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  1. Trust Public test?

    Like any game that accesses the network, the firewall block it and then Windows will ask you if you are the one who downloaded the app, and if you would like to give it permission to use your private/public networks. You may not remember when installing wows the first time, but it asked you then for that same thing as well.
  2. Its not my channel, but a johnny test episode my dude.
  3. Its not my channel, its a johnny test episode.
  4. I'm afraid of losing them to the down tier, but not about them trying to nerf the secondaries on the ship as they are currently. I think that is a pretty good ammount of kills for me going out of my way to get within 6.8km in order to use them. also Related: I have over 1300+ battles in the ship.
  5. You sound like you're butthurt or something about the fact that this "terrible" ship has anything special about it. Would it make you feel better if you had all the calculations? This is the reason I love this ship so much, there is no greater feeling of power than using this "weak" and her glorious minion guns to destroy people. I have over 150+ kills with just the secondaries alone and I think that is a great achievement in its own right, and my goal is to have the most secondary kills on any one ship in the whole of WOWs. (If there is a statistic somewhere for that I think I may have already achieve'd that, but if not I am continuing my journey to that position of #1 for most secondary kills with a single ship.) This is why, THIS IS WHY I DREAD THE DOWN-TIER!
  6. I have not reported it as a bug because as long as that ship has been around, through the testing and numerous people that have played that ship; it would have been changed if it was any sort of error. I personally think it designed that way, in real life; the sistership, the USS Salt Lake City has long history of brawling and using those guns accurately. I believe this is the most historically accurate part of the ship in-game.
  7. I have talked about it extensively, if it was a bug or an exploit, something would have been done about it. I just think it doesn't matter to them, & the secondaries are very situational. I dont think they are going to nerf a ship because 1 guy can run a secondary build on it xD https://youtu.be/G1qZ5yvBI2g?t=5m21s : Look at the line when they revealed it, they are all 6" guns.
  8. Well Pensa doesn't have any other guns that it could mount other than 203s, and the whole CA side of the cruiser split with have 6 inch guns, even the TX of the split. They will all be like Atlanta but with 6" instead of 5" guns.
  9. I am despising the split, because there will be no replacement for my Niche with the Pensacola US Tier VII+, because the ship she is being replaced with will not be the same in accuracy, and Indianapolis =/= Pensacola. I liked to use the New Orleans at tier 8 with its 9.1 detect, & tight turning circle for the tier. With the Baltimore replacing her as the tier 8, it will be a lot fatter and turn wider + slower. For any veteran of the USN cruiser line that has experience and enjoys the ships currently, any changes to the ships will affect how you play the ships and how you use them.
  10. Now, I know a few of you probably can't wait for the line split to happen, but I personally am going to mourn when it happens. My favorite ship, the Pensacola (as you can tell by my account picture and signature) will be 'literally' unplayable. Now you may be saying, "...but the ship is going down a tier, and you can just play New Orleans because it has a 13s reload now..." This is not about the New Orleans, it may be a bit more armored, but it turns slower, will not be as stealth, and most likely will be losing its radar. I play the Pensacola with a full secondary spec, and this brings her gloriously accurate secondaries to 6.8km (with flag); I use this ship to brawl other ships and destroy dds. When the split happens, I will not be able to play this build anymore because the VII bonus of -%60 dispersion for secondaries will turn into -%15 - AKA Useless. "Why don't you just play Indianapolis?" - Indie has all of its secondaries on the rear, and it turns even slower than the New Orleans (they also have the same accuracy on secondaries, on full builds of both ships they have a hit rate of ~%35-%40 unlike my Pensacola's ~%50.) They are also taking away the main battery upgrades on the ships of the heavy cruiser line, and this will limit the pensa range or reload. [The lower the tier, the less upgrades they can mount as well]. I think that all these changes are going to negatively affect the line and make it less enjoyable for the grind of the line. When the split happens, I can tell you right now, and Ill say it very strongly; I will not be playing the nerf'd ships. I might as well just stick to my Des Moines and dev strike all those little weakly armored USN CAs. What are your thoughts on the subject? Edit: "Literally Unplayable" is a meme, cant take a joke yall?
  11. Risky Brawling Build: Secondary Range = 6.8km Average secondary battery accuracy = 50% Build: http://bit.ly/2HBZOkT The secondaries on this beauty of a ship can kill any dds that stay in your secondary range (if they are bow in rushing, they are especially accurate). I wouldn't try the build with the Indianapolis because its rudder shift is a little slower and it sits higher above the water (secondaries are also rear of the ship unlike Pensacola's mid ship). -Idianapolis also has more range and faster reload, you don't need to get as close.
  12. Well, I am EXTREMELY BIASED about the Pensacola being the best tier 7 cruiser, and I love the ship! I feel that if you really like a ship then your play-style will reflect that. I think this ship just works great the way I have her in full secondary build and it makes me try my best to play her well for the good of my reputation in the ship. (1300+ battles with over 150+ secondary kills and counting!) It all boils down to personal preference; I am good in a good amount of ships but imo the USN cruisers are the best <3
  13. Radar

    Depending on what ship you are using you can have a 'Radar' consumable. The American cruiser line gets radar at tier 8, as with the Russian cruisers. Some premium tier VIIs & IXs also have this consumable, such as: VII: Belfast, Atlanta & Indianapolis. IX: Missouri. Radars purpose in this game is to spot enemy ships. You can use radar in a cyclone (where vision is reduced to 8km) to see ships past that range and shoot them without them seeing you back. Radar can be used to spot ships in a smoke screen (most common use) or ships that are undetected (like a dd in a cap). When you activate the radar consumable, the ships that are detected by the radar are revealed to the whole team (even those behind islands that are in range). Use it to focus on the targeted ship before the consumable is expended and on cool-down. It is important to call out on the team chat that you are about to radar so that two radar ships don't use it at the same time and for the team to ready their weapons. Hope this answers your question. P.S It doesn't spot aircraft.
  14. Well, for your second account being called PepsiCRiTaDELaCOLA, you sure don't have that many battles on her with your main account (~70). I am not saying this has anything to do with trying to join Overpowered Gaming but it's curious indeed. What made you choose this name?
  15. Add the USS Salt Lake City- A Pensacola class with an amazing history of brawling and protecting! http://ussslcca25.com/ Reasons why: - Add the boat as a premium tier 7 when the split arrives. - Keep it as the current Pensacola; no changes have to be made to stats or play-ability. -The USS Pensacola is being down-tier'd and destroyed, and the bold Pensacola mains (like me) would like to keep our ship where it is. -The Pensacola class has the most accurate secondaries in the game without a doubt (I have a ~%50 secondary accuracy with over 150+ kills in ~1300 Pensa games- The down-tiering of the amazing ship will render full secondary build useless as the -60% dispersion bonus changes to a measly =15% at tier 6 and lower. ) - The USS New Orleans secondaries used to be as accurate but when they 'buffed' the secondary range it made them horribly inaccurate. - USS Indianapolis is nothing like the Pensacola and the secondaries are all at the back, and they are also inaccurate like that on the New Orleans. -620m turning circle with a 5.6 rudder shift will always beat a indianapolis in a brawl because Pensa sits lower in the water and turns faster. Final Reason: If you look at the history of the Salt Lake City, it brawled 2 Japanese heavy cruisers and some destroyers at a distance of ~5km (secondary range in game of Pensa is 6.8km on max spec) severely damaging and sinking multiple ships. I would buy this premium instantly, regardless if it got its historical radar or not; I would love to be participating with the ship that won so many awards and honors with its great crew.