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  1. Kebobstuzov

    italian cruisers are terrible and noncompetitive

    You want to talk about sepcifically the T9 and 10? Great. The T9 has heavy alpha potential and the speed and rudder to dodge, making its lack of armor not a big deal. Brindisi is a strong ship albeit with a high skill floor. Venezia is similar with heavy alpha and it crushes DDs while being quick and having the surprisingly effective smoke consumable. Venezia is easier to use than brindisi but it maintains the high skill ceiling, meaning the ship has loads of potential. I have found it to be an incredibly strong ship in both solos and divisions, as well as clan battles and ranked. Just because you are bad at a ship does not mean that ship is bad, you may just be a bit below the skill floor.
  2. Kebobstuzov

    Why are borth Scharnhorst different price?

    They're black friday deals essentially.
  3. Kebobstuzov

    Zoup the feeling police

    I too wonder what clan he was talking about. I know it probably isn't one you'll see the tag of in this thread however. As for zoup being right or wrong that's a matter of opinion and everyone is welcome to it, but thinking the police could get involved and that player accounts shouldn't get chatbans but permanent game bans? No.. that's not the answer.
  4. Kebobstuzov

    What Stupid Things Did You do While Learning WOWs?

    my biggest mistake was trying to learn EVERYTHING from videos and taking everything that CCs said as gospel. I learned eventually that I needed to play for myself to figure most things out and that CCs are not the only opinion that matters. They are helpful, some more than others, but definitely not the ONLY people you should look for advice from.
  5. Kebobstuzov

    special upgrade

    You can only mount it to one ship. It is an upgrade, not a consumable, so it stays on that ship until you either sell it or demount it.
  6. This can happen between players as well, the sinking ship clips a living ship or a player gets part of their ship underneath the sinking ship and it drags them down briefly, or two living ships are pinched against each other on the map edge and it forces one underneath the other.
  7. I believe in this case it is very important to distinguish the difference though. Saying they are OP implies they are far and away the best in class and nothing compares. Saying they are strong but NOT OP is more accurate as they statistically fall in and around the top of the food chain, but don't hold the top spot for every ship and every leaderboard.
  8. Depends on Role. Kremlin has been nerfed since KOTS, and is also limited by its range and lack of spotter. Is it still strong? yes. Is it the ONLY OPTION? no. Stalin and moskva are interchangeable depending how they are used, but ships like Des Moines can also be used for radar very effectively in randoms and competitive. Each is better at their own things. Smolensk requires support/spotting, and its role is also fillable by IFHE Yoshino, IFHE Henri, Venezia. Again, you take different ships for different reasons. IFHE yoshino and smol are both mainly for melting BBs and russian cruisers. Henri is a bit of a mixed bag with a bonus of heavy alpha with AP and reload boost as well as the speed of repositioning. Venezia of course dominates Destroyers and has smoke that lets it escape at full speed. Again, they all haves roles to fill and the meta is constantly shifting in competitive, which changes the value given to each ship's strengths. The Russians are strong, yes. But none of the ships you listed are overpowered.
  9. Kebobstuzov

    Too OP or Not Too OP

    Smolensk, both by my experience and the numbers is strong but not OP.
  10. I apologize to myself about 5 minutes into my first ranked game every day.
  11. The russian bias meme is being blown out of proportion. Some russian ships are very strong yes. But you are suggesting buffing the crap out of everything else and removing things that balance them and keep them from being insane. Best T10 gunboat for example. Not Russian, French. It is an arcade game it is not about historical values in every sense.
  12. Kebobstuzov

    Give Kleber Black torpedoes

    No Black torps, Sims torps maybe?
  13. Kebobstuzov

    Your Maximum Kills by Tier? (9v9 Update)

    Not sure of my co-op records, but in a PVP match my highest is 9 with the old pre-buff henri
  14. Kebobstuzov

    Pick in order of preference

    Des Moines, then Mino, then hindy
  15. Kebobstuzov

    Legendary upgrade

    If you thought roon was garbage you may want to work on another line rather than work towards hindy legendary, because hindy plays almost exactly like the roon.