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  1. Why do they blame the DD?

    why do they blame the CV? *shrug*
  2. not a bad idea, but...it WILL increase power gap between tiers, and i dont think that's good plus there's gonna be a point, if it is T5 like you said.......GL to all those T4s in max 5 pt cap against 19pt kamikaze Rs
  3. Go Navy Was a Mistake

    who even cares about the missions and what not i log in everyday, play as usual, click the reject button once per day after a few games, get my usual 2(13000xp) daily containers and log off now i have a free perma camo for my worcester what is there to complain about? the only thing i see as "reward" is perma camo, the containers that give a negligible amount of coal i just ignore
  4. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    all i can conclude is that you yolo in and found yourself dead, look up stat of people behind you(that are still alive) and find them to be way better than you
  5. i need "i dont play low/mid/high tier" option while i play both DD and BB, i dont touch low tiers at all, and i rarely play mid tier
  6. Udaloi Buff?

    i dont think udaloi need a buff plus you can always pick engine boost in the Y slot instead of DFAA
  7. with the exception of Henri IV on khabarovsk plating, IFHE had zero effect on how cruiser HE interact with destroyers (well maybe only reduce their fire chance?)
  8. Biggest OP thing in the game

    brain is the biggest OP thing in this game. This is a cancer in the game and it needs to be STOPPED
  9. A question about winning

    19 battles
  10. BB AP

    potentially also yamato?
  11. BB AP

    dood, no game company gonna announce bugs, unless it's in the "known bugs" section plus they know it only after players report it
  12. Credits earned after T8

    dood, under 100ping is considered very stable ping only starts becoming noticible after ping gets 200 or so your ping is fine
  13. Credits earned after T8

    credit income(or any kind of reward in general) is horrible in coop, plus bot enemies are a lot stronger than weekend potatoes you face in randoms if you switch to random, with premium account and perma camo it should be really easy to maintain overall positive credit gain as for musashi, as long as you are not on premium consumable/credit camouflage, it should be able to earn credit even in coop
  14. The next Season of Rank

    not really, it's actually more about which side has less incompetent players that stumbled into the bracket on accident player skill in those brackets usually dont vary that much, and when one side's sole DD/radar cruiser/one BB suicides within first 5 minutes of game, the other side cant really lose it unless something dramatic happens(detonation/disconnection/house on fire/etc.)
  15. Not Really a Free Game

    im asking what he wants to buy with $ not how he's gonna make the payment...