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  1. How to play Huanghe~

    "Thanks Kanye, very cool!" I have been looking for a T6 to use for operations and I will now be thinking about this one.
  2. He has selected an auto-drop on you before he died so the AI was then able to fly to the best (quickest?) position to drop from and that happened to be on the other side of the map edge...
  3. I usually sit at an island waifu and fire shots over her into the enemy vessels. The times when I am in the open water I keep stealth and watchful until I have a great shot or until someone else is the focus of enemy fire to open up my own guns. It works most of the time <3
  4. My body is ready for Worcester

    I have watched a few videos on flamu playing the ship, and honestly, other than the extra utility which would be nice; I will probably just stick to brawling in my DM. I cant wait until they release the light cruiser line so that I can hunt them down because they cant really defend themselves close range :)
  5. Don't be afraid to stop by...

    If you do see the map, I will be waiting there with hot cocoa on the ready!
  6. [Deleted]

  7. [Deleted]

  8. Don't be afraid to stop by...

    She would be a good addition ;)
  9. They are reducing the special module's nerf of the radar duration to 15% less active time from 30%... (I still think its radar should not be touched at all, it's short as it is).
  10. Weird, it looks like they forgot to fix the Des Moines's Special Upgrade...
  11. Most people will never check the forums, and they will continue to play the game. It doesn't mean they have quit- If we could see the stats on account retention I can almost guarantee that most people would leave after reaching tier 5 because of what a nightmare that tier is for new players. On DD play- I have been spamming my shima and chung mu ever since the update, and even with 4 or 5 radars per side it doesn't matter if you always have a plan of escape. (IMO- The more radars per team the better, I find the the team that has more plays a lot more recklessly and rely on their radar too much, resulting in high damage games because radar cant spot torps.)
  12. Every second counts, if you pop it too early and just barely catch someone entering the cap on the last 10s...
  13. Cap control, I could sit at my café in peace while it was running :)
  14. I think that the radar modules 40% duration increase was balanced because it brought a lot more usefulness to cruisers with short radar and made my Des Moines radar more effective. I play mainly cruisers and destroyers and even when the enemy team had 4, 5, and even 6 radars it did not affect me in my 8km torpedo shima. Why didn't affect me? The key to being a good destroyer player is knowing Murphy's law that "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." This means that you plan an escape in case someone pops a radar or you run into 2 or 2 destroyers in short range. If you don't want to improve, don't go crying on the forums about "RADAR RADAR" -I feel that a change to the module in this way will definitely cut the effectiveness of such a rare module, and mainly hurt the precious Russian line and radar using destroyers the most. This is just my 2 cents because I absolutely enjoy my 56s Des Moines radar and I see no problem with it.
  15. Don't be afraid to stop by...

    Thanks for stopping by - Someone from your ship went on-shore and retrieved your order, I hope you found them to be delicious!!