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  1. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Ranked Sprint

    there is no defense against rocket planes Found one of the many people that troll too much.
  2. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Ranked Sprint

    obviously you got lucky and got the garbage CV playing against you
  3. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Nerfed into Oblivion!!

    Remember right after the rework when they were scoring hundreds of thousands of points of damage against Bbs and cruisers ? They took care of the Bbs and Cruisers but have left the Dds hanging along with all other ships AA . As for having fun , there are no games that are fun anymore if there are Cvs in it
  4. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Nerfed into Oblivion!!

    They continue to take advantage of the situation I continue to hit back the only way I can . Notice I say nothing about torpedo or dive bombers It's the rocket planes that are the problem .
  5. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Nerfed into Oblivion!!

    I negative karma people because they need to fix the game so Rocket planes stop demolishing / spotting Dds . As for Cvs as a whole ? They are OP . The rework caused a whole bunch of bad Cv players to enter the game ( amongst other things ) which dooms you to a loss as a team if you get the bad / worst one . Rocket planes should never have been introduced into this game in the first place . There is no rock paper scissors meta anymore just run from the planes and get blasted by everything else because you are spotted . they nerfed everybody's AA and still have not straightened that out . They stuck us with horrible sector AA defense which means There is little to no Aa damage happening once the planes fly over you and drop their load . If a CV wants to cheap shot me with rocket planes while I'm in a Dd Then I cheap shot them back the only way i can . CVs and the rocket planes are the real problem with this game .Somebody at WG loves them and did not think about the overall affect on everybody else their thoughtless rework would cause . Remember when they thought that DDs were OP and the great IJN torp nerf ?my Minekaze is now harbor queen because of that crap . There was no way that a Minkaze can fire torps and hit a target that is going away from it without giving up it's detection . They have to be coming towards it or running parallel to it . So yeah CVs need to nerf hammered hard . They gave them way too much in that rework and the worst problem of all that they haven't touched are the rocket planes . You don't like it try my side . Play 100 games in a DD T8 , 9 , 10 against a CV . You have to cap you have to spot you have to defend . Let's see how much you like getting hammered by rocket planes .
  6. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Nerfed into Oblivion!!

    You are a CV lover obviously . As for a CV being deplaned I haven't seen it since the terrible rework . As for Cvs getting Nerfed They came out of the rework so Ridiculously OP that it was impossible to play against them at all not to mention the fact that they reworked everybody else's (downgraded ) AA at the same time . read what I said . You are talking apples and oranges here . Planes are guns not ammo . If my main turrets get blown up do they respawn ? How about my torpedoes ? Lets get simpler . How about Our AA guns ? Now for the simplest question of all . Why don't CVs go after each other any more ? Answer ..... because the only ship in the game now with sufficient AA to defend itself are CVs . As for Eurotrash DDs yes they have pretty good AA BUT they are so slow that once detected they can not break away from any engagement . They are now spotted forever until they are dead . So round 1 goes to their AA but everybody knows where they are now and will soon be dead . As for your trolling about needing practice : since you looked up how many Games I have played in a CV you better look some more . I'll be glad to run head to head with you in my Fletcher Vs your Osterblender any time .
  7. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Nerfed into Oblivion!!

    You my friend need to learn that CVs ruin the game and is the most hated class because they are so OP . Their is nothing to keep a Cv in check . Remember Rock paper scissors ? Bbs kill the cruisers cruisers kill the DDs and Dds kill the BBs What keeps the Cv in check ? Do not even say that it is AA . All the wretched CV rework accomplished was to make a bunch of bad CV players while screwing over everybody else's AA . CV players need to know there is some repercussion for their play style . As for CVs protecting DDs ? I almost never see it . Best chance of that is about 10 % of the time at best . BUT !!!! Let the CV get into trouble and the whole team is supposed to come to it's aid . Face it the truth is the truth . Good CV always wins bad CV always loses . If you get the bad one that's 11 players that get screwed over because of 1 player . What's the name of this game ? World of Airplanes ? NO IT IS NOT ! That's what it is now though . As for Subs They will find that they screwed up in how they are played AGAIN just like with the CV rework . They have had over 1.5 years to straighten out the CV mess they made and it still isn't right . Rocket planes have got to go . CV spotting has to change to mini map only and that's just for starters . They need to fix the AA that they destroyed in both the upgrades and the Capt skills and dump the sector AA that is completely worthless . Defensive fire is crap now . When they reworked the CVs they also down graded everybody else's AA at the same time . All of a sudden my BB went from 7 K range to 5.2 with a sector AA that butchers my AA after the planes fly over me while adding in the loss of my captain skill to be able to focus fire in on my target . The CV drops fighters on me while attacking the first run and my stupid AA shoots down the fighters instead of whatever else was sent at me . The Cleveland used to be an AA beast now it had better hide when the rocket planes show up . So what do they come up with to try to appease DD players ? A slow , weak gunned / DD with weak hitting torpedoes with no smoke with tough AA That can not disengage from anything once spotted . Well at least you can play DD now and shoot some planes down . You won't last long though because the planes have you spotted and the entire red team is blasting at you . Toxic attitude ? Not at all WG had screwed this up so much it should have put them out of business . Now it's round 2 with the Subs and they haven't even cleaned up their mess from the Cv rework yet . The Subs they said would NEVER be in this game . Maybe they'll get it right and they will lose enough of their customers that they will truly admit they were wrong AGAIN . As for me not a dime will they get out of me . If enough people would close their pocketbooks they might listen . If it wasn't for coronavirus they wouldn't have a customer base at all right now
  8. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Nerfed into Oblivion!!

