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  1. irosgfbyrympwuh

    PSA: Early April Fools By WG (Free Camos)

    Habakkuk on sale with no announcement or testing beforehand, being a known meme from history because of how ridiculous it is.... definitely 100% real and certainly not worth questioning one bit before just buying it. Lol
  2. irosgfbyrympwuh

    thanks for the GRIEF WG

    Now THIS is funny
  3. Money. Acting that way gets the clicks and the money flowing. The money is also why WG didn't do this ages ago. Be mad they waited this long for greed, not that it was done.
  4. So someone who would've been removed for several reasons out of EVERY stream if his audience wasn't massive finally got removed? Meh. Wont really affect him at all, won't affect his stream. CC program is a joke with or without him.
  5. irosgfbyrympwuh

    Now I'm pretty sure that the matching system is broken

    Theres a lot of factors. Trying to stop people being bottom tier constantly but it also has to work around queue times and player population at different tiers
  6. Maybe it's just their way of trying to mimic the average player
  7. irosgfbyrympwuh

    Player Stats.

    Rerolling is common for the stat obsessed. Instead of doing that I used my stats as a way to show myself my own progress and to have goals to work towards and just finally achieved my long time goal over 13k battles in
  8. irosgfbyrympwuh

    Ruining World of Warships

    It was always an arcade game buckaroo
  9. irosgfbyrympwuh

    I'm so done with this.

    Actual battleships were historically FAR less accurate than in game during the time period. Not because of the guns but the range finding. 1987 technology for targeting is a massive difference from 45 years prior.
  10. irosgfbyrympwuh

    Tanking no longer possible

  11. irosgfbyrympwuh

    Match Maker fix

    Some of my best and favorite games were bottom tier. Makes for a much more dynamic battle often, issue is more the mindset of players to just throw in the towel when bottom tier.
  12. irosgfbyrympwuh

    Task impossible to complete

    I did give the caveat of "good" destroyer, of which there are not a large number. And I was also speaking more about high tier. At low tiers like Matsuki theres less potential damage thrown around regardless. A Shima has solid guns and shouldn't go all game without using them, Mutsuki does not, so I could see you staying unseen most of a game in that
  13. irosgfbyrympwuh

    Task impossible to complete

    1.5 million potential is routine for a good dd often. As for carrier torps, they're what they are for balance, this is an arcade game more than it is a sim game we have to remember that. You'll get high caliber in your midway by DOT stacking, not torp alpha
  14. irosgfbyrympwuh

    Normandie, what a joke !

    Tfw the Lyon is a worse t7 than Normandie is t6... I remember speccing my Normandie into maneuverability and the rudder was excellent
  15. irosgfbyrympwuh

    Horrible match making!

    In agreeing with the OP and waving aside the counterpoints, the only way to explain the matchmaking he is complaining about and wanting fixed is that you guys believe that MM is designed to give him passive/bad teams. Yes a team of humans designed the matchmaking system and built the code that rolls RNG for matchmaking, but it is designed not to factor in stats, playstyles, or individual players. There is no "fix" for the claimed problem with mm that the op stated.