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  1. Is there a ship you would recommend?
  2. That I think was part of the problem, I was thinking about edinburgh/neptune (I only have fiji), and also tried Cleveland (Probably better than Seattle) but they feel really vulnerable against T9 BBs, especially in a small scale fight. But again, maybe I could improve and perform better in them. For now I have been looking at CAs with radar, and I'm still mad that they removed Alaska when I'm playing, I am planning on trying Riga which I just got next week. Any CLs you would recommend? (I'm honestly sort of tempted to get a Tiger '59)
  3. I will start out by saying I'm not exactly the best player ever, but I have been recently been seeking to improve in this game. Which is why I have been playing quite some ranked games, I find the competetive environment much more stimulating which forces me to think carefully about the game instead of auto-piloting. However this sprint's silver has been really tough for me. I have quite a few T9 BBs that I like, but the games seems to always contain an upward of 3dds, 4 is quite common, and I even get 2BB+5DD games. Obviously a better BB player can still win, but I am having a hard time. I suspect this is due to the fact that there is a limited selection of CL/CA that can deal with DDs at T8/9 (while to not be dev struck the second you show up). Which resulted in a lacks of CL/CA and an abundance of DDs. How do I deal with this? I have already started learning to play DD, almost from scratch. For which I would like to apologize to all the teamates. Aside from that, is there a good cruiser for ranked that can deal with these DDs? Thanks!
  4. soranokiseki4280

    3 Ise and 2 CVs per team: WG did it.

    Pre rework CV flashbacks.
  5. soranokiseki4280


    I would like to be a Pirate!
  6. soranokiseki4280

    Premium Ship Review - ZF-6

    10/10 alliteration, a very strange version of the scene from V for Vendetta played in my mind while reading.
  7. I have 7 elements so far, and I think I am missing the one from today's stream which I unfortunately missed. Is there another stream today? Or would I not be able to finish the collection?
  8. soranokiseki4280

    Can I make 67, 000 coal before the 0.9.3 drops?

    Thanks a lot! That looks like a lot of RNG that I don't wanna try, but I have a few more weeks to consider, do you think it could be likely that they release other ways to purchase coal before the patch drops?
  9. soranokiseki4280

    Can I make 67, 000 coal before the 0.9.3 drops?

    LOL, what crates though? And I just hate losing a ship for good, so if it wouldn't cost me too much to close the gap of 10, 000 or so coal I might just do it.
  10. I know no one can answer this accurately, but is there even a chance I can do that? If not do you guys thinks WG will sell coal for doubloon or something? thanks!