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  1. I found extremely high the level of the sound when somebody kills me in battle, is so loud that wakes up my wife , alert my boos when working and also my dog starts barking !!! may you reduce some decibels on this effect. it is true a BUG !
  2. CapKarl7

    CV Rework Feedback

    For all the members of my clan (I'm the commander) from the ages among 35 to 65 (the oldest) the new model of playing CVs had been considered not only "Fantastic" but impressive realistic, considering : visuals, cinematic, reality effects, immersion in the real world of "What really should be happened in the warfare between planes and ships in WWI and WWII" we are talking about 44 members of my clan [LTNY] and this clan conformed by players from many countries of latinomerica and US . Maybe no that experience for players with the "trick" of the old model just for wining, and not to enjoy the real experience of the warfare combat. We have 2 suggestions for you developers : 1 - Make an alternative to control the Carrier when in danger sending "UP" (high altitude) the squadron (away from the AA range) while we go to control the Carrier; could be pressing the key" F" once, and two times(F+F) to return the whole squadron to the carrier, this may eliminate the bad experience to start with the squadron from the deck again. 2-Give some kind of "Target lock" to the bombers planes to make a little easier to hit the ship (this is the real difference between the old and the new model of CV playing that you try to balance ! With all our respect , and trying to help with the excellent work that you are conducting .CapKarl7 .