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  1. jason199506

    Clan Battles Season 4 Wrap-Up

    it is their bravo, but their bravo is also in hurricane and honestly im fine with -8 on a lose and +32 on a win when facing hurricane teams just make a seperate MM for BO5 and make sure no seal clubbing happens during BO5(where points dont matter only wins do) and im happy
  2. jason199506

    Clan Battles Season 4 Wrap-Up

    but it's not exactly doing so though...... sat night our bravo team (storm 1) ran into ZR, lost and lost 8 points i checked wcwrecord and the rating of the ZR team we ran into is indeed in hurricane... im just glad it didnt happen during our BO5
  3. jason199506

    Does WG hate skill?

    skill influences income first it drives more unskilled players away from game second the more skilled you have, the less likely you are to buy premium ship to cover credit lost at high tiers third skilled players "usually“ are more active at form community and take advantage of WG rewards, which give them no reason to pay for the same rewards(clan war 30day premium, clanwar FXP, dynamo FXP, ex-narai FXP etc.etc.). the most active community are not the most profitable community, skilled players make up a big portion of the active community WG wants to give some "grind reward" to be not 100% pay to win, but actually dont want too many people to not pay and get the rewards
  4. jason199506

    Project 24 aka Kreml size

    overmatch is only linked to caliber, nothing to do with penetration
  5. jason199506

    Ships that take to much energy to play?

    i find USN cruiser and in general gunboat DDs most tiring
  6. i don't think human brain has that high of an amplitude.... maybe if the computing chip is planted into your brain that could effect it, but meters away i don't think so
  7. 1st, the observation thing is merely quantum mechanics(ie schrodinger's cat), it's about uncertainty collapsing down to reality when observed, and is far from "mind shape reality" in fact, the "observations" don't even need to be looked at, the act of measuring the state of the particle will collapse their state, even if no living thing look at the measurement at all 2nd part for RNG it is technically correct to say there's no real rng, or that human is unable to generate real rng rng generators work by first having a seemingly randomized list(and, as ridiculous add it sounds, there are these lists of these "random" numbers for sale), then using a seed determine which number to pick out from the list a seed can be anything from the 4th decimal place of system time, whether a block of your RAM is occupied, or the amount of data the server received in the past second times the 4 5 6th digit of the exact time the last data is received. as long as the seed change often enough( not the same over an extended period of time like 1 or 0.5 second) it will work,so for example if wg use 4th decimal place of time as seed for shell rng generator, if i shoot 3 salvos at 0.0001 5.8761 and 12.2321 seconds they would have identical dispersion so....no nothing is random about the rng generator..... but since we have no idea about the list and the seed the generator uses.... yeah it's kinda random?
  8. jason199506

    Is it real?

    say, just say, that the theory is true MM picks 3 "privileged" seat and 9 good player on one side, then 12 potatoes on the other instead of thinking how to get into one of 3 privileged seats, why not just become one of the 9 good players.
  9. jason199506

    Advice for Uptiered DD players

    first, hardware side, are you running all three of these three skills? aside from some very rare exceptions, these are must for every destroyer DDs get the concealment upgrade at T8, add that on top of the fact that most T8 DDs have concealment expert captain skill, if you dont, it's gonna create a HUGE concealment gap between you and your opponent. the concealment gap will give them precious response time in any sort of encounter, so the shorter their concealment advantage the better, concealment expert captain skill is a must for almost all destroyers aside from reminding you of hardware spec, i dont find any information in your description unfortunately...........it would be a lot easier if you upload one of your game's replay file so people can see what exactly happens when you play your T7 DDs
  10. jason199506

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    what about give iowa and missouri their 35 knot back at the same time?
  11. jason199506

    Instead of screaming for a nerf, learn to beat them!

    i think most whines are actually about harugumo and daring
  12. first, somehow I am unable to start a thread in the "discussion" subsection of the mod section, that's why im starting the thread in graphical modification part i see this thread will be viewed by a moderator, can you move this to the discussion subsection? ******************on topic************************** is there a way to get custom ship skins to display on event camouflage? currently eagles camo is the only permanent camo i own for worcester. i want its economy, but i also want to use custom ship skin i have already tried changing the name of the working skins from "ASC016_Worcester_1948_xxxxx.dds" to "ASC052_Worcester_1948_Eagle_xxxxx.dds", but it wont work help please?
  13. jason199506

    New Player Advice Requested!

    you need to look at minimap frirndly ships might not be in your field-of-view but is always in your minimap if a friendly has a risk of turning into your torps, dont launch
  14. essentially....nothing it's my friends that kept me playing