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  1. You can call Aslain he will be pleasure to share
  2. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Fair enough I already upgraded her for those items
  3. How to make music as torpedo warning?
  4. Ok I understand
  5. ah i got problem with the bofors mk2 gun i would to see the CIWS skin but still crashed or not compatible the files which got problem are AGA056_40mm_Bofors.primitives IDK that what's the new skin name
  6. can't even to watch them?
  7. [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #02 (19-02-2018)

    And Tanz skin has been closed no more new ship skin from him
  8. Richelieu...... is here now I didn't expect that you will paint her right?
  9. So should I use back up in order to place them?
  10. I did it but all my previous skin will deleted too
  11. I forgot that how to go I don't wanna start at zero
  12. I still got error when change new one
  13. Now Tanz ship skin is no more Honestly what the hell WG need? Nerf the ship is not enough