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  1. JM1983

    Flamu first test on Subs

    Homing torps, are you kidding me?
  2. JM1983

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    I agree the sound could use some tweaking. I like how the guns on the Missouri, Alaska and Atlanta sound now but I'm not a fan of the sounds for the light and heavy cruisers. I always thought the gun sound from the Alaska was lacking and now every heavy cruiser has it.
  3. I build model ships too so I like this idea. The only thing is that a decent model in my scale (1/350) would probably cost more than the in game ship hahaha
  4. JM1983

    Azur Lane Question

    Any idea if we can purchase the captains individually instead of the $99 bundle or hoping for good luck with container purchases? I'm not seeing it and I wish we could do this like last time.
  5. I had the same kind of thing happen last night. A match with more bots than humans and a nearly full health Salem player had to ram a low hp BB killing them both despite friendly BBs in the area inches from finishing it off. The Salem player would have been worth a lot more alive, we ended up losing the match. I feel like I'm seeing more of this suicide ramming early in matches. Sorry I just wanted to vent a little, it was very frustrating with our team being made up of mostly worthless bots.
  6. JM1983

    Less people on in the Morning now?

    Thank you, I've been looking for this!
  7. I got it too, very misleading. Thought I'd have a chance to just try them out for a few days. Nope!
  8. I would really like the mercy rule to be removed too! I was just about to get a ton of points today as eight of my DD torps were about to hit a full health BB but the game ended because of the mercy rule. Ugh!!
  9. JM1983

    Credit Income Nerf?

    I've noticed this as well, good to see I'm not the only one.
  10. JM1983

    Props to new Patch WG

    It was certainly a nice surprise today when I noticed the sound was much better. Thanks WG!
  11. I've seen a bunch of topics talking about how bad the new sound is. I've mentioned a couple times that I don't like it either but the battle at the end of Narai to sink all the enemy ships just takes it to a new level. The sound is AWFUL.
  12. JM1983


    Overall I wish WG would just revert to the way the sound was before the update. Everything just sounds tinny and like a trash can like we've all said. Right now the sound which bothers me the most is the speed up/speed down sound from my US ships. It seems louder than everything else and is getting pretty annoying with the added tin sound.
  13. JM1983


    Glad to see I'm not the only one who feels the new sound is a complete downgrade. I have no idea how they could have thought this would be better.
  14. JM1983

    AA Sector Switching UI

    I don't like the distraction of the new AA sector interface so I'd like something else such as the old ctrl click system.
  15. JM1983

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Thank you!