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  1. yea its not good at all.. my mac was at the time of purchase all most top of the line 2 or so years back. i also do music production (reason for the machine) which is massively cpu/memory intensive. never had an issue with crashing + a number of other games as you do with no issues again.. never had a problem in WoT so good probability its something in the game not 100% there. the occasional time i do get an error pop up it does look memory related - when i have spare $$'s will chuck another 16GB in and see how that goes guessing for now we'll just have to contest each one with a ticket
  2. yea they're pretty awesome - i used to work for an IT firm in sales and hold the record for selling the most expensive laptop which was one of those ones, it was like 15k not inc tax. it was more than the cost of our average small server. spec built by HP in Singapore & took about a month to get here, it basically had the max RAM available at the time and the largest RAID 0 SSD HDD with the biggest CPU & graphics and a ridiculous warranty that was more than the cost of a basic laptop lol Still tho, wanting to know if i'll get penalized if/when the game crashes.
  3. yea ive given that a go many times... doesn't work sadly. usually when it freezes its stuck in a sound loop going 'ch ch ch ch ch ch.. ' and so on, keybaord/mouse completely locked up. I'll need to hard reboot the machine (hold on button till machine switches off) which is also probably not good for the computer. i am although working on seeing if wifey will let me get a new gaming PC lol, will take some convincing though.
  4. Hi Wargaming! I'm wondering how it will work when the new patch starts and the new punishment system. My game crashes often, once per day on average and usually mid game. will i get a strike because the game crashed? (freezes needing full restart) Usually when this happens i have to restart my computer & it takes maybe 4-5 mins to get back in to the game & 95% of the time im already dead and would look like ive gone afk or rage quit. Thanks!
  5. Hey all, ok have tried the above with app cleaner etc and appears we're all good on running the game now. rating suffered a bit over the last few days from way to many game crashes though. Thank you velvet_velour
  6. Cheers for the info Goose. i did this 1st thing this morn. game runs but crashes almost every game
  7. Hey All, Just wondering how the mac users are going with the new update. ive done the steps in Wacko's posts earlier today which gets the game running however almost every game crashes mid game. can't change from direct x 9 to 11 as supposedly no support according to the teh post Wacko put up, am running on lowest settings and am unsure how to get the game running. any assistance appreciated
  8. Tried Wacko's fix this morn, game loads & plays however almost every game crashes. is there a quick link to the fix youve tried Gunboatz?
  9. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    Greetings all, Cheers for the good work here wacko17 As with a bunch of other Mac players here ive had probs this morning. have done the new install/update as mentioned earlier. game now runs however have had mixed results, went about 3-4 games before crashing and have just done another 3 all crashing mid game. any ideas? have changed all settings to low as mentioned in the DX11 link can't change to 11 on mac. running WoWs on a 105 27" imac so should be ok on specs