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  1. its more like.....play 20 battles, only fall off #1 xp once..... of course you know there's something wrong with the ship's xp multiplier.....
  2. can we have a no battleship game mode?
  3. Did I win or did I lose?

    weird, i often end up in losing team and still earn credit in my montana/khaba, none of which has a perm camo
  4. my biggest issue with RN BB is their survivability... RN CL repair is only balanced with RN CL citadel..... they are moving in the correct direction, just wish they would actually raise the citadel to old iowa height(i mean, even with that citadel height, RN BB survival wont be an issue considering its supreme concealment + ridiculous heal)
  5. this really hoping for the day i dont need to use mods anymore cuz all the functions i want are already built in
  6. Smoke Change is a Nerf to DDs

    i.....honestly have no idea whether you're being sarcastic or not
  7. well...have you try to actually farm some damage off BBs? my suspicion is that you are wasting too much time on DDs you cant hit(27% MBH i consider low), and wasting your salvos as a result why dont you try a few games where you switch target onto BBs once DDs get outside your accurate shooting range(let it be 6 or 8 or 10km), and see how things go?
  8. Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    then we'd start seeing TK conquerors, cuz they dont want their WR to go up
  9. Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    note this is a "smart" montana he timed his damage control so that he isnt caught without it, and only use it eventually when he had 3 fire burning but then he got lit with 2 right afterwards it'd not at all his mistake now....deleting a full HP, well-angled montana from 17km away with a yamato? unless montana gives perfect broadside, please show me a video of how this is possible to kill a 17km angled montana in 6 volly with yamato
  10. it's called "ignoring angling" not "ignoring bow camping" conqueror HE doesnt just magically stop doing damage to me when i'm moving at full speed
  11. Conq is hardly OP

    10.9 stealth + untouchable citadel + superheal is OP enough conqueror can have 8 un-overmatch-able guns and still be balanced
  12. then you havent faced a conqueror
  13. Public Test 0.6.12 Starts Oct 5th

    that is all that mattered
  14. Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    watching it, i was like...... no wonder after a few HE hits, yesterday my missouri was down to 16 close range 44 mid range 40 long range AA damage
  15. you play BB the most, and seeing you have the bismarck, im gonna recommend the tirpitz