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  1. Kebobs_

    In a Gouden Leeuw...

  2. Kebobs_

    Hector IMO

    Radio Location and IFHE are both poor choices on this ship. Maximize your DPM and survivability through smokes and health.
  3. It's been confirmed to be the result of a mod
  4. Kebobs_

    Community Contributor

    I'd be very careful recommending the 2nd one and the last one. Very easy to lead people astray there
  5. For my clan, we typically have 3 to 4 divs running at a time, this last week or two it's been just 1 because of the holiday. People are traveling or doing family events. I wouldn't read into it too much. Also remember that clan battles are not something a large portion of the playerbase participates in anyways, so it can't be used to judge the games overall health.
  6. Kebobs_

    Critical Error?

    One thing you can try that many aren't aware of if you run the game through the launcher, is a better version of check&repair. In the game files there's an exe called Gamechecker that repaired 21 things for me on an install that is only a few weeks old
  7. Kebobs_

    just my opinion

    It's not a skill issue for those who dislike subs and cvs. It's a solid understanding of the game and why those classes are at their core incompatible. CVs are more an AA issue than anything else, but there's no real solution to subs. If you want to bore yourself to death playing subs, more power to you, but you can't get all upset people report you and then call those same people you're crying about "kids"
  8. Do you have ultra low settings? I've played for a long time and never run into this, even in old lighting and with USN blue camo
  9. Kebobs_

    Coal ship decisions

    Tromp can definitely get run down but the enhanced speed boost and swift in silence commander skill combined with 5.9 detect makes it not a major threat of happening. As for the bombers, tromps are harder to dodge because they have shorter flight time due to not having parachutes. The bombers also are kind of like a long range gun salvo, you need to predict the enemy's movement properly, which many struggle with
  10. Kebobs_

    Brawl...or "get Back" game mode

    Unfortunately for those who read "Brawl" and assume it's just people going straight in to Duke it out, it is still world of warships. The player that is first to rush in will get focused and outpositioned by the less aggressive team and the team that gets the advantage from that trade can counter push to win. As a result, many don't want to be that first over eager player and things get static.
  11. Kebobs_

    Coal ship decisions

    Tromp is very fun and plays nothing like most DDs. You have good conceal but large cruiser turn circle. You have okay guns but take a ton of damage when seen. It is one of the most entertaining ships to play when the enemy team is pushing towards you because you land HUNDREDS of bombs
  12. Kebobs_

    battle pass broken

    The whole point of the battle pass is to get you to keep logging in for the daily missions and weekly missions. If you could do the week 7 missions week 2, then they risk losing your activity when week 7 arrives. It's designed this way, it isn't broken
  13. Kebobs_

    Brawls is Embarrassing

    Trading effectively is what wins games, more than anything else. Capping early is no good if you give up too much health to do it or put yourself in a vulnerable position.when you have traded to get an advantage, then you can push in and finish them off.
  14. Kebobs_

    Reset all the lines!

    It cost me hundreds of millions and into the billions probably for the 20 regrinds I did
  15. Kebobs_

    Why are Battleships so nerfed

    You should look into what an "arcade" game type is in the modern day. It doesn't just mean pacman and pong