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  1. jason199506

    Clan Battles: "Loop" Season

    what happened to the bravo rating? no more two ratings this season?
  2. jason199506

    Ohio? or Colbert?

    if you havent got all valuable legendary upgrades, get them first, they are far more worth it than the 2 ships ohio......montana hull with shorter CD heal. as for it's guns, ill quote my clanmate "penetration, overmatch.......everything is excellent with it except accuracy" colbert.......trying making your smolensk range mod+aft(19.2km), then play a few games without popping a single smoke(even if you get killed). if you think you can stand that, get the colbert. to me colbert feels just weak. im not saying it's not fun, it's just super hard to lead and waaaaaaaaaay too fragile
  3. jason199506

    How to hurt a Alabama?

  4. jason199506


    the thing is everyone ranting about stalingrad dont have it, the ones that have it dont think it's OP i have a clanmate that used to rant about stalingrad all the time, and then one CW season he collects enough steel to buy it, next day during clan wars(he's our DD) he got radared by stalingrad, he is perfectly calm he got clipped by a stalingrad 17km away, he's perfectly calm he's capping and got radar by enemy DM, and stalingrad resets him from 20km away, he's perfectly calm it's just like magic honestly i would like WG to have the star wars mode again, and have stalingrad as one of the available cruisers i'd like to see how the public perception of stalingrad change after everyone gets to play it
  5. summary potatoA want steel, UMR-R memberB want money potatoA gives memberB real life money, memberB lets potatoA into UMR-R clan, and memberB play clan war with potatoA account. after 30 victories in hurricane, potatoA's account get kick out of UMR-R clan with all the 11k steel earned from that 30 hurricane victories. this happened way too often, WG noticed, and disbanded UMR-R and delete all steel anyone earned from UMR-R CW
  6. that is definitely not enough to get you a chat ban my guess is you said something last night or the night before, someone sent a ticket, and just so happened that after that battle the ticket finally got processed
  7. jason199506

    ok I'm Tier 5 now

    if you're looking for teamwork outside of clanwars, you must have some serious misunderstanding about this game
  8. jason199506

    Victims of Power Creep

    they arent powercrept they are bullied from their birth to this day i still cant understand WG's logic of giving them ridiculous gun bloom penalty just cuz they plan to eliminate stealth fire down the line i still remember my in my T5 german DD, and after i fire my 4*1*105mm guns, my concealment goes to 15.3km(when my gun range was like 10km) that is the same concealment as a 203mm mogami after she fires her 5*twin mount 203mm main guns. it just doesnt make any sense to me it's pretty much like saying "hey new hired guy over there, next year our company will be cutting down your wages from 100k to 50k. 'just do you dont get too comfortable with it', for the rest of this year everyone else will still be getting 100k while you get 50k, then next year everyone will all get 50k" khaba was less powercrept, but more nerfed to the ground........... gun range nerf, then rudder nerf, then finally torp range nerf......... balancing department really didnt know what fine tuning is back then, it's either sledge hammer or no balancing (much like our dear friend YueYang) these are 4 out of my 5 ranked game tonight(r5 bracket) but i definitely dont mind atlanta getting more buffs
  9. jason199506

    Where's everyone in Rank 5?

    the disaster was that many people got up to r10 by luck, without a single clue how to play tier 10. then they got stuck at r10 cuz it's irrevocable. they have like 30% win rate at the r10-6 bracket, but couldnt fall back down to r11 where they belong. the quality of ranked 10~6 was the worse of all seasons. it did somewhat make getting r1 a tiny bit easier, but getting from 10 to 5 was a far worse experience compared to other seasons
  10. jason199506

    Where's everyone in Rank 5?

    just wanna remind you of the disaster of the T8 TX season where they made r10 irrevocable
  11. jason199506


    im more curious on what made you think it's not ok in the first place
  12. name me a T7 BB that's not nelson, i can go training room now
  13. jason199506

    How to win in Ranked

    for BB: blap cruisers for cruisers: choose something with radar and blap DDs(preferably belfast or atlanta. indianapolis DPM is too low to blap a DD in one radar) DD: cap and not die(not dying is more important imo) if you can do these, you'll win
  14. you have some serious misunderstanding here..... it definitely wont take atlanta more than 3 minutes to sink 26mm plating T7 BB
  15. jason199506

    The case for Wisconsin or New Jersey?

    they could i doubt though if it's to be another iowa class, im guessing it would have some other gimmick, not radar