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  1. Rickjoshi1765

    Negative Karma

    you have said no reason why to downvote wargaming. How are you any different than the players that downvote when they are mad?
  2. Rickjoshi1765

    How do I redeem a coupon in the premium shop?

    go to the premium shop on the website and click redeem wargaming code. you should then see a tab to show your coupons
  3. Rickjoshi1765

    Forum Game - Word Association

  4. Rickjoshi1765

    So unwell, 3rd day running.

    The treatment isn't whats gonna be the issue. It's the mental stages of thinking its nothing, fear of dying,and then anger. Chemo sucked. Everything tasted like metal and I was just sick. Never expierenced that treatment but as usual they all put the patient through crapso its not too much different. Hit me up when you hit next stage man. Right now you still good. Ill be here
  5. Rickjoshi1765

    So unwell, 3rd day running.

    I went through 12 treatments of chemo at the age I should have been drinking and partying. I know the stages. If you ever wanna talk hit me up man
  6. Rickjoshi1765

    Opt out for cv

    while we are at it, I would like the option that all other ships be removed. I am more interested in playing a Christopher Columbus Simulation where I just sail around and act like a fool.
  7. Rickjoshi1765

    I just click with the Chapayev

    all ships have a certain style of play. If you like it then go with it. I will say just keep in mind the Moskva at 10 is pretty different than the 8 or 9. But russian boats have those laser guns with low arcs and decent range once upgraded. But try everything eventually. It won't be the only ship you like
  8. Rickjoshi1765

    "You're playing to win" - Overload. Rant.

    Ive always found that if I don't try to complete a challenge I end up doing it. I would suggest just to play like normal and don't think about it. It will get done faster
  9. I really don't see why it matters. I mean it seems like you want to win more or do more in a game. If you can't do as much because of some challenge you have then so what? Is it because you are losing matches? I don't understand why you would want this. If you want some thought then here: No matter the challenge at hand anyone can adapt and become good and maybe one day the best. Thats what we have done in history. People with extreme challenges have been able to do tons of things. Im not making fun of you here, Im just saying that there is no reason why you can't get to a level where you can compete. The battles are random. I think that instead of trying to change the system so people can win, people can learn the game and win just like many others do. If you don't play all the time thats perfectly fine? Why does this matter then?
  10. Rickjoshi1765

    What's everyone complaining about?!!?!?

    Ill answer the question in the title of your post....EVERYTHING lol
  11. Rickjoshi1765

    MM - Let's Be Fair

    Yeah and when they get this set up, I can wait 12 hours. This will give me plenty of time in queue to read great posts like this
  12. Rickjoshi1765

    How to support DD

    Imagine this being just a game where people figure stuff out.
  13. Rickjoshi1765

    How to support DD

    play some dd so you can figure it out yourself. Its too much to try to explain because its just an instinct at this point lol
  14. Rickjoshi1765

    Thanks Support Team

    You're welcome
  15. Rickjoshi1765

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    OR the people making a big deal could just learn how to play to get things more balanced. Nothing competitive in life should have things balanced. Do they just give everyone equal teams in sports? There is no need to do anything different. If people get stuck on bad teams so much then help them learn stuff by posting threads that are helpful instead of some sort of venting moment.