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  1. Dusted off the Hotlanta...

    Yeah, almost all my best games end in a loss.. Atlanta or otherwise..
  2. The Atlanta is OP

    Yea, I think we all watch to much Eurobeat doing crazy things in one...Mere mortals like us just can't do that every game...no matter how hard we try, LOL..
  3. French BB psych up thread

    Well...player in Richie put themselves in a bad spot, but here she is:
  4. So I sank my First Richelieu

    WHO CARES!!!! I want a Richelieu! All this bla bla bla, and not one screen shot.
  5. French BB psych up thread

    I saw a pic of the Tier 3 with all the stacks replaced by wine bottles, but now I can't find it, LOL..
  6. French BB psych up thread

    The Onion Knight demands screen shots!! (this not being able to play is freaking killing me. )
  7. Most and least intimidating battleship

    In game: Sharnhorst, but that being said, I've been deleted by a Montana more than anything... then there is the freaking Conqueror... In real life? Tough call. As far as the resources needed to sink her, I would say the Tirpitz...even if all she did was hide... As far as looks? The Hood.
  8. The Atlanta is OP

    She totally needs a buff.... Wish I could do this every game, LOL...
  9. Premium Ship Review: HMAS Vampire

    Well, I can't even play right now, with my 56k net, let alone try the mission to get this bad boy.... BUT if I did this would be me:
  10. This was stuck in my head all day, LOL!!
  11. Great stuff man! I LOLed at all the Po Ta Toes!
  12. Release All The Krakens!

    N I C E! I'm only 99 squids behind you, LOL..
  13. French BB psych up thread

    I just want to see how all those front facing secondary turrets do... They should have a very good field of fire, so we will have to see what kind of range we get...
  14. French BB psych up thread

    Well, my 'net is sort of working now... Can't play, so I'll post here, LOL... I think the Gascogne looks like the forbidden love child between a Dunk, and Graf Spee... That camo tho..
  15. She is a darn good CA. If high Tier play didn't make me sad, I'd play her more.