meters longer than Dresden,Tier II. Main turrets and Belts, more armour than Graf Spee, Tier VI, Deutschland-class. Speed 5knots slower than Graf Spee. Speed, faster than Tier VI Bayern, but slower than the tier +7 BB's. Wargaming seems to translate HP by tonnage, so Sverige-class, could have similar troubles as Viribus Unitis. VU has OK guns, but is short and therefore tonnage not great either and that affect the ships Health Points. Ingame Graf Spee has a fire rate of 3 rounds/minute, wikipedia says 2,5 rounds/minute. Navweaps link. Sverige class 3-4rounds/minute, Swedish wikipedia article says 4 rounds/minute. Maximum tier 6. Healthwise tier 5 best? if considered as a Cruiser, similar as Graf Spee. Speed would be as slowish battleships. I would say tier 4 or 5. Hits similarly as a Graf Spee, health as a Königsberg, size as a Dresden. Very nice AA for its size. Slow as a Bayern. For WW2 spec. I'll say, Tier 5 cruiser.
  5. HMS Gotland , yes, I am linking the swedish wipikedia page, due to that seems to have the correct armament. T6, would that be with the 1937 or the 1944 layout? 1944 would have quite nice AA for the size of the ship. Huang He / HMS Aurora, Arethusa class light cruiser. HMS Sverige, speed not great, but turning radius should be quite nice instead? Tier? no clue.
  6. Shiva_EU

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Shiva, EU server. Finally getting a Tegetthoff-class battleship ingame. SMS Viribus Unitis. It might not be the best ship ingame, but the ship I did look most forward to get for 2019. Crysantos and co, won't hear any questions when to get a Tegetthoff-class ingame :)