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  1. Fritz131

    Updated Unpacker

    Not sure where to put this, can be moved if needed. I'd like to have this seasons ranked loading screen as a wallpaper however I can't find it on any of the WG sites, and was suggested to use the unpacker to get it from the game files, however I can't find an unpacker that works with the current version of the game. Anyone know where I can find an updated version?
  2. Fritz131

    All aboard the hype train: Godzilla 2 trailer

    While this trailer does look amazing and I'll probably still see the movie after it comes out, I'm also trying to keep my expectations low after the Godzilla movie from a few years ago which looked amazing and when Godzilla did show up it was awesome but the rest of it was meh. That's just my opinion though and this does look interesting as well.