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  1. Clans are a lot of work to hold together...I tried with SF-3. Player interest is what keeps that core together...
  2. Kraken is a chill clan that understands IRL comes first, but still wants to be competitive. We're an older clan, and tend to avoid drama. We are still recruiting on a selective basis. It is more about the personality fit than the skill. That being said we'd want to see: 1. At least a 60 percent win rate 2. Good understanding of clan battle mechanics and communication 3. A wide assortment of Tier X's that you are competent in (i.e. Moskva/Stalin, Ohio/Yammie, Halland/Sommers, etc.) 4. Upward trend in stats Message @SFNL for a Discord invite or more information. All welcome if you just want to hang out also. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. SFNL

    Slava testing is hell on my mind

    DIsclaimer I can't talk about Slava from the the driver perspective, but from one who has faced it also -- it is countered. You need to be patient -- the ship is very weak compared to its peers in the armor department. I work my way to slava and get mid-range -- it really suffers at that distance. If you try to engage at long range you will lose if the player has half a brain to shoot you.
  4. SFNL

    Miss Jolly Roger Flags

    There really is no visible cue that you spent the time to rank out. It was a sense of accompliishment, and since all the ships are available now there is no real way to show you did rank out.
  5. Yeah Le Terrible is an interesting boat...I dislike French DD's (I do alrightt in them), but man I hate Kleber / Marceau hull.
  6. You mean you don't leave your AA on, and then stop in your smoke with your AA still on?
  7. I agree partially with partially...a purple DD will have great effect. But they can't be at A cap and then C cap in one strike. The CV's ability to spot and strike across map is really unparralleled. Well I guess Yammie can do that too (smile), but you know what I mean. The purple DD without CV is hard at times, but can be dealt with -- especially if you are in a div.
  8. Ha ha...very funny Ducky you don't need THAT kind of help.
  9. LoL I love te the superunicum who never overextends comment made my day.
  10. I can generally clean sweep most DD's in the first 1/3 of the battle....don't see how a DD counters me there...
  11. Oh I agree how could I not, and that's why in the midway I focus DD's first. Once they are gone I can deal with the rest of the fleet with ease. If the enemy CV is competent he will counter me, but usually not so much, and its an easy win. DD's have a lot of influence if played, but you see a lot of folks just not doing it probably because of jerks lilke me who focus them done early.
  12. When I ran TSF we had a clan member with only one hand playing (how he did it is beyond me), but his stats were horrible. He enjoyed it, and we enjoyed playing with him. Also had some 70+ year old folks who played, and they were fun to hear their stories. I don't mind poor play nor do I think that everyone aspires for greatness. I think a lot of what makes this game is sitting in TS or Discord and shooting the proveriabl s-it...
  13. I can generally counter poor DD play or BB play. CV I can't be on the other side of the map and back in one strike. The disparity in quality is statistically relevant, and as you say there is only one CV. But controlling for bias. The win rates (solo at tier 8, 10) in DDS, CA's, and BB's where the PR is equal to or greatert than 1.5 STD deviations is still within the expected norm. Not so with CV's...Not sure its a weakness for playing classes you are 50 percent in. I play a Siegfried game everyday even if it sinks my PR fo the day. As long as you hav fun and are working for a win who cares. The other point I'd say is I can forgive a lot, but when my CV doesn't understand the fundamentals it just really sucks. (I know it does for all classes, but holy cow its hard with a CV)