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  1. Well, despite being drag butt tired, I manged to unlock the Helena tonight. My daughter was looking over my shoulder as I put her "night of remembrance" camo on her... I explained that I really wanted her, as not only was she real, unlike the Dallas, that she had a very interesting history. We talked a bit about Pearl Harbor, where she got torpedoed, and my daughter asked me: "Is she the one that still cries oil?" "Nope that is the Arizona, but she was sunk in the same attack. I don't have her, but I can pull up her picture here in port." So I did...we talked about how much oil a ship like that would have on board, etc. 30 seconds here and there can add up to a big deal, IMO. Anyway, the Helena might be the best looking CA in my port. Two thumbs waaay up!
  2. Lost my little buddy, and I'm sooo tired..

    Thanks guys. I really mean that. Tomorrow will be better I know, so I'll think I'll go to bed for now...thanks again..
  3. What is WG trying to tell us?

    For some reason I pictured my daughter saying, and doing that same thing, LOL...
  4. Lost my little buddy, and I'm sooo tired..

    Our cat Mikey died this morning after a sudden illness. We rescued him from the Pet Smart cat adoption area 9 years ago. All my wife wanted was dog food, LOL. But this big orange fluff ball was trying to break down the glass to get to my kids so he could go home with them...and home he went. He was the best cat. He loved kids, and never bit or scratched one, even when it would have been legit self defence. He even put up with our dogs while in their "crazy puppy" stage, and again never acted out in anger. He took two unplanned moves in stride, only busting out of the house and jumping into the van just to make sure we didn't forget him. If he had a vice, it was that he loved catnip a little to much, LOL. I had to bury him at 0300 hours in the rain, without Sam and Dean Winchester to help me dig. It was the least I could do, and it doesn't even come close to feeling like enough. I manged to get a couple hours of sleep, but wife and kids are a wreak and stayed up the rest of night and watched Liv and Maddie trying to take their minds off him. I'm bushed. I have no idea how I got through work today. I might play a bit, mostly to get MY mind off of things, but I don't think I'll be setting any records, LOL... Thanks for letting me vent. R.I.P. Mikey
  5. Happy pumpkin spice season!!!

    Crap...now I want pie! I usually get it for Thanksgiving, but that is about it..my wife doesn't care for it, so its not around....but now I want her to make one, LOL...
  6. How to play in an antisocial team?

    Yeah, you need a break when it gets that bad... I somehow went 7 and 0 tonight, so there is a flip side to this... It will turn around, it always does.
  7. Happy pumpkin spice season!!!

    I know...that is the part that really bugs me.. Can't we enjoy whatever season it is? Speaking of bugs... That would not shock me in the least... To much man...you will turn into this:
  8. Happy pumpkin spice season!!!

    I texted my wife about the pumpkin spice Pop Tarts I saw today...I'm sure the barfing emojis where a mistake... I don't mind a little pumpkin, but does it have to start the hot second the kids go back to school?
  9. Garbage boats you like...

    Aw c'mon she isn't that bad... I am totally biased as she is the first Premium my bought me. She used to be even more "special" before she got some buffs awhile back... "Huh, I'm spotted, and I can't see anyone yet...oh wait, there is the red Kongo, oh those are his shells?!?! *loose 3/4 of your HP*
  10. more leaks on subs

    I'm sorry I can only like this once... But remember....a leak on a sub is never good...
  11. Garbage boats you like...

    I know.... *hangs head in shame* I've been on a RN CL run as of late, but now I've gotten serious.... 'merica!!
  12. Oh well...live and learn I guess. I'll get my Helena soon enough, MWHAHAHA....
  13. Garbage boats you like...

    Wow...answers all over the place... One man's trash is another's treasure? I found myself running around with that goofy Tier 5 RN DD all dang day...stupid thing is addictive somehow...
  14. I totally agree. I'm at the Ed right now, and I can tell that is where the real "fun" begins.. Smoke is great..until half the reds have radar. I did skip the Emerald...because even a glutton for punishment like me can only take so much, but otherwise, its been a on/off grind for me. Mostly on right now, as I rather like these angry little CLs... The funny part is I SHOULD have been grinding the German line. I have 4 trainers. Emden: From Santa, Spee: Mission, Scharn: Christmas gift (not a CA but would work as a trainer) Eugen: Birthday gift from my wife. And yet I've never touched the tree ships...I'm weird...