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  1. It is because the ship promotes selfishness even more, teamwork is already almost non existent in this game, but now its even worse. No one wants to push and if your team doesn't have an equal amount of Smolensks , they feel more confident to push. Previously you might be able to turn the tide of battle against other cruisers that you can see, now they just smoke up and you cant even return fire. With mino, you can angle and tank pretty well, with Smolensk it does not matter.
  2. it was a DD (Daring) and our shima went wide of the cap to flank, got spotted by the daring and then got melted by the daring and 2 Smolensk. After that the daring just spotted and we had no radar.
  3. No, but all three were on my side, I put a mountain between 1 of them, and killed the other but we lost because my team wouldn't push three Smolensk on one side. I ended up having to push deeper in my GK because our other flank collapsed and we were going to get into a crossfire. At this point we were goners, but the problem for me was the fact that 3 Smolensk on one side changed the entire game because no one ones to get farmed. That is what frustrates me about the ship.
  4. I am probably going to have this article taken down for the title, but the state of the game with he spammers is [edited]. I do not know how many games it has been now, where I have faced 3-2 Smolensk on the enemy team, but its getting to the point where it's just ridiculous. I believe Wargaming actually hate their game and want it to die a fiery death if they keep the Smolensk in its current state. How the hell are you supposed to play the game when you have 3 smoke screens at 14 km shooting he into your superstructure that does 3k a salvo plus a ridiculous chance of starting a fire? You may say, well take the fire prevention skills, guess what, I do and I don't burn my DC the moment I get one fire, but then it doesn't matter because you have a perma fire all game. These things are hard to hit and even if you do it's overpens, so its a waste to shoot them when you have better targets, but then you just leave them free to farm you with their crazy dps and fire chance. Your team, for the most part, doesn't want to counter them because it is dangerous. Any dd that gets close, can come under radar and then get melted. Any radar ship that tries to get close tends to be out of position because these little farts stay in the mid range behind the cap, and any pushing cruiser gets demolished by BBs. Even if they do get them under radar, its still relatively easy for the Smolensk to get away. Any BB that pushes a smoke loses most of their health, is not guaranteed the kill and has to worry about torps. CVs can spot them, but you lose more planes than its worth, and at range these things are not easy to hit. So what ends up happening is no one pushes, those who do, die quickly, but even then the Smolensk can still farm you because wargaming thought it would be brilliant to give them 18km range with captain skills. What I hate most about the Smolensk is how it alters the gameplay, being aggressive with positioning or trying to tank damage for your team is no longer worth it. It is not fun to just be a damage stat pad for a ship you can not even shoot back at. Maybe, if wargaming cares (lol i know), they can actually do something about this ship to reduce its crazy Master of all, weakness of none state. Since I hear the Italian cruisers suck [edited], maybe then can give them HE back and put SAP on the Smolensk. End Rant
  5. SC1P1O

    CV Fighter Support

    I was assuming it would be automatic, like as if the ship had a fighter consumable. Also, if the box was small, even if people spammed it it would not interfere with the visuals or game play much.
  6. I have a decent amount of experience in cvs and I admit it is tedious to provide fighter support to ships. Most of the time, those who need it are the poor players who isolate themselves, and as a result are far away and prone to being picked on by the enemy CV. If I choose to save them, which is dubious to start with since they may not contribute much to the team, I usually have to spend a lot of time and engine boost to just get over them to drop a fighter that doesn't all the time lock onto the enemy planes. So i just wasted a minute and dps to "try" to save a player. As a result, I tend to only use them to protect capping dds or ships that are on my way to the drop. As an idea, just for starting a conversation, I wonder if wargaming could institute a fighter request system that a friendly ship hits a hotkey, and a small box pops up for me that if I hit K one of my fighter consumables is used up and drops a fighter over that ship. If i deny it, nothing happens. What are peoples thoughts?
  7. SC1P1O

