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  1. Deuce5150


    I appreciate the feedback! New plan based on sage advice.
  2. Deuce5150


    Here's a bad idea. I have a Perth that I have only played a few battles in, but I plan to give her a workout after finishing a my current grind. I was just gifted a 30% coupon to celebrate three years in the game. I'm considering Haida. My terrible plan is to share a captain between them. The time it take to train up a commander on one ship is too long for my attention span, but if he pulls double duty, it will only take half the time!... Has anyone done this? What skills would you recommend for a hybrid CL/DD captain? The two ships have similar features, so my idea was this: Thoughts?
  3. Deuce5150

    Expert or Well-Rounded?

    Yeah, I was thinking a ship of each type of each tier. So, a big handful of ships...
  4. What do you prefer? Being an "Expert" in a handful of ships or experiencing a large range of ships and being comfortable in whatever you are sailing? I don't get a lot of time to play, so I'm trying to convince myself to just enjoy the ships I already have and get better in them without worrying about having to constantly grind and acquire to get the ships I might be missing out on (Musashi).
  5. Deuce5150

    Top ships for Narai

    I had success with Atlanta
  6. Deuce5150

    The Fletcher Four

    I've been poking around the wiki and have become enamored with the idea of having all four Fletcher class ships in the game - Fletcher, Kidd, Chung Mu and Black. In my opinion, the type is exactly what I think of when someone says "destroyer". I have the easy to obtain one (Kidd) and am frankly terrible in it. I have had a couple decent games, but the rest have been disasters - as my awful stats would attest. I went about destroyers all wrong and just bought high tier premiums, which was clearly a mistake. So, I'm putting myself on a D.I.P. (Destroyer Improvement Plan) and am going to grind the US Destroyer line followed by the Pan-Asian line. Both at least to tier 9. Then, maybe some day when the clouds part and pigs with wings streak across the sky, I'll earn a Black. Anybody here have all four? Are they different enough from each other to enjoy them all?