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  1. Ultimate Frontier Buffed?

    Scenario Mode of FAILURES everything going to perverse
  2. Ok then nevermind I quit to use that
  4. The Ship You Love to Hate

    Nobody count on Republics?
  5. USS Texas Twitch Loot?

    I have it but spend 1$ for trial free IDK it's send me a message to my phone that you have spend 1$
  6. Poll on the Graf Zeppelin CV

    I need torp planes
  7. WG, instead of nerfing the Midway....

    #makejapangreatagain #japandominating Oh yeah I'm super sicked with those weeaboos Honestly what the hell WG thinking? that's not pleasant anymore newcoming ship will outmatched by IJN
  8. Have you ever use that skin from Fusou?
  9. I need Amatsu
  10. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Have any problems of Kongou's death? Just let's finish story .. I'm think that nothing................ So there are my last questions to @EmpressNero If I will withdrawn Kongou and entire fleet from E-4 exchange 0 repair bucket and resource with trolling Ru-Class? If I did ,Will RNGsus give me the European ship and instant kill boss? Shall I admit it? If I withdrawn after Ru-Class always trolling exchange for ship girl lives, Shall I sitting and wait event end without sacrifice anything? If I sacrifice any ship girls exchange for entire European group and rebuild fallen one WILL YOU ACCEPT? If you say "NO" just don't give any reputation and report to the modder, that's all