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  1. jason199506

    Des Moines Captain Skills

    http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1110001000100010000001000000001119 my halsey captain build for my des moines
  2. jason199506

    why hold so much back from new players?

    cuz um......WG expect 99% of the player base to have like 1% of a functioning brain, so they expect revealing all functions from the start to be too complicated for their players thats why they give new players dozens of battles to "get used to" one single function, and thats also why things like conqueror exist
  3. jason199506

    Wows business model need to change

    FXP gained through regular playing is way more than enough to skip any ship i dislike ummmm yes and no. of all the 21 tier X ships i own, i only bought perm camo for des moines. that along with free perm(yamato wooster) and free premium(salem/jean bart/musashi) is way more than enough to support my credit income. i have since played almost exclusively tier X without buying any premium time the only thing i spend money on in this game now is premium ships(that i probably wont play that much) and maybe 3 or 5 christmas crates per year(which has yet to give me anything but flags)
  4. jason199506

    Is a discounted IJN booster worth it?

    IJN BBs, having the classic battleship citadel(unlike RN or german), is NOT particularly forgiving i personally think you should only buy the boost if you are a reroll and know what you are doing with IJN BBs....otherwise you are just signing yourself up for suffering in ships/tiers you are not familiar with
  5. jason199506

    When you see a DD push, what do you do?

    usually how things work out in my case khaba: BB push with me me(in my yamato sitting about still): sure khaba:*sbood beests to 45 kt into enemy* me(yamato): *just about to reach full speed* khaba: *dies* khaba: yamato you said you're gonna push with me, you %^&#$%*@ DDs...please take note that battleship acceleration takes timescale of minutes, and they dont have speed boost to help with acceleration....
  6. jason199506

    Do top clans get secret buffs?

  7. jason199506

    Idea to spread out the blobs of ships

    you just figured out how to make my clan lose every single CW match
  8. jason199506

    detectability-visibility mechanics in cyclone

    never gave it much thought i just took it with all the other didnt-make-so-much-sense game mechanics
  9. jason199506

    noob question - math

    here's a quick tip HE is what the /6 is for. but generally you just shoot at super structure. only when front/aft is not on fire and superstructure is already on fire(or when superstructure is fully saturated) do you look to shoot somewhere else. it is also very easy to tell whether you can pen an area or not: shoot a salvo at it and see if it is 100% non-pen or 100% pen. for HE there is no in-between AP is what the 14.3 is for. but for AP you want to shoot at broadside. only when enemy is bow on to you you may want to do the 14.3 calculation. but again it is simple to check. just shoot a salvo at their bow and see if you get any penetration, yes? keep penning their bow no? shoot superstructure/someone else/shoot HE as for higher tiers its simpler, only yamato and musashi can overmatch battleships bows. all other battleship on battleship action will be shoot superstructure/shoot HE/shoot someone else
  10. jason199506

    Wows can be a good esport game

    yes but current competitive meta is like......10% actually shooting stuff, 90% everything else(like heavily exploiting game mechanics)....and that wont be too entertaining for anyone without knowledge of this game
  11. jason199506

    Wows can be a good esport game

    i think wows requires toooooooooooo much learning to keep up with match you cant expect general audience to go through hours of reading just to know what is going on in a wows match
  12. jason199506

    New To this Game

    random "could" be harder than coop, but for you its no different. new account have MM protection, so even if you choose random now, you'd still be seeing bots, you just get higher rewards (random battle rewards are higher than coop) as for which type/country/branch....it's really up to you. overall i can only say BB is the most priviledged class in game, but would be painful if you dont know how to aim properly cruisers are somewhere in between, i recommend beginners to start from cruisers then branch off DDs are imo the hardest to play and has the worst gaming experience, though there are people out there that greatly enjoy DD gameplay. as for CV...i havent touch CV much since the rework, but it is vastly different from the other 3. i guess try it for yourself and see if you like it as for country, BBs just avoid german, rest are all good, though USN is a bit powercreeped right now. go with japan or france maybe? cruisers.....french cruiser currently is the meta for DPM cruiser. for support cruiser, No.1 is USN heavy cruiser Des Moines DD....idk, start with the USN one maybe? it's probably the most balanced and most friendly line CVs i dont know
  13. jason199506

    Cv filter

    let me tick the "no dd" filter when i play BB, tick the "no BB" filter when i CA, and "no radar" filter when i DD
  14. jason199506

    DDs are OP

    let's also limit main battery shells and fuel then
  15. jason199506

    Is the current radar delay making the DD skill gap worse?

    LOL it's clanwar.... what do your clan do when enemy stlg park behind rock then? just not cap and let point run to 1000?