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  1. The problem isnt Destroyers.. Its not the CV rework.. its ' Non Participation '. It always has been and will still be. Instead of reworks as implemented, maybe putting an incentive system in play to get the campers to actually do something! All the data everyone is asking for really means nothing when half the ships are just sitting in back, firing their guns at the longest ranges possible. Put in a ' bonus ' for xp/coin. If your ship gets in a cap, you get a 100% bonus. If you go 5k from a cap you get 50%. If you stay 10k outside of a cap the whole game, you get no xp at all ( or whatever someone decides ). If someone takes a cap or assists in it, for every 3 points it gains, put a bonus on the xp/coin for the time the cap was held. If its just a 2 cap match, put in a system that uses ranges. Theres MANY things I feel werent looked into and they will never be looked at.
  2. danojaye

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    I started playing back in 0.5.x . There was no radar, no hydro.. Not much of anything. Then they added ' radar '. My concern was people would division ( 3 ships ) and fire radar off one after the other. Ya know what I was told? " That will never happen because only a few ships will have radar! ". MY! How times have changed! They gave EVERYONE the 1 point skill of ' Situational Awareness '. Honestly, the player base back then had a LOT of camping BB's that cried so damn hard because a Destroyer torped the bloody piss out of them and they had no clue that they were spotted, targeted and had fish coming in on them. WG's solution was to give everyone a Captain Skill. Rubbish, make em spend the point I say! Then open water firing was taken away, Hydro was added, dual spotting planes, smoke nerfs, Secondary Guns for BB's.. Im sure I have missed a few things. I went back and looked at Patch noted from everything from 0.5.7 to the present. Just about EVERY patch has something that *could* be seen as a nerf to some function/play of destroyers. Then the ' 4 point ' Captain skills. Taking away that 5th needed point has it so EVERY ship in the game took Concealment Expert.. Even after all of it, there are STILL people whom just sit in the back and farm damage and hardly participate in the game endless the fighting is 2/3rds ( or farther out ) then that of their gun range. I see this whole radar change as being a ' non-issue ' as people wont even realize that someone is using radar.. they will be zoomed in on a target and not paying attention to anything else. The biggest problem isnt Radar. Its not Destroyers. Its campers and damage farmers not really playing for a team.
  3. danojaye

    RDF Firing.

    "RDF / RPF doesn't pinpoint exactly where you are, just a general direction. You were either being Radar'ed or Spotted if you were in open water without smoke. " I was neither spotted nor radared. Neither was the Kagero.
  4. danojaye

    RDF Firing.

    Replay was sent in.
  5. danojaye

    RDF Firing.

    Nope. Just in a cap. No smoke, not detected.. just ' located '.
  6. danojaye

    RDF Firing.

    I was in a game taking a cap. A Kagero was with me. I was ' located '. I was being shot at from a Buffalo beyond 10k. He hit me hard with 2 full broadsides. So.. I left. The Kagero stayed and was obviously ' located ' after I left. He then took a round of fire with a bunch of hits in it. This then happened to another destroyer from the same ship. I had this happen in another game 2 days later. Nobody was ' detected ' or spotted, just ' located ' and good salvos are hitting ships. I guess I should believe that people are getting THAT good at blind firing. People can hit ships in smoke, I understand such SHOULD happen as smoke is a smaller area and its quite obvious something might be in there.. but just ' located '? Seriously? Anyone else had this happen? Cheers!
  7. danojaye

    Ready for Ranked? Test enclosed

    Torps + RDF = Mad Skillz! not
  8. danojaye

    The Real Reason

    If this would only happen. Im sooooo tired of ' Campers '. It has absolutely destroyed gameplay. Battleships have been given everything from the Situational awareness captain skill, secondaries, commander point changing that made EVERY SHIP IN THE GAME take concealment expert.. Yet BB's just wont get involved. I say put a hard limit to no more then 3 per side per game. If they dont want to get involved, lessen their role.