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  1. Zarenno

    WG pushing standard games during day ?

    I think they made it have a larger chance of occurring now though. Last time I played I didn't have a single domination.
  2. Its forming up to be a great clan, don't be afraid to apply!
  3. Zarenno

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

    Just because you want the rework doesn't mean it was ever balanced, I hope you enjoy your CV, but if you ever did any testing or have spoken with Super-testers and others alike, you would know that about 90% were for delaying this update until it was good enough for the live server to handle and everything worked as promised. As you can see, Wargaming completely ignored the testers and this whole game for the last week has been quite the ****-show.
  4. Zarenno

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

    Well typical Wargaming, they didnt ask if you wanted them taken away but they did so anyway; IMO they should have left the odd tier carriers in the game and had them like that dumb submarine from april fools 2017 where they are purely a port ornament that you could have a captain put on or off. Instead, just like the CV rework all together; they ignored what the player base wanted as a whole, and what would make sense, and did their own plan because they "have the power too" and when it comes down to it: I dont think they even play their own game. Its all about what will get them the most money in the long run regarless of who or what it hurts. The thing that I don't comprehend is how they still ultimately went through with putting 8.0 on the live server when so many people hated it. I have truly never seen the whole wows community come together before like we did against 8.0 and these developers still went through with it. Personally, as a DM player with over 1000 battles in this ship alone, I despise the update, it ruined my AA and made a damn grozi shoot down more planes when my ship was actually purpose built to be anti-plane and now its weak as hell. Pre-Update carriers would leave me alone because they knew I could tear them apart. How was that far? They can attack other boats like a DD wouldnt rush me and expect to live so then why should a CV? But now they can just lolly-gag around my AA bubble because I cant do anything to them unless they are very new to carriers and fly in a straight line (Very unlikely at t10). Also, the radar nerf is only Aimed at USN Cruisers before (of course) the russians are having their radar duration extended 5s to make it only feel like a 1s reduction in usefulness for the DD. I know on the Dev blog it was only a duration boost to the Russians but now they have included the DD radars as well because of backlash, how about they buff my DM radar 5s to make it an across the board change? Russian Bias now because this will enable those same Russian ships to have like 35s of radar with the radar module. Just do us a favor if you are reading this Wargaming; Revert the update and the community will forgive you.
  5. 8.0 is just being set-up to destroy everything the player-base enjoys... Out of all the people I speak to on a regular basis, there is only like 1 in 20 that are for the patch.
  6. To be Different, not a copy paste PTW dm.
  7. I think the radar was just fine as it was, this 6 second team detect will definitely help those struggling to make exit strategies get out of the radar easier. Especially with the detection increase incoming with the next update. My second most played tier 10 is the shimakaze and that was all done with current radar; I didn't think there was much of an issue.
  8. Salem is not supposed to have a good radar so they left it that way.
  9. Then they should just change it for CV torpedos, and not for all torpedo using ships. Like they did with BB AP and Haru/Khab.
  10. Shimakaze flood chance is already 355%.
  11. Seems like bias to me, what is the point of making a radar delay if they are just going to buff the Russian radar duration and range making it only have a 1s delay technically, if the radar remained at 25s. From a DD perspective this doesn't help anything. The flooding change is also a huge nerf to DDs that rely on torps to do the majority of their damage. For example; with shimikaze you can average around 3~8 torp hits a game, and most of the damage will come from people that damaged con'd a fist flood and then you hit them with a second torpedo to do a bunch more. Now with this change I will have to keep hitting and hitting because it will only be the raw torpedo damage that will get me any points.
  12. Zarenno

    Don't be afraid to stop by...

    Update: The Café will be undergoing renovations during the release of the next update (8.0). During this time the restaurant will be retrofitted with small caliber AA guns that fire within a 2.5km bubble; this is to ensure the safety of our customers inside the café and the walls will be reinforced with titanium to withstand the barrages of rockets we may encounter upon the carrier mechanics change. We will also be building a small runway (hence the AA), for those carrier squads that would enjoy some of our delicious meal options without being destroyed by an enemy squadron. Thank you for visiting my café up until this point and I hope it gets finished with the renovations soon. Enjoy 8.0!
  13. Zarenno


    We are trying to queue but it keeps kicking our division back to port because of "Technical issues..." Is this getting fixed?
  14. Zarenno

    Maritime Mondays - Creme de la Cruisers

    Hmm, I wonder... What Cruiser do I really enjoy playing...?