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  2. bwoah ................
  3. Read Me
  4. My condolence Graf already scrapped for recontruction
  5. UK BB always weaking AP
  6. Where is real Akatsuki skin? Not be hibiki just Akatsuki or Ikazuchi and Inazuma
  7. I'm just QE
  8. I'm too tired to clean every inch of them I no have idea why it's too difficult caused me Dizziness
  9. I have clean some rust on them
  10. Exactly from BSB006_Nelson_1944 to BSB018_Nelson_1944
  11. No some rust camo pls (I washed it)
  12. That's why I noticed that nelson skin doesn't work even PT 0.6.10
  13. No rust every sqaure inch I request I'm lazy to clean them up
  14. Give some more UK BB skins