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  1. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Battle Angel Alita

    Guys, one question: Would you take kids to this? My daughters ages 9 and 12 want to see it... They like the Marvel movies...
  2. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Alaska Feedback: Underwhelming

    ....But on the other hand the Atlanta is on sale...
  3. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Alaska opinions

    I'm looking forward to playing wheeled tanks...crap wrong forum... No really, I was looking forward to her in a big way...but the price is to high, and that was before the nerf to all the Large/Battle/Fluffy cruisers at high tiers... Do we know how she holds up to CV rocket attack?
  4. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Alaska opinions

    I'm just here for the free popcorn...
  5. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Why I am leaving the game as an open beta player

    Good luck man! Stay safe!
  6. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Battleship: it's an awful movie but it does have Mighty Mo

    Is it okay that I got choked up a little bit? Missouri LIVES just one more time...
  7. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Kraken....with secondaries

    I just put my Hotlanta Captain on mine... IFHE AFT, etc... Works fine!
  8. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Battleship: it's an awful movie but it does have Mighty Mo

    ...annnnd I'm out of Plus Ones again... I haven't seen that one...but I know I should, LOL... Dumb question: Can my kids watch it with me? Girls ages 12 and 9? They like movies, and will watch Lord of Rings and Godzillia with me... so scary monsters are in...
  9. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    New Battleship game!!

    No, we can talk about this one... https://www.kotaku.com.au/2019/02/hasbro-updated-battleship-for-the-beer-pong-generation/ Looks like a good party game if you know what I mean...
  10. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Kraken....with secondaries

    NICE! As soon as I saw the title, my first thought was: "Bet it was a Mass..." That thing is a brawling thug. I won mine, but almost wish I bought it with real money when she first hit the shop. She suits my playstyle like hand in glove. Again, nice game!
  11. I haven't heard about them changing The Donuts... But as far as I know they went ahead with the nerf to the Large/Battle/Big Boned CAs. I parked mine like a month ago, so I can't speak to anything about .80...
  12. Well, they did make my Kron burn more...2 weeks after I bought it...that still stings.
  13. What is the point of new ships, if you never know what your getting? It could be fine this week and nerfed into mehood the next. Make our old ships great again?
  14. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    USS Alaska Release Date

    At this point nothing would shock me.... It could be pink with teal polka dots, and have Pinky Pie as the Captain, and I would laugh it off. Maybe for next Christmas?
  15. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    USS Alaska Release Date

    I really think its a myth at this point...