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  1. [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    Ranked div's start Friday! You have a buddy? We got buddies!
  2. [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    The team is coming together nicely! The roles we need for Clan Battles are: CV (even though we all may be CV players here soon...it would be nice to get a good T10 cv player) , Russian Cruiser, and USN cruiser. Once again, we have the core set, we are looking to have some nice options and allow people to take time off if needed. Story time will continue tomorrow, I was caught in the great Internet-Apocalypse of 2018 in Dallas...good lord, what did we do before internet? Play outside? Phenomenal graphics but crappy game-play!
  3. [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    Excellent point! I did gloss over it, but it was terrible to see multiple tirpitz coming out of a smoke cloud towards you.
  4. [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    Morning! APOC - you know how sometimes you start explaining something, and your reasons start sounding like excuses? That may happen here...We did internal and external scrims during Supremacy League. Some in the clan would rank out each season but rarely the leaders and callers. The Supremacy season just ended before this match vs OPG and iirc the GOLD team finished 1st or second place, they performed real well. I guess the idea was, we played this clan season together and practiced, OPG has not been playing this style of game, APOC wins all day every day. What's the saying..."one does not simply walk into Mordor"? It's now game day. I'm from south Louisiana, on Game Days we drink and cheer our teams on. Whether it's video game team, football team, baseball team, or chess team...we DRINK and CHEER our teams on. Spirits are high in discord, Gold team who will be playing OPG feel like they are going to romp and stomp and finally this stuff gets put to rest. Match one - a lot of jockeying early in the game, back and forth score. Ultimately OPG takes the first and the score is close. One thing to note at this point that you should also know about south Louisiana people, we don't like our teams to lose and we follow the actions of our teams very closely. ....Tomorrow match Two!
  5. [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    ...the story continues... OPG - Regardless of what anyone thinks about personalities, OPG did much work in matches. All of them can shoot, they focus fire, they smoked their BB's (back when this was a thing) they made you pay for mistakes and made few mistakes themselves. They practiced, it had to be often because their gameplay reflected a well oiled machine. All of them ranked out and did it early in the season. About ranked...say what you want about ranked, "oh anyone can do it if they play long enough", "it doesn't mean anything"..if all that is true then that goes double for randoms or stats in randoms. Ranked allows you to "see" the game unfold once you become fully aware. It teaches you choke points on maps, it teaches you positioning, and it should teach you how to play your role. The save a star mechanic screws some of this. If you are doing the other things then you "shouldn't" have to worry about saving a star. Summed up: OPG talks the talk and walks the walk during this time period. They are the clan you love to hate, and they don't give two dumps what you think. ...tomorrow APOC.
  6. Party Tonight! You are Invited!

    Thanks for coming bye! enjoy the weekend.
  7. [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    Nice showing tonight for our Friday celebration!
  8. @Lord_Zath is a fantastic dude. -K- is a great clan. Don't pass up this opportunity folks!
  9. Party Tonight! You are Invited!

    Last ping from me...starting the drinking, see you guys in an hour. If you read this and are coming bye please bump the thread so others find it. And if not bump it anyway :) Regardless see ya'll on the seas tonight!
  10. Party Tonight! You are Invited!

    C'mon bye!
  11. Party Tonight! You are Invited!

    BYOB this time!
  12. Party Tonight! You are Invited!

    LOL yes we can talk about anything! It's just a start time...we will be going on as long as people keep showing.
  13. Party Tonight! You are Invited!

    Share war stories, cry about ranked...you name it we got it!
  14. Tonight the Black Ribbon Society is celebrating week one and we are throwing a fall mixer! All are invited at 6pm central 10/12/2018 to stop in, say hello, and play as many or as few matches together as you would like. No tier restrictions, no stat restrictions, tonight is a celebration of ships and community. Get to know new people, have some laughs, sink some boats! https://discord.gg/ZTaeBf Discord -BRS-
  15. [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    Good morning people! ...Story time... OPG vs APOC and a quick qualifier(s): 1. The original beef happened before I joined APOC (so I heard it second hand). 2. Most if not all of the members of both of these clans have turned over since then. (current OPG and APOC clans are friendly as far as I am aware) 3. As with most most "wars" the "hows and whys" become irrelevant and it's "Butt kicking time". Fast forward a smidge, I've been with APOC for some time now, I am above potato level with my DD's especially comp DD's (Benson), I have been made an Officer for APOC, and another officer and I are running the second team (APOC-). Supremacy League is in full swing and the entire clan is performing well. OPG does not participate in Supremacy League due to aforementioned beef and has started their own league which focuses on T10 ships instead of T8. There is going to be an adhoc match agreed upon by both sides to see who comes out victorious. Best of 3, T8, Supremacy League rules. ...tomorrow or later today (i need to run an errand) I will paint a picture of both teams from my perspective. Starting with OPG!