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  1. Changes for Shima. good took waaaaaay too long, but finally they see the problem of that [edited] stock torp plz do this asap never made any sense to me how shima had identical concealment with gearing and yes, they finally FINALLY started looking at discrepancy in ships performances under same players
  2. Yamato citadel and range needs a buff

    lmbo that first sentence by "well angled" do you mean flat broadside?
  3. mehbote =/= unable to do anything even the infamous izumo can delete a 3km broadside iowa
  4. Hindenburg is LIFE

    9 torp hit........... i could never get its torps to work for me it's always pure gun....
  5. DO NOT BUY French Premium Container!

    250box no richelieu?
  6. Berating your own team... In global.

    i have seen these happen multiple times either to myself or my opponents and after i DS a neptune, i will gladly report the tirpitz that pushed him out of his smoke for him
  7. Berating your own team... In global.

    how.....people couldve been tk-ing at the start of the game
  8. Berating your own team... In global.

    saying general insults won't work, but if enough detail given i will help report examples: "our atago is afk, report plz" "our yugumo's torp forced me to give broadside" "our tirpitz pushed me out of my smoke" so it somewhat works?
  9. So you want to play tier 10?

    don't forget the flag, and find a clan with servicing cost thing researched
  10. disable chat=refuse to improve in that case you deserve to get PM insulted after match ends
  11. i make sure i keep an eye on both people with significantly more XP than me when i didnt mess up gets a comp people that TK/AFK/troll div gets a report
  12. sell a T1 ship? you can always buy those back for free or just buy port slot
  13. you don't know how high tier IJN CV work against DDs without DFAA then
  14. Citadels

    what are you in, who are you shooting at? every ship's citadel setup is different