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  1. I want one just so I can pull off a "Double Strike" in her and type: Pizza! Pizza! But I'm also broke.... but I brought a meme...
  2. I FINALLY had a Saturday to devote to Ships....and the game won't run right.... I blamed the game at first...I said bad words... But then I couldn't make even Youtube work... What the ? Did an 'net download test, and its like being in the 90s, LOL... I called the ISP...who won't talk to be as its in the landlords name... But they said they would look into it... I thought they put a new hampster on the wheel....and tried the game again... Up and down speed... I gave up for the day... I parked it and hit the bar. Sigh...what do people do without WoW? Watch football?
  3. Freaking double post... Pizza Pizza!!!!
  4. She is D E A D sexy. And one my Great Grandfather would have seen in real life. I'm broke as usual, but damn....
  5. Yeah...she runs hot and cold, almost no matter who is behind the wheel...
  6. What a slugfest!!!
  7. Game unplayable. Terrible lag, freezes, etc.
  8. Ran into Haze Grey again...this time on the Reds...
  9. Sorry man...
  10. Ditto... Yet another good looking French girl...
  11. Yeah, I've been close to that several times in the Martel.. Poke one of the big ships in the butt till they shoot at you, then run, run awwwwway..
  12. Well, they do have to win Clan they should know what they are doing...right? I guess this all sounded funnier in my head, LOL.
  13. Okay, dumb question time.... Its even a two part one, LOL. I was gifted mine when she first dropped. Could I sell her for Gold? IF I wanted to sell her, (and that is a B I G freaking IF ) would I send a message or what?
  14. Why not both?
  15. Well...the Genie is out of the bottle.... Some wicked this way cometh... Comrade Stalin readies his nuclear powered can we expect? Stalinium shells a plenty. Meh Citadel armor, but good on rest of ship. Will turn like an IS3. Vodka still. But I really want to know is will it have a caterpillar drive? "One ping only..." To the gulag! But the USN is sure to counter with its "Large Cruiser" idea... I'm sure the AA will come in handy for clan wars... Oh rats. But I bet HIV and Zao captains are loading HE and filling their dreams with thoughts of baked Alaska... Speaking of the IJN..They can't be left out with their "B-65" project.. This one will be like a 300 pound ninja...good stealth, big hits, but can get herself into big trouble if caught. I just don't see the Germans being left out of this. They kind of started the whole thing with the Graf Spee... At least between the wars... I bet they will bust out the East German pharmaceuticals used on "woman" weight lifters, and end up with a Super Spee, with big guns, good speed, turtle back armor, and body hair in strange places... As far as the French, even the most...."special" leaders can see that they don't want to be left behind.... A scaled up Dunk would make for some interesting bow tanking fun, with engine boost, park benches, AND swing set! And last but not least, the Royal Navy.... They did invent the whole battlecruiser thing... But choices need to be made.... AP only, or fires of hell itself HE? Smoke or radar? Tea, coffee, or rum? Strange times we live in my friends, stay salty...