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  1. Hey all, ok have tried the above with app cleaner etc and appears we're all good on running the game now. rating suffered a bit over the last few days from way to many game crashes though. Thank you velvet_velour
  2. Cheers for the info Goose. i did this 1st thing this morn. game runs but crashes almost every game
  3. Hey All, Just wondering how the mac users are going with the new update. ive done the steps in Wacko's posts earlier today which gets the game running however almost every game crashes mid game. can't change from direct x 9 to 11 as supposedly no support according to the teh post Wacko put up, am running on lowest settings and am unsure how to get the game running. any assistance appreciated
  4. Tried Wacko's fix this morn, game loads & plays however almost every game crashes. is there a quick link to the fix youve tried Gunboatz?
  5. Greetings all, Cheers for the good work here wacko17 As with a bunch of other Mac players here ive had probs this morning. have done the new install/update as mentioned earlier. game now runs however have had mixed results, went about 3-4 games before crashing and have just done another 3 all crashing mid game. any ideas? have changed all settings to low as mentioned in the DX11 link can't change to 11 on mac. running WoWs on a 105 27" imac so should be ok on specs