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  1. Ranked Rewards Nerfed- why?

    If it could be just as perfect as you describe it ...
  2. Gotta say from the amount of boxes I purchased this Christmas and the ones I bought a year ago, this is correct. That's a low ball right there WG ...
  3. WG after releasing the christmas crates (and if they deliver good stuff)
  4. Well ... judging from your minimap, that's why you as a BB do not fully charge into a cap without knowing where the enemy is first, assuming you had the dead team mate DD in front of you to scout too. I know this is not "capping 101" thread, but what else would you expect lol
  5. and here I am playing vanilla since day #1, maybe that;s why I'm a potato.
  6. Whoever is getting coal, please invite me to the BBQ !
  7. speaking of being impatient. Last year they started on Dec. 21st. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/suspiciouspackages/ So don't know why are you complaining about.
  8. NO ! wth just get used to it.
  9. dafuq, 1k battles ? Gratz I guess, mainly because enduring the least loved class of the game ATM.
  10. For when WG sells something decently-worth paying for.