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  1. Kebobstuzov

    Stop Panicking! Help is on the Way!

    Meanwhile I panic bought the COBI Enterprise... Can't wait for it to get quarantined and not get it until October lol
  2. I'd rather see other ships nerfed than this one buffed. Perhaps ADD BACK BB AP PENS on ALL DDs. Remove double dipping shells at the same time and it will be fine. At the very least add AP pens to Kleber since Harugumo and Khaba both take em
  3. Imagine thinking people sync dropping in ranked gives them an advantage. More often than not the people doing it are below average and lose because two of them are on the same team. There's a reason you don't see high level clans sync dropping.
  4. Here's a better source. Only real thing I could see disagreeing with might be the T7 americans like Helena/Boise/Nueve
  5. CV will make the gameplay much less dynamic as you can't sneak anywhere, make any flanking moves, surprise rotations, etc. Really unfortunate to see the only somewhat competitive mode in the game be turned into what will be an even more unpopular and bland meta.
  6. Kebobstuzov

    Free Captain Respec isn't enough...

    While we're at it WG please credit me premiums that don't use IFHE to make up for hurting my premiums that do. /s
  7. Beggars can't be choosers. End of the day WG can't afford to sink too much time and money into something so few players will obtain or use. They already lost a ton on their rework.
  8. the FDR is coming. That should tide ya over
  9. Kebobstuzov

    Game starting to feel tiresome....

    nah, it needs too much testing to be a month out
  10. Kebobstuzov

    Game starting to feel tiresome....

    That and/or they're trying to force a gain on the MASSIVE investment they put into developing and implementing and balancing the rework. Sad thing is they may never realize that all they're doing is making it more and more costly.
  11. Kebobstuzov

    Game starting to feel tiresome....

    Clan battles participation is already dangerously low. Goodluck retaining what was left when clan brawls and CSTs told you not to do this and you did it anyways to try to force CVs to work. Guess what? CVs dont work.
  12. Not being able to fix double damage shells and non damage shells and this and that is what caused DDs to stop taking BB AP pens months and months ago. Still such an annoying change caused by laziness/engine
  13. Kebobstuzov

    Pop Quiz

    He has 2 options. Go north and turn left to angle away, cutting and angles of fire for the DM and smol while being able to get secondaries and guns on the Lion, and hydro in event of daring yoloing. Option 2 is to kite SE, being able to use terrain to go dark if the DM and/or smol try to melt him.
  14. Kebobstuzov

    Should I wipe my account?

    In reality most competitive clans will look primarily at high tier ships and recent stats, and by the time theyre ready to join a competitive clan, 250 games as a noob will be a tiny spec barely affecting stats. On the other hand, wiping stats/rerolling can make you LESS appealing to a competitive clan. Rerolls typically aren't as respected and are treated with more suspicion.
  15. Kebobstuzov

    Traffic Light Aim Assist

    The mod doesn't tell you the throttle setting. Complaining about the mod is fine, but lying to bolster your argument is not.