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  1. Play another game. Or another mode. Cone back when WG fix this mess. I have been playing WoT a lot lately. Instead of Wows
  2. This is a complete joke line. A copycat of an already existing line but with other consumables... Sounds like WG is tired or they ran out of ideas. Just look at that ammount of smoke... wth!
  3. I hate this line so much. WG just dont have a clue or neither play the game just like us. Radar on dds is just a garbage idea. What were they thinking?
  4. Hindenberg OP?

    Hindenburg is fine. In other hand, Khab is the king of t10 with Conq
  5. Let's talk about mods

    Today I got 2 salvos from an akatsuki that reseted my cap in my Harekaze. I was completely unspotted, spotting him. I obviously reported the guy. Sometimes cheating is too obvious.
  6. You are the one underestimating HE sir.
  7. Lol. Sure buddy. I want to see you brawling against one conq after you used your DCP because you had 3 fires on your battleship. Also, angling against is useless. 1/4 HE penetration + high alpha damage sure cant win games dude. Add adrenalin rush to the math wise man.
  8. Also a BB killer with insanely high HE alpha and fire chance.
  9. Another "Leave alone muh ship, let me be a gud player" thread.
  10. Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    To me the Conqueror is a ship designed to people that sucks at t10 BBs, so they can get high numbers of damage without being an unicum or skilled player, just spam He from safety (insane concealment for a BB). With that concealment, the posibilities of screwing your match are low, and if you [edited] up, you have your super heal that save your nooby [edited]. When you see in the t10 stats that a BB is getting CV levels of damage IN AVERAGE, you have to do stuff in the balance department, because unicums are abusing it, and obviously they defend the current ship that gives them better stats. I think the only people apologizing WG for this failure are the guys using the damn ship or those aiming to get it, because they want to rekt people in their confort zone, they dont want to aim with AP or suffer the pain that other BBs are forced get used to.
  11. Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    that freaking ship just deny other BBs and CAs AA by spamming HE. It is beyond stupid. HE inferno, Ultra Heal, better than CAs concealment, very good AA, best AP against DDs and CAs. Must be nerfed, I agree with Flamu this time.
  12. Pan-Asia DD Radar

    I can be glad now that I moved to WoT completely and uninstalled WoWs. Devs are just clueless