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  1. ...But the que times will be short for CAs, LOL.
  2. Love my Belfast! It even makes me look good some days! But yeah, everybody wants to kill you right the now...and if they see you, and can shoot you...ouch. I don't have a Nikoli, but I would like one...I would never play it. Really. Never. Truly. Total port queen. Oh the seals that would die horrible deaths....for Mother Russia!!!!!
  3. Not to be dense....but are we for sure getting her in game? I can't read EVERYTHING about the RN BBs...dratted work, LOL.
  4. Thanks for all you do Mouse! I find these quick and dirty reviews strangely helpful on ship that I don't plan on playing, but know I'm gonna see tons of in the game... Is it okay that I would still like to see the Dreadnought herself in game?
  5. Its it okay that myself and the OP enjoy our under powered, over priced, wallet warrior Hipper? Ya'all want to complain about something? How about a Colorado shooting HE at a Baltimore, while a Alabama misses from 12 Kms out. I was about to pull my hair out, when we won on points, for my only win out of 5 tries with my Eugen.... Is that my ships fault? I don't think so.. Its the driver stupid. Am I the best CA driver? Oh hell no. But getting burned out on yet another grind just isn't fun. That being said, maybe this winter I might grind the rest of the German line... or not, LOL.
  6. Wichita? Tier 8 CA? HMS Furious? Tier 6? CV OR as built with two 18" guns... What about the two DDs we got to use for the Dunkirk mission? Derfflinger, is also a good idea...but what about Von der Tann, or Goben? DD: Reuben James From left field: The Giorgious Averof
  7. Its like a freaking swarm of locusts!!
  8. I just bought her as well...and my experience has been exactly like yours. Everything about her screams "meh" but all of sudden I'm having a good game... Head to head with my Martel, I'd take the Eugen, but I couldn't tell you why.. The Martel has a better gun layout, is faster, etc...but I do better with das German... Huh.
  9. Thanks gang! Yeah, she is quickly becoming my go to ship... I can't say I've had any spectacular games so far...but nor have I had any real bad ones either... Love the German Hydro!
  10. Right now I have an AA build, but run Hydro...middle of the road I guess. She seems very consistent so far...I knew she wasn't OP or anything, and was playing a bit cautious at first..But the gloves are coming off late in the game.... Captain builds? Ready...go. Me: Tier 1: PT, PM Tier 2 Adrenaline Tier 3 Super, Basic Tier4 AFT.
  11. I vote for the New Zealand, just because she got to fight a Jutland... Plus, I'm a wanna be Kiwi. No really, ever since I first saw Lord of the Rings, I've been learning about this place. Can we have an All Blacks camo? (does Haka) Nobody on this server knows what I'm talking about do they?
  12. My Shiratsuyu feels your pain...oh wait. Poi?
  13. As is, I think the Zeppelin is gonna be worse than the Big E as far as putting the hurt on BBs. No, I don't have numbers, but I was in a game with a supertester driven Zepp, and she was one shotting everything in sight. I did an AA build on my shiny new Eugen, mostly because of stuff like this..I haven't run into a CV yet...but I know its coming, LOL.
  14. Well, only three games in, but I really think she was money well spent, at least for me. Yeah, I can see what all of you are saying: She does seem a bit pokey, but then I have a Martel, which is a hot rod, so that might have something to do with it. Yeah, I get spotted a lot, but I don't have CE on this captain... She does have a less efficient main gun layout than a Martel..One less gun too. But... Her guns sure do seem to hit harder than a Martel. I even tried some AP on broadside BBs, and was pretty happy with the damage, at least with the IJN and USN ships. She has a ton better AA rating, but I haven't had a CV try to take me out...yet. She seems tougher than a Martel as well. Made in Germany I guess. Yeah, I wish I had a heal...but then I'm a pretty "banzai" CA driver...