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  1. Exactly. I started out with a laser focus on getting to Iowa. Progress was quick since I only played US battleships. It didn't take me long to realize that it would be nice to have a ship to play while my battleship is settling in nicely into the bottom of the ocean. Being an Iowa native, what would be better than having the Des Moines, Iowa combo? Naturally progress slowed, but I have enjoyed having a couple lines to bounce between. Of course the obsession has snowballed to US destroyers. But, they refuse to stick that 25th hour into the day, so Sims it is (and soon, Kidd!). As for accepting limitations - I figure if I'm floating at the end of the match and rank somewhere in the top half of the team score, I probably helped more than I hurt and I had fun. That's good enough for me.
  2. I managed to get a good chunk of playing time yesterday and had some success in across all three types (sorry CVs), so that was good. I actually found myself really enjoying the Indianapolis. As far as chat, I really only pay attention to people calling out the plan or where support is necessary. I don't type fast enough to participate much. Plus taking my eyes away from the screen to poke the keys guarantees a "tactical grounding".
  3. Less reading. More playing. Got it. I'll see you out there. You'll recognize me as the burning hull pointing towards the sea floor.
  4. Hello, This is a rather self indulgent thread. I'm a decidedly average player who has more time to read about this game than to actually play it, but it consumes most of my daydreaming. When I learned about it, my first thought was "USS Iowa - I must have it!". I've been working toward that goal and have managed to claw my way up to North Carolina. I've also dabbled in cruisers and overall have become much more interested in naval history. But, Iowa is still my focus. As a result, about 2/3 of the battles I've taken part in have been in battleships. Compared to most I have not been playing as long or as often, but it seems that the discussion on here has turned to the overabundance of battleships nowadays. Particularly, poorly sailed battleships. Hey! That's me! Because of this, when I'm watching the numbers in queue from the bridge of North Carolina, I feel a twinge of - not guilt, but a "perhaps I make one too many battleships" feeling. So, I've been playing more cruisers (love my Indy). I've even started in destroyers. Though, in the worst possible way. I bought a Sims and dove right in. Both types are completely different and a lot of fun. I'm excited to play them more. But battleships remain my first love. I'm not entirely sure what the point of this is. It is indeed just a game and the whole point is to have fun, but there I times I can't shake the "gee, I hope I don't screw this up for everybody else" feeling. So, I acknowledge that I'm part of the problem, I'm really trying to help my team and apologies in advance!
  5. Hello. I'm one of those lousy battleship players that struggles with positioning. I try to push up and support our spotting DDs, but often find myself having the red team's undivided attention. My question is, how do I escape when I inevitably overextend in my battleship - specifically (at this point) North Carolina? Do I throw it in reverse and politely back away - becoming somewhat of a sitting duck? This usually results in a slow, burning death. Do I push the sticks to full throttle, do a u-turn and kite my way to safety? This usually results in a citadel free-for-all for the better, smarter players. Thank you for this thread. I don't want to just sit in back, horribly missing targets and only contributing frustration to my team.
  6. Ha! I suppose that's true.
  7. Viable for purely hunting CVs? I'm not a destroyer player, so I'm speaking with no experience, but it could be fun to sneak around and and be a CV killer. Enough AA to defend herself when they are on to you and good enough torpedoes to poke some holes?
  8. Yeah, aim wasn't​ so bad until I started using the @$#?! spotter plane. I have the dynamic crosshairs loaded. Probably better freshen up with that video. I'll maybe push up to the edges of the cap and slow it down to 3/4 once there for manuevering. That way I'm hopefully not doing a constant torpedo dance while still being in the area, but not too far ahead. And perhaps keep an island nearby for turns. I wondered about AFT and BFT. If things go horribly, I'll be re-speccing. I do want superintendent eventually with this Captain. My thought was that ranked battles might not last long enough to have five repair charges and I can already get four with the premium repair party. Thank you for the tips. I'll consider them homework assigned
  9. Now realizing this is probably the wrong spot to post this one. There is a bolded link that says "Tactics and Strategies" mere inches from the post button. Oops.
  10. Hello, I'm pretty bad at this game, but I'd like to improve. What better place to do so than in ranked play? Oh, pretty much every other battle type would be better? OK. If rumors prove true, this season of ranked will be at tier 6. I just so happened to have peaked at tier 6 with Cleveland and New Mexico. Thus far, every time I sail Cleveland, it has been a 30 second disaster. So, New Mexico it is! I have her fully kitted out with all the modules and the following upgrades: -Main Armaments Mod 1 -Damage Control Systems 1 -Artillery Plotting Room Mod 1 -Steering Gears Mod 2 Also, I've been spending Dragon Flags like a lottery winner to get her a 10 point captain. He has the following skills: 1-Preventative Maintenance 2-Expert Marksman 3-Basics of Survivability 4-Fire Prevention I was inspired by the "Zombie Battleship" build. I'd like to get at least two more points before the ranked season starts to get either High Alert, Jack of All Trades or Adrenalin Rush. I am also planning on running all the consumable cool down and repair time reduction signals I can along with premium consumables. This is all a very roundabout way to present my strategy in what will be my first ranked season. My thought is to push, push, push. Follow DDs into caps and try to take the enemy ships attention away from them - using my increased tanky-ness to survive and deal damage. Basically try to be difficult to dislodge from a cap while offering support. My worry is that this will feed into my worst habit in this game, which is to overextend. Sadly, even at a blazing 21 knot top speed. I can usually pick out what I did wrong immediately post-explosion. Most of the time (for fear of hiding in the back and not contributing) I keep advancing ahead of everybody else and become a big juicy target. By the time I realize it, I frantically turn a 180, exposing my big, shiny broadside and rotating my guns right out of the fight. What follows is a delightful series of fires, floods, desperate mouse-clicking and then a beautiful, high-definition rendering of a battleship capsizing. So, if you are still with me, my questions are these: Do I commit the cardinal battleship sin and hang back at the beginning? I don't want to be helplessly watching DDs die and have to pour on the "speed" when it's too late. Is a bow-on, stationary New Mexico a more difficult target than a full throttle, circling New Mexico? I'm wondering if/when I do overextend whether I should slam the brakes and back up, or make a u-turn and get out of dodge. Is this build/strategy even viable? I want to be the best support I can. I will am doubtful that I will be the top scorer on my team, so victory is my only means of advancing. With that in mind, I could care less about personal score and want to win at all cost. What can I do to elicit the fewest groans from my teammates aside from "Don't Die". Any suggestions are welcome. Apologies in advance for those with the misfortune of being on my team. You'll recognize me as the New Mexico bow tip slipping under the water. Thanks!
  11. I think we are overlooking the obvious benefit of USS Kidd - playing the Blue Brothers on repeat every time you sail her.
  12. I was thinking 1,000,000 free XP. Or somewhere between that and the 750,000 free XP cost of the Missouri. But, I may have also just woken up.
  13. They ought to go crazy. Tier X free XP premium Musashi! Make it cost a cool million.