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  1. I like seeing people who hang in NA, SL, ARP discords. Certain clans can be relied on to play to win, which means if they're a dd, I know they'll smoke teammates if need be etc. Nothing like having a -K-, -I-, SALTY/SOUR, SF, PSV, ZR div. S/o to anyone from the afore mentioned discords, love ya
  2. just pointing out all emails ive ever gotten in response to tickets or my one chat ban were from noreply@wargaming.net. These emails are from no-reply, not noreply.... Don't click on anything and hope WG does something soon and yes I know, expecting anything from WG is pointless but theres no better option.
  3. Ive intentionally teamkilled once.. in almost 6k games. accidentally 3 times... I was pink, I played, I was no longer pink. Repeat offenders getting bans is fine, but removing team damage entirely I think takes a lot away. Sometimes I have to hold my torps or knowingly risk hitting a teammate to make a play. case in point, I torped a missouri and the torps ran on to hit our yugumo and kill him. Thankfully that yugumo was JFK so no big loss [kappa] but really, if teamkilling comes up a lot for you it may be time to reevaluate your awareness.
  4. If they say sorry or my bad or something along those lines I will be fine with it and respond "np" or "it happens eh?".. If they do it and get pissed at ME for hitting their torps I will calmly tell them to be careful next time and for now they may enjoy a report. If they say nothing I will report them but I will not say anything to them. Same goes for if a teammate that ISNT me gets teamkilled.
  5. T9 cant get +2 MM and some of my favorite ships are at this tier [Essex, Izumo, Fletcher, Donskoi...] and T10 because I LOVE my Midway as well as Monty and Khaba of course.
  6. No reason to justify that type of statement with a response, so I will leave it at what I said originally. Good luck bud, at least I will remember how things were if you won't..
  7. the amount of players that answered yes is scary....
  8. Yukon I have played with you plenty.. You should know I play ALL classes and I play for the W..
  9. I was a gearing against you... did 99% of your HP before a yamato sniped you with a single shell lol. GG I got a different corgi instead! thanks to you and all the other corgi participants for entertaining us!
  10. BBs are and always will be the most forgiving and easiest class in the game.. especially the noob friendly germans :P
  11. what he said ^^^^^^
  12. you made your team down 11v12. all this test proved is that when you try you are as good as worhtless to your team anyways... great test gg.....
  13. Not sure if troll or...... well regardless of opinions on those things, there is NO reason to be playing a team based game if half the games you are just going to abandon. Hopefully WG implements something similar to their TK bans for repeat AFK/abandoners..
  14. I would have loved to do this but im moving in to college right in the middle so maybe next time! Good luck and have fun to those that participate!
  15. just leaving battles like that seems a bit ridiculous... I enjoy the challenge. It is the same for everyone and in grinding through all but 3 lines to T10, I have found a lot of my most exciting, fun, and impressive games to be as a bottom tier ship. You just have to learn to play differently in different MM. There's been talks of +1/-1 MM for CVs but the same issue is there, CV queue is long enough. based off my own experience in game I highly doubt +1/-1 MM across the board will be worth all the less than 12v12 games and longer queues with the population the server currently holds.