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  1. [] Tanz's Shipyard

    I didn't see French cruisers are they WIP or am I just blind?
  2. [POLL] The most glaring issue, Pt. 2

    I am surprised to see that the USN are considered the weakest here.. Montana is the best BB, Des Moines is extremely strong, Fletcher is the best dd [not counting VMF] in the game, and Midway is arguably stronger than Hak depending on player. That being said I think AA balance is the biggest issue in the game. High tier has WAY too much, Low tier has not enough. Clarification, I play all classes extensively so I like to think I am not too biased.
  3. I never said I didn't expect it to be a structure based off winning lol.... win or lose in that context means whether we win or lose, the gamemode is not fun.
  4. Clan Battles is only being played for the reward ship. WG is burning their most dedicated players out by having such a poorly made gamemode. For example my SL team plays SL, some random battles, clan wars, but many hours that normally was put into ships is now going into Rust and other games... The game gets frustrating when you have gametype like Clan Battles win or lose.
  5. Tier matchups

    how does one shoot down so few planes in a ranger..... :thonking:
  6. Montana is the best BB at t10 so powercreeped seems more a yamato term.
  7. KillClub

    yo add ARP to the enemy list Mr. WARBEASTY!!!
  8. Games are MM Rigged?

    I'm getting quoted here by aether just so he can continue a conspiracy theory long since debunked? sheesh. sometimes more good players are on one team thats all. no algorithm for it.
  9. I like seeing people who hang in NA, SL, ARP discords. Certain clans can be relied on to play to win, which means if they're a dd, I know they'll smoke teammates if need be etc. Nothing like having a -K-, -I-, SALTY/SOUR, SF, PSV, ZR div. S/o to anyone from the afore mentioned discords, love ya
  10. Friendly Fire

    Ive intentionally teamkilled once.. in almost 6k games. accidentally 3 times... I was pink, I played, I was no longer pink. Repeat offenders getting bans is fine, but removing team damage entirely I think takes a lot away. Sometimes I have to hold my torps or knowingly risk hitting a teammate to make a play. case in point, I torped a missouri and the torps ran on to hit our yugumo and kill him. Thankfully that yugumo was JFK so no big loss [kappa] but really, if teamkilling comes up a lot for you it may be time to reevaluate your awareness.
  11. What to do with accidental TKing noobs?

    If they say sorry or my bad or something along those lines I will be fine with it and respond "np" or "it happens eh?".. If they do it and get pissed at ME for hitting their torps I will calmly tell them to be careful next time and for now they may enjoy a report. If they say nothing I will report them but I will not say anything to them. Same goes for if a teammate that ISNT me gets teamkilled.
  12. What is the best tier?

    T9 cant get +2 MM and some of my favorite ships are at this tier [Essex, Izumo, Fletcher, Donskoi...] and T10 because I LOVE my Midway as well as Monty and Khaba of course.
  13. No reason to justify that type of statement with a response, so I will leave it at what I said originally. Good luck bud, at least I will remember how things were if you won't..
  14. Games are MM Rigged?

    the amount of players that answered yes is scary....