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  1. Richelieu Turrets Too Fragile?

    Ya'all have never seem me play have you... I'm just a low born Knight, but I do get my turrets knocked out a lot more in her than my Dunk.. I assumed it was to keep us from doing nothing but bow tanking. It does happen more when brawling...you can bow tank half a team at long range. Check out how much steel I took in this one: But that was at long range...I was doing just fine till four BBs found their guts and rushed me.. On the other hand, I got into a nose to nose fight with my Dunk with another Dunk...We punched each other in the face at point blank range for like 5 min...we also chatted while our guns reloaded, and neither one of us lost a turret..
  2. First Tier 9 glamour shot.

    Awww yassss. First Tier 9 BB for the Onion knight. Only two games so far, and I think she might be the pick of the line.. Wow. So haaaaapy... Is there any real reason to go on to the Republic?
  3. French BB psych up thread

    Aw yasssssss... This bad girl is a MONSTER. Two games and I'm in love...
  4. Finally got the special French BB captain...

    Welp..got the Tier 9 tonight...but have my 15 pointer on her for now...He sure rocks in the Dunk! May just leave him there...
  5. Finally got the special French BB captain...

    Thanks guys! He seems to do well in any of the French girls...Wish we could have two of him, LOL...
  6. Finally got the special French BB captain...

    I like them... I think the fun starts at Tier 7, but some might disagree... Hey wait a sec, did I hijack my own thread? Did anyone put him on a CA? He might just rock in a H4 or a Martel...
  7. Finally got the special French BB captain...

    Yeah, I know, took me long enough, lol... So AR and Expert Marksman are a no brainer with this guy....what other skill did you spec, and what ship do you have him on? I've got him on the Dunk...but I guess he was made for the Republic?
  8. Space Battles and the special T10 skins

    Well, no, not all of them...and I wouldn't blame them if we could only buy them...but a guy can hope...right?
  9. Space Battles and the special T10 skins

    ..or maybe earn them while playing the Space Battle?
  10. Vulgarities

    Well, lets face it, most of us are here to let off steam. (pun intended) So some of us end up using words and language that would get us fired or punched out if we used it in real life. Its the internet. After a max of 20 min that person goes away, and you almost never see them again. Horray!
  11. Is République a must have?

    I want one. But I like these French girls, and she would be my first Tier X..
  12. Post match therapist worksheet

    Does she make housecalls?
  13. Tried... and failed.

    I almost hate to admit it, since I know people will think I'm nuts...but the Belfast. (hangs head in shame ) I think I bite off more than I can chew with it...and don't have torps to bail me out once in awhile.
  14. French BB psych up thread

    I kind of cheated, and burned all my XP on day one and started with the Richie...then went back to the Lyon to run her in Missions. The Lyon is a freaking BEAST with all those guns. Her armor is crap, but you can't have it all.. The only reason I'm not running the Normandie in Missions is that I already had the Dunk. She has her fans, so I would keep her. As far as CE on these...I can see both sides, but I also push the issue a lot...more than I should really... So sneaking up, and away from things make sense to me anyway. IFHE is just to high a price to pay I think..
  15. French BB psych up thread

    Yeah, pretty steep price to pay for secondaries that damage things, LOL. It will never be a Bismark, and I'm not sure we should try to make it one...(says the guy who brawls at the drop of a hat, LOL)