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  1. jason199506

    On the topic of Fires

    plz grind up your wooster my GK is waiting to 1v1 it
  2. jason199506

    Alaska - worth the whale?

    good point, i actually have no idea where all my flag came from......... i havent spent a dime on wargaming for the past 2 years, so they're not from whaling containers........ i feel like just by saving all dragon flags for clan brawl and not using a single one of them outside clan brawl, i always have enough flags to print at least one mil free xp every time clan brawl comes around
  3. jason199506

    Alaska - worth the whale?

    why whale..........i printed ~3mil free XP from the T9 clan brawl the 2 weeks ago just get 2 buddy and exploit clan brawls, then all free XP ships are basically free
  4. a poke after 2 months still no update?
  5. jason199506

    Flint or Atlanta

    define "better"? personally i would say atlanta is more fun than flint
  6. jason199506

    colbert way to powerful

    colbert is incredibly hard to aim...........get one and you'll see except zao has like.........half of the other 3's DPM?
  7. change to distribution of HP directly affects tankiness of ships, and is a direct balance change i would also like to see details of these changes
  8. jason199506

    "First Blood" - two in one game

    i mean if 2 ships ram each other and that is the first kill of the game and you limit first blood achievement to one per game, which one of the ramming pair get the reward? it would definitely be unfair for the one not receiving it right? in reality i had a game where 3 first bloods were given. my charles martel ram enemy mogami while friendly benson eats a torp at the same time, both of us ramming and the enemy DD that got torp on friendly benson all got first blood https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/472556135539539972/534450438397755402/unknown.png
  9. ..........what? do you realize what WG did in game was censoring anything non english into □ it's like, this is a english forum, im reading announcements and communicating with other people in english but if i chooose to, i can type 阿阿阿 in forum without it being turned into □□□ meanwhile in game, everything gets turned into □□□□ it has absolutely nothing to do with announcement language or whatever point you're trying to get at........... i just want to read my yellow division text from my div mates using chinese client without the texts being turned into □□□ for no apparent reason, when the required encoding is already downloaded and installed on to my computer
  10. jason199506

    How do you play a gunboat

    khaba or groz?............ tashkent is the closest one i can think of khaba is nerfed to the ground centuries ago, groz.........as clumsy as harugumo with weaker firepower
  11. jason199506

    How do you play a gunboat

    panasian DD is dead for gunboat look at IJN harugumo line or french DD line
  12. the funny thing here is that everything is already installed to my computer already when i try to switch language in the WGC menu, it takes no additional download/installation switch the language and launch wows client the next second, and my wows will be in another language so i really dont get why intentionally disable non-english characters in english client