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  1. NarcoIeptic

    Yueyang torpedo tubes destroyed

    I run the same on my shima and Z-52, and they're not even close to as bad.
  2. NarcoIeptic

    Yueyang torpedo tubes destroyed

    Whoops, I'll edit my OP. But yes. I am. Hence main battery mod 1 and priority maintenance. To bring it back up to base chance to be disabled.
  3. NarcoIeptic

    Yueyang torpedo tubes destroyed

    This is my issue. Not that they get knocked out, but DESTROYED in a single volley. Happens to me all the damn time. It makes me not want to play YY anymore. I'm fine with having to blow a repair on fixing them, but just getting them deleted in one shot is ridiculous.
  4. Happens all the time. I've got main armaments mod 1 and preventative maintenance to balance out torp tubes mod 3, but holy crap do my tubes get destroyed a lot. Usually in a single salvo. What's the deal here? I do the same in all my other DD's and never have them get destroyed, and rarely knocked out. wth is happening? It's starting to make me actually angry, especially with the nerf to YY now.
  5. NarcoIeptic

    Question about emblems

    Thanks, that's kinda what I figured, but It seems stupid since I've got 3600 battles played.
  6. NarcoIeptic

    Question about emblems

    What's the deal here? How come I can't use this emblem? Seems like I've met the requirements, doesn't it?
  7. NarcoIeptic

    Who's Awake and Queuing?

    I was just in a battle where I was the only DD on my team. Don't put too much stock in those numbers, pretty sure they're basically just a placebo.
  8. NarcoIeptic

    Dear Wargaming...

    Four, actually. 3 solo and one assist. Not asking for a unique reward, just asking for an XP boost on caps and spotting. If nothing else, it will teach new players that capping and spotting are important aspects of the game. *sorry for the necroposting*
  9. Seriously. This is just ridiculous. Spotting damage should be rewarded equal credit to actual damage. Spotting those USN cruisers hiding behind islands should be worth more, especially with the current radar meta. Attempting to cap these days is brutal, so I'm doing what I can to help my team win, and this is what I get... Not to mention the emblem rewards for top 3 XP in an [insert nation here] ship... *edit* I did 75k damage in this match as well, in case anyone's wondering