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  1. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Favorite vs. Best ships

    Interesting thread... I have ship A.D.D. so not sure if I have a favorite, LOL. I have good games in ships as different as the Minotaur and Republic, it just seems to be whatever mood I'm in. The Mass has turned into a favorite, not one I would have bought, but got her in a Crate, and its been love at first brawl. I WANT to like the Aigle. That seems like a strange thing to say, but she is so dang French I can't help but lover her, even though I SUCK at driving her. Looking forward to the biff she is getting. Speaking of biffs, the Dunk is another favorite that is getting some love. I also WANTED to like the Kron, but enough said about that...
  2. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Neptunes and Minotaurs completely gone

    Well, I just got my Mino... I SHOULD have finished that grind first, but kept getting distracted by various French girls.. Anyway, I like her, ever though I'll never be the best driver.... Best game so far:
  3. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Do we want a Dunkerque buff?

    Well....I'll take it I guess... I do think it will help. Even if its just another roll of the RNG dice...
  4. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    DDs built for island Camping...

    Aw rats I'm out of plus ones, LOL. That being said, I think a "D-day" scenario would be cool..
  5. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    ST Heavy Cruiser Changes

    Well, this "Frog" has done jumped out of the dang pot. My Kron is parked. No, I don't think 15 seconds more fire is game breaking, BUT that is not what they sold me, and didn't tell all of us that this nerf was even being thought about. Bait and switch at its finest. I've said this before, downvote me till your mouse bleeds, your Premium might be next... Again, I would almost bet we see the MO again...right after they nerf the credit earning... I would not put anything past this company at this point.
  6. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    I'm sure your right. My Kron is parked forever, and don't see myself getting an Alaska, like ever. Oh well.
  7. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    WarGaming response to our clan member being killed - in real life

    Very sad on many levels. I have nothing to add but my condolences.
  8. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    In my VERY first game in the Dunk, I fired my first 8 shells out her guns EVER at an Emerald... I had HE loaded, keep that in mind. Fire, Citadel Busted engine First Blood. I was a wuss and skipped her with Free XP... I'll be hiding on my Minotaur if anyone needs me...
  9. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    How to stop someone from spamming the whole game?

    Its tough when the spammer is on your team... I've NEVER TKed on purpose...but it been close, LOL. I've said before, and I still think its true, that 99% its someone who is chat banned taking it out on everyone. I was in a game with one who lucky for us was on the Reds...I say lucky because as soon as he got spotted the entire team opened up on him....He died, shut up, and we got on with the game... The end.
  10. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Kraken Unleashed!

    NICE! I only have two myself. Then second took me almost a year and half, so here is to hoping you don't have to wait that long, LOL..
  11. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Refund for Kronstadt

    Well...your still stuck with it is what I meant. Like I said I don't want to turn this into yet another "My Kron got nerfed! Gimmie back my XP!" thread... But that is why I sent in my ticket earlier this week, and got the company line that I paraphrased for you... Wargaming doesn't care if your happy with what you bought, and as was said above, you don't own jack, so they can do whatever whenever to the product. I would assume ANY Premium in the future is fair game. I for one am keeping that in mind when I think about spending my money. "Fool me once..shame on you" and all that.
  12. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Refund for Kronstadt

    Nope, if you play it you own it. Sorry. That is about all I can say without hijacking your thread...