    another troll strikes
  9. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Ranked Sprint

    Who cares The CVs are in there ruining it and will continue to do so until they get the CVs rebalanced AGAIN. NO MORE ROCKET PLANES ! GET RID OF THEM ! Stop the main map spotting make it mini map only .
  10. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Nerfed into Oblivion!!

    that's a load just got multi bombed out by rocket planes 3 straight games in my Aki It's the rocket planes that needed to be dealt with by the nerf hammer . DDs need a break from the OP cvs that have been out of control for over a year and a half now . BTW The most hated ship class ? CVs . They ruin the game for the other 22 players . If you get the bad one ? your team loses If you get the good one there's nothing to do but drive around in circles and try to hide from the planes. . As for CVs that DD hunt ? I nail them with negative Karma every match . Hope you don't want high karma scores. Not sure what AA increase you are talking about I'm not seeing it . As long as the planes are allowed to respawn and a CV can't get deplaned anymore what's your beef ? When they start letting my ship's guns respawn so they can keep shooting down planes then maybe you'll get the real picture.
  11. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Pan Euro DD's purpose?

    they stink OK you get to reload your weak torps quick but so what Torps are so weak you have to hit twice as many to do any real damage . theses things need superior speed or smoke they are terrible unless you enjoy turning circles 10 K out firing torps over and over again and missing 98 % of the time with them
  12. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Getting owned by planes in Halland using Def AA?

    perfectly stated Do you know anybody that uses the massive AA damage capt skill ? I don't . 5.2 range AA on my T 7 BBs that used to be 7.0 with focus fire capt skill face it they nerfed virtually everybody's AA with the rework except the CVs . Their's got better . I'm pretty sure that CVs getting sunk in real life was accomplished by enemy CVs . That's not really an option now
  13. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    Getting owned by planes in Halland using Def AA?

    and if they drop their fighter consumable on you as they are passing ?
  14. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    WG... Toss DD's a bone.

    1 fix the radar so it no longer works through islands and only shows line of sight 2 make it damagable / destroyable 3 get rid of planes being able to spot on the main map mini map fine but in game map no 4 do something about the rocket planes they are completely out of control 5 fighters need to become their own entity again not a consumable that the Cv drops on top of the DDs to keep them spotted so everybody else can shoot at them CVs getting deplaned is a real possiblity let it happen . 6 no more plane respawns I can't respawn my guns/ torp launchers once they are blown up why do planes get to come back like magic ?
  15. Capt_Q_Sparrow

    What are European DDs Like?

    total garbage line weak / slow guns and torps in the lower tiers any Dd will out shoot you torp speed and range is good with poor damage results which is supposed to be off set by their fast reload . They are slow top speed 35 knots and if you ever get spotted by another ship you will not get away . I won't waste any flags on these . while gun reload gets better with higher tiers have no doubt if an Orland runs into a US DD If you dont torp that DD it will shoot you down . Basically it's like having no guns at all . There is no escaping once detected . Just hope the enemy's guns are pointing the wrong way or they are a terrible shot . AA is excellent but we all know what that means You are shooting those planes down but you are detected and everybody else is shooting at you if possible . I haven't seen a Dd line this bad since they kill nerfed the Pan Asian line . Run and gun ? More like stroll and gun !