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  1. Why did we post a mediocre battle result as evidence against? I guess while we are at it here is evidence of why its a perfectly average ship at least for me.
  2. Kebobstuzov

    Human Commander vs High Point Captain

    1. You missed the joke. 2. A knife fight would be close quarters enough that torping you as a khab becomes viable for the enemy so while its a great gunboat its not great at knife fights.
  3. Kebobstuzov

    It's a Wolf Pack!

    Easily countered if the enemy has one good battlecruiser or BB but otherwise, look out. Not gonna lie I would have LOVED to be a CV against them. 3 easy devstrikes because of its maneuverability.
  4. Kebobstuzov

    Human Commander vs High Point Captain

    Well this is getting off topic fast. I'll leave it at, Kiting ship has advantage in engagements, nothing wrong with kiting then re-engaging with a better HP advantage. The original point remains, the better player usually will win a 1v1 or more regardless of ship. The example of kiting so you dont throw your HP in the trash is just one support for that argument.
  5. Kebobstuzov

    Automatic Chat Bans

    No idea, its funny when I have an occasional 'outburst' I don't get chatbanned then 2 months later I get on a CV kick, get tons of compliments and karma but am chatbanned half that time.
  6. Kebobstuzov

    Neptunes and Minotaurs completely gone

    I just had to brawl a mino and a midway at the same time last night. In my Midway.
  7. 5EST 6 Central? are these flipped? 5 EST would be 4 central.
  8. Kebobstuzov

    Automatic Chat Bans

    I am no angel but i have gotten chatbanned just about every time I play Midway 10 times in one day. Devstrike = chat report apparently, and with anywhere from 1 to 4 a game it is ridiculous. Take away my karma but don't take away my ability to communicate and help my team win. Just yesterday i got chatbanned while playing 8 midway battles, averaging over 200k and having my base XP record, looking at notifications I saw 9 compliments and 3 reports.
  9. *Looks at my bourgogne* yeah... I agree
  10. Kebobstuzov

    Human Commander vs High Point Captain

    In that situation you would kite them to push them back not knife fight though correct? Knife fighting means you're actively moving towards them and getting close.
  11. Kebobstuzov

    Human Commander vs High Point Captain

    At the end of the day, A good player won't knife fight early. If you see someone knife fighting early game, they are one of two things, a bad player, or a good player who made a mistake. maintaining health in a DD is incredibly important because your value goes up exponentially as you move towards late game, regardless of heals.
  12. Kebobstuzov

    What's everyone complaining about?!!?!?

    136,839 is my record so far, averaging over 70k in 23 games so far, so its not as good at dealing damage as a normandie or arizona, but it has good AA and if you aim upper belt on BBs and at the water near a cruiser youll get damage.
  13. MBRB is ridiculous. ESPECIALLY on the T10s
  14. Kebobstuzov

    Human Commander vs High Point Captain

    knife fighting in a Khab is quite Daring. I Kidd you not the turning radius and rudder shift make it very likely that if the enemy DD is any good, you will not make it out of a knife fight to heal.