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  1. Well if nothing else, we here at WoWs listen…so, here ya go: 9 v 9 asymmetric Tier X brawls! Never let it be said that WoWs doesn’t give the players what they want! We will await your thanks.
  2. Jake_Miller_67

    People quitting the game

    Took a few months off, came back recently and…game is as bad or worse than ever. Ranked is a colossal disaster. Randoms are worse. Only thing that’s remotely fun are the operations. I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone with their eyes open that WoWs doesn’t care which is their choice, but I laugh when I see a thread with “who have you seen lately?” Honestly, except for my clan mates and one or two others…wow, a ton of people are gone. It’s sad, but when a game is ruined, it’s going to see numbers dropping.
  3. Jake_Miller_67

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    I would like to make a suggestion that will sound like glaring criticism at first but is most definitely a serious thought: for the past couple of years, WoWs has gone out of its way to if not completely then at least mostly neuter pretty much every battleship in the game and especially anything Tier VII and up (Tier X, I pretty much cry for). Ranked has become a pitched battle of who is lucky enough to get the competent DDs combined with whose CV will ruin the other team’s day. All in all, it’s pretty sad. With the above in mind, how about an acceptance that BBs are despised by the developers and at least a greater reward (at each level of silver and gold) for anyone daring enough to try running a BB in Ranked? I mean throw us a bone here, do you guys realize how impossible it is to go into a Ranked battle in silver with a…oh let’s say…a Pommern with 4 DDs and a CV per side? There’s enough torps cross-crossing that you could literally walk on them and not get wet! Not satisfied with that, you guys then put DD and CV superships…by far the most brilliant idea I’ve seen yet to render a BB into little more than a punching bag in a Ranked match. My goodness, how about a bunch of free signal flags…heck, I’d take a flag in the shop with a simple message like: “I drove a BB in Ranked and didn’t destroy my monitor in frustration” or even camo that says: “Sorry for hating you, BB’s…sincerely WoWs”. Anything If you want to go ahead and also stop having three tiers of ships in a random battle, go for it…can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t like that. Regardless, I’m not expecting the above to happen, but it’s a thought and I can dream.
  4. Jake_Miller_67

    Time to remove Tier X BBs

    Whether in Ranked or in Brawls, they are rapidly becoming nothing more than fodder for the CVs and DDs. Thanks WoWs for ruining the game further.
  5. Jake_Miller_67

    Is MM fair?

    MM is a disaster in Ranked...but then, Ranked is a disaster on a good day. The better question you need to ask (although, the answer will be the same: DDs are incredible and CVs are better) is why MM allows 5 DDs in a Ranked battle...even 4 DDs and a CV...but 4 BBs? Not on your life, that’s completely unacceptable! Yes, you can have five invisible boats lobbing torps with impunity, but 5 BBs visible from the moon? Forget it. Yeah, they’re getting new players...but the new ones are transients while the old, loyal ones aren’t going to return.
  6. Jake_Miller_67

    Problem with reporting Players

    You want to play a CV in Ranked? Fine, let’s have MM plop both CV’s smack dab in the middle of the battle to start and they can show everybody how great they are while dodging everybody trying to blast them to the farthest corner of the universe...y’know, just like we all have to endure every Ranked battle, except we don’t have the privilege of seeing the spawn of Satan until the match has ended.
  7. Jake_Miller_67

    CVs are ridiculous, and killing the game

    Always funny how the 30,000+ matches-played people will scoff at any and all criticism of the game and give such advice as: learn how to play against “x” ship type and you’ll be fine. Tons of people complaining about “x” ship type, but they are all whiners...every one of them. But this guy because he’s played the game forever? Expert in navel warfare. It’s kinda like the guy that plays DCS and will, literally, sit there thinking he’s really in an F-18 doing an 8-9 hour combat mission and then ridiculing a person who sits down and says: “I have to learn how to taxi at a proper speed while steering on a runway? I just wanna blow things up and you want me to memorize the flight characteristics of an AIM-9X Sidewinder? Yes, because the AIM-9M is passé is the response. Sheesh, lighten up Look, there are no “ships” in this game. They are digital re-creations that attempt to mimic real-life with no hope to actually do so. In that context, the CVs are ridiculous.
  8. I’m thinking USS Nimitz (CCN-68). I was going to suggest the Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78), but keeping with WG’s idea of “fair and balanced” CV’s, I feel the Ford is a better fit in Tier VIII.
  9. I find myself in agreement with 1SneakyDevil regarding the new Ranked battles. Poorly-conceived, poorly-explained, poorly-implemented...”poorly” so many things...sure. But, colossally bad decision-making adding up to “discriminatory” practice? No, I don’t see that as being the case. Now, if you want to call “Russian bias” as evidence of discrimination...well, you might have something there.
  10. After several false starts, some serious cursing and finally a reluctant acceptance that this new version of Ranked is really poorly done...I finally hit Rank 1 in Bronze on Sunday night at around 1:30am EST (I live a little South of Buffalo, NY). Breathing a huge sigh of relief and gearing up my Kremlin, I dove into the Silver qualification round for a match. Did pretty good...I know I got one kill, might have been two, survived the match and got the win. Took a look at the time and realized it was getting really late, around 2:30am, so I logged off. I didn’t play the next day at all as I worked and then watched a nice football game. Worked again Tuesday and got on the game at around 10:30pm EST to find myself with my Kremlin loaded but unable to play my second match in qualification as I was locked out of them and back at Bronze Rank 7! Now, I’m not normally sensible and rational, but I’ll give the game the benefit of the doubt and figure somebody can explain to me how this could have happened and then tell me why the “Ranks” tab shows that Ranked battles are only available from “11:00-4:00 Local Time”...what does that even mean...AM...PM...???
  11. Park in the back...I would do that!
  12. Jake_Miller_67

    Rank as it is now will not work. My opinion

    Tier 8 Ranked is just bad. Too many OP CVs out there that ruin any semblance of strategy or tactics. CVs simply do not belong in Ranked...or the game, for that matter.
  13. Jake_Miller_67

    What's the Point of WoW Today

    Always hilarious when somebody presents a pretty accurate beef and all the “experts” counter the argument with: “If you don’t like it, quit.” Except, that’s the problem: so many people DO get frustrated and just quit while WGs only sees losing 1,000 and gaining 1,100 players in a month...woo-hoo, a net gain of 100! Sure, but you lost 1,000 that you could have kept by just keeping the game playable. Look at this Ranked: unless you are a master DD player or simply in a CV, it’s a miracle to get out of that moronic tier VIII “bronze” stage. Tier X is fine, but VIII? Train wreck.
  14. Jake_Miller_67

    fix your game wows

    Not a bug, that’s the way DDs and CVs are every match.
  15. Jake_Miller_67

    my outburst about this ranked

    The “bronze” Tier VIII is simply a horrible tier for Ranked. Indestructible, impervious CVs...DDs that you never see...doesn’t matter which BB you play, unless it’s a Mass, it’s useless. Win...lose...win...lose...nothing like watching your team’s 2 DDs buy the farm within 30 sec. of each other on opposite sides of the map! I’m under the distinct impression that WG gets together at a big ‘ol table and starts Ranked discussions with: “Ok, everyone is suggesting this tier...so, that one’s out. What else...absolutely everyone despises CVs? Buff ‘em and keep them in Ranked. Driving a BB? Unless they bought it, make it miss just enough so they lose a Star with every loss.” It’s really the only explanation for how they keep making Ranked worse.