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  1. Do not trust what people are saying about the rework unless you try it for yourself. Some people in this forum are full of lies and misinformation. WG has the best game of this type that I have ever seen. They have been 100% upfront about everything pertaining to the rework and I trust them to balance it. Some people on this forum want this game to fail and that's not only sad it disgusting. Round 2 of the beta test is coming. Go in and try it for yourself.
  2. You have no proof whatsoever. All you do is post emotional rants lies and misinformation.
  3. I read the forums and you are spreading lies and misinformation that WG has already debunked about the CV Rework. I am pretty sure that most people that come to this forum know that you are a cancer to this game.
  4. God I hope the KillJoy players just leave the game.
  5. Masingi

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    If all of the anti CV people just left this game it would still survive. Get over it this game is the BEST of it's kind.
  6. Masingi

    Yet another poll on CV's

    Can we have a button so we don't have to play the game with you? Oh we got one already.
  7. Masingi

    The CV change isn't just wrong, it's berserk.

    Sort of what they do now? You sound like a salty BB driver.
  8. You deserve a award for the CV Rework. I almost gave up on ever playing a CV but you have changed the way I see this game. I am a US Navy veteran and I love naval combat games. World of Warships is one of the best naval combat games on the market bar none. All I ask is that you watch closely and balance the CVs so all can have a great experience. Thank you. FYI I need the Gato class submarine in the game.
  9. Masingi

    Thoughts about the upcoming CV rework

    I have played the rework every day. I cant get enough of it. I am back to being a CV main.
  10. Why do you insult your fellow players? Toxic nonsense is not needed. To your point players will get tired of being focused like they do now with CVs and play better or die.
  11. Masingi

    The CV change isn't just wrong, it's berserk.

    It get's better when you practice. I am enjoying the CV Rework. I have played the BETA damn near all day.
  12. Masingi

    The CV change isn't just wrong, it's berserk.

    No one has ever provided proof that it is worse than the crap RTS Alpha strike. Give me a break.
  13. Masingi

    The CV change isn't just wrong, it's berserk.

    Well I am here to tell that CVs are fixed. The CV Rework is a success no matter that salt. Just leave the game if you can't allow this game to succeed.
  14. We will get the Space Battleship Yamato skin.
  15. CV Rework will run out the toxic players in this game that wants it to FAIL. Second CV rework will be a HUGE success.