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  1. Ammo type for Khabarovsk

    In my experience and talking to other top players, IFHE is useless on russian gunboats and maximizing DPM is always the goal.
  2. Ammo type for Khabarovsk

    I don't have BOS, I have SE, this means I have much more HP. EM is worthless for a khaba. BFT and AR both buff DPM and are therefore MUST HAVES on the Khaba. I play it full gunboat constantly firing from 10-13.5km out from biger targets or up close bullying other dds. I run heal of course. You want to maximize DPM so having a fire spamming, fastest reload possible is the only way to play this ship.
  3. Ammo type for Khabarovsk

    There's other skills to take with the four points that are far more valuable to a khabarovsk. Khaba is not going to alpha a BB down with HE, so you don't want to lose out on fire chance either. Here is what I prefer:
  4. Ammo type for Khabarovsk

    Yeah broadside anything go for AP but a more pressing issue: I recommend HIGHLY taking IFHE off.
  5. The Coo of Boom Flag

    this was from a couple weeks ago, only time I've seen ya outside Fem's stream!
  6. Missouri gun misses on the rise

    MBH% is staying the same. I suspect avg damage is down due to the large number of people who just got the missouri and are learning to play it since its recent removal.
  7. Confused about Average Tier stats

    warships today doesn't care about Co-Op. Scorecard is for PVP only.
  8. Missouri gun misses on the rise

    100% confirmation bias...
  9. Carrier fighters and strafing ships

    as someone who plays CVs myself, this is something I have talked about with friends... but it really won't work I don't think. If youre strafing enemy fighters over allies you can damage your own team. CVs get enough hate as it is and many struggle with understanding what they can and should do as it is.
  10. BB pride thread

    I will take this time to say that if you almost exclusively play a single type of ship, that is fine, but it shows you lack a full understanding of the game or are not a good OVERALL player. That being said, I do love brawling people at high tiers in my BBs, they're always so scared of it so they're out of practice and bad :D Been LOVING Republique and the guns that overmatch the cruisers and secondaries... overall great fun.
  11. I have a feeling, based on OP's comments in this thread and replies that asking the team to send a report isn't the only thing he has been saying in chat recently. Very possible they got a chatban in most part to an entirely different event.
  12. I have gotten chatbanned twice. I totally deserved it I admit. People need to stop making threads asking why they got chatbanned.
  13. Join the Arpeggio of Blue Steel [ARP]

    Hullo, I female streamer. 400 WTR because I dance for follows plox let me in because I like cartoons too!