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  1. Good fonts ever than I have seen
  2. So take my request if you not ready to make then I'm sorry I request for Richelieu Kancolle
  3. What should we do? Because you always busy and I shouldn't disturb you either Did you finish make the Hood?
  4. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Come on Ms.President for the balance sake
  5. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Cost a lot ammo and steel until I make it here Although you said that not worth but this is my own decision I did for my darling waifu
  6. Planes from JSB018_Yamato_1944 both of spotter and fighter (mod from Wo-Eramods that I used) i would like you to check them aircraft.rar
  7. Textures not found *brrrr* the propeller gone
  8. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Join the Zuiunism
  9. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

  10. german H series battleships

    So I say that German caliber shorter than US isn't it?
  11. german H series battleships

    H44 like a Freddy counterpart
  12. german H series battleships

    What are exactly KM BB caliber use? example 380mm L/52 Drh LC/34 ,406mm L/52 Drh LC/52 and 420mm L/48 Drh LC/40 While USN use /45 and /50 caliber Drh.LC and S.K.C is the same brand?