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  1. just one comment: until they fix it, always use large caliber AP on DD, especially in high tier
  2. jason199506

    What would constitute as "damage farming"?

    damage farming is when you are faced with the choice of "chance of winning, but you dont keep star if you lose" vs "definitely lose, but you have a high chance of keeping star", and you choose the 2nd one it mostly involve a cruicial cap or enemy ship(most likely wooster or des moines or DD), in that if you go for the "victory" path, you are almost guarenteed no significant XP reward, so you most likely lose a star if your team still doesnt win. it mostly has to do with how WG failed to correctly reward contribution....in an ideal world, people that is doing the right thing should keep their star, and in an ideal world, damage farming would not exist when it's not rewarded with saving a star
  3. hind is the thing that can do a bit of everything, but it has no maneuverability mino is very maneuverable, but paper armour and only AP, so very locked into specific job zao might be a good choice for you, you can go from support DD to farming BB, but the HP is low, and turning radius is awful(though acceleration and rudder is good) des moines is also good at everything, but again bad maneuvourability, and relies heavily on your aim
  4. jason199506

    Rework for BB ?

    i agree BB need a rework they need a blanket nerf
  5. jason199506

    Why do people like the PA DD?

    stealth radar
  6. jason199506

    Stop Telling Me How To Play DD

    then the only explanation might be the "sail in straightline for an extended period time without accelerating/decelerating" gang has crept their way up to r5 and just saying, im not against shima, shima is my most played TX DD in randoms i enjoy shima, even more than pre-nerf khaba(all khaba games were played before rudder nerf) i am only against shima in competitive environment
  7. jason199506

    Stop Telling Me How To Play DD

    here is the reason why i dont bother with DD as a class in ranked as for "shima is competitive", maybe you try to join a clan and lead the clan to typhoon multiple times with a shima lineup? my clan isn't server top, but at least we got typhoon1->hurricane->typhoon1 for the 3 seasons, and i was the one making calls and deciding strategies for the past season and a half(from 2nd half of season 2 to end of 3rd season) and trust me, due to the overabundance of shima-only-dd players in my clan i have tried to make shima work, and trust me it just doesnt work they either grind a YY, or bring their rental zao for CW .....and how does this have anything to do with flamu?
  8. jason199506

    Stop Telling Me How To Play DD

    1) if you bring bad ship into ranked, be prepared for negative comments associated with that(because no one would want a guarenteed burden on their team) and dont complain about it 2) shima might work for r10 and below because people in that bracket still sail in straight lines for extended periods of time without accelerating/decelerating. dont bring it to r5 3) if he's doing well in shima, it only means he'll do better in other DDs, doesnt mean shima is a good choice for him. and this definitely does not justify bringing shima into r5 ranked
  9. jason199506

    Stop Telling Me How To Play DD

    that is exactly the point you dont see a single shima in all the KOTS across all 4 regions for a reason if someone thinks a shima works better in competitive environment than other TX DD, that tells me a lot about their understanding of the game unless it's a reroll with shima being the only TX in that account, but how likely is that? and from last season to this season, i have yet to encounter ONE shima player in ranked that is good
  10. jason199506

    Stop Telling Me How To Play DD

    MMM detects what mode you are playing if you are playing ranked mode, MMM only show people's stats in this season of ranked mode, no random battle stat is included
  11. jason199506

    Stop Telling Me How To Play DD

    here we go again, another shimakaze player try to justify bringing that ship into ranked plz just stop, stick to your YY or harugumo, both are actually viable options, maybe 52 if you want a change even gearing is better than shima
  12. jason199506

    Buff the Black please

    you see from this picture, black has only 20k battles, compared to others' who are all 6 digit(expect for the newly released kitakaze) it is probably more fair to compare top 50% of black to top 5% of chungmu, or entire black population to top 5% of tashkent/udaloi/z46 for both yugumo and fletcher, you need something like a "top 1%" to make a fair comparison with black
  13. jason199506

    Had an Excellent Game, bought Republique - wth??

    it is fast it is nimble are you sailing a different republic than mine?
  14. jason199506

    kill assist

    a kill gives only little credit/XP, it's the (%) damage that decides your reward so why are you even upset over a kill.....
  15. jason199506

    Clan Battles Levels

    。。。。what? WG already changed MM so squall only run into other squalls, why do you feel the need to further decrease point loss? (plus, as rock bottom they dont even lose any point in a loss)