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  1. UBOAT100

    The Recruiting Station: A Simple Guide

    I agree with what the first post said...entirely ! On top of that why are they giving out flags as rewards that have absolutely NO VALUE ! As one other player put it, dont care what your ship looks like in battle as you cant see it... and my personal experiance on flags is they are putting more of them in rewards along with useless badges which do nothing for you. Now they must be getting low on players since they are presenting this big new "go get 'em " recruitment program with minimum rewards. Also I have noted the new incentives for new ships and rewards for associated loot is so convoluted that you will spend more than you get, as a reward if your able to finish the task. On saying that, they sometimes they include having to own/ rent/buy carriers and subs. How about we go back to having fun and put the ships in 3 classes.... subs, carriers and then all rest of the surface ships. The fun for me is level 5 or less. And of course level 10 is a money looser unless your top dog, so why fight it ? Been here 5 years and in the last few yrs this game has been steady going down hill...keep looking for a change for the better but its not looking hopeful.
  2. UBOAT100

    Unsinkable Sam

    another money grab.... why dont you offer some better ships
  3. UBOAT100

    Win Big With Economic Bonuses

    Me too, NO DOUBLOONS... been playing for about 4 years, like the post before this on "THEY ARE DEVELOPING THIS GAME TO ITS DEATH"
  4. How do I collect on the rewards for public test ?

    1. Hapa_Fodder


      You actually do not have to do anything, they are automatically credited to your account. :Smile_izmena:


  5. UBOAT100

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.4

    Without seeing the bids I dont think this is a great idea.... probably most will bid say 5 bucks of gold or silver or however they specify, and let it go at that. Not every one is rich .......