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    German cruisers. Torpedobeats. AP. Aiming better. Not dying.
  1. Hello I have been playing this game casually with 0 cares about performance for about a year and a half. It was my unwind game. Over the past 3 to 4 months I've gotten more serious about it and care about the wins, and knowing ships and tactics. I have had little exposure to clan activities but am interested. Main ships: Any cruiser but I'm especially font of German and Soviet lines. Tiers: mostly 5 to 6 but close to or have some T7s Willing to branch out to other ships or fill a role: yes Timezones: US afternoons, evenings and early night. I cant do late nights. I absolutely love teamplay and working with support or being support which is even better. I'd be much more willing to play roles like CV or DD when there's a team I can help. Once I have a group I can work with I'd be very willing to do clan wars. Currently I have no one to division with so I'm looking forward to having a group I can play with as a team.
  2. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    I am interested but I do not have any T10 ships at the moment. I've recently gotten very interested the game and only played it passively/casually the first year and a half I played so my stats will reflect poorly on that. Edit I see you're willing to div up with people from time to time so they can grow into your requirements. Feel free to pm me currently I have no one to div up with.
  3. Hi so I've stopped playing super casually but am picking up the game seriously. I have no clue about clans or other game mechanics other than what happens in the actual matches. What are your time zones? I don't want to join a group that I don't get to play with. How many people could I play with? I'd love to join. I captain cruisers mostly and love support roles or to work closely with support. I also really enjoy destroyers when team play is involved.