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  1. Question for Shima captains

    you dont really need superintendent on shima shima isnt a gunboat DD where you sit in smoke and spam HE at enemy ships her smoke is for you to get out of unfavourable situation(like running into a gearing in open water), so 2 or 3 is enough, unless you put yourself in very dangerous situations very often i tend to go with SE on all DDs so like this with your 13pt id say get torpedo reload, and save AR for 15 point
  2. Flamu

    RU i think it's poitato? NA it's [ZR]renamed player something something, i dont think there's a lot of renamed players in ZR so this one should be easy(search ZR up on wows-numbers.com) EU/SEA idk
  3. (patches ago)fletcher/akizuki (right now)kidd/grozovoi/sims AA build is perfectly viable on these DDs, and can greatly influence the outcome of a CV game some of the kidds out there look like this more than 20 planes shot down per game
  4. put it this way a person of 50% WR think differently from one with 55%, who is also different from one with 60%/65% a 50% person would think a 55% person is being completely useless, because if they think alike, the 50% person would me more towards 52% or 53%, not 50% similarly, if you have a group of 6 50/55%, and one 65% unicum, the one 65% unicum is guarenteed to get reported for being useless...........because if any of the 6 other people have a clue about what the 65% is doing, they themselves wont be at sub 55%, they will have at least 60% win rate being good at WOWS is more about thinking than anything else, and "how good you are" is directly linked to how your brain process this game
  5. problem is most players dont know what others are doing, or what wins games people doing extremely stupid things get upvote, while people doing the right things get reported
  6. Commander xp conversion?

    it's just a trap they are pretending like it's a sale, while it isnt useful at all even if you have all 19pts on your common ships, you can always go for a 2nd "AA captain" or "RPF captain"
  7. is this the first time where you can actually buy advantage in battle?
  8. WG dev blog response to Midway nerfs

    nothing new here just look at ranger/lex/essex in WG universe USN CV need to be forever inferior to IJN ones
  9. destroy differences

    high tier you have best torp in game, and you also happen to have guns that are somewhat useful only at extremely close ranges you are torp boat, but somehow your torps are inferior to USN ones USN copy-paste with tweaked torps that cannot hit DDs, but are a lot more lethal against all other ships
  10. Ranked - A good players perspective

    no im not talking about shima in general, i dont see a skill gap between shima and other DDs in genearl i am talking about one specific shima player (T____ 5 cap letter) i ranked out with montana, and honestly i dont ask much from DDs, my only requirement for my teammate DD is "survive" radar is often enough to keep enemy DD from capping in the first 5 minutes or so, and once we get an advantage and gain area control, DDs can safely cap with zero risk capping 5 minutes late wont hurt, losing one DD at the beginning of the match does, a lot
  11. Ranked - A good players perspective

    this is an excellent post ummm wrong server? lol have to disagree with this one top config(radar mod) des moines is 9.9km 56seconds, he is spotted 10.6km away top config minotaur is 9.9km 56seconds, he is spotted 8.9km away top config moskva is 11.7km 35 seconds, he is spotted 13.8km away OMG......ALL DD players need to read this..... never smoke up against a YY or a Z52, it just blocks all possibility of friendly fire support and dont forget to report all smoke ones for unsporting behaviour ummmm typo?
  12. Ranked - A good players perspective

    but then that 1 or 2 gets super magnified.... like that shima that always claims he carry game, whines about BB AP OP but never bother avoiding them or that yamato with 300+games in it already and still havent ranked out but refuse to give up, and insult his entire team whenever he yolo and die..... i had that specific shima player on 3 our of my first 5 r2-4star games, needless to say i felt like i was drowning in the dead sea - the salt is real
  13. obvioualy BB for both... torps take too long to reload, only BB can 1-shot delete someone else every 30s
  14. this is how it's done overall battle count vs solo que battle count of the same person