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  1. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Huggy is going to throw us all a grand banquet.
  2. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    global.mo is for text edits only.
  3. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    @garfield001 Really appreciate your modding work and it's sad to see you go. :( Best of luck to you though! I might want to give a hand at carrying on the romanization and name mod for the future. If you don't mind me asking, Do you update everything manually, or do you have a script or tool for that to immediately rename everything in the text file? Thank you for everything you've done!
  4. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Wait for his 0.7.5 update.
  5. I think it was around 600 battles that I was actually having averages that weren't sub 1000WTR and <50% W/R. Still got a way to go, though.
  6. ...Then... if you care not, why bother posting? A bug is a bug, it should still be fixed.
  7. Man, y'all need to read better. The OP even bolded the relevant and broken part of the system.
  8. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Not a big deal, but the new unique German captain's name seems to be broken for the global.mo mods.
  9. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Hey Howitzer, this just came to my attention and we're looking into it. Talk like that is absolutely not condoned by us, and we will take action. I apologize for this poor showing from us.
  10. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    Damn. I always appreciated his historical and comparison threads and he was always a great member of the community. He'll be missed. :(
  11. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting