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  1. use discord on mobile if thats what tips it over the edge.
  2. Kebobstuzov


    tell me when and where, I will BE THERE
  3. Kebobstuzov


    NA as a whole though showed up in a BIG way. It was a great tournament from start to finish! Good to see NA bring home a title, no matter who it was.
  4. Kebobstuzov

    Grand finals

    Warlord is a legend bro
  5. Kebobstuzov

    OGRES is recruiting.

    its all ogre now :P
  6. Kebobstuzov

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    Great to see WG dumbing down the game to help stop bad players from rage quitting
  7. Kebobstuzov

    OK Wargaming. I can take a hint.

    well yes the team is part of it. but having a 40% winrate for example is not everyone else's fault. just like everyone with a 65% winrate isn't because their teams are just good. Your winrate DOES reflect your skill levels. someone who loses most their games at higher tiers is a detracting factor in most their teams.
  8. Kebobstuzov

    OK Wargaming. I can take a hint.

    if you look more closely though you can see he has a good winrate in the low tiers, but a terrible winrate at high tiers. so its not the teams fault wouldn't you say?
  9. Kebobstuzov

    OK Wargaming. I can take a hint.

    something something common denominator
  10. Kebobstuzov

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Defensive fire risks losing a large amount of planes which is just like losing one of your turrets or torp launchers. Heals allow you to tank in a BB, just like a smoke allows you to cap or support the team in a DD.
  11. Kebobstuzov

    Possible Solution to Radar

    no no, intelligence and desire to win is OPPOSITE "competitiveness" read more carefully you uniscum
  12. Kebobstuzov

    Possible Solution to Radar

    good players dont run 20km torps. and good players dont get HIT by 20km torps. next
  13. Kebobstuzov

    Possible Solution to Radar

    well none of my other arguments have been met with any real response, so its not a last desperate shot. It is just yet another reason that is irrefutable. They're adding in measures to LOWER the DDs in game, so to say its not a legitimate argument, is frankly, silly.
  14. Kebobstuzov

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Until we see the DD population get too low, I don't see a reason to change radar. If it was so bad then nobody would be playing it. Just like CVs. The UI is terrible and laggy, [among other issues] so it has a tiny population and it being fixed. Radar has not made the DD population too small by any means so no point fixing what isn't broken.
  15. Kebobstuzov

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Who says I tell them to do that? You contest when you can, and if theres radar you can always back in or bait it by barely edging in at full speed