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  1. Task_Group_Lohgan

    Inferno [PYRO] Squadron is looking for you!

    Inferno Squadron [PYRO] is still looking to fill several spots in our Team roster. So if you're looking for a place to call your Home Port drop on by and check us out.
  2. Task_Group_Lohgan

    Inferno [PYRO] Squadron is looking for you!

    Pyro still has several openings for active players. Please come check us out and stay if you like what you see.
  3. Task_Group_Lohgan

    Inferno [PYRO] Squadron is looking for you!

    Response has been good, but we still have quite a few open slots in the Clan. If you're looking for a great Clan please consider PYRO we'd love to have you with us.
  4. Inferno [PYRO] Squadron (WOWS-NA) “We did start the Fire” We are looking for new members to fill out our ranks. Our clan is composed of working adults, who have a strong competitive spirit. We are active in all aspects of the game and have a strong core of players who have thousands of games of experience that they are willing to share with you. Our clan base is completely built out with all the bonuses. (That may change with the next patch.) We try to be Drama free and ask that if you choose to join us, that you refrain from such yourself. We have a website https://infernosquadron.weebly.com/ and a Facebook page that we use to communicate and coordinate our activities. We do have a few requirements for those that are considering joining PYRO. Be active and participate in Clan activity. Active is defined as playing several times or more a week. We are looking for competitive players. Ability is important, but the best ability is availability. We’re not going to weigh stats against you. Our goal is to have fun while winning. If you want to join us for Clan Battles we would prefer that you have at least one Tier X ship of your own. If you don’t yet have a Tier X of your own, don’t worry we have time before the next season and we will help you earn one. We use Discord for IN game comms. If you intend to play in divisions or in Clan Battles joining Discord is a hard requirement. As a bonus you’ll get to hear all our bad puns and good-natured ribbing. Fill out the application on the website, a Squadron officer will get back to you within 48hrs. That’s pretty much it, come check us out and if you think you’d be a good fit stay. Good luck to you and enjoy the game!