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  1. jason199506

    [ALL] ModStation

    thanks for the help, this is first time back on forum after that post so i saw your reply just now i already moved everything in before using modstation, so it cleaned everything within, and did a fresh installation after 5~6 hours of work i was able to reconstruct ~80% of what it used to be, and kind of just lived with it
  2. jason199506

    [ALL] ModStation

    just came up here to give a big warning to fellow mod users modstation erase whatever was in your mod folder completely without any double check/without asking i personally keep a version of mod that was passed on from a 2016 graphical mod(composed mainly of gui/ship_preview and gui/ship_icons) the original author stopped maintaining the mod since 2016, and i have been locally updating new tech tree branches while trying to be as close to original author's style as possible the mod are all PNGs so they will never expire with update, the only times i had to do some maintainig was during branch split i have been using this for over 2 years now and since aslain was off this week, i was stupid enough to run modstation without keeping a version of my mod and modstation erased everything i mean EVERYTHING that i worked on over the past 2 years without even giving me a warning or a double check yes i am on the verge of quitting wows right now still i figure i'd come up here and give everyone a warning about this program
  3. cuz game is updated, old mods will cause issue if you dont get the updated version
  4. jason199506

    [ALL] ModStation

    any news on the return of caster mods?..... all i really wanted is the HP bar side panel(with spotting indication)+score count down timer
  5. jason199506

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    what? im talking about the citadel repair ratio for all other cruisers
  6. jason199506

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    bit confused for citadel damage, standard cruiser is 33% according to wiki, battleship is 10%, but update note says "10% for this ship type(british heavy cruiser's ship type im assuming is cruiser)". which one is correct? 33% seems to be more consistent with my in game experience
  7. nonono in this recent case, "free pr" is just a propaganda, it's definitely not designed for people to grind out, not for anyone not using botting scripts at least the target for this event is only those willing to pay 30 40 50k doubloon for a ship
  8. jason199506

    Fair play....

    man donty worry, there are already more than enough bad players running around to make people rage quit
  9. hi, i was chasing down a DD today and i find the distance display (both my point of landing and my total shooting range) gets in the way of me seeing enemy DD ship movement the 6.71km and 11.30km (like showing aimed distance i guess makes sense, but my max range? it is on my minimap why do i have to have it on my aiming screen all the time?) is there a way for me to mod these so i can move them a little bit more away from the center so it doesnt get into the way as much? and also how to move the shell landing time display? i know disabling alternate battle interface would remove the numbers, but the alt battle interface provide me too much information that i really dont want to disable it thansk in advance
  10. jason199506

    Mod - DD torpedo range

    the mod shows whether enemy shima is bringing 8km or 12km or 20km i dont know about mod staion(i dont use it) in aslain's pack it's called side panels by BADoBEST or side panels by hakabase
  11. jason199506

    Hard to have fun lately

    what pain are you talking about and how do you avoid it by paying? 0.0
  12. jason199506

    Clan Battle Participation

    i think ive been complaining about this since clan battle season 1: i dont care about most matches, league disparity will be balanced by point gain/loss. BUT WG needs to make sure promotion/demotion BO5 enemies are within 1 league (eg. if im trying to go from storm to typhoon, i should only fight storm/typhoon to win 3 out of 5, and should not see any hurricane/gale in the 5 games) i've been saying this exact thing every post season survey, apparently WG doesnt care.......
  13. jason199506

    Hard to have fun lately

    last time i paid was over 2 years ago well, im having fun, continuously having fun
  14. curious, cuz just by seeing his words my first reaction is nowhere near stat software 1) was there any big clans on enemy side? clans tags that people interested in CW/KOTS will easily pick up without any software(eg. o7 cuter pwp etc.) 2) what are the ship composition on both side? is there like 3krem vs 3GK or hind zao DM vs 3smol/stalin, or since he's a CV, is AA ship number imbalanced?
  15. guess i need help how to zara, or rather, how to italian cruiser/SAP in general im really struggling on how to use SAP(i feel like its giving me less damage than RN CL AP....) also, italian smoke ive just learned to ignore for now(tried some risky play with it at the beginning, couldnt remove the DD from my huge 8.3km in-smoke-firing-penalty, so risky play turned into suicide play), but im pretty sure the best use of full-speed-concealment smoke isnt to just ignore it