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  1. Ive always wondered why we cant purchase alternate ships/builds... so i can have a meta friendly kiev and a 100% secondaries spec'd one for fun... a mino for radar days and one for smoke... things like that.
  2. IMO T7 isn't quite worth speccing full secondaries since the bonuses get exponentially better at T8, but now that I have a Shiny Horse and a Blarney Horse I can spec both different.  Try it. I put my kurfurst captain in scharn and its a hoot. 8km secondaries in a t5 match is pretty evil.
  3. Xanshin

    I Have Located Tier 5 Of Heck.

    Or if an itty bitty turn radius and a rudder in your face gets you sprung... a leak... due to torps...
  4. Xanshin

    Missouri GIVEAWAY 1000 follower milestone.

    Seriously, that was my question Only 3. 3 baby seals. But they were particularly innocent ones.
  5. Can it be an eye tyrant or doomsphere instead?
  6. Xanshin

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    IDK why people think surviving to the end of the match is their best bet... Its a german bb... zerg. Rush in there and brawl. Main guns on cruisers, secondaries on dds, torps for everyone. WASD serpentine hax on approach. But I will die! Yes. Yes you will. Probably. But you will also have first blood and 1-2 kills to show for it... they will try to torp and shell you instead of your less beefy allies... and traded your clunky anti meta bb for a dd and a radar cruiser... and allowed your dd and cruiser allies to push hard. Tirpitz and km bbs are fine. They just require a very different playstyle than any other bb. Stop playing to survive and start playing to win.
  7. Its always fun to win a knife fight in jutland w/ifhe versus a daring who insists on AP... and have them rage and make hackusations afterwards.
  8. RN triumverate of evil ftw... daring, conq, and mino.
  9. Xanshin

    Which is the best tier 8 premium DD?

    Idk why but i loved the lightning too... not sure if its the 360 degree turrets, rof, or handling but she felt more comfortable than cossack.
  10. Xanshin

    Which is the best tier 8 premium DD?

    Kidd and cossack are gunboats... Kidd has (or had) godlike aa. Kidd has a heal at t8 (i cannot overstate how awesomeheals are for dds). Downside: only 1 rack of torps iirc. Same problem for cossack... 1 rack of torps (though they reload surprisingly quickly and can be fired singly). Shes got heaps of guns but low rof and good stealth. Loyang is still my dd fave for t8... amazing acoustics let you be a bully. 10x torps. Downside is fewer guns than the other two. Its also limited as a captain trainer.
  11. Loved both. Kept both. Neptune is oddly tanky for RN cls... mino is just... amazing dpm and amazing potential impact on a match... at the cost of having its citadel armored in leftover emerald citadels...
  12. Seconded. Roon is solid. T9 doesnt have any overperformers. You could try usn as well... one branch is garbage at t9 and the other is solid for t9... but i can never remember which...
  13. Xanshin

    Are T5 and lower BB's just trolls?

    Sounds complicated. I think I'm better off hitting the torps with my hull at those tiers. I like my odds better.
  14. Xanshin

    Any News on KMS Siegfried Super Cruiser?

    Well dont just stand there! Sit down, take your shoe off, and call the man!
  15. Xanshin

    Reporting People

    The question is not relevant to my comment. Yes, it was silly of me to ask you to consider alternatives Beginning to see why OP may have been reported...