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  1. Xanshin

    What's this diagram in the new port?

    And what is the wooden ship on the loading screen?
  2. Shine and ball all you like... haters gonna hate.
  3. Don't forget the trout flogging. Or is that a reward...? Banana stickers. All the banana stickers.
  4. Xanshin

    Role of Cruisers ?

    Cruisers in general have the highest dpm in the game. they typically lack the alpha of dds and bbs. The germans are a solid all rounder line. More forgiving of mistakes due to turtleback, good HE penetration, suicide torps, best acoustics. Its the only cruiser you're going to want to bring to a 1v1 yammie fight. It kites well. It has okay aa. It doesnt shine amazingly at anything but is a solid all rounder. Double rudder shift mods are your friends. And your legendary upgrade makes fires and floods a laughable joke. Yes zao and henri probably kite better... but up close and personal is 100% hindy. Plus hindy can have 8k secondaries... which is hilarious...
  5. Xanshin

    Thunderer; Money Conquers Morality

    An interesting thought... but i think youd rapidly find folks figuring out optimal builds and wind up back at square one. That and balance/history buffs would be sharpening pitchforks.
  6. Xanshin

    I hate the state of the game now.

    Nothing changes. Nothing stays the same. Except necromancer proliferation... Can we get a magic circle against evil up in here or what? Id settle for a turn undead...
  7. Not everyones mohawk is pink enough to appreciate the KM BB line... The ice colds cannot fathom a BB that doesnt fit the meta. Thats why they captain lesser beasts like monty and yammie. Cheers, chummers.
  8. Xanshin

    Which BB Line Should I grind?

    Depends on what youre looking for in your next bb... USN: good line to start after KM. Good armor, accuracy, aa... bad speed, annoying floaty shells (that actually benefit you versus KM ships and island huggers). RN: ultimate bb trolls. HE kings. great stealth. Nasty when div'd with a mino and daring. IJN: yammie is the face tank king with godlike guns... but yammie also has cheeks and sides that beg for citadels... FR: secondaries are very comparable to KM. Amazing speedy flanker. Quite squishy compared to KM. Weird when line bounces from 16 to 8 guns and turret placement. RU: very tough face. Very weak sides. Nice railguns. Monster when played right. Puntable squishy kitten when played wrong. If youre looking to branch out to cruisers look no further than germans as the starting line. If dds look appealing then go with RN to start.
  9. Xanshin

    Shootin Down Aeroplanes...Is it worth it?

    As haze said... keeping weak aa dds alive goes a long way. And some of us have seen matches where 140+ planes were shot down and the carrier was still making strikes. YMMV of course. Things seem tentatively okay now in that t10 planes arent made of adamantium/mithril alloy while aa is likewise not a zone of invulnerability. Exceptions of course for being bottom tier. Then youre borked.
  10. If you find any while you're out... pick me up some aspergum... and some screaming yellow zonkers...
  11. What i see happening... is i go potato. Hard potato. No camo, no flags, no premium consumables... i throw match after match until im guaranteed an amazing mm on my next game... whereupon i put on all my best flags, consumables, and camos for a massive xp/credit explosion... heck if the mm bases it off of total wr rather than individual ship you could have a 90% wr on your t10 salem by intentionally flubbing a heap of t1 black swan games. Its been suggested. Shiploads of times. But the cruel reality is that it can be gamed and rigged in a way that harms the community infinitely more than it benefits. Unless a better metric can be found i dont see this benefiting us.
  12. Xanshin

    How well does Moskva fit the current meta?

    Well suited to obliterate rn cls, khabs, and fr dds. Very weak to close quarters hindy. Meh versus zao and henri at long range. Laser railguns mean you hit your target. Very tanky sometimes. Very squishy at others. Radar is delightful. Id just rather be in a zao far off or a hindy up close.
  13. Xanshin

    My worst streak ever...

    I count on it. Blood in the water. Scent of the kill. The number of ships that will go broadside to your entire team to take a pot shot at a squirrely minotaur is extraordinary. Theyll joyously give chase... out of position... guaranteeing their loss... for a chance at a kill or a cit... hilarious to watch as long as its not your team. CCs too. Nothing like watching an entire team run off merrily to an ambush because they want a chance to shoot lert/lwm/notser/etc.
  14. I like to think of it as an 'into the spiderverse' shoulder "Hey ;)" move.
  15. Xanshin

    a question of 3 coal cruisers

    Get smolensk. Salem is a meh version of DM... yoshino is a meh version of zao... every time i take yoshi for a spin i wish i had taken zao instead.