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    Sonar buoys sound like a great idea however they cant be too op. My suggestion is have the sonar buoy display a circle that signifies the distance a sub is away from the sonar buoy and then by scattering several sonar buoys in a wise pattern you can triangulate the circles produced by the sonar buoys to estimate the location of the submarine.
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    Desire 1. The speed of your submarine should affect hydrophone detection range of enemies and yours. Cavitation should also be a thing making you easier to detect and have a harder time detecting others depending on how fast you are moving and how deep you are. Desire 2. Significantly nerf torpedo range, buff reload speed. I dont like the idea of being an underwater sniping torpedo turret. Desire 3. Make the torpedo angle fixed requiring you to rotate your sub to aim, dolphin attacks are annoying. Despite 4. Battery charging underwater should be slower then above water and only happen when motionless at periscope depth, allow underwater charging to full battery, the faster you move underwater should drain battery. Desire 5. Consider other people's suggestions as well I like some of them alot.
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    1. Even if there is a sub still alive on the enemy team the game should automatically end imo. 7. From what I seen subs appear to be like underwater snipers and I don't like that considering they should be risky to play. I'd prefer if they made subs have an infiltrative role attacking well positioned enemy ships that are causing a problem to your team.
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    Submarine Game Mode Feedback

    Well as a sub your best bet is to prevent that situation from happening in the first place.