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  1. Deltaboss18

    Team JNPR isrecruiting

    I can confirm his coolness
  2. Deltaboss18

    Team JNPR isrecruiting

    Thanks Price! :D Just an update JNPR clan battles are going well and we kick butt even with the guys that take the rentals. Here is our Clan's updated bonuses -10% All battle's service cost per battle -10% cost to purchase of all ships +2% XP for all ships per battle +15% FXP per battle +6% Commander XP per battle +5% coal We are Gale II on our way to Storm which is excellent for our maiden season that had rental comps and we keep getting better. I am in the process of training some new FCs(fleet commander's)/shot callers and recruits are welcome to get involved in learning to be an FC. Opportunities to learn how to FC and manage a clan are here. Our requirements are discord + mic, and at least a T7. We make exception for those who are especially avid/ are coming from similar games like WT or WOWs for console. We are a good bunch of guys that is active nightly especially in the later USTZ. We hang out with our parent clan RWBY and have the same discord so there will always be people to chat and play with. Plus, if you're a fan of RWBY we have dedicated chats for art and discussion. Special thanks to Scotty & Wall if RWBY , nonSequiter of YOLO , Priceg of RST and our very own Reaping. Y'all have helped JNPR so much. https://discord.gg/cpav7H4
  3. Deltaboss18

    Team JNPR isrecruiting

    Bumping with our discord server: https://discord.gg/cpav7H4 We want more people for clan battles.
  4. Deltaboss18

    Team JNPR isrecruiting

    Hello all. Team JNPR has a growing fleet and wants you to join us this Clan Battle season. For a new clan we've done well and our clan base has healthy bonuses. We have regular members so you won't play alone and host an active discord channel. If you want to get in on Clan battles whether you're new to Clan battles or if you're moving clans, think JNPR. Our requirements: Use discord as it is our primary means to communicate. Have at least a T8 ship or be close to one Our Base Bonus as of Dec 2018: -10% Service cost of all ships -10% Cost to buy ships +2% XP on ships T1 to T8 +15% Free XP +6% Commander XP +5% coal
  5. Deltaboss18

    [Team RWBY] Are you combat ready?

    Yes indeed bumpity bump bump. Team RWBY now had a sister. Team JNPR. All hands on deck are needed as JNPR is gearing up for clan battles.
  6. Deltaboss18

    Looking for Clan

    Welcome back. Team JNPR is growing and would love to have you aboard. We're doing clan battles this coming season and want to get better at the game collectively. We're in nightly and you'll almost always have people to play with on weekends as we run around 6 or 8+ people on those days. Find us at https://discord.gg/7eWEQbr
  7. Deltaboss18

    Looking for a Clan

    Hello. Consider Team JNPR. We are a growing clan seeking a few BB mains. We want to help players improve and get exposed to clan battles. Visit us at https://discord.gg/7eWEQbr . We're pretty active every night and definitely on weekends.
  8. Deltaboss18

    Looking for a clan

    Hey there. Being an evil doctor can be tough work. Whether it's removing and entire patient's skeleton or doing black marker organ transplants you're pretty much guaranteed to have a long day. But worry not my malicious medical matey for Team RWBY and JNPR Are looking for a clan physician (the last one got his medical licence back) Want to play casually? We have a good group of guys on regularly that are happy for divisions in randoms and PvE. On the more competitive side of life? We have a strong competitive core team and we give every the chance to get exposire to clan battles so you can not only get steep and experience, but also prove you're ready for when we play for keeps. We also have a group if people that love discussing anime, RWBY, as well as some Azure Lane players if that's your thing. You'll find RWBY/JNPR as a cohesive clan that wants to help people become the best players they can be...all while having fun and making friends. So come help administer AP chemo to Conqueor citadels or become the cancer yourself. The choice is yours at Team RWBY. https://discord.gg/7eWEQbr
  9. Deltaboss18

    Looking for clan.

    Hi there! Team RWBY and it's sister clan JNPR are recruiting. Don't worry about being what you call mediocre player. In our clan's you'll find we offer an environment that is dedicated to taking players willing to learn and honing them to become the team carriers they truly are. Our guys are fantastic, friendly, informative and playing regularly. You'll find yourself making fast friends if you're a regular. We show players seeking to improve, resources, tips, and walkthroughs in how to play ships. The competitive scene isn't that bad either. We offer an opportunity for everyone to get exposure to clan battles and our competitive core is strong when we play for keeps. If you're a fan of RWBY or Azure Lane we also have sections of our community for that as well. Come take a look! https://discord.gg/7eWEQbr
  10. Deltaboss18

    64% WR, 2700+ PR player looking for top competitive clan

    Hello..if you still havent found a home come check out Team RWBY or it's sister, Team JNPR. We offer a competitive or casual environment ( varies between the two clans). But we are a cohesive group of players and you'll regularly find the same guys to play with night after night. Our competitive members field an effective CB team and we enjoy playing together in randoms as well. Drop in! https://discord.gg/7eWEQbr
  11. Deltaboss18

    Looking for clan

    Hello Team RWBY's sister clan is recruiting. It's a great environment to learn the game. Our members are on regularly and many of us like teaching as well. Once settled in with your T10 you'll have to option to do clan battles with us. Our mission is to become better while having fun. ...we also like anime and stuff Come see! https://discord.gg/7eWEQbr
  12. Deltaboss18

    Looking for new Clan to join

    O7 hello. Consider Team RWBY and it's growing sister clan JNPR. We are a friendly, regular bunch that likes to play together get better for clan battles. Drop on in at https://discord.gg/7eWEQbr
  13. Deltaboss18

    looking to join a new clan (1300+ WTR)

    Hi there Team RWBY/JNPR is recruiting. We have regular members on every evening so you'll always have mates to play with. We like improving our competitive play and having fun in randoms together. Drop on in at https://discord.gg/7eWEQbr
  14. Deltaboss18

    [Team RWBY] Are you combat ready?

    I can say from personal experience RWBY is an awsome clan. Good environment: friendly, cohesive, on regularly, and we work well together in clan battles, operations, and randoms. Some of the most fun I've had while playing. +1
  15. Deltaboss18

    Looking for a clan

    Hello there JNPR is the sister clan of Team RWBY. JNPR is growing and offers you a shot to get into RWBY. Chat with us anytime on our discord. We have a cohesive group of regular players and a friendly environment. We aren't stat warriors but we care about improving our game and becoming more and more competitive. Drop on by: https://discord.gg/7eWEQbr