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  1. as the title says. I don't want to commit more time to a broken game like this anymore or spend money on it. Did WG give any information or possible changes to subs?
  2. Atl_grunge

    Question for experienced Lutjens users

    What build you are using with the Hindi and Mainz??
  3. Atl_grunge

    Question for experienced Lutjens users

    Oh I didn't know about that change
  4. Is worth getting him on the Kurfurst or Schilieffen??? I can't decide Thanks in advance!
  5. Atl_grunge

    Main German Line Obsolete?

    too many annoying HE spam, that's why brwling BBs are getting obsolete. Heck, they are even releasing a new HE spamming line. What are they thinking? I'm a cruiser main btw
  6. thanks for the answer. There are some issues I was doing bad, like shooting them at first sight. Still. Do you think is possible to contest a cap in a DD against a sub? Maybe or simply not?
  7. How title says: How you can counter subs when you are a DD or worse, a CL, and can't reach them since they are very fast even underwater. Depth charges seems to be prety useless imo. I'm not a div player and sometimes is near to impossible to catch a sub without being in a div or a french DD.
  8. Sub just add another reason to not play
  9. Atl_grunge

    Random mechanics and drop rates

    finally! Hopium
  10. Atl_grunge

    Day one of random subs

    I'm kinda shocked that subs can't be detected by hydro
  11. ehhh What is this? bacon losing?
  12. Atl_grunge

    CB is Dead

    worst season ever