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  1. Panzerjager72

    25 German Battleship Container Haul

    I received an Immelman as well. I don't even play carriers.
  2. Panzerjager72

    Brawls, did good until tonight

    Well I'm done. 9-25 is my score tonight. A big waste of flags. I was 5-0 until I bought Lutjens and then I got crap team after crap team. Since Brawls are supposedly based on player skill does adding Lutjens to your ship change anything? I guess MM figured I was winning too many battles over the last week.
  3. Panzerjager72

    Brawls, did good until tonight

    I'm playing with teams that just don't care to win tonight. I mentioned to one team I had nothing but yolo teams tonight and one guy says "Watch this" and goes right into the enemy and dies.
  4. Panzerjager72

    Brawls, did good until tonight

    3-18, yolo team after yolo team after yolo team. wth?
  5. Panzerjager72

    Brawls, did good until tonight

    Currently at 2-14 so far tonight. I'm just about done. Too many Yolo teams.
  6. So last night I went 8-4. The days before were about 60-40. Tonight I started off 5-0, I finally got enough coal to get Lutjens, since then I've gone 1-12 =/
  7. Panzerjager72

    30v30 like Frontlines

    That's what I've been saying! $$$$$$$$$$ =)
  8. Panzerjager72

    30v30 like Frontlines

    Frontlines probably has more vehicles moving and shots going than some semi slow moving ships. FL also has numerous battles going on at one time. Also there are tons of extra mechanics that are used in this mode; smoke, airstrike, artillery strike, recon planes etc Some MMOs have thousands of players doing thousands of different things. I really don't see why it would be an issue. Code it and they will come.
  9. Panzerjager72

    30v30 like Frontlines

    I think it's more of a $$$ issue in regards to if their servers can handle it, i.e., do they want to spend the money to handle it.
  10. I'd love to see a 30v30 for Warships. Mentioned it to Ev1n on a stream and he seemed interested. He said something about the servers might not be able to handle it though.
  11. I was on the Mountain Range map and there was a small flat island with an airfield that my secondaries would not shoot over.
  12. Panzerjager72

    October Prime Loot now available

    I received 100,000 Captain EXP. A ship or coal is what I was hoping for.
  13. I don't play carriers nor do I really like playing them. It came with a 10 point Captain. What skills and equipment should I take?
  14. Panzerjager72

    Worth the -2 karma

    I don't really see what the point of Karma is. I honestly never knew it was there until recently. I think it's just a way for ragers to have some kind of immediate outlet to blame someone else when they yoloed in and died. So right clicking on someone's name after the battle and saying they "played poorly" is there way of "I showed them"!
  15. Panzerjager72

    Brawl bulldookie

    Most of the time when I'm in a BB the CV targets me right off and I lose half to most of my health before I get anywhere near the caps. It's very annoying. The team is pretty much down a ship in the first 90 seconds of the battle. In one battle it ended up being myself in a BB with about half health and a CV at full health. I went around an island to find him and started shooting him. He got up to full speed and I could not get an angle on him to launch torps. The whole time he was torp spamming me and there was nothing I could do. I could not do enough damage quickly enough to kill him. I was basically chasing him around an island while he kept torp spamming me. I really don't think they belong in Brawl. Maybe if they were a lower tier.