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    That is a fair critique, I have not played on the PTS , just observations through (many) videos on youtube. I, however, am looking at current CV play and how it is 90% of the time no fun. Now looking at the new mechanics being released and the fact that AA has not been fixed and extrapolating. I think, not unreasonably, how much more the CV will impact the state of the game. Especially if each map has multiple CV at higher tiers. I feel like with the old CV, I had a chance to at least counter his planes (if both cvs where about on parity with skill) with strong aa, good teamwork, and I only have to worry about one (he had limited planes so had to at least be smart how he used them). I would prefer CVs not be in the game, but I think we found a good equilibrium in that CV is not played much currently. As a result, I would like to maintain that state by not having to opt into the new CV patch where I think they will be much more ubiquitous. At the end of the day it is a game, and I want to be able to enjoy it, I do not play any other video games and I enjoy this as a part of being able to relax and have fun. I do not want to have to lose that and am just asking for an option to maintain the status quo of the game, while we see how it really works. I am not saying get rid of the patch, I am just asking for the ability to play parallel to the patch as all the bugs which have not been fixed do.
  8. SC1P1O

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    I am not saying that is the optimal gameplay style for BBS, and if it is bad with dds what do you think it will be like with multiple CVs in each map? All I am saying is that BB's can still be punished by being at the back of the map by either 1) a good BB or 2) not doing anything for the team and thus losing. How many games has the last 1 or 2 on your team been a full health BB? As for CV, they can sit in the back and still do large amounts of damage while never coming under fire.
  9. SC1P1O

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    Ha, that is funny about the campaign
  10. SC1P1O

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    I think that CV gameplay is so differentiated from DDs that it is not a fair comparison. Certainly the game would change if DDs where not present, but all systems are on the same playing field that use guns and Torpedoes delivered on a 2D map. CV's can sit at the back and send in without consequence (the equivalent of DD) within perfect torp distance with full control where it goes, while simultaneously not being put at risk of being knocked out of the game. I can counter DDs I am not sure that in this new patch I can counter CV
  11. SC1P1O

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    I have not encountered that, but that could be due to playing at peak hours
  12. SC1P1O

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    Opting out is not making it less fun for other people, and I will be honest, I don't want the time I use and the money I spent on this game being wasted over several months during patches because wargaming did not properly test it in the first place. I am asking for a option where I can let those who want to be the guinea pigs use CVs while allowing those of us who want to see how it shakes out the ability to still enjoy the game.
  13. Dear WoWs Community, Fun is a word I would use to describe my WoWs experience at this time. But that is a word I fear may no longer be in my vocabulary come patch 8.0. I don't fear tier x CVs because I use AA builds and try to be smart when playing (also helps you don't see them too often). Sticking with teammates, not getting DF baited out ect. The only time that CV is a nightmare is when one team lacks a sufficiently good player to counteract the other. In addition, the thing I dislike most about CVs is how much they slow the game down. You cannot make aggressive moves, and have to play slow and conservatively, hoping the enemy team loses patience first and makes mistakes that your CV and team can capitalize on. I am worried that the new patch will make the game NOT FUN for me. I really enjoy DD and Cruiser gameplay, where positioning and map knowledge makes each game a competition against myself to pull off new positions or know when and where radars might be. I fear that the new patch will make this tedious and useless. As a DD, I fear that I will be easy to spot, especially if CV planes can use RPF. Also, with how much they move about the map, will they spot all my torps, and why use a boat that can torp every 90s when I can get one with 30s using a CV that wont be targeted? I also fear that for cruisers like the DM and Moskva, where turret traverse is slow and broadsides get heavily punished, that having to "dodge" ap bombs and torp drops every 30s is going to be super *&#!ing annoying. This will be even worse for battleships, who if being picked on by a cv, may never really have the chance to use a full broadside due to slow turret traverse, and will most likely flood out due to the new DOT buff in being able to have infinite torp and dive bombers available every 30s. All this is to emphasize my fear that the predominance of the CV without real testing will lead to the game being tedious, frustrating, and not fun. As a paying customer of wargaming I don't want to have to discard all the money and time I put into this game because they messed up my experience--otherwise reimburse me for all my money and I will uninstall the game. All I am asking for is ONE BUTTON that allows me to opt out of CV matchmaking in random battles in case all I fear comes true. This way, for me, the game that is FUN remains that way. What are your thoughts? Sincerely,, SC1P1O P.S. Some people have mentioned that opting out would lead to saying, if I do not like this one ship why not others. My response would be that most games now do not have a CV present, so opting out of CV play would not change the game at all for 80% of them. I am not against CV's I just do not want to have to suffer through until they patch it. I would like the chance to play the game as it stands 80-90% of the time, while waiting for the fallout to dissipate.