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  1. Server Issues

    compensation? /s
  2. naming and shaming is against forum rules yet OP clearly made visible what clan tags were in suspicion.
  3. I am very new to the game my good sir
  4. Fantastic play dude, you made a fairly balanced ship look INSANE!!!
  5. end of the day, if you want ships like Stalingrad, Black, and Flint... You can get them if you put in the effort. I have a job, I imagine most here do, but a lot of us still get these rewards fairly easily. I've only ranked out twice, because previously I didn't feel it was in my best interest to put the time in to rank out. Because of that I was understanding that I was putting the Black further out of my reach, and that's fine. I feel that if people REALLY wanted these reward ships, they would be putting the effort in to earn them, the people who want them to be easier to acquire obviously don't want them enough to make it worth their effort.
  6. Does Montana need a re-balance?

    The only ship that holds a candle to the Montana in randoms is Republique and in competitive Republique and Yamato. GK is still easily the worst T10 BB. Simple.
  7. V-25 front torps only, 60 competitors showed, one survived. Congrats to the Champion, [MIA-A] Skeem689 who took home an Atago, 2nd place, [APOC] Roxxien who recieved a Scharnhorst, and 3rd place, [CUTIE] MFLx who opted for 6500 Doubloons in lieu of a T6 premium! This is a fairly regular event we plan to host many more times, join our discord where we will be posting about future events as well as talking about warships in general! Come join us next month!! https://discord.gg/8hDysfg - [O7] Kebobstuzov Highlighted below is the final 8 battling it out! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/276094604?t=
  8. Can't wait for the impending Perth buff!
  9. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 22nd, 2018

    It was cool finally trying T10 Ranked, I feel the Rank 10 irrevocable caused a lot of frustration for higher level players due to people getting locked into the R6-10 bracket that normally would spend a lot of time out of it. I took longer to rank out than last season and had my frustrations, but I played early season and had the good fortune, as a result, of playing with and against lots of other top players.
  10. Abruzzi.

    anything that I can do 192k in at T7 gets my seal of approval lol
  11. Abruzzi.

    Abruzzi is god tier in the right hands. Just sayin
  12. New US cruisers already in Randoms

    Testing ships in live environment is 100% necessary. As for exact stats, well that's not finalized until release so releasing the stats would get confusing with every little change.
  13. If theres CVs in queue I bring Gearing. If not I bring either Republique or Montana. Republique has felt much better though.
  14. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 1st, 2018

    give us tournament spawns on all the maps. Rework Mountain Range so people don't get caught up sludging around at A or west of A all the time. Give Ocean a higher percentage, its the one map thats unique and forces a different type of gameplay. There's many more things, but that's all I can think of atm.
  15. O7 Discord Community

    this clan sounds really chill.