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  1. Zarenno

    WG pushing standard games during day ?

    I think they made it have a larger chance of occurring now though. Last time I played I didn't have a single domination.
  2. Zarenno

    Don't be afraid to stop by...

    Update: The Café will be undergoing renovations during the release of the next update (8.0). During this time the restaurant will be retrofitted with small caliber AA guns that fire within a 2.5km bubble; this is to ensure the safety of our customers inside the café and the walls will be reinforced with titanium to withstand the barrages of rockets we may encounter upon the carrier mechanics change. We will also be building a small runway (hence the AA), for those carrier squads that would enjoy some of our delicious meal options without being destroyed by an enemy squadron. Thank you for visiting my café up until this point and I hope it gets finished with the renovations soon. Enjoy 8.0!
  3. Zarenno


    We are trying to queue but it keeps kicking our division back to port because of "Technical issues..." Is this getting fixed?
  4. Zarenno

    Maritime Mondays - Creme de la Cruisers

    Hmm, I wonder... What Cruiser do I really enjoy playing...?
  5. Zarenno

    Heavy Gail Moving In???

    A few updates back when they made your crew warn you about it (It was added in with the loud horn warning that blares as well).
  6. With clan battles going on many of the 60%+ are not taking as much time a night playing random battles anymore, and I for one am one of those people. In my busy day I can allocate enough time to play clan-wars throughout the week, but it takes the place of my time in random battles for the most part unless I am feeling really good that day. I think this can be said of most players who are participating in clan battles and the fact that they happen in the middle of summer makes it even worse (I am busier in the summer than any other season).
  7. Zarenno

    Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad balance changes

    WG Gib 32mm bow, AP Only (USN normalization) with classic low citadel! Original was best stallingrad!
  8. Zarenno

    Shima 81 kts torpedo build

    The issue with that build is the range, you are better off just using the 76kts without the speed boost because your hit rate is actually higher (let me explain), I have used the 6.4kms but they usually lead to you getting spotted somehow and when that happens any enemy will try their hardest to dodge your metal fish. They are speedy torps and I once landed a broadside of 13 torps on an unsuspecting broadside Yamato, but that was the only one I've had so many hits on. The rest have had to many people near them or planes that make it hard to approach. I would recommend you switch to the 8kms, and if you don't want to repec your commander you can even switch to the 12s (9.6s) because they also work pretty well. Best of luck my dude.
  9. Zarenno

    The Worst Super Container... Of All Time

    It is, the container size is not that of a super-container.
  10. Zarenno

    Match Maker

    This <3
  11. Zarenno

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Hello sweetsie, I am sorry this post has offended you or anyone else, because of the way of which it was posted. I believe that this was not the intent of this member of OPG3 to 'rip' on another clan about skill or anything else. We were trying to have a fun game before anything gets serious this clan battles season. I will discuss this with my friend and I hope you can forgive him for getting carried away. The reason I didn't catch onto this post or any of the drama earlier was because I am not on the forums that often. But please feel free to drop by my Café for a free drink on the house :) Have a good evening.
  12. Zarenno

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Am right hete friend :) I think that even with all the radar that shima is completely fine. My favorite torps to use in the sun are her 8km torps. You may be thinking that it's crazy but the key to playing shimakaze is to have an exit plan for when the radar happens. I have lots of games in the ship and most people don't realized how well she can dodge when radar'd, (use propulsion miss and not rudder shift, you dodge better because you are actually putting more space between the rudder shifts). I recommend that you use the 20kms (seriously) with torp acceleration commander skill. These torps are usually given a bad rap but it gives you range and my hit rate is actually higher than when i use the 8s. The 8s kill more but they are for 1 target, the 16s can hit one, keep going and hit another. When approaching a cap and you don't know where the radars are you need to be cautious and ready to bail the millisecond you see the radar icon. Being unprepared makes outsole frustrated, but thinking through the situation really makes the difference. Side note: Radar is fine as it is, and my 56 seconds has gone down to 48, but whatever ill live.
  13. Zarenno

    How to play Huanghe~

    "Thanks Kanye, very cool!" I have been looking for a T6 to use for operations and I will now be thinking about this one.
  14. Zarenno

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - Maneuvering

    I usually sit at an island waifu and fire shots over her into the enemy vessels. The times when I am in the open water I keep stealth and watchful until I have a great shot or until someone else is the focus of enemy fire to open up my own guns. It works most of the time <3
  15. Zarenno

    My body is ready for Worcester

    I have watched a few videos on flamu playing the ship, and honestly, other than the extra utility which would be nice; I will probably just stick to brawling in my DM. I cant wait until they release the light cruiser line so that I can hunt them down because they cant really defend themselves close range :)