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  1. JM_BB63

    A Gift to Turn the Tide

    Thank you!
  2. JM_BB63

    First Tier 10

    Thank you! Des Moines was my first and Shimakaze was my second, I love both.
  3. JM_BB63

    First Tier 10

    Congrats! It took me a long time to get my first tier ten ship as well being a co-op main. I just got my second one a few months ago.
  4. JM_BB63

    Florida: Buyers remorse...

    I think this ship needs a special captain like ARP Kirishima (she goes crazy when the ship gets set on fire) who will go crazy whenever a ship with guns over 14" is sighted.
  5. JM_BB63

    For whatever it is worth, an idea for USS Washington

    According to Neptune's Inferno, it was South Dakota which fired her aft turret setting fire to her two float planes. She blasted them overboard with the following salvo.
  6. JM_BB63

    For whatever it is worth, an idea for USS Washington

    I will always support every effort I see to add the Washington to the game. After reading about everything it did at Guadalcanal in the book Neptune's Inferno, I've been a fan of it ever since. I like the idea of switching out the spotter aircraft on it for radar, it could be along the lines of how Iowa and Missouri differ in game.
  7. JM_BB63

    Florida in CO-OP

    That all makes sense especially that the ship is only really armored against 14" shells. Thank you for pointing that out. I'm usually pretty good at surviving drive-by brawls in all of my battleships so it came as a little bit of a shock when I got hammered twice.
  8. JM_BB63

    Florida in CO-OP

    Thank you Admiral, I'm glad I'm not the only one with this experience. I'll have to change my playstyle a little for this ship.
  9. JM_BB63

    Florida in CO-OP

    Hi everyone, I don't see a topic for this anywhere so I thought I would start one up for everyone to share their thoughts and experiences with the ship. I bought the ship not too long ago and I have four CO-OP battles in it so far so my experience is limited. Overall I like the ship but it seems it cannot withstand the drive-by brawls which the bot BBs like to force by sailing head-on toward you. Despite angling to the best of my ability I was still wrecked by a North Carolina and a Colorado in two separate battles. The shells just go through the armor and hit the citadel. It seems this BB needs to be played more like a cruiser which has large guns. What kind of experiences have you all had with this ship? I'm a bit down on it for the moment after my last two battles.
  10. JM_BB63

    What’s your best kill steal?

    I don't believe in kill stealing either but a game I had in my Massachusetts comes to mind. One of my secondary shells hit and sank a BB while a teammate's full spread of torpedoes was hitting it doing most of the damage.
  11. JM_BB63

    Asymmetric MM

    So far today I've played as T5 and T6. The early battles saw the T8 side made up of mostly bots so I felt sorry for the one or two humans on the other end. The other side turned into all humans once the day progressed. The one battle that stood out to me was one of my T6 destroyer battles where the other side had two T8 carriers. One human and one bot. For a T6 destroyer it became very interesting. All wins but almost a loss when a low health Omaha didn't want to hide
  12. Thank you all for the nice history lesson
  13. What's with the 19.7 knot top speed? The top speed of this ship and its sister Nevada was 20.5 knots.
  14. JM_BB63

    real world vs this game

    One of my favorite real world vs this game differences is how crossing your enemy's T in reality was a widely used naval tactic but in game it's a no no unless you want to get citadeled
  15. JM_BB63

    “Summer Sale” 2020

    Aha, thank you!