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  1. Do you mind me If I see your skin but I don't like it (example Musashi skin) and I would like to change with my own idea?
  3. Hey man You didn't mind me about change the text for my adapting?
  4. wait for the next release but not become WarshipGirl that's all I'm here for
  5. But i didn't intend to instead your work And I didn't intend to publish to anyone I'm sorry for that have to be this way
  6. Yes I saw them , Bwoah I cleaned all rust so I can call launch from the port (same to Musashi 1941) Hope you not mind me that I cleaned them
  7. I need new Kancolle ship preview for Maass and Musashi Do you mind that let me have it?
  8. So bad?
  9. No I don't go event map because inventory is full 97/100 mostly all BB and CV/B/L
  10. Kay thanks
  11. I'm finished make your name great again
  12. Ugh How could I put the white shadow on the text?
  13. Not quite but just make for a creative
  14. Yeah that's I'm talking for request to do with Musashi but I need to do for myself , so do you mind? I preparing for typing the JP font right now