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  1. I see other regions showing stats
  2. Doubt it will be a clan reward battle ship, all the PVE carebears will siege WG-NA headquarters with pitchforks and torches !
  3. I prefer lube over oil. But in times of need ....
  4. I don't care for any clan bonuses because NONE of them are appealing to begin with lol. A real difference would be a skill tech tree (or some sort of) obtainable by clan activity, skills players can use to improve slightly their gameplay, heck I played Lineage 2 twelve years ago and that was implemented there already. Maybe able to unlock a 9th signal slot? a 10th slot? Being Able to use 2 flags at the same time even though they are for looks only? More exp/FXP/capt exp if we division with clan members? More bonus if the div is filled with 3 clan mates vs 2 div clan mates. something like this is what we need.
  5. I can see the +-1 MM Tier is by far the most on demand right now ... not surprised.
  6. Uhmmm you are making sound the Conq as an unsinkable ship and just stating the obvious that if being focused fire it will die right away like any other ship will lol Conq does not struggle against cruisers believe me, I dont know in what way besides torpedo cruisers charging at you.
  7. Maybe he wanted to hear the sound that killing a CV makes?
  8. Premium time Credit flag service discount flag Premium ships.
  9. TBH the only thing about having a T10 is that you can go back several tiers and have a different map bracket, that is the only thing you can do to get some sort of change, other than that if you play T10 mostly, it gets as boring as T6.
  10. The only time I could stack some cheap flags where the $1 christmas crates, I bought like 50 and I regret not spending $250 on the $1 ones just because of the every game flags we were receiving. I know WG will make something similar this year, I just hope I have enough interest in this game by then to dump some money.
  11. The actual WTR is kinda whacked for me, someone who performs good in a poorly average damage ship like Atlanta (29k avg dmg per game), can stat pad very easily and unless you look into their ships played, anyone can see if he/she is a super unicum. Same thing with many many other ships.
  12. I once suggested that the top players of the losing team should have 100% exp for the 1st place, 50% exp for 2nd and 25% for 3rd, that way who ever performs well will now have to carry the burden of the potatoes, guess what ? I got bashed for it, meh
  13. I am glad cause I'd be very deep in the red zone LOL.
  14. T8 is the new T5 atm. 90% of the time I get in a T10 match while using a T8.
  15. Then it should be OK if T1-T3 games go down to 8 ships per side, WoW's does not depend on T1-T3.