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  1. Burn_Unit

    Been awayy but

    Do not count your chickens they are not going to hatch... subs will be in random also.
  2. Burn_Unit

    A form of XVM now works in game.

    Thing is when you hide your stats you get treated as if you have bad stats.
  3. One can only hope that they made it better than last time. But USMC2145 is right about one thing they made a ton of money off whales last time.
  4. Burn_Unit

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    She had a beautiful sexy voice. RIP
  5. Burn_Unit

    After playing subs a bunch..

    I think it all boils down to one thing. I am sure the devs and marketing are told same thing detectives are told in many cases FOLLOW THE MONEY!
  6. Is WG at fault sure they make the game, but there is another bunch of folks at fault also>>>>> The players for 1+ years who have been begging WG for Subs. At the beginning of the game WG swore they would not have subs in the game and then came pressure from part of the player base to bring in subs. These folks kept up the pressure with repeated threads and posts over and over. When WG gave in and said they would attempt subs and then brought them into an event, the we want subs crowd cheered and begged even more for them to be brought into the regular game. The game became divided between the I want subs group and the I do not want subs group. Well, now they are here and both sides of this issue are still vocal as to where they stand on the issue of subs. Would have WG brought in subs if the I want subs group had not happened, who knows, but I put part of the blame on them for the whole issue. I just hope in the long run WG is smart enough to not bring them to random, clan battles and ranked and just keep them in a mode to themselves people can play in if they want.
  7. My question is where are all the folks who begged for Subs... why are they not in there doing it???????
  8. Are you breathing better now, blood pressure down over the fact the forum people have a new target and are pretty much leaving you alone in posts. I know I am...lol
  9. Burn_Unit

    Just tired of it...

    You all are not alone. Hang in there maybe take a break and try to come back fresh.
  10. Burn_Unit

    The Bay area California ordered to shelter in place.

    I don't want to give right where I live, but I live near the Mission District. They have been pretty hardcore on keeping people in or near there homes here. Nothing forceful, but patrols are pretty heavy and they are warning people.
  11. Burn_Unit

    The Bay area California ordered to shelter in place.

    Believe me we here are not happy about the restrictions, BUT we understand why they are doing it. If you are leaving the city or going to a place like the doctor you can go by car. What they are trying to avoid is social gatherings and other things that can increase the spread of the virus unessaseraly. There has even been talks about curfews like NJ is putting into effect. I just hope we do not call in the National Guard to enforce things like NJ has.
  12. Burn_Unit

    The Bay area California ordered to shelter in place.

    Let me put an end to this. I live in Frisco. Both of you are right and wrong. He is right that they are enforcing this and you are are right about walking and stuff to a point. You must remain close to your home and if you wish to workout and such it must not be on public streets other than close to your own home. He is right aboput the arrested. The 6 arrested going to a party were students and were released back to their parents. They party was also busted up by the Sheriffs department.
  13. Burn_Unit

    Can we have a separate forum for CV complaints?

    Is this not just another CV thread that you started... yet you complain about them.
  14. Burn_Unit

    This video explains all...

    I am one of those casual gamers and I agree with the video. I do not agree with much of what is said about casual gamers, but this time I really can not argue with his points.