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  1. Pray for the RNG gods that you get one in a supercontainer, though the chance might be 0.0001% lulz I got a Gremyaschy back in february, so you never know !
  2. I dont get it, and what about players with a T8 premium ship, if they underperform, they wont be able to use their ship? lol
  3. current flooding slows the ship down.
  4. You are 100% correct on my point.
  5. did you actually even bother to read the discussion ? lol
  6. it does help for cruisers and BBs, not saying they deserve a buff, but its an overal gaming mechanic that should be revisited.
  7. yeah that is why I'm saying why cant we have the actual flooding dmg divided by 4 with 4 different flooding zones?
  8. You do not understand my point, I'm saying that 1 flood as how we have it right now seems to be the as strong as 4 fires at once, so giving a ship different flooding zones, could make the actual damage divided by lets say 4 if theres 4 flooding zones.
  9. flooding stacks or just reset timer?
  10. Ok so we all know, ships have up to 4 fire spots that can be lit, making 4 stackable fire dots, but what about water damage in the form of flooding? Warships have water tight compartments so why can't we have several floodings in a ship ? having 1 torp hit and having full water damage dot and the time it has implemented is very overwhelming vs 1 fire in comparisson. Edit: For people who do not want to read everything or just dont understand, my point is to have ACTUAL flood dmg divided by 4 if there's 4 flooding zones in the ship.
  11. Expensive AF for what they give, if the crates contained 3x flag sets and the bonus MAYBE I'd consider some. But 2x flags and a set, no ty.
  12. start buying all T9's & T10's and equip them and lets see with how much you end up with :) Thats why I am forever broke.
  13. dunno, maybe scout a bit more a cap point before going full in, or take different routes than what people would suggest a DD to go, play more battleships? anyway I get carried more often in the end lol