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  1. First of all, if the "kids" spend their parents money, its the parents to blame in first place. IF the "kids" spend their own money in whatever they want, there is nothing wrong in that, if they work for their money they have the right to spend it as they please to.
  2. Individual ship too, though with un-necessary price buildup credits.
  3. When going to T4-T6 matches and being called a hacker and actually using vanilla version of WoWs
  4. IMO it will be sold in the Armada bundle and in a USA ship only bundle too. pretty sure it will be part of the christmas containers reward too.
  5. WoW's goes on Steam within weeks when we will get the best discounts and bundles ... nice move WG, nice move.
  6. I've seen that problem when using a single link DVI cable when you need to use a dual link cable.
  7. WoW's Hipsters.
  8. Thanks Niko, it does have 144 hz refresh rate It is an amazing gaming experience in WoW's, love it ! You gotta try it !
  9. I always use TYL, I've got 3 premium ships so far in the process since the system came out. Tons of premium time, flags, cammos, doubloons, etc
  10. I am getting tired of people spamming the forum with non sense topics though.
  11. I'd like to think that the money earned via premium shop will get more WG employees to work on new maps too, but I'm just naive and helpless.