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  1. Masingi

    How to stop CVs

    They have a low average because most of you don't know how to play the META. Has absolutely nothing to do with CVs.
  2. Masingi

    How to stop CVs

    This is so easy to counter. And CV players if you see them trying this on you focus the bastard down.
  3. I play CVs and no they don't need anymore nerfing just for you snow flakes.
  4. One CV per match and buff all CVs damage and speed.
  5. Masingi

    Being a team player when playing CV

    Turn of chat. It does wonders.
  6. The price is the price. WG don't change a thing.
  7. Usually people with more cash have more brains and poor people don't. Been that way since the beginning of time.
  8. Masingi

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    In this world some people have more money than time. Which one are you?
  9. Masingi

    Don't like CVs? Blame the BBs

    They met all of the goals. You are lying.
  10. Masingi

    Don't like CVs? Blame the BBs

    "It is fairly obvious that much of the player base is split over the enjoyment of having CVs in the game." That's your no proof whatsoever opinion.
  11. Masingi

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    Most DD players don't play correctly end of story.
  12. Masingi

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Consistently 60/40 in favor of CVs. Move on cry babies.
  13. Masingi

    Poll on the state of CV's

    Nothing is wrong with CV's it the player base. Overwhelming data shows this.
  14. Masingi

    Ranked Season 14 Predictions

    Smolensk X 10