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    German cruisers. Torpedobeats. AP. Aiming better. Not dying.
  1. Ahoi. Your Discord has no public text channel for people like me to say hi and get the ball rolling. I'm interested in learning more about yall and seeing if i'd be a good fit.
  2. My god thank you. I am new tho this clan managements and I really didn't know where to start. TY so much for this template.
  3. Looking for a Clan

    Howdy TUFF is recruiting. We are oriented around working as a unit and becoming better players. We just need a mic and discord which you have. Our clan is in the habit of sharing and posting guides on our discord. Check us out, Feel Free to drop in! https://discord.gg/qGar8AG
  4. Just starting out, Need a clan.

    Hey there TUFF is the right clan for you. We are a good place to start off and are oriented into turning you into a better player. https://discord.gg/qGar8AG We're here to encourage teamplay. All we ask is that you have a mic.
  5. TSG4 is a good group of guys and while the recruiting process is a but more involved than you may be used to you as why it's worth it as you play with them. They're very tight knit and committed to seeing if you and their clan members work well with each other. So if you're a bad fit you needn't worry since as you'll quickly realize it's not the place for you. If you're a good fit the clan keeps makin sure the new people you play with won't change the feel of the group.
  6. Hello I have been playing this game casually with 0 cares about performance for about a year and a half. It was my unwind game. Over the past 3 to 4 months I've gotten more serious about it and care about the wins, and knowing ships and tactics. I have had little exposure to clan activities but am interested. Main ships: Any cruiser but I'm especially font of German and Soviet lines. Tiers: mostly 5 to 6 but close to or have some T7s Willing to branch out to other ships or fill a role: yes Timezones: US afternoons, evenings and early night. I cant do late nights. I absolutely love teamplay and working with support or being support which is even better. I'd be much more willing to play roles like CV or DD when there's a team I can help. Once I have a group I can work with I'd be very willing to do clan wars. Currently I have no one to division with so I'm looking forward to having a group I can play with as a team.
  7. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    I am interested but I do not have any T10 ships at the moment. I've recently gotten very interested the game and only played it passively/casually the first year and a half I played so my stats will reflect poorly on that. Edit I see you're willing to div up with people from time to time so they can grow into your requirements. Feel free to pm me currently I have no one to div up with.
  8. Hi so I've stopped playing super casually but am picking up the game seriously. I have no clue about clans or other game mechanics other than what happens in the actual matches. What are your time zones? I don't want to join a group that I don't get to play with. How many people could I play with? I'd love to join. I captain cruisers mostly and love support roles or to work closely with support. I also really enjoy destroyers when team play is involved.